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The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour 01/11/2017

Until The Very End...

The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour The Making of Harry Potter – Warner Brother Studios. Leavesden. Ah, another attraction that is a must for all Harry Potter fans. I have been three times since January 2016 and each time I loved it even more. This is the place where you can see all the authentic props, costumes and more; worn, used and touched by the cast of the 8 films, and yes you are told not to touch or lick anything before you go in! (much to my disappointment) BOOKING IN ADVANCE! All your tickets must be booked in advance, it is a very popular attraction and they sell out fast. So when you have a date in mind, make sure you check they still have tickets. Standard Ticket prices: Adult - £39.00 Child - £31.00 Family – £126.00 0-4 – FREE Adult Complete Studio Tour Package - £48.95 Child Complete Studio Tour Package - £40.95 Carer – FREE Saver ticket prices: Adult - £37.00 Child - £29.00 Family - £118.00 0-4 – FREE Adult Complete Studio Tour Package - £46.95 Child Complete Studio Tour Package - £38.95 Carer – FREE To qualify for a saver ticket, the date on the booking calendar will be underlined! Adults are 16+, any age below is considered a child. In the complete studio tour package, you get: Your ticket, a digital guide and a souvenir guidebook – please note I am not reviewing this as each time I have gone, I did the tour without the guides! You can pick your tour times! There are plenty throughout the day the first usually starting around 09:30 and the last around 15:00 but on some days it can go ...

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 02/11/2016

Beats By Dre

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 Brand: Beats by Dre Product: Beats Solo 2 (NOT WIRELESS) I have always looked and admired Beats headphones and ear phones from a distance; they were a ‘can look but can’t touch’, ‘can want but won’t get’ kind of thing and I fully admit that you are paying for the name more than you are for the product, which is why I never purchased them in the past. Luckily for me, this year I re-started University at Chester and I was told that I am eligible for the Bursary; £300 of which is a voucher for the bookstore that they have on campus. I would have spent the money on books had they not already given me all the books from the reading list for free, too. So...I had £300 just sitting there. It was either spend it on Christmas presents (which would probably have made more sense) or buy myself a nice set of headphones (I can buy myself a Christmas present can’t I?) After many hours going through pretty much everything they sell online, I decided that I was going to spoil myself and ordered myself these Beats Solo 2 headphones in blue. £169.95 of my voucher money least I didn’t spend all of it! I placed the order and waited, they arrived two days later. The DPD delivery man was kind enough to put it in the garage for me as I was at one of my lectures. Safe to say, the box got ripped to shreds in my excitement. Packaging & Contents They arrived in a decent sized box; it was quite weighty so I quickly began to wonder if the headphones would be too heavy for my head! Of ...

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB 21/10/2016

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB "THIS IS 7" - Apple Brand: Apple Phone: iPhone 7 Plus Size: 32gb Colour: Black So, here I am, reviewing yet another apple product! How many iPhones have I gone through now? I have half a review written on a Mac computer and half a review written on a Macbook Air that I need to get around to finishing, too! My Apple addiction is getting out of hand according to my boyfriend and his family, I have an excuse though; as a photographer I need top of the range equipment to produce the best work possible. Originally, I had planned on getting the iPhone 7 until I heard what the 7 plus has to offer, so I waited and patience wasn’t that great, I will be honest. Design Apple iPhones have looked the same for the last couple of generations, personally I love it. The sleekness means that it doesn’t take up all of the space in your pocket and it just feels nice in your hand. Though the 7 Plus does not fit as nicely in my pockets, it sticks out a little bit now. Because I hold my phone a certain way I find that the rounded edges don’t hurt my fingers as much, (The bottom of the phone sits on my little finger whilst the back rests against the remaining 3 – my thumbs do all the work!) which is something I noticed with the 4/4s (seems like a century ago). The iPhone 7 Plus is of course a lot larger than my 6s so adjusting to that has taken some getting used to. To be precise, the 7 plus is 6.23 inches long and 3.07 inches wide, so you have a 0.79 inch difference ...

Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots 04/04/2016

"My Name Is Blurryface, and I Care What You Think."

Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface Released 2015 via Fueled by Ramen. Members: Tyler Joseph – Vocals Josh Dun – Drums This is the fourth studio album from Twenty One Pilots but only the second one that Josh Dun has featured on and that I have reviewed. Previous to Vessel, I don’t really indulge because of how different it is. I much prefer Twenty One Pilots’ newer stuff. Blurryface is actually a character that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun created to resemble their insecurities and issues, but has become quite a sensation within the fan base. I said it with Vessels and I will say it with Blurryface – this may only appeal to younger generations, but there are certainly some tracks on here that might catch your attention. Track List *Heavydirtysoul *Stressed Out *Ride *Fairly Local *Tear in My Heart *Lane Boy *The Judge *Doubt *Polarize *We Don’t Believe What’s on TV *Message Man *Hometown *Not Today *Goner And as per usual, I will be writing about my top 5 tracks from the album as I have given this a 5 star I don’t really have anything negative to say about this album – or band. Stressed Out Probably the most relatable song for teenagers getting ready to enter adult hood. This is an amazing track which even made me think ‘Damn, being an adult is stressful and hard’. But it’s a track that has a consistent beat and the vocals are incredible. Ride Ride is a slower paced track, but fun all the same. It has the usual combination of rap and singing, but as usual it also works ...

That's The Spirit - Bring Me the Horizon 31/03/2016

That's The Spirit!

That's The Spirit - Bring Me the Horizon Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit Released: September 2015 via Columbia Records Produced by: Oliver Sykes and Jordan Fish Band Members *Oliver (Oli) Sykes – Vocals *Matt Kean – Bass *Matt Nicholls – Drums *Jordan Fish – Keyboards, Vocals *Lee Malia - Guitar Bring Me The Horizon are a rock band that hail from Sheffield, UK. Previous to this album, they were considered ‘metal core’ because of the screaming. But in my opinion, they actually pulled away from that status with the release of ‘Sempiternal’. I used to loathe this band, and I mean loathe. They were a band who were incredibly cocky because they became popular at a young age. But since releasing a few albums, I’ve noticed that their ego’s have taken a backseat and they have progressed massively. Their previous album ‘Sempiternal’ and this current one are probably two of the best albums that have been released. Track list *Doomed *Happy Song *Throne *True Friends *Follow You *What You Need *Avalanche *Run *Drown (New Version) *Blasphemy *Oh No This album is roughly 45 minutes long, and every single track is amazing. But as usual, I will talk about my top 5 most listened to but I have put them in track listing order! Trying to keep it organised! Doomed This is a track, that at first I wasn’t sure about, but it quickly grew on me. You can really see the progression for this band in this track; it really shines. The track starts off almost like it’s going to be one of those 30 second tracks, but Oliver Sykes ...

Future Hearts - All Time Low 30/03/2016

Future Hearts

Future Hearts - All Time Low All Time Low – Future Hearts Released: 6th April 2016 via Hopeless Records. Produced by John Feldmann. Band Members: Alex Gaskarth – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Jack Barakat – Lead Guitar, Vocals Rian Dawson - Drums Zack Merrick – Bass Guitar All Time Low are an American Pop Punk band, that have really made quite an impression all over the world. They now play sold out arena shows, worldwide as well as playing some big time festivals such as Reading & Leeds. They are due to play Download Festival this year. The album I am reviewing is Future Hearts, which is their latest release - Future Hearts Track List *Satellites *Kicking and Screaming *Something’s Gotta Give *Kids in the Dark *Runaways *Missing You *Cinderblock Garden *Tidal Waves (ft. Mark Hoppus) *Don’t You Go *Bail Me Out (ft. Joel Madden) *Dancing with a Wolf *The Edge of Tonight *Old Scars/Future Hearts Of course, the most well known track off this album is ‘Kids in the Dark’ which is an incredible song, both lyrically and musically. If you are looking for something to have a good dance to, then I highly recommend this album (or band in general) as they are very up beat. I am going to review my top 5 most listened to from this album. Something’s Gotta Give Probably the second most popular song off this album, but I don’t care, it is incredibly catchy. It starts off quite gentle, then when the first chorus hits it really picks up with the beat and the vocals get a bit louder. Vocally, it is amazing and once you ...

Vessel - Twenty One Pilots 30/03/2016

Vessel - Twenty One Pilots

Vessel - Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots – Vessel Released January 8th 2013 via Fuelled by Ramen. Produced by Greg Wells, known for his work with Katy Perry, Adele and Mika. 5/5 Members: Tyler Joseph – vocals, piano Josh Dun - drums I am aware that I haven’t uploaded an album review in quite some time. So I’m going to review Twenty One Pilots, simply because they are all I have been listening to over the last few weeks. This album, Vessel, is 12 tracks long and the list is as follows: *Ode to Sleep *Holding On to You *Migraine *House of Gold *Car Radio *Semi-Automatic *Screen *The Run and Go *Fake You Out *Guns for Hands *Trees *Truce If you want or have the deluxe version, then the extra tracks are: *Glowing Eyes *Kitchen Sink *Lovely *Forest I started listening to Twenty One Pilots last year – about summer time and immediately fell in love (and became slightly infatuated with Josh Dun!) Now, I know that these are not everyone’s cup of tea and they are more for the younger generations of today. But there are some tracks, which can appeal to everyone such as ‘House of Gold’. One thing I have noticed with Twenty One Pilots, is everything they write and put out is relevant. You might go and listen to this now, and start the first track and be put off. I can completely see why, rapping is something that a lot of people can’t stand. But, stick with it. When the chorus hits Tyler Joseph starts to sing, and it becomes so much catchier. I am not doing a track by track review, I will be sat ...

Heston Blumenthal Sage The Nutri 20/03/2016

Sage Juicer!

Heston Blumenthal Sage The Nutri Heston Blumenthal Sage – The Nutri My parents bought this piece of equipment a few months back for around £200 give or take, I can never remember. But it seems that I use this, more than they do! I hate juice with bits – legit cannot stand it. So at first, I was sceptical about this. I would much rather be unhealthy and drink sugary pop than have the feeling of pulp in my mouth! But with this – no pulp! It’s completely delightful to be able to have fresh orange juice with no bits! If you are with the latest fad on health and weight loss, then you will probably have heard of the reboot juice (check out juice with joe online – some great recipes over there). This piece of machinery makes it easy for me to get my green juice twice a day, every single day and without it, I think I would be rather lost! It looks amazingly complicated, it’s silver, shiny has a few fiddly bits that you are scared might break if you touch it. However, it is 100% durable I promise you that and not that complicated at all! Looks can be deceiving. One thing I would say, which is my only negative is the cleaning process. There are several parts which must be thoroughly cleaned and as someone who heaves at the feel of mushed up things, it doesn’t sit well with me. But, you got to do what you got to do! And though I consider it a negative, it’s not as bad as it seems. I just turn into a drama queen around things that feel disgusting. However, yes, there is a however, I have a solution to this ...

Winning Moves Game of Thrones Monopoly Game 20/03/2016

Game of Thrones Monopoly!

Winning Moves Game of Thrones Monopoly Game I bought this board game for my boyfriend for Christmas as he is a complete Game of Thrones nut and is slowly turning me into how could I resist?! We finally broke it out of the cellophane a couple of weeks ago and have since played it several times. As we both rather enjoy a good old game of Monopoly, sometimes we will play it twice a week! I love being the classic hat or car. But this version has no hat, nor does it have a car. So lets begin the review shall we? THE BOARD Just like your classic set up, you have a square board with different properties on it. You have your usual corners. ‘GO’ ‘JAIL’ ‘FREE PARKING’ and ‘GO TO JAIL’ those have not changed, though I wish that they had…it just doesn’t seem suitable to have Free Parking in a place where they travel via horseback and carts! There is no chance or Community chest, these have been replaced by Valar Morghulis and The Iron Throne The writing on these cards are also very different to the originals; there is a card that just simply says ‘Hodor’ and you gain money! The explanations on the cards are a little… darker. But they keep with the Game of Thrones Theme as they are moments from the books by George R.R. Martin (which I am working my way through) and TV series. The layout is dark and eerie, which is great considering that Game of Thrones isn’t exactly about a princess and a pea! What were you expecting? Bright colours? Rainbows? Maybe some glitter on there? No chance, it is kept with the theme, and ...

Nikon D3200 17/11/2015

Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200 Nikon D3200 I started out with this camera about 2-3 years ago, and at the time it was perfect. Did exactly what I needed it to until I got my first photo pass. Halestorm, Birmingham O2 academy. Granted, I got some great pictures but I never was able to be fully satisfied with them. I continued to use my D3200, though because I simply couldn’t afford another camera. And so, for 2 years, I went around and took as many pictures as I could. I found that this camera worked great outdoors, my images came out so great! But whenever I would get a photo pass, I would never be thrilled with the outcome. It did help me get into University though – with no former qualifications. Basics • 24MP • HD Video • Has an ISO of 100 – 6400 • And though I never used it, you have the option to attach a Wi-Fi transmitter. • Usual shooting modes The spec of the camera is great, especially for beginners. But just because it has a high MP doesn’t mean you will always get awesome quality photos. If you get the kit, then your camera will come with a bog standard 18 – 55 lens. But don’t be fooled by this little lens it can actually take some lovely photos. Just don’t stand too far away from your subject. And as long as you are shooting RAW your images will be even better – but tampering with them on photo shop won’t be easy unless you know how to work your way around the file setting. I would recommend using Adobe light room if you only have simple edits to make. Or you could use up more ...

How to do Christmas presents while preserving the environment ? 17/11/2015

Re-use and Recycle at Christmas!

How to do Christmas presents while preserving the environment ? How to do Christmas while preserving the environment. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… I seem to be that goose. With the shops stocking their shelves full of yummy goodies, I can’t help but indulge as I shop around for the gifts. Every year, a mass amount of paper is used in this house. We buy presents for so many people, it’s hard not to. But you can’t just hand something over unwrapped, can you? Well I am a very crafty/artsy person, and I always find use for things. I collect all of the scrap bits of paper and place them in a bin bag – off to the scout hut they go! We re-use the paper making things or even just to start a little fire on camp nights. Any good paper that I fine, I either fold up and store neatly and use it to wrap presents the next year or I make envelopes, tags or even just to make paper chains with to decorate our scout hut. If I think I have no use for it, my nan tends to take it and cut the images off for her card making! As well as re-using paper, I keep hold of coffee jars and put mini gifts in there. Like home made survival kits – the hangover survival kit seems to be one I make most around Christmas. Or for the likes of my little cousins I fill them up with yummy goodies and tie a bow to the neck of the jar, add a tag and bobs your uncle! Nice little gift. When I can, I tend to make gifts, rather than spend money that I shouldn’t be. Making gifts means you can recycle things that would clog up space in your bin. If it’s in good ...

PG Tips Vibrant Mandarin Green Tea 03/11/2015

Orange Green Tea

PG Tips Vibrant Mandarin Green Tea PG Tips Vibrant Mandarin Green Tea I have recently turned to green tea, to try and have a healthier brew. Give me a normal cuppa any day, but it has to have at least 3 sugars in. (I have an incredible sweet tooth) Upon my search for the tastiest green tea, I found this one by PG Tips. Can't go wrong with a bit of PG. I paid £1.29 for a 20 pack. Once I was home, I became sceptical - I have tried green teas before but they were either too strong or tasted as if it had come from the sewer! But alas, I popped the kettle on and opened the box, immediately catching a whiff of that orangey-ness. Thinking about it makes my mouth water. All you need to make it is hot water, a mug and of course the tea bag. (If you don't know how to make a brew then you should google it - tis common sense!) As the steam rose from my mug, the smell just got better. I kept the pyramid shaped tea bag in until I found my acquired taste. I didn't want it weak, but I also didn't want it too strong. Just under 2 minutes, I kept the bag in for. * * * So, whilst editing some photos for an assignment, I would sup at my brew to keep me going. Each time I would get a sudden kick of flavour from it. It went down a right treat! The ingredients are your green tea and your mandarin flavouring. This product is rainforest and PEFC alliance certified! Which means great things for the forests and their inhabitants of the world. There is a downfall. The only thing I don't enjoy about this beverage is the ...

Apple iPhone 6 16GB 31/10/2015

iPhone 6!

Apple iPhone 6 16GB Apple iPhone 6 It is no secret that I love my apple products; I have an iPad air, iMac and an iPhone 6 with every intention of purchasing an iWatch for my birthday in January. I have had my iPhone almost 12 months now, and I am yet to find a fault with it. Even though I am surprised it has lasted this long - the amount of times I have dropped it is unreal! (butterfingers) Memory So I have the gold iPhone 6 with 16gb of memory, and it is always in use. I use it for personal, business and university stuff. Before i purchased my Mac, I was finding that 16gb wasn't nearly enough space so I was spending 79p per month for a little bit extra just to make sure that I don't lose any photos, I back them up onto iCloud before deleting them from my device. So I do recommend that you go for the 32 or 64gb if you are using it for business as well as home and everyday use. Camera The camera is 8 mega pixel and at the time of it's release, was an amazing spec to have but since, other companies and even Apple themselves have gone that step further. But alas, the camera is good enough for me and as long as that front camera works so I can take dumb selfies with my boyfriend, then I am happy. Ease of use I guess for those who are team Android, then using an iPhone would be one of the most confusing things to do. I know that when I have tested Android phones it is like the equivalent to walking around a foreign town. But it is one of those things, once you are used to it then it becomes ...

All About Me 25/10/2015

About Me (updated)

All About Me ABOUT ME I have posted one up before, but after re-reading it, there was a lot of cringing going on. So I have decided to update it. I am, after all 21 years old now and I need to put my 17 year old self in place. My name is Stacey Marie Williams, I was born in Walsall, West Midlands. My parents moved my brother and I to Ellesmere Port when I was 9 years old and I have never quite adjusted. My hair is mousey brown and I have blue eyes. I am a sufferer of a mental illness. Depression and anxiety has ruled my life for quite some time now, but I am finally learning to embrace my life and get the help that I need. I have 2 dogs, 2 budgies and 2 cats (but one lives at my boyfriends). Animals are my way of finding focus; I love having something to look after. It’s nice when you feel like you are needed. I have managed to get myself into University with nothing but GCSE grades and basic knowledge on cameras. But I am finding that the course suits me quite well. I do love a challenge. I can’t work because my social anxiety ruins it. I get so worked up sometimes and it’s not healthy. I walked out of my last job after snapping at my manager but only because I was sick of the way I was being treated and the laws that they were breaking. So I am trying to survive on student finance, any money I earn from freelance photography work and crafts that I make and sell, but it’s not easy and I refuse to turn to benefits. My favourite film is Lilo & Stitch. I love it that much that I ...

Halloween 2015: What are your tips for a successful party ? 24/10/2015

This is Halloween!

Halloween 2015: What are your tips for a successful party ? Halloween is coming up, and for those who are getting ready to throw spook fest of the year, here’s a few things I do with the scouts! I spend my free days drawling pinterest, rather than completing assignments because I am always looking for crafty ideas that might make me a bit of extra cash. (poor student alert!) Also, being a scout leader, means that it is always acceptable to spend hours upon hours looking for new creative activities to do with the kids! We have a Halloween party planned for the first Tuesday back after half term. Rather than the traditional pumpkin carving, why not try pineapples? Granted it is way tougher than pumpkin carving so do be careful if you are going to do this with little ones – accidents can lead to A&E! But it is a fresh take, and offers a more exiting ambience when you place the tealight inside! But don’t forget to blow it out before you go to bed! There are loads of games that you could play, from apple bobbing to pin the hand on the Frankenstein. One of our favourites is unlucky dip! (it’s actually quite lucky for some!) Put some treats in some cups and some tricks in another (like cold spaghetti) and cover the top with some tissue paper so you can’t see. Blindfold the victim and get them to push their hand into a cup, they’ll either get a tasty treat or they will run away squealing…what? It’s only spaghetti! Now, like any Halloween party – it is a rule that you must be dressed up! When scouring the internet, you find a lot of ...
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