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Dragontown - Alice Cooper 15/10/2001

A Brilliant Rock Masterpiece

Dragontown - Alice Cooper Dragontown was released on October 8th interstingly enough at the same time as Ozzy Osbournes new album Down To Earth. Dragontown is a concept album and is the third part of the trilogy starting with the Last Temptation and Brutal Planet. Brutal Planet was released last year and Dragontown was concieved on the road during the Brutal Planet tour. It has been put together in a remarkably short space of time and in my opinion the contents far surpass thos of Brutal Planet. The album contains twelve songs which are :- 1. Triggerman, a fantastic speed metal rock masterpiece move over Maiden this is one the the catchiest speed pieces ever. 2. Deeper is a hard rock masterpiece and a definate anthem on this album. This track will work well with the live shows and the chorus is so good I can heard the audience singing along even now. 3. Dragowntown - This track is very complex and transports you to a post apocalyptic China. This is the most ambitious track Alice has written to date and sets the scene for the concept of the album really well. Alice shows he can still snarl out some of the best lyrics ever written. 4. Sex Death & Money - A great vocal line and a multilayered almost industrial metal masterpiece. A great morality piece. 5. Fantasy Man. A powerdriving rock classic, Alice tells us about himself. This song could easily have come out of the Trash or Hey Stoopid periods of Alices work but it still fits in seamlessly in this album. 6. Somewhere In The ...

Pretties for You - Alice Cooper 28/05/2001

Alice Coopers First Album

Pretties for You - Alice Cooper Frank Zappa spotted the Alice Cooper Group and funded this their first album in November 1968. It is an interesting album and contains many dark numbers which hinted at what was to come. Indeed Alices former mentor supported Alice Cooper many years later as the Prodigy eclipsed the Masters work. The album cover uses a paininting by Ed Bearsley which has got nothing to do with either the band or what appears on the record but is more apparent to Frank Zappa strange train of though. Zappa only appeared briefly in the recording studio to help out on some of the tracks due to prior commitments. 1. Titanic Overture (An Epic Masterpiece as listenable today as when it was first produced) 2. 10 Minutes Before The Worm (Darkly Humourous) 3. Sing Low Sweet Cherio (Fun Rock Number) 4. Today Mueller (About A Friend of The Bands Called Tootie, the lyrics got changed from Tootie to Today) 5. Living 6. Fields Of Regret 7. No Longer Umpire 8. Levity Ball (Live At Cheetah, very listenable with psychadelic undertones, interesting track) 9. B.B On Mars (About A B.B Pellet On Mars And Not A Person) 10. Reflected (Later Reworked Into Elected) 11. Apple Bush 12. Earwigs To Eternity 13. Changing Arranging ...

The Illustrated Collectors Guide To Alice Cooper - Dale Sherman 28/05/2001

Excellent Collectors Guide

The Illustrated Collectors Guide To Alice Cooper - Dale Sherman This is the official Alice Cooper collectors guide covering the years 1965 to 1998. Nearly every page is illustrated by photographs some of which were previously unpublished. This guide gives important background information to the rock star who has become a household name to several generations. Starting in 1964 in a band called the Earwigs and the first Alice recording Hitch Hike to the 1998 Box Set, Life & Crimes Of Alice cooper this book carefully chronicles each stage of Alices career. It doesn't however chronicle The Brutal Planet album of 2000 so already this book is out of date. However a rerelease is rumoured to be on the horizon. The book is split into sections including 1964 - 1974 which were the years of the Earwigs, Nazz & The Spiders and the excellent Alice Cooper Group. 1975 - 1979 chronicles the start of Alices highly successful solo career. 1980 - 1982 the lost years in which Alices work slipped due to the fact that the shock rocker had started drinking heavily again but still managed to release a few interesting records but not classic maetrial. The 1984 - 1990 come back period including the metal revival years and Alices multi platinum Trash album with the hugely successful track poison. And the 1991 - 1998 period in which a mature Alice continues to launch excellent works of art and remains a steady stalwart of rock. Each section is the split up further into background information for each period. Each recording in this period is then broken down ...

Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn (PC) 28/05/2001

More To It Than Meets The Eye

Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn (PC) This is one game you can play again and again and have a differnet adventure each time you play it. Depending on what character type you pick the game will allow you to eventually own a base of operations. If you are a warrior you will gain a keep, a ranger gains a rangers hut a mage a Planar Sphere and a Thief get conrol of a Thieves Guild. Also depending on what NPC's you have in your group you will unlock different adventures. Also their is a chance that your character may get Romantically involved with another NPC which also changes the gameplay. The game is nearly bug free although you may have playability problems by th end of the game if you don't install the patch available at The second installment of the Baldurs Gate game is much better graphically and dialogue wise than the original. The path finding routines are also much better so your characters won't wander off under their own steam. The game centres around you being kidnapped by the mad mage Irenicus and your escape from his dungeon. He steals you soul and you best friend Imomen who is transported to Spellhold Prison. While you try to get her back you discover things about who you really are. Also why are Vampires attacking the Shadow Thieves and what side should you trust to help you on your quest. The new spells are spectacular, the Limited Wish spell also allows you to conjure up an extra adventure. Hint if you have Edwin in your party you will become embroiled in a very ...

Constrictor - Alice Cooper 27/05/2001

Opinion Of Constrictor By Alice Cooper

Constrictor - Alice Cooper Alice made a huge comeback in 1986 in what was then known as metal revival year. Alice headed a wave of old and new bands such as Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi (who later turned into a soft rock act). The constrictor album was Alices first successful release since Flush The Fashion. Teenage Frankenstein is an exciting, special effect filled, fast moving rock song. Give it up is excellent pretty heavy in parts and very political too. Thrill My Gorilla is fun we can only guess what alice is talking about here. Life & Death Of The Party & Simple Disobedience are almost dance orientated relying heavily on keyboards and are two of the weaker songs on the album. The World Needs Guts is probably the heaviest number and probably the most memorable. Trick Bag, Crawlin & The American Success Story are good. He's Back The Man Behind The Mask was written for the horror film Friday The 13th and is also a good song. ... 27/05/2001

One Stop Bookmakers And Casino Ladbrokes have currently got a free first bet deal on. Spend up to £20 on your first bet and whether you win or lose you will get that money recredited back to your account to spend on a similar bet. I.e gamble ten pounds and you get ten pounds recredited but you must spend this whole ten pounds on another single bet. The site can be slow at times but there is alot for you to do on it. As well as betting of Greyhounds or Horse Racing you can also play their Casino and at present they have 36 casino games for you to download or you can orer a free CD. Also you can play the Irish lottery. Pick three numbers out of 42 and they will pick six numbers and if your three numbers all appear in thier selection of six you will win £400 the odds on this are 439 to one which are much better than a three number win for the national Lottery plus you only get a Tenner with the National Lottery. Fantasy bets are also available including a large number of different types of bets for the General Election and the Spanish Version Of Big Brother. Then there are the football pools. And if you are a football fanatic you can set up your own Fanatsy Football tema for a Fiver and if you get a high score you can win a huge cash prize. Something for everyone. Minimun deposit £10 minimum bet 50p. ... 27/05/2001

Beenz Update - Spend Now Beenz are finally calling it a day. They are to wind up their business interests within 5 weeks. I know this because I buy Beenz periodically as they are a good attractor for websites. Spend you Beenz as soon as you can as you will lose you whole account when the site finally shuts down. One tactic if you have a small amount of Beenz left would be to gamble the on the website. Beenz cannot now compete in the same marketplace as the plethora of other website incentive schemes including ipoints and the like. Beenz is an form of electronic cash. They can be collected on a daily basis from certain websites. You can also earn beenz for joining with certain websites advertised on the main Beenz website. Almost all of these sites are really good and have something to offer making the website a great web directory. So far I have managed to buy several books from Country Bookstore with Beenz. Generally on most sites 250 beenz equates to one pound and you can easily collect a hundred in a day without too much bother. The value of Beenz is going down though. ...

Countdown To Extinction (Remastered & Expanded) - Megadeth 26/05/2001

Review of Countdown To Extinction

Countdown To Extinction (Remastered & Expanded) - Megadeth I am not a huge Megedeth fan but when I heard the single Symphony Of Destruction on Top Of The Pops in 1992 I just had to buy the album. It is a theme album which talks about how we are destroying the planet. 1. Skin Of My Teeth (Great speed metal) 2. Symphony Of Destruction (One Of The Best Songs Ever, It has a great guitar riff in it, operatic in parts it is sort of a cross between Sabbath, Queen and Led Zepellin) 3. Architecture Of Agression (Speed metal song about war) 4. Foreclosure Of A Dream (A song of personal angst) 5. Sweating Bullets (More great speed metal) 6. This was my life. 7. Countdown To Extinction (Another great single release, this is a powerful dramatic song about how we’re destroying the planet) 8. High Speed Dirt 9. Psychotron (Great guitar playing and vocals) 10. Captive Honour (Interesting conceptual song) It still remains their best effort so far and is a great starting point if you want to get in heavier music. ...

Along Came A Spider (DVD) 26/05/2001

A Darkly Engaging Thriller

Along Came A Spider (DVD) This film reminded me of a feature length version of cracker with Morgan Freeman in the role of the Police Psycho Analyst (Alex Cross). It also has elements of the Sixth Sense in it as you need to watch the story carefully again to justify the conclusion in your own eyes. The film opens with a Car chase in which Freemans partner is killed, Freeman supposedly retires from the force due to this. One day on TV he hears of the kidnap of a Senators daughter, Megan Rose. She was kidnapped by her history teacher from her high security school, who is really a professional kidnapper in disguise. The kidnapper calls Alex to start off the manhunt. Alex then teams up with the head of security at the school, Jessie Flannagan who has been suspended for her failure. It transpires the kidnapper whose real name is Gary Sonnej is the same man who was involved with the death of Alex Cross's partner. Gary leaves several clues including a web camera conection from his office to his appartment. They find nothing at the appartment and it transpires that Gary has chartered a boat and Megan is held on this boat. Megan tries to flee her kidnapper but when she does this and is helped by a fisherman she is recaptured and the fisherman is killed. The fishermans death leads the poilice to the fact that the kidnapper owns a boat. Next the kidnapper tries to kidnap the Russian Ambassadors child who was also taught by Gary at the same school as Megan as an extra bargaining chip. Things do not go as ...

Mummy 2, The - The Return 26/05/2001

Eeek Mummy's Back

Mummy 2, The - The Return The Mummy Returns is set in 1935 Ten Years after he original film and now Rick O'Connell is married to Evelyn. They certainly haven't aged ten years and are living in London. They now have a nine year old son Alex. When a chain of events finds the corpse of Imhotep resurrected in the British Museum, the mummy Imhotep walks the earth once more, determined to fulfill his quest for immortality. But another force has also been set loose in the born of the darkest rituals of ancient Egyptian mysticism, and even more powerful than Imhotep, the Scorpion King. When these two forces clash, the fate of the world will hang in the balance, sending the O'Connells on a desperate race to save the world from unspeakable evil, and rescue their son before it is too late. Unlike the original adventure not a great deal of this film is set in the eqyptian pyramids and in my opinion takes away alot of the original atmosphere and impact. Also the mummy isn't very frightening and in some instances looks quite cute until he turns into his more powerful human form of Imhotep. The Sorpion King looks great and the end battle features some brilliant effects. The Scorpion King was given an army to command by the Jackal headed God of Death Anubis and after a great victory the King and army lie in hibernation. The one who kills the Scorpion King can command Anubises army and will become invincible. Imhotep is raised for this purpose. The beginning battle scenes are excellent and ...

Alice Cooper: Brutal Planet Tour 22/05/2001

Brutally Brilliant

Alice Cooper: Brutal Planet Tour Alice Cooper – Brutal Planet Show - Friday May 18th - Wembley Arena Before The Gig Tension was high before the gig as we waited outside Wembley Arena to be herded into the queues for the show. The age range of the audience seemed to range from 5 to 70 which is the fan base Alice has picked up in his 33 year reign. There was a huge number of ticket touts some selling tickets at eighty pounds so it was quite good to hear the P.A announcer address the crowd with the words “there is no need to buy any tickets from illegal sources outside the building as we have held back a fair number of tickets which you can buy on the door.” Lets hope these scumbags made a huge loss. There was also talk of a high profile mystery guitar playing supporting Alice’s band (more later). Merchandising There was a huge amount of Alice merchandising inside Wembley with Alice cuddly toys, six different Brutal Plant T-Shirts key rings mugs etc and even more bootleg stuff outside. Hours 6.30 to 11.30 The Bill Orange Goblin DIO Alice Cooper Venue Although Wembley Arena is one of London’s main music venues it did remind me of a cattle shed. The seating at ground level was all on one flat level and not sloped like most theatres or cinemas which was a problem if your short and you have a great fat bloke sit in front of you “unless you sit on your merchandise”. Orange Goblin Not bad for an opening act, I don’t know any ...

117° - Izzy Stradlin 10/04/2001

Who Needs Axl Rose

117° - Izzy Stradlin Guns & Roses are supposed to be touring sometime this year and it is still in doubt whether Izzy will team up with his former band mates or not alongside slash. This is his second album outside of guns & Roses and is full of the kind of thing that will please most Guns & Roses fans. If it's a no-nonsense brand of tearaway hard rock that you want then Izzy and his mates including Gunners bassist Duff McKagen are dab hands. The album highlights include a thrasy 'Parasite', a faithful cover of Chuch Berry's 'Memphis' and the Rolling Stones 'Ain't It A Bitch' (with Izzy even managing to sing like Keith Richards). 'Here Before You' is a excellent country rock romp with hints of John Mellencamp and Ronnie Dawson 'Up Jumped The Devil' just an example of some rocking bluegrass rockabilly that's on offer. Even when Izzy hits the surf on the aptly titled 'Surf Roach' a sense of relaxed fun pervades. Although this is not cutting edge, it makes good listening. ...

Monkey Island 4: Escape From Monkey Island (PC) 10/04/2001

Are They Taking The Monkey

Monkey Island 4: Escape From Monkey Island (PC) The adventure continues with LucusArts fourth installment of the Monkey Island series of games. Unfortunately also back are the scenes and dialogue that we are familair with. This game is so much like LeChuck's Revenge you'll be double taking the box lid just to make sure you didn't make a mistake with your purchase. Don't get me wrong the acting is superb and the cartoon setting work brilliantly, it's just that if you've played any of the previous games it will seem like you've been here before. And when you take the price into account £39.99 seems an extortionate price to pay for a game whose structure has barely seen any major changes since its first outing. Unlike earlier incarnation of the game the humour level is wryly amusing rather than hilarious. The puzzles are often non linear and banal. General Plot Guy Threepwood's new wife is pronounced dead at the end of their long honeymoon and guy must go on a quest to prove she is still very much alive. After all of this nonsense there's not a lot of let-up from the surreal twists and turns of the plot. The graphics engine is not so tortured as everything has been rerendered in an updated Grim Fandango engine. The fixed cameras are suitably positioned and there is a total absense of pointing and clicking. The interface is character and conversation driven making a welcome change from all those objects and tiny areas of location you had to combine. ...

Diddy Kong Racing (N64) 10/04/2001

Cutesy Karting

Diddy Kong Racing (N64) This is one of the best ever go karting games ever released. Ignore the cute graphics Diddy Kong is very challenging and addictive. Diddy Kong features four worlds each split into four race cources, a battle-mode track (for multiplayer) and a 'boss' track. At the start of the game only one course can be reached, but win on that course and you will be given a balloon, collect enough balloons and you will eventually unlock all the other tracks. Once you have beaten the boss in one world its back to doing it all over again, this time not only winning bt also collecting eight coins scattered at various points across the track. This is the oint when the game ceases to be the sweet kiddies game of you first impression and transforms into one of the most challenging racing games you've ever clapped your eyes on. ...

Zipper Catches Skin - Alice Cooper 09/04/2001

A Painful Experience

Zipper Catches Skin - Alice Cooper Lyrically this album is excellent, musically it could be said Alice was having an off period (in fact at this period in time Alice had fallen off of the Wagon and was supping the Budweiser again). Nevertheless with lyrics like "I aint no Hepburn, You aint no Fonda, But if you were drownin on Golden Ponda", this is still a classic. Zorros accent has an incredible arrangement. But songs like " Make That Money Scrooge's" and "No Baloney Homosapiens" are just quirky at best. Still if you like humour in your rock 'n' roll then this album is sort of Alice Cooper meets Frank Zappa. This album is for hard core fans only. I still have the original vinyl which I don't think i've playe dmore than 10 times in the last eighteen years. ...
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