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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 09/03/2011

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5, in my opinion the best razor available

Wilkinson Sword Hydro I have always used Gillette in the past. Originally the Mach 3 then the Turbo and most recently the Fusion Power. All truly great razors but I found that if I shaved too often I had a lot of razor burn. After looking at all of the offerings on the Supermarket shelf I felt that it was time for a change. Given that the Gillette replacement razors were among the most expensive on the shelf I decided to go for a Wilkinson Sword. The Hydro 5 is absolutely amazing. From the first run to the last it doesn’t even feel like you are shaving. Technical Overview The razor is made up of a metal handle coated in rubber for good grip. It has a detachable head with the following components. * A rubber agitator that is textured in such a way that it lifts the hair upright as the blade glides over the skin. Extending the hair follicules for a closer cut. * 5 Ultraglide blades with skin guards. The are designed with a special coating to stop hair from getting trapped between the blades. Obviously reducing irritation as the blade plasses over. * Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir. Longer lasting reservoir compared to other brands. This contains soothing Aloe Vera amongst other things to calm the skin after the blade has passed. This is a fantastic feature and works really well. With most of the Gillette blades the soothing strip would wear out after a couple of uses and you would not feel any benefit at all. Thus increasing the number of times you would replace the blade just down to razor ...

Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) 08/03/2011

Highly addictive, unique family fun game.

Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) Kirby hasn’t been seen for quite some time, his last appearance was in 2003 in Kirby Air Ride which was more of a racing game. In his latest adventure he returns in the platform style which Nintendo, in my opinion, are king. Sony has its highly detailed graphical racing games, Microsoft have their shoot ‘em ups and Nintendo have their platforms. They have done another excellent job with this one. In true platform style you have to collect items and move through levels to gain access to more levels and more worlds. The new added extra with this one is Kirby’s home. Through each level you collect items to put into Kirby’s home. You can collect sofa’s, water fountains and throne’s amongst other items. Whenever you feel like it you can go home and rearrange your furniture. Whilst you are there you can sit Kirby down on the sofa, if you leave him too long though, he will go to sleep! Gameplay Kirby now takes the form of a length of yarn. He whips out a length of yarn to grab onto things and defeat enemies. You can control the direction of the whip which comes in handy when items are above you or at other angles. Enemies get whipped and turned into a ball of yarn for Kirby to shoot at other enemies. Some enemies have weapons which Kirby can whip the weapons off them and use them against his enemies. Prince Fluff is Kirby’s sidekick and is available in two player co-op mode. When in this mode you can pick each other up and throw each other to difficult areas which make it easier ...

Cariba Creek Waterpark, Alton Towers 07/03/2011

An outstanding Water Park in the UK? Surely Not?

Cariba Creek Waterpark, Alton Towers Yes, surprisingly it's true. There really is a Water Park in the UK that could easily rival those found in Europe. Obviously being in the UK it’s mostly indoors, but for those that love the feeling of the outdoors there is an outdoor pool and slides. Inside you have a Caribbean Theme with Jamaican style announcements and music. The staff are very friendly and the whole attraction is very well maintained. Arrival Information Access to the Waterpark is via the Alton Towers Hotel area away from the main Alton Towers Theme Park Car Park. Parking in this area can be tight especially at busy times. Upon arrival you enter through the Splash Landings Hotel and take the lift down to the Ground Floor. I know it seems crazy but you actually enter the Hotel Main Reception on the 3rd floor. Once at the main ticket desk for the Water Park they now have ticket barriers to scan your tickets to enter the changing rooms. You just scan your prepaid ticket and through you go. If you didn't prebook you will have to pay at the desk. Be warned there are only so many "on the day" tickets available. We learned this the hard way and had two screaming kids jumping up and down because we weren't allowed in. Changing Rooms The changing rooms are unisex with limited family cubicles. There are plenty of lockers available, these are the £1 returnable type. They can be quite small, especially once you get your bags, coats and shoes in there. So I recommend you take as little as possible. I personally ...

Merlin Annual Pass, United Kingdom 05/03/2011

The best investment for the family.

Merlin Annual Pass, United Kingdom The Merlin Annual Pass is the best investment for any family in England and Wales. Currently, there aren't many attractions up North, so those in North England and Scotland must be willing to travel, which can outway the benefits this pass brings. That said, if you live near any of the attractions you can save so much money by using it regularly instead of going elsewhere and spending more money. We live in the Midlands and are an hour away from Alton Towers. We find ourselves going there most weekends, not only is it a great day out, the kids are entertained and we don't spend anything apart from fuel to get there. Initially the Pass looks a little expensive, however, when you consider what you get access to, it is really great value for money. Currently, it will cost you £112.32 for one day at Alton Towers for a Family of Four. A Standard Merlin Annual Pass will cost you £345. So you only have to visit Alton Towers 3 times and you have broken even. Every time you visit this or any other attraction in the Merlin portfolio you are saving lots of money. Don’t forget, every year you renew you get a 25% discount. This year they have changed the goalposts slightly. For the past couple of years they have had two cards, the Premium and the Standard. As time has gone on they have played about with what these cards allow you. 2011 sees a major change in my opinion, in that you have to pay for parking at attractions if you take out the Standard Card. Historically you were able to park ... 05/03/2011

eBay - Great, but..... …you have to be careful. I have been buying and selling on eBay now for some years. In the early days it was great. You used to get a real thrill bidding for items. When selling items it was great watching your auction come to an end watching it creep up and up in the dying seconds. Now, for a buyer it feels like you are losing out on items unfairly. People often use auto bidders to snipe items at the last second. During my buying time on eBay I have come across sellers that bid against you either from a ghost account or get friends to bid against you. Then when you “lose” the auction the seller sends you an email saying that the winning bidder turned down the item and wondered if you would like a Second Chance at your last bid, which may be a lot more than either the item is worth or you were willing to pay for it. From a selling point it doesn’t get much better. I have met some unsavoury characters in my time, either saying the item is not as described, or being really rude if something has gone wrong, either an item has got lost or damaged during transit. For a genuine seller this can be upsetting as I, like lots of others on eBay really just want to help when things go wrong and feel awful that something has happened. On the upside if you stick to some basic guidelines your time on eBay can be fun and rewarding. For buyers, you really need to have an idea of how much you want to pay for an item and stick to it. Chances are, unless the item is really rare, there will be ...
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