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Amazing!! The Poms, the Kangaroos, the Kiwis, they all take the back seat we are right up there, in front of everybody. India wins ICC World Cup 2011. (Rating at some what helpful)

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Apple iPhone 4 16GB 22/08/2011

Pride & Fun, Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 16GB Apple iPhone 4. I have always been very apprehensive about touch screen devices but the apple iPhone 4 has impressed me immensely not only by its quality of reproduction but also the confidence it commands. For machine with so many features to offer it does look very small. I would say it is the correct size. No body will be impressed by the audio quality through it speakers but connect it to a headphone things will change drastically. I opted for the white one although everybody said it will become dirty in no time but so far it has retained its colour just as good. The 32 Gb version costs a bit too much but Apple iPhone 4 is expensive all the same then why not settle for the 32 Gb version? I have been reading the reviews here on this wonderful gadget and it is great to admit most of them are fabulous and speak my mind aptly. I thought it will be a good idea to add to whatever has come out in those reviews and not surprisingly there is very little to add except some parts which made me think and there were questions up there from lot of people owning Apple iPhone 4. Most of these questions related to, someway or the other, technical aspects of performing certain task which may raise similar question to other users of this wonderful device. Some of the question frequently asked are “How to import contacts from mobiles to the iPhone?”, “How do you add music and videos to the iPhone?”, “How do you use more than one iPhone in a single computer?”, “How do you handle issues ...

Sony MDR-XB40EX 16/04/2011

No, not Sony MDR-XB40EX

Sony MDR-XB40EX SONY MD-XB40EX Sony products specially audios are always worth looking forward to. Recently I borrowed a pair of Sony MD-XB40EX ear-buds from one of my ‘Hip Hop’ enthusiastic friends. It is called the Sony MD-XB40EX Extra Bass Ear-buds belonging to Sony’s premium brand headphones. These are in-ear canal phones, basically designed for those who love big and booming bass. But I am very sorry to say that Sony MD-XB40EX hardly matches some other less pricy headphone or ear-buds considering overall fidelity and sound quality. The Sony MD-XB40EX extra bass headphone does look stylish and its price. But they are super heavy because of the huge size and the extra metal body. The new silicone anti-noise ear-buds hurts the ear with that plastic inside, for me one of the most uncomfortable pair of ear-buds. LET US HAVE A CLOSE LOOK The Sony’s MDR-XB40EX in-ear canal-phones are primarily designed for those who love big booming bass with very low frequency extension. But in doing so, the accent on low frequency the bass overwhelms and in fact robs the treble all together. My friend says that those ‘Hip Hops’, the drum ‘n’ bass stuff sound out of the world but then music even the ones my friend is so fond of is not booming bass alone, how can they sound out of the world, they don’t. They are not as suitable as some other headphones for overall fidelity and sound quality Some highs *Strong and resonant bass *The chords are flat instead of being cylindrical, less tangles *The bud ...

Nokia C3-01 08/04/2011

Nokia C3-01, a superb feature phone

Nokia C3-01 The Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type is a superb feature phone considering the price. But before going into the detailed review I would like to warn you that this is not same as the Nokia C3 model. The camera is excellent, no complains about expandable storage except storage on board and of course looks great. I have been using Samsung devices for sometime now but I feel the Nokia C3-01 is a great buy. Regarding the differences between Nokia C3 and Nokia C3-01, Nokia C3-01 has touchscreen and is 3G Network enabled where as Nokia C3 isn’t. To put it more simply Nokia C3-01 has a hybrid keypad plus touchscreen design whereas Nokia C3 has a QWERTY keypad but no touchscreen. Considering their prices Nokia C3 sells at around £89.50 and Nokia C3-01 is priced at £110.50. But performance wise both are equally good and there is hardly anything to choose. COMFORTABLE DESIGN I am most impressed by Nokia C3-01’s classic candybar design (111x47.5x11mm) and its stainless steel chassis with large number pad. The individual keys sit with lovely faint click which makes texting easier and with speed. I was surprised in the beginning that it has no navigation pad only to realize that it doesn’t need one because right above the touchscreen sits long tablets representing Call and End buttons. This is a perfect example if resistive technology. The more or less aged Simbian S40 operating system has been brought to 2011 in Nokia C3-01 with touchscren, moving out of the old key pad navigation to ...

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 18/03/2011

Excellent, if you can use it

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 Let’s get things straight in terms application content: 1. Office Home and Student (I have already reviewed it) Price: £93 Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note 2. Home and Business Price £174 Plus Outlook 3. Office 2010 Professional Price: £311 Plus Access, Outlook, Publisher, SharePoint Workspace, InfoPath Designer. Warning: Be very sure about the requirement of the suit since there is no upgrade choice available, meaning thereby it is not possible to upgrade from the Home and Student Edition to say the Professional Edition. I would say till Office 2003, or even till Office 2007 it was pretty simple software. The Office Suits are generally pricey and it must be justified for people to buy it. Google has come up with excellent online word processing tools and spreadsheets, or even just go to and get open office for yourself - all these for no expense. In order to nullify the inroads that Google and was making Mocrosoft had to find a way to make Office Suit remain at the top of the list. It is to Microsoft’s credit, they have done that job eloquently with the release of Office 2010 suit. It must be accepted if there are 100 users of Office Suit, only a handful know the proper use of this excellent software. With the arrival of Office Suit 2010 things are becoming more complicated in a sense that you need spent more time with it to be acquainted with the nuances of Office 2010. What I mean is Office Suit had never been anything difficult to ...

HP Compaq Presario CQ56 17/03/2011

HP Compaq Presario CQ56-103SG (XH187EA)

HP Compaq Presario CQ56 HP Compaq Presario CQ56-103SG (XH187EA) A HP Compaq Presario laptop at around £303, what more do you want? The HP Compaq Presario CQ56-103SG (XH187EA) comes at this amazing price and must be what the students have been looking for. It is agreed there are many lows that can be attached with this laptop yet it is reasonably functional. I do have my reservations about its quality of display and its capability to handle high resolution graphics, the colour reproduction leaves a lot to be expected but then I wouldn’t buy this laptop for strictly professional use while considering video editing are even for jobs requiring extensive use of higher versions of Photoshop or Corel Draw is concerned. But considering the price HP Compaq Presario CQ56-103SG (XH187EA) is perfect for basic users. It looks monolithic because of black casing with uniform mat finish on the surface, although made of plastic, it’s scratch resistant and the slight wedge-shaped base adds solidity to its looks. I have not found finger prints or greasy stains sticking to it primarily because of non-glossy surface. I accept the fact that it has nothing to look glamorous but I can not deny it does look trendy, all the same. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: It will be interesting to have a look at its technical spechs so that reasons could be found out for its reasonably good performance at this budget price. Display Size :15.6” Processor: AMD V140 (2.3 GHz) Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4250 RAM: 2 GB Hard Drive Size: ... 11/01/2011

Beware, is up there Yah? To people who are still unknown to Wikileaks, they may well take Wikileaks as one which is directly related to the famous internet world encyclopedia Wikipedia. In reality they have no links and similarities except the design and the nature of content writing meaning thereby that Wikipidia is inexhaustible source of knowledge which keeps updating all the time some way or the other whereas Wikileaks is being an ocean of secret information. Just as Wikipidia is a concerted endeavor of knowledgeable people the world over, is a concerted endeavor to create yardsticks of blowing secret information, such information being collected from various sources with supporting evidences to prove its credibility. It has stuck the world of secret information like a Tsunami. To the wonder of the of the world, Wikileaks has leaked secret more information more secret than those taken together by all medias and in the process it has successfully established itself as the world largest secret information news agency. Truly speaking, it’s usefulness, like its motto (I’ll come to it later on), remains debatable. It has become as a source of wonder and awe to the world’s most cunning diplomats because it has divulged information about their secret deliberations right from their doorstep and they are still at bay to find ways to stop Wikileaks from doing it. If judged by the capability of penetrating secret information with accuracy and consistency, Wikileaks ...

Philips GoGear Raga 8 GB 09/01/2011

It's cheap, it's handy, it's excellent, it's Philips GoGear Raga

Philips GoGear Raga 8 GB It’s true that I have tremendous respect for Sony’s audio quality but then Philips has always been synonymous with quality audio product. Nobody can deny that most us are “Apple” struck. But recently I have come across an amazingly easy to use MP3 player with awesome audio output at a very reasonable price. The Philips Go Gear Raga will leave you nothing to complain. Stuffing it with music files could not have been easier. Most will say it’s a basic one to which I agree also, but very effective. Simple things done simply, no advanced software is required to perform the job of transferring music files although Philips Go Gear Raga does come with additional software but one need not worry as long as the computer has an USB port and is reasonably updated. Just drag those favourite songs into the MP3 player, create folders the way it’s done in the computer right click, new and folder. It’s so bloody simple. If you are finicky about trendy looks it has that too. Available in silver and black (looks sexy) but then the red one is equally attractive. The design is simple as its operations are with a very functional LCD screen. It’s not really a poor man’s alternative to the iPods, may be they are much more exciting but in terms of quality it matches its much more expensive peer step for step. I would go further and say that if you compare its performance with the default headphone and the iPods, well you have your money’s worth. One note of caution, the reproduction depends ...

HP Compaq Presario CQ3350IX 07/01/2011

Worth the money-Compaq Presario CQ3350IX

HP Compaq Presario CQ3350IX I have been planning to buy a Desktop PC for sometime now. The only hitch being I was not being able to decide on the configuration. I also had to keep an eye on the price tag too. I finally made up my mind around the last week of December, 2010 and decided that 2GB memory, around 280 GB HD, a Core 2duo processor, a reasonable graphic card and of course at least 18.7” LCD monitor was just what I required. When I put in the above Hardware requirements to one of my friends who runs a computer showroom her suggestions were two models of Compaq. I decided to choose the Compaq CQ3350IX model belonging to the Compaq CQ3000 series. My only issue with the other model was the processor was a tag slow at 2.9GHz. THE DESIGN: It looks marvelous in its glossy black finish with the power switch nicely placed at the top right hand corner side. The headphone jack, SD/SDHC/MMC/xD/MS/MS Pro port and two USB ports make up the front panel, making it look neat and trendy. The Compaq Presario CQ3350IX comes with a DVD-R which performs without any sluggishness. The back side has other input/output jacks. Just like the HDMI-DVI, HDMI, etc are stacked on the back. INSTALLATION: The installation process is very simple and the printed instruction is helpful enough to make things even simpler. Unwrap the box containing the CPU and then take the sleek LCD out of its package. The required cables are packed separately. Connect the Power chords of the CPU and LCD to the UPS, which is connected to the ...

Apple iPod Touch 64GB 4th Generation 19/12/2010

Job's latest jab-Apple iPod Touch 4G (64GB)

Apple iPod Touch 64GB 4th Generation APPLE iPod TOUCH 64GB FOURTH GENERATION is unbelievably slim but then which apple iPod isn’t? Before going into the main review I think it will be worthwhile to let you know the ten big issues for which one should go for it. 1. Front Facing camera. 2. HD camcorder 3. Video calling 4. FaceTime 5. Integrated microphone 6. Retina Display 7. Gyroscope sensor 8. Improve capabilities of Apple's iOS platform. 9. Superior playback time. 10. Full AVRCP support to its existing Bluetooth 2.1 feature. THINGS TO EXPECT: 1. GPS 2. Option for 3G data service. For those new to the Apple iPod phobia (not me, although being downright critical of Apple iPods I caught up with the apple fever when I first boarded the Apple bus with the Apple iPod shuffle and I haven’t really rued owning it) I must underline the fact that intending owners must get acquainted with the iTune software. Not that any great skill is required to use it but to get the most out of this softaware does require a bit of ‘getting acquainted’. A WORD OR TWO ABOUT APPLE iTUNE: Apple iTune is a software available free for both Windows and Mac users. It requires installation on to the computer just like other softwares and it takes around 6 mins to go through the whole process of installation. Unless you are running other application it not essential to re-start your machine but I would recommend a re-start of your computer after installing any software because it resolves the registry issues straight way. The software ...

Apple iPod nano 16 GB 6th Generation 21/10/2010

Two steps backwards one and half step forward

Apple iPod nano 16 GB 6th Generation As always all Apple iPods are exceedingly smart and catchy, in spite of the aahs and oohs for the features that has been taken away the 6Gen iPod nano is a more sensible device than, may be, it’s more illustrious predecessor. Let us check out what has been left and I’ll try my best justify their deletion. Yet I have a gut feeling that Jobes may just be eying at the earphone or the earbud market in a big way! Ten most note able deletions: *1. The built in Video recorder *2. Video play back *3. Video rental capability *4. Physical buttons *5. Click-wheel games (like Vortex, Maze, Klondike) * 6. Notes *7. Contacts *8. Calendars *9. Stopwatch *10. Alarms So the glaring cons are *a. Cheaper earbuds, smaller screen than previous nano *b. Multi-Touch sometimes more gimmicky than useful *c. No physical playback buttons *d. No video-watching and -recording features The features which remain intact: *i. VoiceOver support for announcing track information *ii. FM radio with live pausing *iii. Shake-to-shuffle *iv. Fitness pedometer But even you even get access to voice recording, you'll need to supply your own mic-equipped earphones since the bundled pair are just plain old earbuds. A BIT ABOUT THE 6G iPod Nano size factor: If you look into the designing of the all the Apple iPods, they have all come in rectangular sizes but the recent one is a definite deviation from the norm. It has taken an immensely smaller shape, nearly square 1.5inchx1.6inch but it is thickest nano of ...

Byomkesh Bakshi (DVD) 20/10/2010

Well done, Byomkesh Bakshi

Byomkesh Bakshi (DVD) BYOMKESH BAKSHI (2010) The most famous sleuth emanating from Bengali literature is probably Feluda, an immortal creation of one of the most famous son of India Satyajit Ray. But Saradindu Bandopadhyay is no less outstanding a story teller in Bengali detective literature, more so because he spent most of his creative life outside Bengal. It is very difficult to choose between Satyajit Ray's Feluda and Saradendu’s Byomkesh Bakshi yet my adoration for Byomkesh has a definite tilt towards this unassuming character. As far as presentations of these two super sleuths are concerned Satyajit Ray had a definite advantage in the fact not only he was the creator of Feluda but he was instrumental in converting these stories to films himself. It was easy for him to translate his plots to movies with much more telling effect. Saradindu Badopadhyay has written no less 33 detective stories in creating the super sleuth from Bengal in the name and style of Byomkesh Bokshi, an intelligent and charismatic character along with his critic and admirer Ajit (Saswata Chatterjee), who is both the narrator and writer of all his case histories. The best part of Sardindu’s creation is that he has never done away with the rich Bengali culture. In all his stories there are certain tits and bits which is very much special to Bengal. Statistically Byomkesh Bokshi was born in 1932 to end his career in 1069. Cast and Crew: • Produced and Presented by: Shibaji Panja and Kaustubh Roy • Banner: R.P. ...

Sony VAIO S Series VPC-S12V9E/B 09/10/2010

Wonderful machine but can you afford it

Sony VAIO S Series VPC-S12V9E/B Before going into the main review of Sony’s latest S-series Vaio, the VPCS12V9E/B, let me delve into the history, technology and the drawbacks of the Vaio series laptops. The reason why I have not mentioned the advantages is obvious. Matter of Attitude: Nobody can deny the fact that the invention of transistors revolutionized the whole world, but it is to be noted that most of the American companies were busy researching the transistor for military and logistic application but in the beginning of the 1950s Sony, in fact Morita and Ibuka insisted and convinced Bell Labs’ to let them license the technology to the Japanese Company and they used it to revolutionize the communication system. It’s true that (Regency) and Texas Instruments was the first to build the transistors but it was Ibuka’s company who made it commercially successful. ARRIVAL OF THE VAIOS’: Video Audio Integrated Operation was the original acronym for VAIO but later on since 2008 there came the alteration and VAIO got the new acronym Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer when already in its 10th year. To my mind this acronym is more appropriate than the previous one, since Timoth Hanley created the branding to differentiate items that grouped the use of consumer audio and video and being a conventional computing device as well. If you look into the Sony Vaio W series PCs, it functions both as conventional or a regular computer and a more or less miniature entertainment hub. It is widely known that Sony ...

TELEVISION. Could you live without it and how would your time be spent in replace of it? 16/08/2010

It's there and will be there!

TELEVISION. Could you live without it and how would your time be spent in replace of it? Most of the guys would tell it’s an easy question to answer. There is no reason why I can not answer it! Give an after thought my dear, give an after thought. Well, before going into the logic of if there was no television how people would spend time. But to begin with, the world is much faster than what it was during our time. Now we gallop but even some years ago we use to move in a lazy pace through life which was more than enough. Meaning thereby, then there was lot of time left ourselves. Television was the answer and we could say no point burying your face in a pillow giving vent to the fact there was nothing worth to do. If I remember correctly we were introduced to the Idiot Box called Television way back in 1976 (hopefully correct) during the Word Table Tennis Championship. Later on it became a regular affair. And as such the Idiot Box became a part of life. I remember a funny story which fortunately or unfortunately is associated with Television. It is known to every body when a technology comes in the market which has as wide an application as in Television, it ought to be pricey and that what it was. Buying a Television was everybody’s dream. In fact we had one during that WTTC but we never realized the consequences. After about ten days everybody in locality were sure there is something very special going in this house. The owner closes down their drawing room, goes up to the rooftop does some thing which looked like throngs arranged in a certain way. Acceding ...

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business 09/08/2010

Wonderful but get used to it

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business A MAJOR & SERIOUS UPGRADE: Before going into the review proper I would like to make an observation which might sound intriguing and stupid to most people but honestly, how many are there, who use the Office suit (any version) on regular basis are accustomed to it so that they can get most out of it? I am sure the answer is very few. One of the reasons being till Ms. Office 2007, it was simple stuff. But very few know (please note this is my personal experience) being well versed in Office Suit is something and being capable of using it to its potential is something else. What I mean is if you know the correct options, things can be done in double quick time and that too neatly, giving your creations a real pro look. To be very honest, spending 12-14 hours in front of my computer I hardly use 75% of what Ms.Office suite has to offer and quite sure this applies to most. WHY MS SUITE 2010 FOR HOME AND BUSINESS: Before taking a look at its highs let me explore its system requirements which is quite demanding compared to its previous versions. To my mind anybody going for 2010 version of the Office Suite must first look into what he/she essentially requires to have Ms Office 2010 for Home and students installed in the machine. There is no problem for those who has a latest version of a laptop or desktop, else please go through the system requirements of the latest upgrade of the Office suite. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: First and foremost, this version of the Office Suite requires ...

Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 16 GB 27/05/2010

Style and Class: Sony NWZ-A845 (16GB)

Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 16 GB “I AM BEING SPECIFIC” I think it will be a great idea to get on with this review after considering what you expect from a real quality mp3 player both in terms of sound quality, features and whether it can take your low quality mp3 files to a level when you can wonder ‘I never thought it could sound so good! It is accepted that the performance of medial player depends immensely on the quality of the headphones but if the basic input is not upto the mark what would a good pair of headphones do? I am generalizing all these features because with Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman you experience them all for sure. That’s why it’s so impressive and probably gives Apple iPod Nano a run for the money in the media player consumer market. The first and foremost plus of a real quality mp3 player is that it should not make you feel uncomfortable at even a very high volume, which implies very little or zero distortion. Its performance across the whole gamut of the audio spectrum must be consistent. Saying technically it should be eloquent through out the 20hz-20,000hz frequency range not doing injustice to any pocket of frequencies. If the technology and its execution of the mp3 media players are perfect then you can hear the singer taking a breath in between lines. If you are listening to an orchestra there will be no problem in identifying which instrument is coming to the for, at same the others instruments that are being played along side are distinct. Although not quite an example of real ...
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