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Samsung WB600 04/04/2011

Easy to use and great to zoom!

Samsung WB600 This camera is excellent, when i was searching for a camera i saw lots of these very gi bulky complex looking "photographer" cameras! But i decided all i want and all i need is a simple to use snapshot camera that anyone will be able to pick up and start shooting with pretty much instantaneously, in this model samsung give both regular Auto mode and additional Smart Auto mode, compares scenes and subjects with on-board parameters and selects the ideal settings for an optimum performance for the given scene. Working on this latest generation model for video as well as stills, this comes across as fairly reliable, making the WB600 an able point and shoot aid. Available in black, brown or silvery grey, i went for the silvery grey as it just stood out to me and looks very elegant. There is a curved area for hand grip on the side and for a plastic casing it is very solidly built. Three scored lines on the backplate provide a roughened surface for the thumb to steady itself on - but it's no substitute for a proper grip. Then again, you're almost certain to need two hands to shoot steadily with the amazing zoom that the camera offers so this isn't really a concern to me. It offers 15x optical zoom and 12.2mega pixel snaps in a camera casing that is only 3cm thick which i found amazing. Very pocket size for the traveller and also to have with you all the time to capture those magic moments! I have dropped it once in the week i've owned it and it seemed to take the impact very well, ...

Panasonic TX-L37S20 04/04/2011

Best HD LCD of them all

Motorhispania RX 50 04/04/2011

Looks and speed, everything a 16 year old wants!

Motorhispania RX 50 Great bike, I am 19 now and i wish i could have this back from when i was 16. I bought it in grey/silver and black. I snapped it up for £800, haggled the seller down from £900. I found it on autotrader and these things really do take some finding to get one that hasn't been dropped a lot or over worked because 50cc engines are not renowned for their life span! I bought it with about 6000km on the clock which is fine for a second hand bike, a much better idea than buying a new bike which will take the whole year of riding until the engine is worked in to get it going at its full potential. One of my friends bought a brand new aprilia rs50 and had constant problems with it, aswell as it being a tad slower than the motorhispania. I also knew someone with a rieju which was a long way slower and also had a lot of problems. I only ever had one problem with this bike and that was the battery. Sometimes it wouldn't start on the button, easily overcome by bumpstarting but in the end i just bought an optimate battery charger so i could leave it charging when i wasn't using it and from then on it was fine. I also had to change the spark plug once in the year and a halff i had it. Insurance for me was about £120 with quinn but i believe they no longer provide motorbike insurance in the uk. I think tax was about £30. I did have a little incident where i came off the bike about 6 months into owning it, coming home down a country road at around 11pm in the rain and fog, it was bound to ...

Apple iPod classic MB150ZO/A 160 GB 03/04/2011

Overrated 03/04/2011

Convenience with huge variety! In my opinion this is a really excellent service. I have been signed up ages, long before lovefilm began big advertising campaigns and in fact, long before most other customers joined them. I am on a plan where I can have 3 discs at a time, that is DVDs or games or blu ray, and once i send one back they send me a new one. So I always have 3 films at home. This only costs me £15! which if you think about it, usually it would cost around £3 to rent a single film for the night? on average. This would be £9 for 3 films, and i get at least 3 different films a week, so over a month i get approximately 12 different films, which on the prices i listed would averagely cost me around £36! Lovefilm makes choosing your films very easy, you can look at new releases, chart films, and people even make lists of their favourite films or best films for a specific category such as "10 best ever gangster films". So you are never stuck thinking hmm what do i watch tonight. You create a list of films you would like and can put them in order of priority, so those at the top of your list will be sent to you first if they are available. The list will also inform you whether the disc will be long wait or short wait, determined by the demand for the film at the time. You can now watch films online or on your ps3, some are free and some are an extra charge which varies but at the most i have seen is £3.49 I have never had any problems with the service except for once when i sent a disc back to lovefilm ... 02/04/2011

When will my vouchers come!? To begin with I had a great relationship with toluna and their surveys. I found it quite easy to rack up the points and as I neared the 80,000 points to get a £15 amazon voucer I thought i was onto a great money making scheme! One survey I did even rewarded me with 10,000 points for completiong; that's an eighth of the way to £15 in about twenty minutes, that is a great hourly rate is it not!? I continued writing polls, answering polls and doing longer in depth surveys to rack up as many points as possible and once i reached 80,000 points i went to cash out for the amazon voucher. It really doesn't take a huge length of time on toluna to get up to the cash out level unlike some survey sites such as onepoll or surveyhead which is great. And it is very easy to find your way arounf the website and there is much more variety of available surveys than on most other websites of this kind with updates which seem almost hourly, i get at least 2 emails a day with new surveys worth big points! The website also runs very quickly: other sites like this i have found to run very slowly much to my annoyance. However, i cashed out for the voucher about 7 weeks ago so i decided yesterday to write to toluna to see what was going on. They told me that they were having trouble with suppliers and there were long delays but they would make sure i got my voucher as soon as possible. So: quick to earn big points, good rewards from hmv to amazon and a few other vouchers mostly at £15 but, slow to ...

BlackBerry Curve 8520 01/04/2011

Best basic blackberry for the price

BlackBerry Curve 8520 I got this phone as a replacement for a broken nokia N97 and haven't looked back since. I love blackberrys now and have only owned them since. These phones are great in my opinion thanks to the big qwerty kepyboard, easy to use email, apps such as bkackberry messenger. The reason i chose blackberry was because my girlfriend owned one and thus we could communicate over blackberry messenger which is in my experience the most rapid and clear text messaging service available! The only problem i had with the blackberry was that when i first got it i could not use bbm. This was because i was operating my phone on the same sim card that i had for my contract and in order to access blackberry services i had to add the blackberry data plan to my contract which did cost me an extra £5 per month. The way i saw it there was no point having a blackberry without this service because without it you cant use bbm or bb internet or access any apps. When my girlfriend upgraded her contract she gave me her old phone which was a bold 9700, the only obvious differences between the two were the design and that the bold had 3G, the only thing that the curve seems to lack. I used the curve for music aswell because of its memory card slot and the phone was just perfect for every day tasks as well as having a good calendar function. If you are looking to buy a smart phone i suggest this is it. I bought mine for £145 off ebay brand new in box. Whereas the bold is more like £300 for very little extra in ...

Nokia N97 01/04/2011

Fragile technology

Nokia N97 I got this phone on contract from vodafone when it was first released a couple of years ago. When it first came out it was the only thing of its kind and was ahead of the times as nokia often seemed to be. The phone is bursting with technology and i particularly enjoyed how you could flip up the screen to reveal a qwerty keyboard, a factor which i now look for on all phone upgrades, perhaps why i am now loyal to blackberry! I also double my phone as a portable music player which is easily done thanks to the huge 32gb of internal storage but when playing music the phone would become very slow and laggy. Then i started having problems with the touch screen, at first i thought it was because of the slow processing speeds because i would be pressing the screen with nothing happening and then suddenly all the commands would happen at once. However, after another month or so the screen developed a mind of its own by clicking somewhere completely opposite to where i would click or not at all! Until eventually the touch screen just wouldnt work at all and i had to flip up the screen to carry out any controls. I sent the phone off to nokia and they sent it back with a new software update, back to factory settings and working like new. But in the 2 week wait to get it back i had to buy a new phone - i went for the blackberry curve 8520 and have since upgraded to the bold 9700 for its 3g. I went on to sell the phone on ebay for a good £170 or so which is more than i paid for the curve ...

Peugeot 106 1.5 D 30/03/2011

Practical simplicity

Peugeot 106 1.5 D Before you go on to read this review i must explain how every car review tends to reflect the writer's own experiences rather than an objective view. And i think this car is great. Diesel is the way to go for fuel these days until developing technology discoversan even more efficient fuel for motor vehicles. I live in rural lincolnshire and for that reason i tend to have to travel a longer distance to get to my desired location than the average urban dweller would have to. The engine in this car is well capable of achieving 60mpg and for a car of its age (mine is an R reg, 1998?) this is very respectable. So that's the economy of the vehicle, unbeatable for a car of this kind. Obviously speed is not one's main concern when buying a thirteen year old diesel engined peugeot. However, the 106 is certainly nippy enough for a small diesel car. My model, the 1.5 xnd 5dr gets to 60mph in about 17 seconds which for a car of less than 60bhp really isn't too bad and it does feel faster than that, probably because of the ride height and the depth of the windows. The book speed of this model is 98mph but i have had the speedo reading as high as 105mph before when i've been pushing its limits! On track of course. The handling of the car is probably as you'd expect, it is front wheel drive and is absolutely fine to drive even with its lack of power steering which is never a problem unless you are dry steering. However, it can be very easy to lose the front end of the car if you go into ...

Renault Megane 1.5 dCi Hatchback 29/03/2011

modern, economical and nippy

Renault Megane 1.5 dCi Hatchback I have always been a diesel car owner because I am no mug and don't want to be paying 60 quid a week topping up my tank. This car can easily achieve 60mpg and i've even had it reading up at its maximum 99.9mpg on a few occassions. On the average motorway journey it will average out at between 65 and 70 mpg. I live in rural lincolnshire in a small town mostly using the car to get into and around town and to nearby villages usually within ten miles of my house and today it is reading 59mpg which is about its usual which is extremely good for the journies that i make. I have owned the car for about a year now, it is a 54 plate 3 door which i snapped up for £3000 I have had no mechanical problems at all with the vehicle and the only thing i can see going wrong will be dreaded electrical faults: the megane II is full of modern high tech equipment, i opted for the model without the full glass panoramic sun roof due to the fact that i expected the usual sun roof problems of condensation and leakage as well as the fact that i crack down a full roof of glass is going to be very expensive to repair. I have recently had a difficulty with the key card used for the operating of the vehicle. One of my two cards (keys) has decided that the buttons to unlock the car are not going to work (this can be overcome by using the emergency key which you slide out from the card and use to unlock the passenger door through a hidden key hole, good job i read that in the manual else i would have had no ...
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