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Faliraki, Rhodes 03/09/2009

The Real Faliraki

Faliraki, Rhodes Sometimes I get wound up when I know people are dissing Faliraki. So here's a Non-Biased Opinion of mine. Faliraki is like any other tourist destination: Its popular, Its got clubs, restaurants many hotels and lots of british people. Being Rape Captial made my heart sink. Because its not Falirakis fault? Young people are binge drinking in the famous Bar Street and then walking home alone. Wherever you are in the world look after youself. The same would probably happen if i were to be drunk in turkey! Location: Located Very close to Rhodes Town which has everything From Shops such a 3 Floored 'Zara' To many other local fashion shops. Faliraki itself is on the beach and is a very popular location, Bus services are great which means you can catch a bus to Rhodes town and it takes you 10 minutes. Rhodes is like any other mediterranean Island and has dusty roads in rural areas! I Had to laugh when i saw dusty roads as being a disadvantage :S..not the main roads But just abandoned side roads! Facilities: Faliraki has everything for all different types of people. The scenery is absolutely amazing and turkeys coast can be seen in clear weather, there's a fabulous harbour and a small chapel which you can go in, and maybe light a candle for a loved one. the beach is very long and watersports can be found every few metres! Most of these watersports belong to my family/friends and godparents. Ringo's Banana Boats, Double Banana Boats And banana boats which can carry 12 people ...

The Sims 3 (PC) 03/09/2009

The Sims 3 Review (Great Game)

The Sims 3 (PC) As a 16 year old I am very experienced with all the Sims games from the original 'Sims' and it's 'making magic' etc to the new addition of the Sims 3. First Appearance: On advertisements it is VERY appealing, showing us the new and improved version the Sims3 has a complete new feel to it. With more human-like characters and a more varied and random behaviour traits. The sims3 has been packed with many different aspects to make the game last forever and ever without feeling you have 'completed' it to a maximum. Town/Build/Buy Mode. The first thing i noticed about the town was that you cannot move your lots into a complete random space. This is a big disadvantage for me as i like to re-arrange alot. Yet there is an alternate asset which is more satisfying; For example: there are many special places in the town, such as mines and almost 'crater like' lots which are unusual places to live or build on, yet people like me would love to be unusual, and place a house there!. i recently decided i wanted to build my house right on the beach. Building houses has been improved after the Sims2 made it difficult to place items in a room without it looking..'boxish' and 'plain' they made it so that we could put our furniture at an angle. FINALLY we could have quirky diagonal beds and Sofas and Chairs in the places we really wanted!. More Freedom! The DESIGN TOOL is the greatest for me. Think up to date leopard print sofas and matching curtains? How cool is that. The tool ...

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara 31/07/2007

Revolutionary L'oréal Telescopic Mascara (Gold)

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara There\'s Only One Thing I Can say, This Mascara Is Revolutionary!!!! I Bought This Mascara Just The Other Day, As I\'d Ran Out Of My Previous One L\'oréal Telescopic Mascara Clean Definition.........Just Like This One But In Silver. The Silver One, ...Was Amazing...Everybody Alwayys Asked Me If I Had False Eyelashes On, As They Were Soo Long... This Mascara (The Gold One) Cost Me £8.99 From Boots....Okkk So Its Not As Cheap As You\'d Expect, But heyy....It Works Wonders Doesn\'t It?? Somebody Says On Here That It\'s Hard To Get Out Of Its Packaging, Are You Seriously Stupid!! I Was At The Trainstation Coming Back From Boots And I Litterally Wripped The Packaging To Shreds As I Was So Exited About This Product!! Just So You Know I Class Myself As A \'Makeup Expert\' As I Have Used So Many Mascara\'s!!... And This One Is Truly Amazing...I Love L\'oréals Mascara\'s.. These New mascara\'s with rubbery ends are magnificent...They Really Are!! Statisticly, The average english woman uses 30 strokes of mascara... In Japan....They Use 100 Like Me , The Japanese Like Big ...Boldd Eyelashes That stand Out So Much... I Used To Use Many Many Coats Of Mascara To Acheive My Perfect Look... But Not Anymore...The Other Day ...My First Day Of Trying This New Mascara.. Guess How Many Coats I Used.....1!! About 5 Strokes Of The Brush And My Eyelashes Instantly Thickend!!....And Were So Long They Nearly Reached My Eyebrows!!..i Was Amazed!!.. Fact:Did You ...

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara 31/07/2007

Max Factor Masterpiece

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara Well, i\'ve gone through every mascara under the sun to be honest, Max Factor Masterpiece mascara looked great on the adverts, \'Look like a Giesha\' ...Even used in the film \'Memoirs of A Geisha\' Kool!...So...I Buy it, Fairly Cheap, ...From Memory i think it was about £6.99 (from memory remember) The Yellow Rubbery Bristles Make It Sooo Easy To Apply, Non Clumpy!! (For Once In My Eyelashes Lives), And Veryy Long! ..Lifts Eyelashes Making Them Look Amazing. Bad Points: (In my opinion) As i am a Reallll Makeup Lover..I Like My Eyelashes To Be Extremely Big Bold And Outstanding,, The Only Thing I Didn\'t Particulary enjoy with this mascara is that it wasn\'t a thickening mascara,, Ok some people don\'t neccesarily want a thickening one, but this is for my eyelashes. I Really Do Reccomend People to Buy These New Mascara\'s With The Rubbery Bristles... As They Are Quite Amazing!!!...........Say Goodbye To The Old Ones!! Rubber Bristles Are Soo In!!... Take My Advice....:) \'Ciao\' For Now :P

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) 05/06/2007

Rollercoaster Tycoon!!

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) i soo love this is soo adictive and has really good can start off with either just a plain plot of land or one that has already been started off for you..if you are a beginner you can choose easier games and if you are a professional then there are deffinately games for you all...there are some magnificent rollercoasters that i\'d die to go on!! people come into your theme park and complain about so much things...and as the manager ..its your duty to put things right...give them bigger rollercoasters!!! we all love thrill!!...some of the customers however like baby rides such as the merry go round...awwww hehe...make sure you have entertainers can dress them up as elephants...pirates...snowmen...alsorts!!!....get a handyman to mow the lawn as it can grow pretty quick....get them to pick up litter and clean up sick!!...make sure there are plenty of food stalls as most of them get pretty hungry.. if you pick up a person and drop them into the water they can even drown!!...get plenty of balloon stalls in evry colour you can imagine!!....and at the end of the game when you\'ve succesfully completed your goal all the people with balloons release them into the air....soo beautifull....beware....some objectives are really hard to complete..\'reach a popularity of 4,000 people by november 07\' get 4,000 by a couple months before ...and oops theyv all dissapear!!....what a mind boggling game...a real must have!!!! i promise you you\'ll love it!!

Theme Hospital (PC) 05/06/2007

Theme Hospital Must Have!!

Theme Hospital (PC) Absolutely amazing!! really addctive..You start off with an empty hospital, get a set amount of money, have a limited time to build some of it up before it actually opens. Hire staff, sack staff...Doctors..Nurses...Janitors and Receptionists...all with different personalities..some nice and polite..others lazy and grouchy..Patient\'s come in your hospital with many diseases...Ohh Ohh!! mayor wants to see your hospital...You get money if he likes what he see\'s..however...Make sure there\'s no litter on the floor as patients sometimes drop it if there\'s no bins...also their most often sick..ewwww...So...Mayor likes it....he gives you money....You get money and you gradually increase amount of rooms...when you building is finally full you can buy another building which adds on to your complete levels and soon enough your at the top of the rank...i absolutely love this game and i hope you will too x

Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman 05/06/2007

Sony Ericsson w810i

Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Really good phone to use. The camera is really good as it is 2.0 mega pixels, this is very high compared to most other phones. It includes a very good light for when taking photos, there's also an option for a flashlight and S.O.S light. There are many photo-editing tools to choose from including adding features on 'PhotoDJ' which enable you to add things like clown noses and frames ect. Also, you can change the photo to black and white, emboss, negative, sephia , solarize and a few more and also there is the option to video for an unlimited time. There are a few games included such as world poker 2, JC does Texas, and Quadrapop. The buttons are very sturdy and brilliant when it comes to texting or writing a note ect. There is an Orange button at the side of the phone which is used for the Mp3 player, at anytime on your fone you can press it and press play to listen. You can also minimize it when texting or doing someting else, however you cannot listen to it whilst on a game. The phone mainly can be bought in either black or white (white in my case) you can buy lots of different cases which can be easily changed by the use of small screwdrivers which can be bought, this is good incase your phone starts to become tatty looking. The one disadvantage i have is that the battery seems to go down quite quick this is only due to the excess use of the Mp3 player. ...
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