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Dimplex Cadiz Oil Free Radiator with Timer 2kW 11/11/2009

Environmentally friendly heater

Dimplex Cadiz Oil Free Radiator with Timer 2kW I will rate this heater 10 out of 10. Winter is coming and I am starting to look for heating for my conservatory during the wet and cold days. Why do you need it You can have it in conservatory or sun room in the winter. Even in sunny days the heater can make the conservatory more confortable. It also can be used in nursery for night heating if it is a cold winter day to give baby or toddler a nice warm sleep. Environmentally friendly This is not oil filled as described in the product. It uses the latest in innovative heating technology to produce 50% more heat comparing to the traditional oil filled heater. Due to the latest technology it also saves your electricity. Easy to use There are two heat settings, which allows heater to be suitable for different situations. The 24 hours timer could make the heater work as you required. It is a small heater but it heats up really quick. For a 12 square metre conservatory, it can make you warm enough within 15 minutes. Cost effective with 3 years guarantee I did not check how much electricity it consumes but it definitely cheaper than the central heating when you just use it to heat up the conservatory. I have bought this product from Argos, which comes with 3 years guarantee. So far I have not found any problem with it, so hope you also can enjoy it. ...

VAX VZL-118P 30/10/2009

A high quality vacuum cleaner

VAX VZL-118P This is a vacuum cleaner which I'd like to recommend to all my friends. Here are some specifications you should know. Motor power - 1400 watts and Suction power - 259 air watts I had a vacuum cleaner before and it was 2400 Watts. Although it was much higher than the new one I just bought, it still failed to meet my requirements. This model like Dyson's is equipped with a 1400 Watts motor and the effective design makes it no loss of suction. The suction power produced by this VAX vacuum cleaner is 259 air watts. (To be honest, I have no idea what it stands, but it works well.) Before purchasing, I did compare this specification because it decides whether it can clean your floor or carpet. This model provides suction power 259 air watts, which is quite close to the similar model from Dyson's. Filtration - HEPA HEPA filters, by definition, remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter. It stops cleaner to produce the dusty and smelly air when you are using it. A heavy cleaner It is heavy and it is good quality. When you lift it, you can feel its heavy quality. :) Although it is heavy (6.9 kg), I quite like it because it does what it supposes to do. Hassle free For this model the manufacturer provides 6 year guarantee for free. You do not need to worry about of using it. Just keep it working. Tools The extendable hose can let you use the vacuum cleaner easily. There are lots of different tools for cleaning different types of floors and ...

LG Cookie KP500 27/10/2009

Touch screen phone with 3 MP and other features

LG Cookie KP500 First of all, it is not a mobile phone as I expected. Specifications Type Bar phone QWERTY Keyboard Yes RF Band CPS / GPRS / EDGE Dimension: L x W x D (mm) 106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 Weight with Batt. Standard (g) 89 Standby Time, Max (hrs) Up to 350 Talk Time (hrs) Up to 3.5 External LCD (Pixel) 240 x 400, 3 inch Vibration Yes GPRS/EDGE (class) Yes(10) / Yes(10) Java (version) Yes (2.0) MIDI (poly) Yes Motion Gaming Yes FM Radio Yes Speaker Phone Yes Camera Yes Camera Resolution (MP) 3 Internal Memory 48Mb External Memory Micro SD (up to 8GB) MP3 Yes Bluetooth Yes Touch Screen Yes Video Recording Yes Document Viewer Yes 3 inches Full Touch Screen It is definitely a big screen and it takes the most space of the phone and leaves only three buttons on the front of the phone. Because of the benefit of the big screen, you can view photoes and videos clearly. The spacious display screen leaves enough gap between icons, so you won't press something by mistake. Handwriting support Using Stylus Pen, you can write your message instead of typing. It rarely makes any recognition mistakes unless there is some spelling mistake by myself. It still requires stylus pen and you can just write using your finger. Full Qwerty keypad If you like sending messages, this is a very good feature. You can bring this keyboard on the touch screen and type your message. Funky feature Auto-rotating display is a very interesting feature. The phone can sense the way you hold the phone and rotate the picture ...

Tesco Clubcard 18/10/2009

Traditional way to save money and new way to spend

Tesco Clubcard I have this club card for quite long time, and recently it becomes more and more attractive and useful. How useful is it It saves your money! Every pound you spend in Tesco store, Tesco direct online, or Tesco petrol station will be recorded in the club card, which will become Tesco voucher every three months. From Oct 2009, Tesco decided to attract more and more UK customers by double the club card points when you spend in Tesco except Tesco petrol. Now every pound you spend will become two points in your club card account and every hundred points equal to one pound voucher. This actually can be considered as 2% cashback every time you spend in Tesco. Is it good? Make the most of it The Tesco voucher can be used to pay all or part of your Tesco purchase directly. When the deal of Tesco club card starts, you have more and more options. You can use the club card voucher with the Tesco club card partner, which allows you get 4 times value of your club card voucher. This means you can change every pound club card voucher to four pound reward tokens. I prefer the restaurant tokens to give myself a treat. There are quite a few restaurants for you to choose. You also can use it to by breakdown cover, pay for the holidays, buy books and magazines, pay for annual membership, watch movies in cinema, and lots of others. I think there will be more and more deals in the future. Get a club card It is very easy to get a club card. When you visit Tesco store, you can pick up a leaflet ...

Canon FS100 15/10/2009

Light weight camcorder with good picture quality

Canon FS100 I bought this camcorder 6 months ago. It produces excellent image and very good sound quality. It is good enough for family use with reasonable price. It records every happy moment successfully. It is a small size and stylish looking camcorder. It is not exactly a pocket size camcorder but it definitely won't be a big piece of luggage for your travelling. To avoid damage the camcorder, I ordered a bag as well to protect the device and store extra memory card. It is only 260g, so it is very easy to handle it. It is a quite memory card camcorder. It can use Secure Digital (SD) card and Secure Digital with High Capacity (SDHC) card, which is a popular type of memory card used by most digital device for storage. SD card has capacity up to 4 Giga Byte (GB). SDHC is the new version of this memory card, which has high capacity more than 4 GB. Since it uses memory card, so the batteries life is good and it also does not have the noise of the Hard Drive equipped camcorder. Currently you can get up to 32GB card, so it is large enough for storing your video clips and pictures. It produces good quality pictures It performs quite good when it is plenty of light. Of course it is not an High Definition (HD) camcorder, so I do not expect it can produce the best image in the world. Still picture quality is not as good as digital camera because it is just 1 million pixel. 37x optical zoom could meet the requirement for family use. It does not perform well in the night even with Built-in ...

QuidCo.Com 15/10/2009

Happy to Get Money back

QuidCo.Com There are lots of websites providing cashback when you do shopping via their link. This website was recommended by friends. It works quite well. I have been using it for more than a year and I got more than 200 pound back through quidco. It is really a good place to save money, especially in recession. How it works First of all register your detail on their website. Click sigin in and click the link 'Join here' and fill in your information. Once your account is activated, you can make some saving from the website. For example, if your are going to buy car insurance, type car insurance in the search box and it will give you a list of websites and the amount of cashback you can have. Click the company you are going to buy your car insurance and you will see the option, earn cash back. Click the link and you will go to the website to quote and buy the insurance. Once the transaction finished, you might not see anything happen immediately. One day after transaction you can see the cashback has been tracked usually. After a few months, it depends on the company who sells the insurance to you, you can get the cashback from Quidco. The payment can be paid directly into your bank account or via PayPal. Why Quidco It is trusted by so many people and I won't be worried to pass my information to them. The cashback compares to other sites is the highest. They provide quite clear information and customer service does help. You can leave a tick to them if you have any question. ...

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 14/10/2009

Personally I think it is the best Linux distribution so far.

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Different Linux users like different Linux distrubtions. I have tried a number of Linux distributions. This one is the easiest one for Linux beginner to use. An excellent operation system and it is FREE The most important benefit of using Linux is FREE. It costs you nothing almostly. Of course you need to pay your electrcity and broadband if you want to download it. Windows 7 costs you at least 64 pound from PC world. It is free but it does not mean it is not a good operation system. First of all it is easy to install. There is no problem for it to detect SATA hard drive, which does not like Windows. Simply you just need to insert the DVD into the DVD ROM and boot the computer with it and then click 'next' and 'next' till it reaches the end. There is no need to install any additional drive for hardware. The operation system detects all hardware by itself. Simply just spend about 30 minutes, which depends on your hardware, you can have a complete working computer system, which cost you nearly nothing. Comprehensive application software packages and they are FREE again Once you finish the installation, you will find there are so many software packages installed and they cost you nothing. You have Open Office, which is compatible with MicroSoft Office. At the same time OpenOffice can convert the documents into PDF format if you need. GIMP is the replacement for photoshop. You do not need to subscribe to any anti-virus provider because it is not so often attacked like ...

LG Flatron M228WD 13/10/2009

A stylish LCD TV/Monitor

LG Flatron M228WD LG is famous at its monitors and TVs, which always come with nice looking and high picture quality. This TV could be used as a second TV in the bedroom or in child's room. Nice looking and various inputs This TV comes with black panel and stand and it looks quite stylish. The new style switch is not normal mechanical switch. One touch could switch on/off the TV. It is also wall mountable if you want it on the wall. It provides a number of essential connection options for user, which are standard aerial connection, Scart, HDMI, Component Video and VGA. High image quality The Fratron is the name for good image quality. The resolution for this TV/monitor is up to 1680 x 1050. It has 3000:1 Digital Contrast Ratio (DFC). The brightness is a bit low just 300cd/m2, which is not good enough, but most 22 inch TVs just have this output value. Easy to use It has auto channel search to help you to set up the TV. The remote control is also very easy to use. The control button is on the top of the TV if your remote control is out of battery. Something you need to know It has the internal aerial. To be honest, it is not useful at all. Oddly this TV/monitor does not have the control to adjust the brightness and contrast, so you have to put up with what it can deliver. (If you find where you can adjust it, please let me know. I will change the rating of the product. ;) Because it is a TV and monitor, it comes with three years manufacturer warranty. You won't worry about any problem ...

Virgin Media 13/10/2009

Value for money but poor customer service

Virgin Media Virgin media provides good packages for different customers. I do not watch TV a lot but I do need it, so I pick up the cheapest package, which includes basic TV channels, Free weekend call and 10M broadband. TV package Since the TV signal is not good enough in my area for Freeview, I need the Virgin media cable to have clear signal for news channels. The basic channel serves me well. It includes BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five, and all other free channels. If you do not spend lots of time on TV, it should be good enough for you. Free weekend call It is standard for basic landline deal. It allows you to spend hours to chat with your friends during the weekend without worrying about your telephone bill. Do remember to keep each conversation within an hour, otherwise you will be charged for the minutes over an hour. Simply hand up and re-dial. Cable broadband It is stable and fast. You can use a wireless router to share the Internet at home freely. Recently it upgrades its basic broadband speed from 2M to 10M. I can feel the difference of the connection. It is brilliant, although it comes with a small increment. I do not download lots of music or vidoe from the Internet, but unlimited downloading makes me not worry about the usage. Customer service This is always an issue. I do not think to have an oversea call centre is a good idea. Simply they do not know what is happening in the U.K. They spend most of the time to asking help from their supervisor. I almost stop ...

Acer Aspire ONE 531 12/10/2009

Good for travel and web browsing

Acer Aspire ONE 531 Like other netbook, it is ultra light and easy to use with Windows XP. Light and suitable for travellers It is only 1.2 kg in weight and the portability is brilliant. The li-ion battery can last for 3 hours and it is equipped with wifi, so you can use the netbook in the airport for checking emails and browse web pages. Windows XP I think it is a good feature for a netbook. Personally I think Vista is not very good designed and netbook with Linux may not be an easy option for most people who are used to use Windows system. For web application only It can be a good reason to use the netbook for web application based purpose. It uses Atom processor, which is not powerful at all. It is good enough for web browsing and office applications, so you'd better not try to use it for complicated applications. It is a cheap version of ultra light laptop, so this is what you've paid for. All means for your travel The multi-card reader is always equipped on Acer laptop and netbook. It is very handy for you to transfer any pictures from your camera. Bluetooth on this netbook also allows you to communicate with your PDA or mobile phone. It has a Acer Crystal Eye webcam, which allows you to have the video talk with someone you love. Some issues You may like to have it last longer if you could not find a suitable socket to plug it for recharging the battery, so 6-cell battery will be a wise choice. It comes with standerd 12 months warranty. If you'd like the netbook lives longer, buy some ...

Dell Precision 390 11/10/2009

nice looking and good performance but quality

Dell Precision 390 It has very nice looking case and it is easy to open for repairing or upgrading. It is fast and good at graphics This workstation equipped with Intel dual core processor, which is fast and provides multi-thread processing. I ordered 4 GB RAM so it runs the large applications smoothly. You can have Quadro FX 3500 graphics card for your 3-D graphic applications. It is costly when it comes to upgrade The price is good if you do not upgrade the hardware. If you are going to add more memory and hard drive, the price becomes extremely high. You'd better upgrade your hard drive by yourself if you need. Do not forget to order your Windows media. It costs you extra 5 pound but it is handy if you need to re-install the system. There is some issue with DELL. The hard drive is OEM from western digital. It only lasts for a bit longer than a year and then it dies completely. The replacement arrived very quick, but I lost some data of my work. DELL provides online customer service. It is very easy to find out your warranty. If your system still can be switched on and the BIOS is still accessible, you can find a service tag in the BIOS. Write down the tag and type into the DELL website, you can find how many days warranty is still left. Then you can find getting their online customer service to discuss the issues you have. DELL's online customer service is not bad but you should not expect they understand the terms of computer. It will be better to be patient and explain in plain ...
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