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Spirited Away (Animated) (DVD) 08/03/2015

Magical animated movie. Outstanding!!

Spirited Away (Animated) (DVD) Well I love all of Hayao Miyazaki (The Director's) movies. But this movie 'Spirited Away' is my favourite of them all! I will write the cast, a summary, my review of the film. Here it goes. Spirited Away is a 2001 animated film, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. In this film, 10 year old Chihiro and her family move house, which happens to be by an abandoned amusement park. Chihiro's parents turn into giant pigs, and that only leaves Chihiro to save her parents, and to get out of the spirit world. But along the way she meets a boy, called Haku, something seems familiar about him, but why? The cast- Haku (Miyu Irino) Yubaba (Mari Natsuki) Mari Natsuki Kamaji (Bunta Sugawara) Zeniba (Mari Natsuki) Chihiro Ogino (Rumi Hiiragi) Opinion time I think this movie is magical and splendid. It is one of my favourite movies ever. I first watched this movie with my gramps when I was younger, and i loved it then and still do now. The storyline is really interesting and unique I think and it leaves you wondering what will happen next. Some scenes bring a smile to your face and other scenes will definately bring a tear to your eye. The plot has many twists and turns to it and you never expect what happens to happen. I think this film is truly amazing, the way it is animated makes the scenery beautiful too. This movie has a unique style of scenery that makes the film different and brilliant. In my opinion, all the cast are perfect for their roles in the film, as the acting is spectacularly ...

The Parent Trap (DVD) 08/03/2015

Family film, The Parent Trap is one in a million.

The Parent Trap (DVD) I have watched this movie countless times and each time it never fails to make me cry and to laugh. I will start with a basic summary of the film, then review it. Summary The Parent Trap is about- Annie and Hallie are twins that were sepearated at birth, one went to live with mum, the other lived with dad. At summer camp, Hallie and Annie become enimies, but little do they realise, they are infact twins. So together, they hatch a plan to bring their parents back together, it won't be easy but they are willing to succeed in their plan. Cast- Lindsay Lohan. (Hallie and Annie Parker.) Natasha Richardson. (Elizabeth James.) Dennis Quaid. (Nick Parker.) Elaine Hendrix. (Meredith Blake.) Kat Graham. (Jackie.) Lisa Ann Walter. (Chessy.) Joanna Barnes. (Vicki Blake.) Review If the cast list isn't enough to encourage you to watch this movie, is you already haven't, then I will tell you what I thought of the movie. In my opinion this is the best movie, for all the family too. I think the storyline is original, well plotted and exciting, it leaves you wondering what's next in the movie. I don't think this movie ever dissapoints when you watch it, it never fails to make you laugh, smile and cry. In my opinion the cast of 'The Parent Trap' are perfectly suited for their roles, as their acting is magnificent through the whole movie. I think it's such a shame that Natasha Richardson passed away, she was such a talented actress. I think this movie is spectacular. I love the scenery ...

Frozen (DVD) 06/03/2015

Spectacular, exctiting and splendid movie.

Frozen (DVD) I am finally reviewing Frozen. I am an 18 year old, never too old for Disney. I have watched this movie over and over with my little sister, and we both love it. Summary Since she was born, Elsa has always had ice powers. But when she accidentally hurt's her younger sister, Anna, by using her powers, she decides to isolate herself from her sister to protect her. The day of Elsa's coronation after their parent's are in a shipwreck, Elsa shows her true powers and run's from them. Anna goes to find her sister, will she be ok? Along the way there's a snowman (Olaf), a prince (Hans), A reindeer (Sven), An ordinary man (Kristoff) and let's not forget the trolls... My review of the movie I think this movie has you both laughing and crying at it. Toward's the end of the movie my nan cried at it, and some scene's are hilerious. I love this movie, because it is a movie for the whole family to watch, enjoy and share the laughter. Now this plot in my opinion, is very unique from the other Disney movies, but I don't want to give the best part's away, so let's just say there's a lot of twist's and turn's in this film. The cast have done a splendid job at doing the voice overs for this movie 'Frozen', their tone of voices and everything they do in each scene makes the film spectacular! The cast in my opinion, were totally perfect for their part in the movie. The movie at the start explains and show's you about the tough time that Elsa and Anna went through, about Elsa's powers and ...

PayPal 05/03/2015

Secure and easy to use. Simple, and effective.

PayPal I have been using Paypal over a year now, and I can honestly say I am not disapointed. To set it up, you enter your bank information details and the rest is so easy. If you order something from for example, Ebay, type in your Paypal email and password and click order, as simple as that. Paypal is an easy way to pay online without always having to enter you're bank details, that you don't even know are safe on other sites! But Paypal I find is easy and effective to use. It is linked to your bank, so it's like having a padlock on a box in a way, safe and secure. On the actual Paypal app, you can withdraw money into you're bank account without having to go through you're bank details step by step, instead, you can simply type in an amount to withdraw and there you go, done. On the app you can also track who you have sent money to, issue refund's to people, send money to family and friends,see how much money you have and also you can request money from family or friends. Although I have never tried this, I heard you can pay for item's in shop's with your paypal account by simply entering your email and password, and it's so much easier than using your actual bank card as I have heard.

Enchanted (DVD) 05/03/2015

Fantastic, exciting storyline! Incredible film!

Enchanted (DVD) Well I have watched this film so many times. So here we go, my review of Enchanted. First of all, here's the information about the movie- The film Enchanted is directed by Kevin Lima. The film was released in 2007 and it is a great film for everyone in the family. When Giselle is banished from the fairy-tale cartoon world by an evil witch, she finds herself in Manhattan, where happily ever after's are not so easy to get. Giselle run's into an ordinary man, called Robert, and his daughter, Morgan. But just as Giselle start's to fall in love with Robert, thing's go to worse when the evil queen show's up in Manhattan, and Giselle's prince Edward is looking for her. Will they get their happy ending? Cast- Amy Adams (Giselle), James Marsden (Prince Edward), Patrick Dempsey (Robert Philip), Idina Menzel (Nancy Tremaine), Susan Sarandon (Queen Narissa), Kevin Lima (Pip the chipmunk), Rachel Covey (Morgan Philip), Timothy Spall and Julie Andrews. My opinion of the film- Well if the incredible cast wasn't enough to interest you, then here's my opiniom of the film. For me, this film 'Enchanted' is brilliant, because it's for the whole family, the storyline is fantastic and the cast are, well, excellent. This film makes you laugh and makes you cry, the emotional scene's are intense but the funny scenes will have the whole family laughing. What I love about this film is that the plot is really interesting, because you have the characters who always make jokes to keep you ...

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB 24/02/2015

Excellent phone. Many features and brilliant camera and video

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB I'm typing this on my Iphone 5c in pink as I type. I will list some good thing's I like about the Iphone and some bad. Here goes. Battery life- Around 10 hour's or so battery life. If watching videos etc, it goes quite quick. It usually takes an hour to fully charge for me, but I have left it on charge all through the night before and it was ok. Camera and video- The camera on this is superb. The effect's that came with the last IOS update are brilliant. The camera has a great focus on it to capture the moment's much better and clearer, a flash for when taking pictures at night, and a self timer where you can take photo's from a distance and take a group photo. The video recorder on the phone is good too, even though there are no effect's without downloading an app, but it's still good as you have a focus when taking a video to make it much better. Also when taking a video you can adjust the brightness to make it how you want it. And all you have to do if you want to take a video is swipe your finger when on the camera and there you go, simple to use but very effective. Itunes- Itunes is where you can purchase everything on your phone, such as; music, movies and tv show's. Itunes is already on the iphone when you purchase it, it is apples own store on the phone and has many things to buy on there. It is easy to navigate around itunes and easy to buy, as all you do is click on buy and then it ask's for your password and then it downloads onto your phone. Itunes is ...

Bangerz (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Miley Cyrus 15/02/2015

Unique, fantastic, all song's are different, outstanding

Bangerz (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Miley Cyrus Me, myself have been a fan of Miley all the way back since Hannah Montana. For me, this cd is more herself and show's what an outstanding artist she is and how she can make each song unique. My reviews of each track- Track 1- Adore You This song has a slow tempo, but at the same time powerful in the way Miley sing's it. It is slow tempo all the way through the song, same beat but Miley reaches a higher tone during the chorus which makes you shiver because of the great singer that she is in my opinion. This track is really catchy, and you can relate to it if you love that special someone, and it's brilliant in my opinion. Track 2- Do My Thang Medium to fast at the beginning of the song, and then Miley sing's in a medium pace almost at the start. The chorus picks up pace and a higher pitched voice, which is amazing. It's a really catchy beat and lyrics 'Ima, ima, do my thang, woah' and gets you grooving in no time in my opinion. Track 3- Drive Medium pace at beginning. Miley's voice is very powerful in this one and she shows emotion in this as she sings it, and it's easy to relate to if you've had a break up. It brings a tear to your eye, for me anyway, because it's a really beautiful, medium tempo song that isn't fast. The song is catchy in my opinion, which is brilliant. Track 4- FU (ft French Montana) This track start's off straight with Miley singing, very high pitched and beautifully. She sings this song with emotion, and then the chorus and the rest of the songs ...

Loud - Rihanna 13/02/2015

One of Rihanna's best albums yet. 'Loud' is fantastic

Loud - Rihanna Well I have been a fan of Rihanna for ages. This album in my opinion is one of her best yet I think, as all of them are catchy and very awesome. Here's my review of each of the song's- Track 1- S&M This song is very upbeat and groovy. The start of the song is upbeat too and get's straight into the song, no music behind it at the start. This song gets you up and dancing and singing to it. This song really works for me, it makes me feel upbeat, and in the grooving mood, and this song is great to sing a long to in my opinion. Track 2- What's my name This song is upbeat, high tone and has a bit of rapping in it too. This song isn't one of my fabourites I must admit, as it's too the same, the chorus again and again. I do like th song though, it's very catchy, but for me it was too repeating. Track 3- Cheers Upbeat and catchy track. For me this song is brilliant, so catchy and apart from the swear word it's amazing. I love this song because it's fast tempo and brilliant, so fab in my opinion. Medium tempo with a nice classy and catchy beat and rhythm. Track 4- Fading This track starts off quite slow with a slow tempo but at the same time groovy beat. This song is one of my favourites of the album as it is a beautiful song that is brilliantly sung by Rihanna and shows off her powerful and amazing voice. I love this song because it's one of the slower ones on the album, and brings a tear to your eyes and it is easy to relate to if you've ever been with someone who doesn't try ...

Who You Are - Jessie J 04/02/2015

Superb album. Song's are written amazingly. Unique

Who You Are - Jessie J I have been a fan of Jessie J for ages, she is brilliant in my opinion and so talented. All these song's I know off by heart and I love them all. These are my reviews of each of the song's- Track 1- Price Tag This song is so catchy. It's medium tempo, so not too fast or too slow.This song is really groovy and cool and you end up singing to it, even if your not a fan. In my opinion this is one of the most catchy song's on the album, as the beat is groovy and medium paced. Jessie sings this song in a medium paced tone and makes the sound sound catchy and awesome in my opinion. Track 2- Nobody's Perfect Quite a slow song but the chorus gets a little higher. This song really shows off Jessie J's singing talent and her voice is absolutely amazing, and you really see it and feel what the song is about in this one. It's about saying thing's that can ruin what you have with someone, and you can really relate to it and the message the song gives out in my opinion. I listen to this song again and again because in my opinion it is the best of he album, so emotionally connected song that bring's a tear to your eye aswell as builds your spirits up in my opinion. Track 3- Abracadabra What I love about this song is that it's really catchy, and a different unique song that many nowadays. This is an upbeat but not too fast, just high and upbeat. The chorus is really catchy in m opinion and song you can't help but sing along to, it's a great song. Track 4- Big White Room In my ...

Soap & Glory Hand food Hand cream 03/02/2015

Excellent hand cream. Hydrates, refreshes and soothes

Soap & Glory Hand food Hand cream I got this as a present in a set. I thought it would be like a lot of other hand cream's, not very good. This hand cream actually made my hands go from dry, itchy and bad condition to smooth and soft hands, and made them feel refreshed. I didn't think this hand cream would work but it really does. I used some yesturday, and my hand's were in bad condition and didn't look healthy at all and even though it's a night after, my hand's were really smooth and hydrated, and suprisingly didn't feel itchy at all. I have used many creams which 'make you're hands soft and refreshed, but this product is the best one and I definately recommend it to anyone looking for a product that actually does what it says on the packaging.

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus 03/02/2015

Fantastic, upbeat song. Unique

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus Well I have been a fan of Miley since Hannah Montana. She has grown up since her cd's 'Breakout' and 'The Climb' but this song is fantastic. 'We Can't Stop' is so catchy, the lyric's and the tempo too. The tempo of the song is medium to fast paced, and the beat get's you grooving in no time. What I love about this song is that it's different than Miley's other song's, more upbeat and more herself. It's a song about doing what you want and being yourself, and it is at a great tempo that makes you want to dance. In my opinion this son is one of Miley's best, because not only is it very upbeat and catchy, it's also unique and a song you can listen to over and over and never get bored of listening to it. I love this song and think it's brilliant, it really shows how much Miley Cyrus loves being a singer, and still makes it different and fab in it's own way. What's also great about 'We Can't Stop' is the tempo, really fast and then it get's a little slower and then pick's up pace a bit, which makes it good if you want a good song to dance and let loose to. The lyric's are reallly catchy. Even people who don't like this song end up singing it after the track has ended, it's catchy and magnificent.

Fever - Kylie Minogue 03/02/2015

marvellous album.

Fever - Kylie Minogue I have been a fan of Kylie for so many year's now. I love her song's and she is so talented. This album in my opinion, is her best yet. Track 1- More More More Fast paced tempo that makes you want to dance. Really catchy chorus, and get's higher pitched in the chorus. You end up singing along to it in no time, and it's very catchy. In my opinion this song is awesome, very upbeat and jolly song that put's a smile on your face. I love this song, it's groovy and fun and let's lose, upbeat and cool song that get's you dancing and singing to it in no time. Track 2- Love At First Sight This song in my opinion is one of the best in the album, as it's upbeat but not too fast, and it's great to song along to. The lyrics are brilliantly written and this song shows how amazingly great Kylie sing's at different tempo's. This is a song that is upbeat and jolly but not too fast at the same time. The beat and the lyric's are so catchy in this song, and have you singing along to them. Upbeat song that has a groovy edge to it. Track 3- Can't Get You Out Of My Head In this song Kylie has a voice edit on in the chorus which makes it cool and catchy. You really hear Kylie's brilliant voice in this song too, as it's a different beat than the rest of the song's and a different tempo, that is medium to fast paced with a very catchy beat and catchy lyric's. This song is one you rewind and restart because you never get bored of this song. Track 4- Fever This is quite a medium to fast paced ...

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? - Paloma Faith 03/02/2015

Unique voice. Song's are beautiful and different. Unique

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? - Paloma Faith I first started listening to Paloma Faith after her song 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' and loved it. Her unique voice and brilliant song's. Here's my review of each of the song's of her new album. Track 1- Stone Cold Sober A quite unbeat song and really catchy. It start's off quite slow and then get's faster in the song, the tempo is quite fast. The chorus is very catchy and show's what a great singer Paloma Faith is. Paloma sing's really strong in this one with her strong, amazing voice and hit's the high notes amazingly in the chorus which makes it a beautiful song. It's a song you can listen to over and over. Track 2- Smoke& Mirror's This song start's off which sound's like on a beach, a slow tempo and then jump's straight into the song. Meduim tempo, catchy beat that makes you want to dance. Her voice takes you away in this song and the lyric's are beautiful. A lovely song about love that isn't too slow or too fast. The lyrics are written amazingly, this is a very catchy song that you end up singing after the song has finished. Track 3- Broken Doll This is such a unique song. It start's off getting straight into the song. This track is really different than a lot of song's nowadays, as it's really unique in the way the lyric's are written. One of my favourite song's of the album, as it really send's a shiver down your spine listening to the lyrics and the way Paloma sing's it, which makes it beautiful. The song show's how unique her voice is and how she can sing at ...

Prism - Katy Perry 29/01/2015

Prism cd, Katy Perry. Best album yet, really amazing.

Prism - Katy Perry Well I have been a fan of Katy Perry for year's and year's. My dad recently brought me this album, and I think it's one of her best album's so far. I will give my opinion on each track on there, describing what they are like and what I basically like about them. Track 1- Roar This track is really upbeat and makes you sing along to it. The lyrics are so catchy, and at the same time let's you know what's going on. It's a song about being strong and basically ruling, and the lyrics are really great to listen to, as well as the catchy music too. In my opinion this is one of my favorite song's, because it's such a strong, catchy and upbeat song that makes you want to get up and dance, trust me. This is a really catchy song's and the lyric's are great to sing to. The song is medium paced all the way through, and it's very unique. Track 2- Legendary Lovers Well this song has every beat to it. It start's off medium paced and then goes faster and then goes back to slower, so it has a lot of beats. The song lyrics are well written again, and the chorus is really catchy. This song shows off Katy's strong, powerful voice as she sing's high in the chorus, and it's brilliant. This track is brilliant in my opinion, the tempo isn't too fast or too slow. What I love about this song is it show's what a strong voice Katy has as she hit's them high notes and hold's them amazingly. Track 3- Birthday This song is another one of my favorites. It's a medium to fast tempo song, it has a quite ...

Fairytales - Heather Peace 29/01/2015

Marvellous album. Amazing to listen to,outstanding written lyrics

Fairytales - Heather Peace I went to see Heather Peace in Birmingham, and she is absolutely brilliant. In my opinion this cd is the absolute best if you love emotional, amazingly written lyrics, and if you love slightly faster and beautifully sang songs. Then this album is for you. Here's my review on each track- Track 1- Better Than You This is a slow tempo song. This track is about being the better person and walking away from someone who treated you wrongly. This is such an emotionally, excellent song that twigs at your heart strings and sends a shiver down your spine. This track is one of my favourites, because it shows what exceptional talent Heather Peace has, such a wonderful singer who reaches all the notes beautifully. This is a strong willed song aswell as a slow tempo and it builds you up and puts a smile on your face, with exceptional singing and beauitful lyrics, you won't be disapointed. Track 2- Fight For This is another one of my favourites. This track is medium paced and medium tempo, it has a slow tune to it and then goes a little bit faster, not much though. This song is about fighting for a relationship and it's a very strong willed song. Heather Peace shows off her high toned voice in this one, and reaches all the high notes and it's exceptional. This song is good to sing along to and to listen to, and it leaves you wanting it to last longer than it does. Powerful song, powerful singing and lyrics. Makes you feel happy in my opinion. Track 3- Make Me Pay Really catchy tune, ...
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