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Chronicle (DVD) 08/02/2012

Life though a camera lens

Chronicle (DVD) THE STORY Andrew Detmer has found a new hobby, filming his life with his new video camera. Andrew films everything including his abusive father and terminally ill mother. He goes to a party with his cousin Matt where he and another boy called Steve discover a hole in the ground of the gardens. Venturing into the hole, they come upon bright lights and a wall. The next day the boys realise that they have acquired telekinetic powers. They can move things through the power of thought. The boys find these new found powers amusing until a tragic accident occurs and the powers become a huge problem to Andrew all of which is recorded on his camera. THE CAST Dane DeHaan ... Andrew Detmer Alex Russell ... Matt Garetty Michael B. Jordan ... Steve Montgomery SPECIAL EFFECTS The effects are nothing special and are what you would see in any sci-fi film. You see the boys "flying" and they obviously on suspended wires. The film is mainly seen through a hand held video, however, the shots seem very steady for someone supposed to be filming it themselves! MY THOUGHTS This is quite a good film and there are some humorous moments in it. Not only does the film show the powers that the boys have but also how teenage boys feel about life through the lens of a camera (sort of like Blair Witch Project). The character of Andrew is a tortured young boy whose father is abusive and his mother dying. This is why the powers become a huge problem for Andrew. For once, he has ...

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (DVD) 08/02/2012

Highly charged and emotional

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (DVD) THE STORY 9 year-old Oskar Schell is devastated when his father Thomas (played by Tom Hanks) dies in the World Trade Centre building of 9/11. Oskar goes into Thomas's room and discovers an envelope with the name Black written on it. The envelope contains a key. Oskar decides to find the lock to the key and researches every person named Black in his area. He visits each one to find out if the key will open anything belonging to them. In the meantime, Oskar meets The Renter (played by Max Von Sydow) a mute man who rents a room in his grandmothers flat. The Renter asks to help Oskar on his travels to find out the mystery of the key. Does Oskar find the lock that fits the key? And Just what is The Renter's story? THE CAST Tom Hanks ... Thomas Schell Thomas Horn ... Oskar Schell Sandra Bullock ... Linda Schell John Goodman ... Stan the Doorman Max von Sydow ... The Renter SPECIAL EFFECTS The film doesnt really have special effects but does show actual footage of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and there are various photos of people jumping from the building. MY THOUGHTS This is an extremely emotional and poignant film about a young boys struggle to accept his fathers death. Thomas Horn is a young, new and talented actor and really brings home how a child feels on the death of a loved one. His character clearly has psychological problems and Thomas plays this out with real intensity. Tom Hanks (Big/Da Vinci Code) plays Oskar's father. I felt that Tom's ...

The Simpsons Game (PSP) 07/11/2011

Not as good as it looks

The Simpsons Game (PSP) INFO This is a single player game that requires 384mb of memory. It is for ages 12+ and contains mild bad language, sexual content and violence. I brought this copy used for £2 + £2 p&p from THE GAMES OBJECTIVES The Simpson family realize that they have been transformed into video game characters. As the game progresses, the family discover their own video game powers. THE GRAPHICS / SOUND EFFECTS The graphics are pretty bad considering this game was only made in 2007. I recently reviewed the Ratatouille PSP game which was so superior in graphics compared to this. The characters are pixeled and more suited to early games from the 90's. The pictures on the back of the games box look really good but they are nothing like the game. The sound effects are good with the original voices for the Simpson family. MY THOUGHTS I thought I would try this game based on the old computer game on the Amiga-The Simpson's: Bart vs. The Space Mutants game in the 90's (which I was addicted too). On first trying the game, I noted that the video introductions to the game were way too long. There didnt seem to really be a story. You start off as Homer in Land of Chocolate where you explore a kind of Willy Wonka town where everything is edible. You are following a rabbit made of white chocolate. I seemed to wander around aimlessly bashing things made of food to eat them (although I dont know why really!) and following this rabbit. There wasn't really much of a ...

LittleBigPlanet (PSP) 04/11/2011

You are the hero in Little Big Planet because you are you!

LittleBigPlanet (PSP) The version I am reviewing is for the PSP. INFO Little Big Planet PSP is a single player game needing a minimum of 12mb memory. It is from age 7 & up. This copy was brought for me for £14.99. THE GAMES OBJECTIVE You play Sackboy, a stitched character (that looks a bit like Zippy from Rainbow) in discovering new lands (Australia, India, Switzerland, USA) and collecting objects so as to make your own game later on. PLAYING THE GAME The analog button makes you move in the direction you want and the control buttons (X, O etc) make you jump, grab etc. The arrow buttons control your facial features. You first start off in Australia where you explore the land. Here is where you learn to use the different functions such as jumping. The narrator (which I think is Stephen Fry) tells you that you can complete the game as a hero because you are not like everyone else, you are you. Collecting bubbles helps you mount up points. Along the way you pick up bigger bubbles which contain various things that will help you develop your own levels later on. As you progress, new sub levels appear and extra levels to give you more points. As you finish each country, a new country is opened. This is a platform game and is similar to Sonic The Hedgehog. You can change the appearance of your Sackboy by giving him new clothes, hairstyles etc with more and more accessed throughout the game. THE GRAPHICS / EFFECTS The graphics for the game are pretty standard and nothing special. You ...

Ratatouille (PSP) 04/11/2011

Addictive but frustrating!

Ratatouille (PSP) The version I am reviewing is for the PSP. INFO Ratatouille PSP is a single player game needing a minimum of 128kb memory. It is from age 3 & up. I brought my copy used from for £2 + £2 p&p. THE GAMES OBJECTIVE About to open a new restaurant Le Ratatouille, Remy's recipes are stolen and he, with the help of his colony must find the recipes by exploring Linguini's Apartment, the Sewers, a nearby Marketplace, the Rooftops, and (Skinner's) Kitchen. Upon your travels as Remy, you come across various enemies such as spiders, caterpillars, snakes, flies and others. Along the way, you pick up various food objects to keep you going and you can go to the rat colony where you can trade food for objects that can help you. PLAYING THE GAME Ratatouille is a platform game that is in a similar vein to Tomb Raider. Using the analog button on your psp moves Remy in the direction needed. The control buttons make Remy do different movements like crawling, spinning tail, punching and grabbing. To give you training you are taken to Linguini's apartment where you meet Chef Gusteau (Remy's mentor and inspiration) who gives you tips on how to perform different functions such as jumping etc. From there you go into different parts of the building and rooms looking for recipe cards. Playing the game needs timing and patience. Beware that this game can be quite frustrating! For example if you are trying to reach somewhere high and you fall, you start all over again. There is ...

Arthur (DVD) 25/04/2011

A classic film not to be missed

Arthur (DVD) THE STORY Arthur Bach (played by Dudley Moore) is a millionaire who's mission in life is to have fun and get drunk. Arthur meets Linda (played by Liza Minelli) and instantly falls in love with her. However, Arthur is told by his family that if he does not marry prim & proper Susan, he will lose his nearly 1 billion dollar inheritance. Will Arthur choose love over money and change his playboy ways? THE CAST Dudley Moore ... Arthur Bach Liza Minnelli ... Linda Marolla John Gielgud ... Hobson MY THOUGHTS I only watched this film because of the new remake that Russell Brand is in (I havent seen it by the way as I hate the guy!) I love this film. Dudley Moore (10) is an absolute natural for this role. His comedy timing is spot-on and so perfect. From the moment he comes on screen and starts joking around he just made me laugh. His butler Hobson (played by John Gielgud) is perfect as Arthurs long-suffering assistant and confidant. He is similar to Batman's servant Alfred. He is like a father to him but does not take any rubbish from him. Just because Arthur is rich, Hobson does not hold back from giving him a clip round the ear when needed! Liza Minnelli (Cabaret) plays an upfront lowly waitress whose wit charms Arthur in a way that no woman has ever done before. She is excellent and natural in this role. The soundtrack is mainly one song (Arthur's Theme / Best That You Can Do) by the one and only Burt Bacharach. But there are other scores in the ...

Member Advice on Morning Sickness 19/04/2011

I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

Member Advice on Morning Sickness MY BACKGROUND (sorry if it's a bit graphic!) I became pregnant in March 2008 with my first child. I was 27. At about 6 weeks of pregnancy, I began to feel nausea. No biggie I thought. Millions of women get nausea. I went to the doctor who gave me anti-sickness tablets. A week later however, I began vomiting to the extreme. Nothing (and I mean nothing) stayed down. Even water was no good. Yes, I tried all the advice of eating little but often, trying ginger biscuits etc etc. But to no avail. I contacted my GP again who made a house visit because I was in no fit state to drive and my hubby was working. When she arrived, she got me to do a urine test to test my Ketones (It is seen during starvation. Production of ketone bodies is a normal response to a shortage of glucose, meant to provide an alternate source of fuel from fatty acids.) The result was I had too much and had hyperesmesis and dehydration. She immediately told me to go to the hospital. Panic set in as she left and I phoned a taxi and rang my husband. Arriving at the hospital, I was put onto a saline drip. I lay in the hospital bed surrounded by older women on heart monitoring machines. I stayed in hospital for 2 days and was sent home having been re-hydrated. However, the sickness continued and I found myself back in hospital just a week later. Again, on a drip. This continued on and on for about 3 months. I would go in hospital for a few days only to go back within days. By this time I had lost over ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 10/04/2011

Why , oh why?

10 Things That Really Annoy Me You will notice from my list that the things that annoy me are more people than actual things. 1 - ABUSIVE PEOPLE I know that title sounds kind of vague but it includes a lot of subjects and things I hate. People who are cruel to animals really annoy me. What has a harmless animal ever done to them? Men (or women) that treat their spouses badly. Not just physically but mentally. People who abuse children. 2 - BAD NEIGHBOURS This includes the man next door who mows his law at 7am on a sunday morning, the neighbour whose dog barks all night, the neighbour who lets their kids play in the garden until midnight screaming in the garden, the neighbour who lets their kids play loud music. 3 - RACISM I hate people that are racist towards others because of the colour of their skin, accent etc. What difference does skin colour make? 4 - SELFISH PEOPLE Again this could include a lot of people but those that annoy me are people who whilst I am waiting outside a shop with my baby, come and stand next to me smoking their cigarettes and making me and my daughter cough. Dont pollute my air! Also, people who park in mother & baby or disabled bays at the supermarket but they are not supposed to. 5 - PEOPLE WHO STEREOTYPE We've all heard the "blonde" jokes and the "Essex girl" jokes but to me they are just not funny. How can you tar all women with blonde hair as being what they are joked about? I am religious and get lumped in with every religious "nut" that ...

Member Advice on Being a Good Mum 08/04/2011

Not easy but full filling

Member Advice on Being a Good Mum MY BACKGROUND When I was 8 years old, I became an auntie to my nephew for the first time. Even back then, I loved being with him and was besotted by him. I was the youngest of 5 children, so was pretty used to having family around me. When I was 12, I started to get stomach pains and have very irregular periods. I would get one every 6 months and then maybe 3 in a month. After much investigation (and an "experimental" apendectomy) I was told that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and probably would not be able to conceive. I was devastated at the time. I was put onto the pill (at 13) to regulate my periods. I met my future husband at age 20 and when we were dating explained that I may not be able to have children. He was very supportive and just said "If it happens, it happens, if not we still have each other" At age 25 I came off the pill to see if my periods would regulate themselves. They didnt but 2 years later I found to my delight I was pregnant. I had a rough pregnancy. I had all day sickness (Hyperemesis) and was hospitalised many times. Happily, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was 2 weeks early and now 27 months old. HOW I FEEL AS A PARENT I guess I would say to any woman wanting a baby is to make sure you are ready. Not just financially but emotionally. I was 27, had been married 5 years and often did not feel ready. I was quite a patient person until I had my daughter! I dont think anything could have prepared me for what was about to ...

Asda Smart Price Minced Beef & Onions 08/04/2011

A good cheap meal

Asda Smart Price Minced Beef & Onions WHAT IS IT? Minced beef and onions with textured wheat protein in a 392g tin can. WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS? Water , Beef (28%) [Beef, Beef Fat] , Onion (15%) , Beef Fat , Tomato Puree , Wheat Flour , Textured Wheat Protein , Onion Powder , Salt , Skimmed Milk Powder , Barley Malt Extract , Ground White Pepper . OTHER INFORMATION Allergy Advice Contains Barley. Contains Gluten. Contains Wheat. Contains Milk. Additives Free From Artificial Colours. Free From Artificial Flavours. This costs 80p (at the time of this review) HOW DO I COOK IT? This is just a guide. Microwave - From Chilled: Empty contents into a microwavable container, cover and vent. Heat on full power (750W) for 2 minutes. Remove cover and stir. Heat for a further 2 minutes (750W) or 1 minute (850W). Leave to stand for 1 minute. Stir before serving. Hob - From Chilled: Empty contents of can into a saucepan. Heat gently for 4-5 minutes, stirring frequently. PACKAGING? Tin can with peelable paper label. WHAT ARE THE NUTRITIONAL VALUES? Typical values Per 100g Per 1/2 can Energy 502kJ 982kJ 120kcal 235kcal Protein 10.0g 19.6g Carbohydrate 4.5g 8.8g of which sugars 1.3g 2.5g Fat 6.9g 13.5g of which saturates 2.7g 5.3g Fibre 1.7g 3 .3g Sodium 0.31g 0.61g equivalent as salt 0.8g 1.5g MY THOUGHTS Opening up the can I see ground mince and small chunks of onions. On heating up the mince, I notice that the gravy is very watery. I add my own mince and some onions to try ...

Always Looking Up - Michael J. Fox 06/04/2011

Never one to let life get him down

Always Looking Up - Michael J. Fox This is the 2nd autobiography of Michael J Fox. The first book was called "Lucky Man". I also reviewed that too in 2009. At the end of my last review, I said I was looking forward to this sequel and I wasnt disappointed. The book was so popular at my local library that it has taken me this long to get it! The title of this 279 page book has 2 meanings to Michael. One is a sort of joke on his height (5ft 4) and the other is that, as the rest of the title suggests, "The adventures of an incurable optimist". Having already delved into his background and beginnings of his career in Lucky Man, Michael now takes us into his world beyond his fame and his fight with Parkinsons Disease. The book starts off with a Prologue of how Michaels physical condition is. The book then goes into his life when he decides to retire from acting in 2000 in his role of Mike Flaherty in the TV series Spin City. Once this decision has been made he decides that instead of feeling sorry for himself he needs to beat this terrible condition he has by researching it. He sets up a foundation in his name to find a cure or even a relief for himself and fellow sufferers. Michael also delves in the world of politics by trying to enlist the help of would be presidents and politicians who are willing to support his cause. Michael, in between all this, tells the reader about his encounters with various famous people like Muhamed Ali, Robin Williams, Sting. However, Michael does not make a huge thing ...

In Celebration of Mother's Day, tell us why your Mum is special. 05/04/2011

She'll always be the best mum in the me.

In Celebration of Mother's Day, tell us why your Mum is special. BACKGROUND My mother is now 66 and she was 17 when she met my dad and they married within 2 years. Before she was married she was a nanny. They had 5 children (me being the youngest). She never worked and dedicated her life to raising us (just like many mums from the 60's & 70's) whilst my dad brought in the pennies. I am 30. WHY MY MUM IS SPECIAL THE EARLY YEARS My parents did not have much money so my mum did what most mums did and always ate last. She made sure that everyone had food on their plate and would go without if need be. She went without holidays, fashionable clothes and luxeries. She wore the same outfits but they were always clean. Our old house was so cold that to make the beds, she had to wear a coat and gloves! She did everything for us. She did all the housework and would not let the rest of us do a thing. Nothing was too much bother for her. From rinsing out the sick bowls (I know that sounds gross!) to rubbing muscles when they were sore. She was there. Being a stay-at-home mum back before the 00's was not really frowned upon and was more lorded. I am so glad I was born in this time! Just knowing that my mum was there at the school gate and that dinner was always going to be on the table at 6pm. She had low self-esteem because of a weight problem but I always told her that it did not matter because she gave bigger cuddles! IN MY TEENS When I hit my teens, I went through the rebelious stage and screamed and shouted, she never did it ...

Hackers (DVD) 05/04/2011

Hack the planet! Hackers unite!

Hackers (DVD) THE STORY Dade (played by Jonny lee Miller) is a teenage computer hacker. He is one of the elite. When he starts a new school he meets other hackers. One of the Hackers, Joey, manages to hack into a computer system where he finds a plot to sabotage oil tankers for a ransom. He copies his finding on a disk. Joey fears arrest and tells Dade what he has done. Sure enough, he is arrested. Joey gets another Hacker, Kate (played by Angelina Jolie) to keep the disk and find out what is really going on and to stop the plan. Along with Dade, Kate enlists the help of other hackers to foil the plan. However, an elite hacker of the computer system is on their tail. THE CAST Jonny Lee Miller ... Dade Murphy / 'Crash Override' / 'Zero Cool' Angelina Jolie ... Kate Libby / 'Acid Burn' Jesse Bradford ... Joey Pardella Matthew Lillard ... Emmanuel Goldstein / 'Cereal Killer' Laurence Mason ... Paul Cook / 'Lord Nikon' MY THOUGHTS This is one of Angelina Jolie's (Tomb Raider / Gone In Sixty Seconds) first movies. It is strange to see her with cropped "pixie" like hair and heavy make-up. However, those unmistakeable lips are there! She plays the part of Kate well. Considering she is meant to be 17 or 18 (Angelina was 20) she looks younger. In this role she comes across as mysterious but enticing (doesnt she always!) Jonny Lee Miller (Aeon Flux / Trainspotting) is also young here (he was 23). He played the role okay but I thought he seemed a little ... 04/04/2011

Can it be true? Free TV? WHAT IS Also called Project Free TV, this website gives a comprehensive list of movies and TV shows and links to where they can be shown. TELL ME ABOUT THE WEBSITE.... The first page of the website has an orange background and has a vertical list of the most popular films and TV shows of the moment. At the sides and bottom of the screen are advertisements not connected to the website (what site hasnt?!) underneath is a disclaimer that states that the website does not host the shows but is merely a 3rd party. Near the top of the page are tabs entitled Movies, TV Shows, Download, Forum, Contact, Submit Video & DMCA. LETS TEST IT OUT! Clicking on, say, the Movies tab brings me to a page where I can choose from various options. I can choose to find a movie by the year (before the 1960's to 2011) or find a movie by A-Z or genre. Underneath this is the latest movie links provided by users. So for example, the film "I am Number Four" (at the time of this review) is shown in this category. The title of the movie is there as is the Loading Time (in this case Average) the Host ( and Submission date (2 April 2011) TEST 1 However, I dont want to watch this movie, I want to watch Terminator 3 (which I know was brought out in the same year as my wedding, 2003) So I click on 2003 and an A-Z list of movies come up from that year. Looking down the list, I find Terminator 3 (it says there are 3 links) and click on the link. This ...

The Millionaire Matchmaker 04/04/2011

Looking for love?........

The Millionaire Matchmaker WHAT IS IT? The Millionaire Matchmaker is a TV series shown in America (and on Bravo in the UK) that is sort of a UK Blind date. Patti Stanger is a 3rd generation matchmaker with a an extremely high success rate (so she claims!) She interviews potential partners to millionaires and introduces them. HOW DOES IT WORK? Patti charges between $25,000 - $100,000 (yes, you read that right!) to her millionaires of her millionaire club. Her 2 co-workers Destin & Rachel, make a video of the millionaire and show them to Patti. The millionaire gives a brief overview of themself what they require for a "true love". Most of the men are shallow and want the model type with big chests and bottoms and the women are domineering and want to be the boss. Patti then interviews men and women stored on her database and then invites them to what she calls a "mixer". This is where all the sucessful candidates are introduced to the millionaires in an informal party. There the millionaires can ask questions and learn about them. The millionaires then choose 2 people that they go on "mini dates" on. These are basically 10 minutes alone with that person to get to know them better. After this the millionaires choose one of the 2 that they want to go on a "master date" with. They go on the date and inform Patti how they got on. Phew! Finally finished! MY THOUGHTS Patti claimed in the 1st season that she had a 98% sucess rate for finding love. However, this was changed to "extremely ...
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