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I just love writing and getting any feed back so I can improve. Its been good for me to write as I am recovering from a stroke and had times it has been difficult to write now much easier. Thankyou for all the rates and comments

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Agatha Raisin Companion - M C Beaton 23/02/2013

Useful Companion for Agatha Raisin

Agatha Raisin Companion - M C Beaton As I am enjoying reading the Agatha Raisin series I managed to get the companion which has all the books in number order. It is divided up into sections one part is all of the books and a brief description about each one. Also the characters of the books in a little more detail. It is a book in which you can dip in and out of. This comapanion has been compiled to celebrate twenty years of the character Agatha Raisin. It goes into a brief biography of Agatha Raisin her life before she moved to Carsley.We have further accounts of the men she was friendly with and had some kind of relationships with and also key characters like the Rector's wife etc There is also an account of favourite meals of Agatha Raisin In the book there are drawings which the artist Alice Tait have done and she is responsible for the drawings of the new book covers of the Agatha Raisin Series of books This is a very charming book and I hope to buy my own copy soon as when I discovered there was a companion when I went to the library. . ...

Pulsar Watch PPG964-3 Ladies 26/11/2012


Pulsar Watch PPG964-3 Ladies This watch has a very clear face which is easy to read the time at a glance.I like the oval shape which fits so well on the wrist and very comfortable.The strap is brown leather with a snake design it is very hard wearing also it is a narrow strap which is ideal for me as I have small wrists. The winder is easy to use and to alter the time. I bought this watch in December 2010 and it still has the same battery and watch strap.I bought this watch at my local Jewellers and it was a very good price £35. Pulsar watchEE s are very good make as I remembered that my Mother had one and they last a long time as they are very well made. It is very easy to use and a very reliable watch.

Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell (Agatha Raisin 11) - M.C. Beaton 19/05/2012

Love From Hell

Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell (Agatha Raisin 11) - M.C. Beaton This is number eleven in the Agatha Raisin Series and once again a very enjoyable read.Not only do we read about Agatha 's marriage to James Lacey which ended in diaster and found them both still living in their separate houses . It was only a short while into their marriage when things started to get strained and then James disappearing after a fight in the pub. We also get to know more about Charles who spent a lot of time supporting Agatha and cheering her up after James Lacey disappearance. Agatha was suspect number 1 and so we read how she managed to clear her name and then finds out more. The only thing that they had to go on was there was some bloodstain so what happened.. She must find her husband. Her discovery of his mistress murdered and the police wanting to speak to James Lacey who was suspect for her murder. So the urgency of finding him where was increased. Agatha did not believe that James was a murder yes he was not perfect but a murderer no.. This is once again a very entertaining read some parts are humourous and witty and you find yourself liking the character of Agatha who is so likable perhaps a little eccentric. A modern day Miss Marple.Her friendship with the vicars wife Mrs Bloxby again is so likable and the inter reaction with with which you cannot fail to warm towards them very likable characters. The way the story enfolds not only solving the crime but also the insight of village life and the people.Very simple plots to solve but there are always ...

Sacla Italia Fiery Chilli Pesto 21/03/2012

Fiery Pesto with a Kick !!!

Sacla Italia Fiery Chilli Pesto This is one of my favourites and so easy to use. All you need is to prepare some pasta and then stir in the contents of the jar into the pasta and stir it in so that all the pasta has been coated with the pesto sauce. It has a very good taste and yes it has plenty of chilli so that every mouth full you have there is the full flavour of the pesto sauce. Also this pesto can be used like a marinade on meat so its also versatile to use. The pesto is made from red pepper tomato garlic and chilli. Also you can use on meat like chicken and pork as a marinade which is ideal to use on a barbeque it makes the meat very tasty. Its in a small jar 190 g and cost around £1.99 and serves 4 portions. If you only use half the contents from the jar place the remaining pesto in the fridge. You will need to use this after opening in two weeks so it does last a long time. It is in a small clear glass jar with a metal top that has the colour of orange which is similiar colour of the pesto. So that it is easily spotted on the supermarket shelf.

Agatha Raisin and the Curious Curate - M.C. Beaton 25/02/2012

Would You Trust a Curate !

Agatha Raisin and the Curious Curate - M.C. Beaton Agatha Raisin and the curious curate is another entertaining read ideal for a winter afternoon. I like the simplicity of the way Agatha solves the crimes and the length in what she and her fellow companions go to.It is book 13 in the series. We read that Agatha's ex-husband James Lacey left the monastry where he was staying without telling anyone and also before he took is holy orders to become a monk.In hearing this Agatha got rather more down and more alone. The arrival of Tristan Delon who was very handsome to look at had many ladies swoon after him and he then discovered because of his good looks ladies bacame putty in his hands. Then Agatha certainly brighten up when the Curate asked her round for dinner.She thought it went off well and left later that evening much happier . The following day the body of the curate was found in the vicarage's study Mrs Bloxby discovered the body and then the story begins investigation gets started with Agatha and her new next door neighbour John Armitage who was a fictional crime writer . Their discoveries about the young curate were shocking and upsetting the way he behaved towards women. While investigating they came along an elderly gentleman who Agatha got on with very well and then she had an idea for a day centre for the elderly which she managed to set up . As the investigation enfolds more bodies are found dead and the investigation takes them to London where Agatha almost came unstuck and was faced with the killer ...

Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage - M.C. Beaton 23/01/2012

What a Murderous Wedding

Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage - M.C. Beaton I am hooked on this series which has Agatha Raisin as the main character .Who lives in a sleepy village called Carsely in the Cotswold. The start of the book I read that Agatha was preparing to marry her next door neighbour James Lacey she had sold her house and put all her furniture into storage. Her dear friend Roy Silver and work colleague from London wanted some form of revenge after he felt he had been snubbed during a previous case which they were both did not like the idea of Agatha Raisin as he knew she had been married before and was not certain whether he was a live or dead so he started to search for Mr Raisin yes he did find him and so on the day that the wedding ceremony and at the crucial point in the wedding proceedings there was a disturbance and a policeman and Agatha's first husband who she did think had died came in. Further talks then were held and the wedding sadly was cancelled. James left on his own in a upset and furious state ,when Agatha went back to her cottage that she had sold she then tried to cancel the house sale arranged to get her furniture out of store and provisions from a local shop. She did not realise that her husband had been murdered and then police came round took her down to the police station where she was told she was a suspect of murder. Also James Lacey was a suspect so they both started to work together to find out who actually did the murder. There relationship had changed from a happy couple who was getting married to a couple ...

Kenco Millicano 14/01/2012

A Great Cup of Coffee in an Instant!!!

Kenco Millicano I was pleasantly surprised about this coffee and also it was instant. I normally have the fresh ground coffee but this option was and is much easier if you only just want one cup or you are in a hurry.They used the wholebean making a strong full flavoured cup of coffee.When you first open the tin of coffee or the refill there welcome smell of coffee just like you get with the fresh ground coffee.I like the round cyclinder container which is a good size and then there is the handy size refill packet which just is the right size to pour in the cyclinder . Its 85g in size enough to make 47 cups which I think is good value. Kenco has managed to produce a instant coffee which gives a lovely full flavoured taste of roasted coffee in an instant. The coffee beans are from Rain Forest Alliance farms which have been certified that every purchase helps the coffee growing communties and the environment is protected They used recyclable materials for the tin.The cost of the tin is around £3.99 which is in a 100g tin and the refil is £3.29 85g . It is in a silver foil reseable packet. . ...

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith 14/01/2012

Everyone likes a Wedding

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith This is the latest book in the series of 'The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. I enjoy this series very much as they are very gentle and easy to read. The actual crimes are very ordinary and easy to solve. The other thing I find enjoyable is how each of the characters are portrayed to the reader in a way that you imagine that they are actually in the same room. Great description of Botswania's culture,tradition and scenary.In parts of the book there are some humourous and funny moments. In this book we read about the plans for Mma Makutsi's wedding,the concerns they have with the apprentice Charlie and Mma Ramotswe investigation on a southern cattle-post which made her refresh herself on Rule No.3 of The Principles of Private Detection. Mma Ramotswe thought she saw her old white van but was not sure was she just imagining this.Then when Mme Makutsi had left the shop where she had purchased a pair of shoes for her wedding then insisted that she would wear them which was not a good idea as she then also saw the white van that Mme Ramotswe used to own she then hurried after the vehicle but could not attract the driver while chasing after it she then fell and damaged the shoes. The author Alexander McCall Smith has a wonderfull way of writing and telling a story on paper that brings the characters to life..

Rain Song - Alice J. Wisler 04/01/2012

Rain Song

Rain Song - Alice J. Wisler This the first book which I actually downloaded to my Kindle. It was an author that I did not know anything about. It so easy to read and I liked the way in which the author Alice J Wisler writes the excellent descriptions of the characters and places. Shows an indepth insight of how families relate to each other.. It begins in North Carolina in a place called Mount Olive and its 1999.Every year the family have a reunion and now they are together wondering whether to have the reunion somewhere different this time. They were around Ducee's kitchen table discussing the pros and cons.It was decided to have it at Ducee's after they started planning the menu. Nicole 's parents were missionaries in Japan and she was born and spent her early years Then she and her father returned to America from Japan and she did not know or understood why. She advoided flying motorcycles and the country in which her parents were missionaries Japan ever since. Then while she was using the computer where she had an online column for the Pretty Fishy Website she then began communications online with someone called Harrison who lived in Japan. As soon has she discovered that he lived in Japan she tried to avoid his emails but somehow she was curious and comminications continued and then he told her that she was no stranger to him and knew her when she was in Japan . The story carries on and Nicole struggles with Harrison whether she could fly to Japan and when everything was in ...

Amazon Kindle Touch Wi-Fi 4 GB 03/01/2012

Life with a Kindle

Amazon Kindle Touch Wi-Fi 4 GB In November I decided to purchase a Kindle and found that Amazon had a special deal on the six inch kindle . I was going on a very long journey to Australia and it certainly was easy to carry in my handbag . Before you start using the Kindle you will need to connect it to your computer so the kindle can work in downloading wireless mode. Downloading items is very easy to do. The cost of up to date and popular books seem expensive about the same has you would pay for a hard copy. So I just keep an eye on the special offers then it is not too costly.You can dowload trial magazines, books,newspapers before you decide to pay for the full edition which is very useful You can change the font and layout very easily. It is very easy to use. Once you have fully charged it up it last between 2-4 weeks depending on how much you read at the time. I did also buy a proctective cover for it which makes it look very smart .

The Murmur of Stones - Thomas H. Cook 10/10/2011

Murmur of Stones

The Murmur of Stones - Thomas H. Cook This is a very different crime story to the ones I normally read. The start of the book I found a little hard to get into but after a couple of chapters I became hooked. The author Thomas H Cook has amazing way to draw you in to the story. It is chilling in part and gripping at the same time. It is about a child that had been killed or was it misadventure.If it was murder who actually could have done this.. Gradually I read on and started to get to know the characters in the book which is mainly one family. David is one of the characters and throughout the book he is reaccounting what had happened to his nephew who was found in the water. Then the investigation began .The story enfolds being introduced to the characters in depth. David's sister Diana who's son was drowned or killed. She was so convinced in who had murdered him. Read about their time when they were growing up about the mental Illness which their own father was battling with how that affected them as adults now. Was Diana going the same way as their own father did. Her attachment to her neice Patty was that healthy,David was not sure. I certainly will read another book by Thomas H Cook as I did enjoy reading this book ...

Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham - M. C. Beaton 26/08/2011

Bad Hair Day

Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham - M. C. Beaton Another crime for Agatha Raisin to solve and it all started to happen after a visit to the hairdresser's. Her close friend the Vicar's wife Mrs Bloxby had suggested this particular hairdresser " Mr John" who's shop was in the next village called Evesham which was only about ten miles away from where Agatha lives in Carsley. So that is what Agatha did she arranged a hair appointment with Mr John. As soon as she saw Mr John could then understand why the women flocked to have their hair done by Mr John he was very tall and handsome.But was he as innocent as he appeared........... She did accept Mr Johns invitation and he took her to a french restaurant which was in Blockley only a few miles away from Carsley and when he did drop Agatha back home he was hoping to be invited in but that did not happen. Agatha kept wondering about Mr John and all the ladies that were scatty about him what was the attraction.... What was it for him... He fell ill at the hairdressers and was it poison how did it get poisoned if that was the case? Did someone do it and if it was someone why? all these questions are answered by reading the book and much more. It is a very easy light book to read and the story is simple but I do like her books.Also her friendships she has made after a while become old friends as after several books which I have read with the same characters become familiar and delightful. I find this character Agatha amusing but at the same time I like her. The way she clumsily ...

Nivea Cashmere Moments 17/08/2011

Cashmere Moments

Nivea Cashmere Moments I have been using this shower product for a few weeks and was amazed how soft my skin was.Also it left a very refreshing perfume smell. You only need to apply a small amount as it goes a long way it is easy to lather up and then once it has been showered off it leaves the skin soft and smooth and clean. You can actually smell the orchid blossom scent which lingers on the skin for a long time after you had used it. In a handy size of 250ml and the container is very easy to use when you are showering.It is white mostly withh the simple familiar Nivea logo in bold lettering at the top of the product then underneath Cashmere Moments,the background was white and very eyecatching. It certainly stands out amongst the other shower products on the shop shelves.The cost is £1.75 approx in cost and I did purchase this on special offer three for the price of two. So if you are looking for something new to try I would certainly say give it a try. ...

About Face - Donna Leon 08/08/2011

About Face

About Face - Donna Leon I really find Donna Leon a very good crime writer and thoroughly enjoy reading her books as the series she writes is of an IItalian Detective Brunetti he lives in Venice.Italy.This book starts of by having his parents in law inviting he and his wife for a dinner party.He was sat next to Franca Marinello who was a wife of a wealthy Venetian businessman. She enjoyed reading and had a great enjoyment in the reading of Virgil and Cicero which was a passion of his as well. It was just her apperance which was shocking to see. The next day his father in law spoke with his son in law Brunetti met his father in law they chattered about business adventures also Brunetti thought that that he might be lonely and when he returned home he did speak to his wife Paola about it Carabiniera Maggior Flippo Guarino who was from the city Marghera. visited Brunetti This became a much wider Mafia crime which needed to be investigated. The plot is average but what I like is the way tht the author manages to draw you in and that you really find it difficult to put the book down until you acually find out who did the crime and perhaps why. Shows how the different characters blend into one another to form a picture. I like the ease in which Donna Leon has in even the everyday things which happen become real with the descriptions of family life in Italy. I love the setting of Venice one of my favourite places ...

Until it's Over - Nicci French 11/07/2011

Until it's Over

Until it's Over - Nicci French This is the second novel which I have read by this Husband/Wife team Nicci French. It is another crime psychological thriller and it is a book which you will not be able to put down. The open chapter begins with the introduction of the main character Astrid Bell who delivers packages round London as a Courier on a bike.It can be quite risky when you travel on a bike accidents can happen and she felt sooner or later she will be involved in an accident. That is what happened when Astrid was returning home one day almost to her home when a car which was parked had its door wide open and she was knocked off her bike. The lady who owned the car was very sorry and said she would pay for the bike. Astrid housemates came out to see what had happened and helped her back into the house. Then I read on and started to get to know the other characters of the book Astrid's housemates. Miles who owns the house came back that eveing and broke some shattering news that he asked them all to leave because his girlfriend called Leah and himself decided to live together . After the bad news about the fact that they had to move certain things happen. particularly to Astrid. Was she the one that murdered Margaret Farrell who left the car door open and caused the accident of Astrid falling off her bike, then she collecting a parcel from a very wealthy lady and when Astrid arrives there discovers after no one came to the door. Astrid then peered into the letterbox and discovered a body ...
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