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Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Scent 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 25/01/2015

What beautiful armpits I have - or not

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Scent 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant I usually use a crystal stick deodorant these days as they last such a long time. However I recieved a couple of Dove Go Fresh pomegranate and lemon verbena scent anti-perspirant deodorant sprays in Dove gift sets so I thought I may as well give them a go. A 250ml can costs around £3.79 in places like Boots and Superdrug and a bit less in some supermarkets. It is also available in compressed spray format and you can buy the same scent as a roll on deodorant. I was looking forward to experiencing the scent of this one as I thought the two "headline" scents would make an appealing combination that was perhaps a little different as well. While I did enjoy the fragrance, it wasn't quite what I expected. For one thing, I don't think it smells at all of pomegranates. My mum is a huge fan of the fruit and we always have some to hand at this time of year so it is a scent I really recognise when I smell it. The deodorant does smell generally fruity with a delicately sweet edge without being cloying. The lemon vebena is weaker than I would like at first, but it does seem to be the element that lingers on to be noticed later on in the day. Overall I think the scent is pleasantly light and does live up to the "fresh" part of the name. You can smell it until the end of the day if you make the effort to but it is quite subtle. That is perfect for me as I do wear other scented products and I want to clash fragrances. Like most if not all all Dove deodorants, this bears a symbol to say ...

Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover 23/01/2015

Gets the job done cheaply and quick

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked 0% Dry Shampoo 21/01/2015

Clearly Naked is the way to go?

Phileas Fogg American Bubble Chips Cheese & New York Deli Relish 20/01/2015

Tangy for the tastebuds- Phileas Fogg American style bubble chips

Phileas Fogg American Bubble Chips Cheese & New York Deli Relish I was shopping for some snacks for a party when my friend pointed out the Phileas Fogg American style Bubble Chips. She had tried them and loved them and also remembered that they were suitable for a vegetarian such as myself. I decided to buy a pack because the one of the flavours caught my eye as being a bit unusual - cheese with "a New York Deli relish". I love cheese so I parted with £1.99 for a 150g bag. That was the Waitrose price but I have since seen the same size packet for just 69p in B&M! I have also noticed that these are often on offer at other supermarkets so I suspect most of the time you can get them for a price somewhere in the middle. 170g is a big sharing bag size and personally I think they are worth the price. I haven't seen a smaller bag around but they may exist. I have seen plenty of snacks around called "bubble chips" and they all claim to be inspired by an American style of cooking potato chips that leaves the crisps with a bubbled surface. Phileas Fogg do these as part of their snack range that is inspired by favourite snacks from around the world, and they say they cook the bubble chips twice for a distinctive light texture and crunch. I have seen all sorts of recipes for bubble chips around, all claiming to be "correct" and the original. They don't all agree in the fine points of how they are cooked but they end result is supposed to be the real crispiness. Phileas Fogg have chosen their recipe and I don't know if it is the most authentic but ...

Morrisons M NuMe Carrot Crisps 17/01/2015

Carroty Crisps

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Raspberry Pie 15/01/2015

You can't take a bite of this pie

Nescafe Café Menu Millionaires Shortbread Mocha 13/01/2015

Coffee for Millionaires

Nescafe Café Menu Millionaires Shortbread Mocha I am a fan of flavoured coffee and chocolate, although I have certainly had some that were awful too! The mocha that I am reviewing today isn't one of the latter but I don't think it tastes of what it is supposed to either. It is the Nescafé café menu Millionaire shortbread flavour mocha, one of their limited edition flavours. When I was last in Sainsbury's, a box of 8 single serve sachets cost £2.30 but I bought mine on offer for £1.30. It is quite rare that I have seen them on sale at full price actually. I do love making Millionaires shortbread, that delicious combination of chocolate, caramel and biscuit. Did I imagine ever turning it into a mocha flavouring? Not really but Nescafé sold the idea to me by describing the creamy caramel, and milk chocolate flavour I would experience along with a "hint of buttery biscuit". My sister found the idea unappealing because she was visualizing a drink with soggy shortbread bits floating in, but thankfully this is "bit" free! This is an instant coffee so it's ready very quickly. Each sachet is enough for a mug sized drink and you just empty your sachet in and pour on just boiled water. Then you are supposed to stir it slowly for 20 seconds to get the best frothy finish. I can't say that I time the process that carefully but it does make a difference if you stir slowly rather than quickly. There's definitely more froth that way. The front of the box shows someone spooning off the froth but in reality it wouldn't take you very ...

Palmolive Silky Shine Effectt Shampoo 12/01/2015

This shampoo is not only good but cheap too.

Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Spray 08/01/2015

An oil based spray for the hair - recipe for greasy locks?

Make Up Academy Pro Base Eye Primer 06/01/2015

A prime example of an eye product?

Epic Blend Vegan Pineapple Mint Lip Balm 04/01/2015

An Epic Blend of a lip balm

Studio London Finishing Touches #2 Lip & Nail Duo 02/01/2015

A nice surprise from Studio London

Toffifee 31/12/2014

Toffifee isn't toffee but it is still yum

Hope & Greenwood Peanut Butter Cocoa Dusted Truffles 29/12/2014

Nice box, shame about the truffles inside

Hope & Greenwood Peanut Butter Cocoa Dusted Truffles I have had some delicious confectionery from Hope & Greenwood in the past, especially bought direct from their sweetshop in Covent Garden. However the last few products that I have bought from the brand have been really disappointing. Sadly the product I am reviewing today is another to add to the bad list. The cocoa dusted peanut butter flavoured truffles sounded perfect for me as I love those ingredients and I couldn't imagine a way they could be combined that I wouldn't like..until I tried these.They cost £3.99 for 200g from Amazon, and are available fom Hope & Greenwood themselves for the same price, not including postage... I think the sweets I bought from Hope & Greenwood's shops were made by hand, or if not, at least on a smaller scale than is now possible now their sweets are available in a wider range of places. You can buy them in supermarkets such as Waitrose for example, as well as department stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nicholls. The box of truffles I have says "made in the EU" and nothing more specific than that. I wonder if this upscaling of production could be why I am not finding their products so delicious any more but then there are lots of mass produced chocs that I could happily eat all day long.. The truffles are described as a rich ganache "with the subtle flavour of peanut butter" and a cocoa dusting. Subtle flavours are ok but in reality, the peanut taste is actually virtually non existant. It's disappointing because they look good, from the ...

Miss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat 27/12/2014

An epic failure - Miss Sporty Peel Off base coat.

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