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Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Tree 18/12/2014

This Christmas tree is more of a blob- but you can eat it!

Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Tree I am a self confessed peanut butter nutter and I especially like Reeses Peanut Butter cups, an American chocolate that is now quite easy to find on sale here. Reese's also do seasonal editions which are harder to find. However this year Tesco are stocking the Reese's Christmas tree, and so my boyfriend bought me one for my Christmas stocking. Fortunately for me, and less so for him, I unpacked the shopping as he forgot about the tree, and the game was up. I have avoided buying the seasonal editions myself as the only places I tended to see them in the past were specialist sweet shops where they were for sale for silly prices. But the Tesco price for one 34g tree is a very reasonable 50p or you can buy three for a pound. Be aware that the Tesco website says the trees will only be available until the 24th December. I don't know if the same will apply in store which is where we got ours. The packaging bears the image of a decorated tree against an orange background. So it looks suitably festive but unfortunately it is also completely impractical for a soft centred chocolate. All that protects it is a plastic wrapper and a flimsy piece of cardboard at the back. So my tree was rather squashed by the time I unwrapped it. But I realised that even when the trees have not been squished, they don't have the clearest shape. I bought some for a few of my colleagues that are big Reese's fans, and carried them very carefully out the shop. When unwrapped, they are only vaguely tree like ...

Poundland Christmas Coloured Shaped Lights 16/12/2014

Christmas lights keeps us merry and bright

Options Strawberry Hot Chocolate Sachet 15/12/2014

Strawberry hot chocolate - a match made in heaven?

Options Strawberry Hot Chocolate Sachet I like flavoured hot chocolates whether I flavour them myself or buy one where all the hard work is done for me. I always keep a look out for new varieties in the Options hot chocolate sachets range because they have some interesting flavours, especially in the limited editions. So I was pleased to be able to buy one I hadn't tried before - strawberry. I like the combination of strawberry and chocolate but I am wary of products that are strawberry flavoured as I think they taste awful if the taste isn't authentic. I also wasn't sure I could imagine it as a hot drink but at 32p for a single serving 11g sachet, I could afford to find out! (Sainsbury's price) There are usually multi buy offers on the Options sachets in one supermarket or another but I managed to resist stocking up this time around. You can also buy bigger tubs of some of the varieties but I haven't seen the strawberry one in this format. The sachet says this is a limited edition, and I am not sure how long it has been around, because I don't shop in that part of the supermarket every week. If you want to try it you may need to hurry, although I do find the special editions in the past have hung around for some time, despite being officially "limited". The drink is quick and easy to make and so perfect for warming you up in a hurry. You just need some water that has been boiled but left to cool slightly. You can't let the water cool too much or the hot chocolate powder won't dissolve very well, and who wants ...

Thomas J Fudges Mouthwatering Milk Chocolate Florentines 13/12/2014

Mouthwatering by name and nature!

HEATsaver Thermal Insulated Socks Ladies 10/12/2014

These keep my toes frost free

Constant Ladies' Interchangeable Strap and Bezel Watch Set 10/12/2014

The case of the disappearing watch

Hope and Greenwood Sugar Plum Jellies 08/12/2014

Sugar plum jellies

Lakeland Naural Flavour Hazelnut 07/12/2014

Mouldy hazelnut flavoured cupcakes anyone?

Timotei Organic Delight Health and Shine Conditioner 04/12/2014

Better than it's partner shampoo by far

Timotei Organic Delight Health and Shine Shampoo 02/12/2014

Not a perfect (organic) delight from Timotei

Make Up Gallery Gorgeous Flawless Foundation Ivory 29/11/2014

Can a £1 foundation ever be any good?

Branston Cheese and Pickle peanuts 28/11/2014

Cheese and pickle peanuts - mad or inspired?

Branston Cheese and Pickle peanuts My other half bought home a bag of Branston cheese and pickle flavour nuts because he said the sounded so weird I would probably like them. He is right, although I wasn't at all sure I would! I like peanuts, but flavoured nuts often taste a bit disappointing to me and I actually don't like the traditional Branston sandwich pickle at all. I do however like cheese, so I decided to give these strange concoctions a go. They are not a new product but I hadn't noticed them before. My boyfriend paid £1 for these in Tesco and I have since noticed them in other supermarkets too. (150g bag) The bag is sharing size and shows the nuts with half of them being white and the rest a brown colour. The paler ones are supposed to be cheese and onion flavoured, and the others are the Branston pickle flavoured ones. I thought all the nuts were going to be flavoured with both cheese and pickle but it doesn't really matter in theory because if you eat a handful, you should get some of both types, letting the flavours mingle in your mouth. Well that's the theory anyway. In practice, when I tipped the bag out, the nuts were much more uniformly coloured and it was only by looking at the packet that I realised the nuts were not supposed to be. If you look closely, then some are a bit paler, but you would know what your eating from the taste so it wouldn't matter either way right? Sadly not... I will start with the good points, because overall I do think these do taste great, just not of what I was ...

Impulse Hint of Musk Body Spray 27/11/2014

A not very subtle hint

NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat 24/11/2014

A product called Strip Me Off

Nivea Sun Kids Moisturising Sun Lotion 20/11/2014

Nivea Sun Kids sun lotion looks after all, big and small

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