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Eat Real Quinoa Chips Hot and Spicy 26/07/2014

Made from ancient grains - and plenty of salt

Bourjois Effet 3D Lip Gloss 13/07/2014

3D lip gloss falls a little flat

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm 11/07/2014

Bargain Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm I had heard a lot about Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm before it was launched in the U.K because it was a favourite with American beauty bloggers. I expected something so hyped to be disappointing so I delayed trying it for myself until quite recently. However positive reviews persuaded me to take advantage of a special offer price of £1.25 for the balm in B&M. Elsewhere you pay £2.99. I don't regret buying it but I don't think I would have been quite so anxious for it to have a UK launch as some people apparently were. BABY LIPS FROM HOME AND ABROAD The baby part refers to the claim that the balm will give you baby soft lips and that they will stay feeling moisturised for up to 8 hours. It has an SPF of 20 and some are also tinted. If you buy your balm somewhere like Boots or Superdrug you will have a choice of around 6 varieties to choose from, but if like me you get them from a discount store then the selection is different. That is because different varieties of balm are available across the world and B&M for example have imported ones normally sold in the Far East. The colour that I chose - Smoothing Cherry - doesn't seem to have a direct U.K equivalent - it is NOT the same as the Cherry Me U.K balm which is tinted. Mine is colourless for example. The packaging is similar for all balms with just different colours used so you will have to read the name /number carefully to be sure what one you are getting. WHAT CHERRY? My balm is in a baby pink and pistachio green ...

Petal Fresh Facial Care Aloe & Pomegranate Clay Masque 07/07/2014

Give your nose a work out

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation True Ivory 05/07/2014

A good match but I have now found better

Intense Food Flavouring Popcorn 01/07/2014

Would Willy Wonka bake with this?

Spear & Jackson Elements Onion Hoe 20/06/2014

Hoe Hoe

Jergens Daily Moisture Daily Smoothing Hand and Cuticle Cream 16/06/2014

Get your Daily Moisture here

Tyrrells Beetroot Parsnip and Carrot Crisps 11/06/2014

Out with potato crisps, in with parsnip.

Tyrrells Beetroot Parsnip and Carrot Crisps When I first met my non vegetarian boyfriend, he joked that I might make him eat all sorts of things made of vegetables and lentils, and his worst fears would probably been confirmed back then had he seen the bag of Tyrells veg crisps I buy from time to time. Now he used to being experimented on and is a greedy eater of crisps that have never been a potato. Tyrells offer a few different varieties but one of the easiest to get hold of in the supermarkets is the classic beetroot, parsnip and carrot combination I am reviewing today. I buy the 150g bag at around £2.99 but you can get a smaller 40g bag for approx. £1.15 - Sainsbury's prices. The crisps don't really look like potato ones which isn't surprising really. I like their naturally more colourful appearance - I think the beetroot in particular looks appetising and certainly different, being a dark red colour. I don't think the parsnip pieces would pass any beauty tests as they are brownish and frequently look curled up and twisted. They tend to be the ones approached with most suspicion by those that haven't tried them before! Other bits are in longer strips, while the beetroot and carrot are rounder. You are going to get all shapes and sizes in the pack but I think it's fine for natural based product not to look too uniform. At least you can tell what the crisps are made from from their appearance which helps me make sure I get more than my fair share of my favourite beetroot ones! The crisps are made just from the ...

Whitworths Grapefruit Sultanas 10/06/2014

A sultana with identity issues - Grapefruit Sultanas

Whitworths Grapefruit Sultanas My boyfriend knows I love sultanas so when he saw some of the Whitworth's Grapefruit Sultanas on sale for 25p a tub, he bought me some to try. I have to say the idea of buying flavoured dried fruit had never occurred to me and my first thought was why had they bothered to alter the taste of something that I think has a great flavour on it's own. Well,I must be in the minority, as I have since seen that other brands offer similar things, and even my small Sainsbury's Local sells an own brand orange raisin pack for example. I surprised myself by liking the Whitworth's version, but I doubt I would pay the full price which is currently £1.00 in Tesco, for a small 55g tub.. Grapefruit sultanas are, as I just mentioned, regular sultanas flavoured with grapefruit. The ingredients list does not mention whether the flavourings are artificial or natural, so I would presume it is the former. You can also buy the likes of strawberry apples and orange cranberries from Whitworth's. They are part of a "sprinkles" range and are suggested as an ideal topping for cereal, or something you could use in baking or of course for snacking. They come in a neat looking tub but I think it would be a good idea to remove the fruit from that and put them in a more secure airtight container, as a pack I didn't use immediately suffered a real loss of grapefruit flavour despite being well in date and previously unopened. So personally I wouldn't put them any unused sultanas back in the tub they came in ...

Benefit Hoola Lip Gloss 05/06/2014

Hoola - Not a Benefit for me

Boots Pharmaceuticals Skin Closures 02/06/2014

Seeking closure - for my skin

Boots Pharmaceuticals Skin Closures I think I have had more stitches in my fingers than some people have in their clothes! If you are of a squeemish nature, you may want to skip this review as I will have to explain a little about my injury to show why the skin closures I am reviewing did and didn't work for me. The last stitches, to two fingers, came courtesy of a sharp piece of metal but it was a smaller cut to a third finger made at the same time that ended up causing me more trouble. Unfortunately, just after I arrived home from the hospital, I managed to start it bleeding again. The kind pharmacist in Boots suggested their own brand "skin closures" may help to keep the wound edges together and promote healing. Well he actually suggested I should go back and get the third finger stitched but I couldn't face another trip to the hospital. They are not suggested as a kind of DIY alternative to seeking proper medical help, so if in any doubt as to how serious your cut is, do get proper advice. Also remember you may need tetanus shots - as a gardener mine are up to date. WHAT ARE SKIN CLOSURES? I had not heard of these before buying them although I recognised seeing others wearing them once I saw them out of the box. They are tiny strips of plaster that are placed across minor wounds in order to keep the edges in place, help stop the cut re-opening and in doing so they are supposed to reduce the risk of scarring and infection. They are single use of course. You receive 8 strips in the pack which costs £2.99. ...

Snickers Flapjack 28/05/2014

There's a chocolate bar in my flapjack

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Polish 23/05/2014

Now that is fast!

Superdrug Fruit Source Lime and Ginger Shower Gel 20/05/2014

Where's the ginger?

Superdrug Fruit Source Lime and Ginger Shower Gel After trying an Superdrug own brand shower gel and finding it surprisingly nice, I decided to buy a few more to try. They were on a multi buy offer of three 250ml bottles for £2 ( or 99p each) so I decided to buy different scents to help me keep my fussy family happy. I prefer citrus shower gels myself but I initially bought the Lime and Ginger one that I am reviewing with my boyfriend in mind. That's because I am not keen on ginger usually. However, once I took a sniff, I decided to keep it all to myself! One of the main reasons that I choose Superdrug own brand products is the fact they are not tested on animals and the packaging features the Leaping Bunny logo of Cruelty free international/BUAV to that effect. The shower gel is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well which is a big plus for me as I find them cheaper than many brands aiming specifically at the vegetarian market. Apart from bearing the welcome bunny sign, the bottles are average but they do their job. The gel is bright green, and I do mean bright and as the bottle is see through you can at least tell how much you have left to use. You don't get the luxury of a hanging hook but that is too much to hope for at the price I suppose! The bottle does stand on it's lid so the gel is always ready to use with no shaking required. I used to mainly buy the Original Source shower gels and one of my favourites by them is the lime version.. I find that quite strong and natural smelling and unfortunately, the ...
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