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Impulse Hint of Musk Body Spray 27/11/2014

A not very subtle hint

NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat 24/11/2014

A product called Strip Me Off

Nivea Sun Kids Moisturising Sun Lotion 20/11/2014

Nivea Sun Kids sun lotion looks after all, big and small

Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask 13/11/2014

One big mess of a product - Botanics Ionic clay mask

Little Soap Company English Lavender and Citrus Soap 12/11/2014

The Little Soap Company offers Big advantages

Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Nail Polish 07/11/2014

Rimmel Kate nail polish - not a star product

Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate Nail Polish Some time ago I tried a Lycra Pro nail polish from Rimmel and I wasn't overwhelmed by how long it lasted, despite claims it would stick around for up to 10 days. I should have learnt my lesson and not splashed £4.49 on another Rimmel polish containing Lycra ™. That was the Salon Pro by Kate line, the Kate in question being Kate Moss who apparently "designed" 10 shades - out of 35 available under the Salon Pro name. I loved a particular colour called Britpop, a mid blue, which is why I succumbed to my nail polish addiction. THE CLAIMS Rimmel say this polish should last up to 10 days, and that the colour is chip and fade resistant. It is also supposed to have a gel like finish. EASY TO APPLY? It comes in a fattish 12ml bottle with a slanted top lid. The lid is of course also the brush handle which doesn't please me much as the large width makes it more awkward to hold than it might be. But I can manage. More annoying is the fact that the brush attached to it is the really short kind that doesn't really suit a bottle of this size. It is fine when the bottle is nearly full but once you are past the half way mark, it doesn't reach the polish and I ditched it for a cleaned "normal" brush from anther brand. The head is one of Rimmel's wide and quite flat ones that people seem to either love or hate. I like the fact they help you cover the nail in a few strokes. However, I find that they do make touching up any nail less easy than when using a narrower and more precise brush. ...

Alberto Balsam Sun Kissed Raspberry Shampoo 31/10/2014

Kissed by a raspberry

Alberto Balsam Sun Kissed Raspberry Shampoo As someone who likes to change her shampoo often, and someone who can always be persuaded to try something new, I have accumulated quite a few bottles which are hanging around waiting to be used up. As my boyfriend and I want to give organic products a trial for a while, I thought that I should at least finish all the others first. Top of the list was Alberto Balsam's Sun Kissed raspberry shampoo which I had bought on a friend's recommendation. I use shampoo for normal hair most often as mine is a combination type with a greasy scalp and dry ends. So a "normal" shampoo tends to keep all parts of my hair happy. However, I opted for the raspberry shampoo on this occasion because it is especially recommended for both normal and dry hair and my friend credited it with really helping with the same dry ends that I suffer from. I didn't have such success but I still think the shampoo was worth trying at £1 for 400ml - I bought mine from an independent chemist but it is easy to find at a similar price. THE SCENT I have used a number of Alberto Balsam products before and the thing I like the most is usually the scent. Raspberry really appealed to me, but I don't think on balance it is my favourite Alberto fragrance. It lacks the fresh scent of the Juicy Green Apple variety for example and I don't think it is as authentic as some of the others. In the bottle, I thought the shampoo smelt generally fruity. But I only felt the shampoo smelt more distinctly of the berry when I got to ...

Batiste Dry Shampoo Big & Bouncy XXL Volume 27/10/2014

Turn up the volume Batiste.

Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick Cherry Pop 22/10/2014

Not the pick of the Pops - Maybelline Popsticks

Original Source Raspberry and Cocoa Seasonal Edition Shower Gel 20/10/2014

Cocoa - Great for drinking but good in a shower?

Original Source Raspberry and Cocoa Seasonal Edition Shower Gel I often buy Original Source shower gels because they are vegan, not tested on animal and made in Britain. I also happen to think they work well and smell good. I have some favourites, but I like to try any seasonal or limited editions when I see them. That made me try the Raspberry and cocoa scent which is one of the seasonal fragrances, voted for by the brands Facebook fans. I paid £1.00 for 250ml but this was a price reduction. For example I noticed that the current full price is £2.10 in Wilkinson's and £2.30 in Boots. I nearly always buy my Original Source products on offer as being widely stocked by pharmacists and supermarkets, it isn't too hard to find a deal somewhere. It is also worth keeping an eye on the poundshops too, although sometimes they sell a smaller sized bottle which isn't that much cheaper per ml. The gel comes in a flat sided tapering bottle with a flip top lid at the bottom. There's no hanging hook, which according to my boyfriend is a major annoyance, but I am a more placid soul and just stand the thing on it's lid. What caught my eye in the shop isn't the bottle which is the same as the other Original Source ones, but the deep rich colour of the gel showing through the clear sides. It looks very intense, like a dark raspberry sauce which is appropriate given the ingredients. Out of the bottle, it looks a bit lighter but still attractive. The scent is the really distinctive thing and it is something that I can't make my mind up about. Firstly I ...

Nivea Milk Care Soap 18/10/2014

Milk soap

Method French Lavender Gel Hand Wash 16/10/2014

Lavender Lushness

Superdrug Natural Facial Sponges 14/10/2014

Wipes the day off

Superdrug Pebbles Konjac Sponge 11/10/2014

Konjac sponge - what is it good for?

Meridian Foods Natural Almond Butter 08/10/2014

Am I nutty to like almond butter?

Meridian Foods Natural Almond Butter I have been experimenting with buying and making lots of different nut butters over the last few months. I have enjoyed peanut butter for a while so I thought I may as well try butters made from different nuts as well. That bought me to try the Meridian Smooth almond butter. It cost me £2.29 in a local health food shop, while Tesco sell the same size jar for £2.39 at the time of writing.(170g) Once upon a time I only saw nut butters for a sale in a few places but that has changed now and most supermarkets I look in seem to offer at least one that isn't peanut. Meridian must be one of the widest stocked brands and they are certainly one of my favourite because they keep their recipes simple and natural. So their products are tasty - and not laden with added sugar. The almond butter consists of roast almonds that have then been ground until smooth with a little sea salt. That's it. There's no added oil or sugar. A product as pure as this can hardly help taste natural and almondy. What surprises me is that while almonds are not my favourite nuts, and I hate many things made from them such as marzipan, I find almond butter to be one of my absolute favourites. Roasting them intensifies the flavour I suppose, and the salt added probably does the same. It is perfect if you want a spread that's full of taste but not too sweet. Meridian suggest using it on crackers and crumpets and as an ingredient in "shakes, cakes and bakes." I haven't tried it on the first two but I do like it on ...
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