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Twinings Green Tea Pineapple & Grapefruit Flavour Tea Bags 29/07/2015

Not for me is this green tea

New Look Lace up Sports Plimsolls 24/07/2015

Do my shoes make me sporty?

Crystal Deodorants Body Spray 22/07/2015

Tarnished Crystal

New Look Tribal Flatforms 20/07/2015

Cushions for the feet

R Whites Premium Lemonade Ice Lollies 17/07/2015

Lemonade lollies

R Whites Premium Lemonade Ice Lollies I spotted a box of R Whites Premium Lemonade Lollies in Sainsbury's and felt a wave of nostalgia. I think my parents would have had a fit if they knew how many of these I consumed as a teenager, thanks to a little newsagent I passed on the way home from school. I never saw them anywhere else and I presumed they were not made anymore, although Whites Lemonade drink itself is easy to find in the supermarkets. I maybe am just unlucky as to what local branches offer as I can see that the lollies are lusted on most Supermarket sites for between £1.50 (Sainsbury's ) to £2 (Ocado) for a box of three 75ml lollies. I loved trying them again during our mini heatwave as they are a deliciously refreshing way to cool down. My boyfriend managed to buy an individual lolly, costing £1, in a garden centre of all places, so it does seem you can get the single ones in some shops. In the multi packs, the lollies are individually wrapped so are kept nice and fresh tasting even if you don't eat them all at once. I am sure most of us have heard of R Whites lemonade, as they have been making beverages since 1845. The lollies are not based on the fizzy clear coloured lemonade which they are probably most famous for these days, but the taste is more akin to what you might call cloudy, still or sometimes more vaguely "traditional" lemonade. The kind that is a cloudy white colour and has a strong lemon taste. If you can imagine a frozen drink of quite a strong lemon squash, I mean one that really ...

Argos Colour Match TO37058,37060,37269,37488 14/07/2015

A tale of two halves

L'Oreal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo 12/07/2015

Strawberries in the hair

Sainsbury's English Elderflower Pressé 10/07/2015

Summer tastes like this..

Askeys St Louis Ice Cream Waffle Cones 08/07/2015

Time to waffle on..

Herbal Essences Body Uplifting Volume Conditioner 06/07/2015

This volume starts quiet and builds slowly.

Spear & Jackson Elements Dibber 01/07/2015

Dib Dib

ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy 25/06/2015

A Slushy tale with a Chill Factor

Scunci Topsy Tail 21/06/2015

Heads or Topsy Tails?

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara 18/06/2015

Colossal Lashes? Not for me Maybelline!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Vanilla 15/06/2015

Nearly Naked needs some more coverage?

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