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Palmolive Naturals Original Soap with Olive Oil 29/08/2015

A soapy tale

Palmolive Naturals Original Soap with Olive Oil My mum bought me a packet of Palmolive's Naturals soap with olive oil as she knows that I use an olive oil moisturising soap and she thought this would be a cheaper alternative to try. The soap I normally use is a soap made from almost exclusively pure olive oil ("Oliva") whereas the Palmolive soap bar is more of a soap that happens to contain olive oil amongst many other ingredients. So it is not really an alternative product but I was very happy to give it a try. Mum paid £1.25 for 4 X 90g bars in Londis but most supermarkets seem to stock this in the triple bar pack for around a £1. As I pay more than this for one bar of Oliva soap, I can see why my mum thought this was worth trying. Packaging wise, this is an every day looking product with a plastic outer wrapper and the bars are individually wrapped inside. The soap itself is green which may not appeal to all but it is not as vivid as my other soap, so to me it is relatively subtle. The colour does fade a little towards the end of the bar anyway. I wondered how nice this would smell, but it really just gives off that classic soap aroma. I can't detect olives or anything else in addition but I suppose long scent association with soap and cleaning means this smells at least fresh and hygienic. It isn't one that lingers about on your hands for long, so the scent probably won't trouble you even if you would rather enjoy the perfume of something a bit more exciting. It is a unisex enough scent to suit those who may not ...

Thompson Morgan Lettuce Mazur Seeds 26/08/2015

Lettuce eat our greens

Thompson Morgan Lettuce Mazur Seeds It is easy to get in the habit of growing the same trusty old varieties of veg and salad crops. But Mazur is a relatively new variety of lettuce that stands out for me as one of my best finds. Sometimes when a seed company is trying to decide whether to include a new variety in their permanent collection or not, they will send out a trial packet to existing customers to grow and then give their feed back on. Other companies let you buy the trial seed at a low price to encourage you to take a chance on it. I recieved my first packet of Mazur free from a seed merchant when I ordered other things and I am delighted to say that it has now been taken up by a number of seed companies. When I saw it for sale in my local garden centre, supplied by Thompson & Morgan, I jumped at the chance to replenish my stocks. 250 seeds will cost you £1.99, and if your local garden centre doesn't stock them, you can also order direct from T&M via their website or by mail order. I know many people rate T&M as their favourite seed supplier but generally they are not at the top of my list. This is because their seeds often cost more than the same size packets do elsewhere, and they are not superior seeds. Having said that, I have found that on a rare occasion their seeds were not up to scratch, the customer service has swung quickly into action to offer a no quibble replacement. My Mazur seeds are perfectly packaged and were well sealed to keep the contents in optimum condition for sowing, so no ...

Kings Seeds Beetroot Boltardy Seeds 24/08/2015

Beet it

Wilko Watering Can 22/08/2015

For when the heavens don't open

Pretty Nail Polish Corrector Pen 20/08/2015

If only all mistakes could be erased so easily..

Alba Clock Radio 16/08/2015

Clock this

AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries 13/08/2015


Am-Tech Deluxe 3 Way Grass Shears 10/08/2015

Snip Snip

Q-Connect Q Connect Medium Ballpoint Pen 06/08/2015

You won't write your magnum opus with these

Q-Connect Q Connect Medium Ballpoint Pen I get through a lot of pens and so I tend to cut the cost of my ballpoint addiction by buying them in bulk or at least boxes of 50. I used to be devoted to Bic crystal medium points because I liked the smooth way they write but then I discovered the cheaper 5 Star pens were just as good, if not better, and didn't run out any faster. This made me more likely to try other cheaper brands so when Amazon run out of my 5 Stars, I spotted a box of 50 Q Connect medium point ball pens on offer for £3.23 (delivered free with orders over £20) and I decided to give them a try. Amazon say the rrp of these is £15.50, but I can't see them on sale elsewhere for anything like this price, and I certainly wouldn't pay that much for them when cheaper alternatives would exist. The Amazon price has changed frequently since I bought mine anyway - at the time of writing the box I bought is £3.94. Incidentally, you can also buy a box of 20 but this actually costs more than buying 50 most of the time! I am not familiar with the Q Connect brand although I can see they offer a big range of stationary items and they are stocked by a range of online office suppliers. I did check some reviews before purchasing but I was frustrated to find that most of the low star ratings were complaining solely about the state of the card box that the pens came in. As some people obviously care about these things more than I, I will say my box came in perfect condition! It shows multi coloured pens on the front which ...

HP BBQ Sauce Classic Woodsmoke Flavour 04/08/2015

Mmm, saucey

Twinings Green Tea Pineapple & Grapefruit Flavour Tea Bags 29/07/2015

Not for me is this green tea

New Look Lace up Sports Plimsolls 24/07/2015

Do my shoes make me sporty?

Crystal Deodorants Body Spray 22/07/2015

Tarnished Crystal

New Look Tribal Flatforms 20/07/2015

Cushions for the feet

R Whites Premium Lemonade Ice Lollies 17/07/2015

Lemonade lollies

R Whites Premium Lemonade Ice Lollies I spotted a box of R Whites Premium Lemonade Lollies in Sainsbury's and felt a wave of nostalgia. I think my parents would have had a fit if they knew how many of these I consumed as a teenager, thanks to a little newsagent I passed on the way home from school. I never saw them anywhere else and I presumed they were not made anymore, although Whites Lemonade drink itself is easy to find in the supermarkets. I maybe am just unlucky as to what local branches offer as I can see that the lollies are lusted on most Supermarket sites for between £1.50 (Sainsbury's ) to £2 (Ocado) for a box of three 75ml lollies. I loved trying them again during our mini heatwave as they are a deliciously refreshing way to cool down. My boyfriend managed to buy an individual lolly, costing £1, in a garden centre of all places, so it does seem you can get the single ones in some shops. In the multi packs, the lollies are individually wrapped so are kept nice and fresh tasting even if you don't eat them all at once. I am sure most of us have heard of R Whites lemonade, as they have been making beverages since 1845. The lollies are not based on the fizzy clear coloured lemonade which they are probably most famous for these days, but the taste is more akin to what you might call cloudy, still or sometimes more vaguely "traditional" lemonade. The kind that is a cloudy white colour and has a strong lemon taste. If you can imagine a frozen drink of quite a strong lemon squash, I mean one that really ...
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