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Wilko Forget Me Not Button Wallet 02/03/2015

Button up

Wilko Forget Me Not Button Wallet Although I bulk buy most of my home office and personal stationary online as it is cheaper, if I do need something extra, then Wilko is my shop of choice. Whereas I have found some of their very cheapest own brand lines to be of variable quality, they really seem to have upped their game when it comes to the slightly more expensive ranges. Every year they release a few stationary collections with different themes and eye catching designs. They caught my attention last year, as I sometimes like to have desk items that are a bit more fun than what I get officially provided to use on the day I work from home! This year, the ranges include Forget me not, which is floral and mostly in cream, pink, blue and purple tones. I bought a button storage wallet for 80p, which is a good price considering my local stationers offers similar designs for more than £3. I had it in mind to transport A4 printouts between home and office, but I have ended up with a few to help me organise notes, and also to store seed packets, a use I sure the designers did not have in mind! I love florals, but I think they can look a bit twee. So I like the modern colours and big bold print that makes the design seem more up to date. Despite the Forget me not name, the biggest flower in the design is obviously a purple pansy, and there are other blooms possibly representing tulips and daisies. The wallet is made of light plastic so I expected it to last longer than the card alternatives on offer. That has not ...

Boots Dry Eyes Eye Mist 28/02/2015

No dry eyes in this house

Wilko Get Gardening Waterproof Pens 28/02/2015

A pen for all weather scribblers

WD-40 Lubrication Spray 25/02/2015

Rusty locks and chains -not a 50 Shades review!

Sherlock Holmes: The Essential Mysteries in One Sitting - Jennifer Kasius 23/02/2015

A mysterious approach to Sherlock Holmes

Make Up Gallery Never-Ending Story Lengthening Mascara 20/02/2015

A mascara for those wanting invisible lashes...

L'Oreal Color Riche Made for Me Lipstick 17/02/2015

Made for me by L'Oreal

Nescafe Spiced Orange Mocha Instant Coffee 14/02/2015

Spiced Orange Mocha

Nescafe Spiced Orange Mocha Instant Coffee I can't resist trying new flavoured coffee and chocolate drinks when I see them, even though a lot end up tasting a little less nice than they sound. One of my most recent purchases was the Nescafé Spiced Orange Mocha, which is a limited edition flavour. I bought a box of 8x 21.5g single serve instant sachets in Sainsburys when they were on a half price offer, with the full price at £2.30. They are still available to buy in the shops at the moment - most of the Nescafé limited edition flavours seem to hang around a long time. The drink is very easy to make as each sachet contains a mugs worth of the drink so there is no measuring to do. You just need to pour boiling water on and stir it well to dissolve the powder. Nescafé say this needs 20 seconds of stirring in one direction to build up a frothy top. I didn't exactly get out a stopwatch when I first made this up, but when the foam was a bit weak , I did try and follow their seemingly over precise instructions to see if that improved things. It did a little but there is no way you get the sort of dense froth the box shows. It's a lot less creamy than the other Limited editions from Nescafé I have tried, like Gingerbread Latte. Otherwise, the texture is fine and there's no lumps left after you have stirred. I really wasn't sure what I was going to make of this drink. Mocha is a drink that combines two of my favourite things in coffee and chocolate, but I wondered if adding orange and spices on top might make the drink a ...

UHU Stic Glue Stick 12/02/2015

Useful in sticky situations

Boots Botanics All Bright 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Solution 10/02/2015

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Solution is not for me.

Kilner Square Cliptop Jar 1 Litre 08/02/2015

Perfect for storing delicious things.

Kilner Square Cliptop Jar 1 Litre Before Christmas, I found all of my storage jars were occupied by pickles, mincemeat etc but I still had food in need of a home, so I went to my local hardware shop to buy a couple more. The well known Kilner brand was the one on offer so I purchased two of their clip top square sided 1 litre jars, paying £1.50 each, which was a half price deal. I try and recycle glass jam jars etc that I already have most of the time, but I didn't mind paying out for these as I am still using some my mum bought before I was born, with fresh sealing rings, so I know they are good quality and reliably durable. . Kilner clip top jars are made of tough glass, and seal airtight so they are ideal for keeping food as fresh as possible. Under the lid is an orange seal that you are advised to replace if you use the jars for storing acidic foods. The clip fastening looks like two strong strands of chunky wire - it may may not be flashy but it certainly works. My mum finds the clip a bit hard to use now with her arthritic hands and they may be similarly fiddly for anyone with poor grip. I have caught my fingers in the clip occasionally but that was just when I was getting used to it. Overall I like the way it snaps closed though, as you can't bring the clip down if you haven't put the orange seal in properly. . Kilner say these jars are ideal for storing jams, pickles and preserves and that is certainly how I use the smaller sizes. I tend to pot jam in smaller quantities as it is easier to keep it ...

Impulse True Love Body Spray 05/02/2015

I found True Love and it only cost £1!

Dove purely pampering shea butter and warm vanilla body wash 02/02/2015

Better than the Dove body lotion - Dove Body Wash

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, Praline and Cream 01/02/2015

A tub of nutty deliciousness

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion 29/01/2015

Shea butter and warm vanilla

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