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since 15/01/2003


Canon PowerShot Pro70 09/05/2005

Packed with features

Renault Kangoo 1.4 15/04/2004

Renault Kangoo

Renault Espace 2.1 dt 15/02/2004

a car for all seasons

Microsoft Trackball Optical - mouse, trackball 03/11/2003

One mouse to have around the house

Vauxhall Frontera Estate 2.2 DTi 28/10/2003

affordable 4x4

Calendar Girls (DVD) 28/10/2003

Well placed chelsea buns!

Climbing - General 25/10/2003

Join the dance

Canoeing/Kayaking - General 25/10/2003

Captain and crew - paddle your own canoe

Canoeing/Kayaking - General Sea Kayaking is for me the ultimate buzz, it can be a gentle poddle along navigating by chip shops and caravan sites - as in Norfolk, or the gateway into a magical world of seals, dolphins, sea birds, caves, cliffs, swell and surf. It can be exciting, challenging and at times down right scary. Once you master the basics - and always in company with a few chums, you can push your boundries just as far as you want, once you understand waves, weather and tides you can select the conditions you want - no having to sit around waiting for rain to run some river with access problems - you can choose to be at the right place at the right time and you will get the conditions you want, twice a day, every day - well, almost. The absolutely best places for sea paddling in the UK which I know of are around the Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland and North Wales. They all take a bit of getting to and once there you need to be pretty self sufficient. Join the British Canoe Union - - lots of info there,plus a sea paddling group. To learn the skills you will need to get to a club or sign-up on a course at a local centre - sea paddling is a little less popular than most branches of paddling - get your general skills sorted and then transfer these to the sea. Night classes for day skipper - local adult ed centre will sort out your navigation - be sure to make them aware that you are a paddler, NOT a sailor, so they know that it will all be done beforehand and then done off your ...

Citroen 2CV 24/10/2003

My ugly duckling

Epson PhotoPC 3000z 06/05/2003

Frames galore without film

Nokia 9210 17/04/2003

Office in your pocket

Topper junior single handed Sailing Dinghy 15/04/2003

Top, top, top of the world in your topper

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