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Mumbai (Bombay) 08/10/2000

'Stars' in it's eye!

Mumbai (Bombay) I just love this bustling city on the West Coast of India. I may be prejudiced by it, as I have lived my early years in this 'Economic Capital' of the Indian sub continent. The people are extremely friendly and the 'Queen's English' is widely spoken. It is a city of extremes - wealth and poverty, which exist side by side. 'Begging' is the worst aspect and one is accosted at every corner by children and 'handicapped' persons. It is the home of the world's largest film industry - 'Bollywood' and movies made here are enjoyed all over the world by the diaspora. Travelling in the local trains at any time and especially peak hours is something never to be forgotten - sardines have more space in a tin. Shopping for 'ethnic' stuff is excellent and very cheap, but watch out for hustlers. Buy mainly from large stores and government approved shops. Food and travelling are quite cheap, but avoid non-bottled water and unwashed fruit/salads. All in all, it is the 'Gateway to India' and a trip on the sea opposite the Taj Mahal Hotel is a must. Excellent weather all year round except June to September rainy season. Visit once and you will go back again, for business or pleasure.

Egg 06/08/2000

All in One?

Egg I have been an Egg customer over the net since Sep 1999. After some initial teething problems I was able to apply for and be approved for an eggcard online with a couple of phone calls thrown in. I then got a Savings account online too. When egg launched its ISAs, I ended up investing again with them - the initial 1% cashback and discount were quite attractive too. Eventually I got shares in egg too, but these aren't doing too well at present. Thus I seem to have got a lot of eggs in their basket, so hope it is handled carefully. The response to queries submitted securely is answered via an 'unsecure e-mail' and this is wrong, in my opinion. Also no Current account is available at present. All in all fairly happy with service.

Trailfinders 06/08/2000

Excellent service

Trailfinders I have used Trailfinders frequently over the past 8 years to book flights and have never been disappointed. The staff are extremely courteous and helpful both over the telephone and face to face over the 'counter'. The only drawback, in my opinion, is the lack of online booking which should be implemented as people can book flights at a time of their choice. Their prices are extremely competitive and give bucket-shops a run for their money. Their computerised records of client preferences are also excellent, saving repeating them every time one books.

Mitsubishi Carisma 1.8 06/08/2000

Value for money

Mitsubishi Carisma 1.8 I have recently bought this model made in 1999 with a host of extras including air conditioning and electric sun-roof, alloy wheels, ABS, electric windows and immobiliser. An onboard computer gives average as well as instantaneous fuel consumption results. It is extremely frugal with fuel due to the new GDI engine. Also very good to drive. All in all an excellent family car. Very importantly it has Mitsubishi's unlimited mileage three year warranty and Pan-European Recovery Service. The dealership staff are a pleasure to deal with and managed to answer most questions including the most trivial ones.
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