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Day & Age - Killers (The) 16/12/2008

Fourth album's a charm!

Day & Age - Killers (The) Note - i also review on Dooyoo! as SAJJADALI2008 and i have posted my review on there as well :) -- Normally i tend to hate rock bands with a passion, but yesterday i found myself re-listening to this. It only came out recently but may i say it is one of the best albums i have heard this year, it went to Number 1 and i know it did well but it deserved success. The Killers have always for some reason despite being an international act done really really well over here in the UK. Three albums and all did well especially Hot Fuss and the brillant Sams Town.I tend to find the band members and in particular Brandon Flowers quite up themselves, almost everytime i see them they are moaning on about how they are the new U2 and are going to be the biggest band in the world. At times i think their aim is not to make good music that they like and their fans like but to make music that sells well and they more motivated by sales and becoming the next big thing rather than anything else. Despite, Brandon coming off as cocky and their videos and covers for albums and singles being abit outthere, see the Human cover for that LOL!, the album cover is brillant. It's a decent video but boring! for the first single but vocally and music wise this album seems really really polished. I like all the album and as of yet i don't think badly about even one track. I love the album opener, gets me in the mood to listen to the rest of it's most of the songs are not classics but i call for Losing ...

Girls Aloud - Tangled Up 05/12/2007

5th album? Who'd have thought it, eh?

Girls Aloud - Tangled Up Have they split yet? Is what most people tend to say 5 years on after Girls Aloud where formed on Popstars the rivals but in that time they have notched up 17 top 10 singles, 5 successful albums, 3 tours with another one following, advertising deals, several dvd's, and generally contributed to pop music highly enough to be considered important. This fifth album entitled Tangled up with a simple lettered cover gives the impression the brand Girls Aloud can sell on it's own and the reputation is good. Needless to say, it's a good album with consistent tracks, more grown up then before but still pop but more dancey. It has twelve tracks and several highlights and a couple of weak links and similiar tracks but nearly all the tracks deserve to be on there. The 2 singles Sexy No No No and Call The Shots are in here. Sexy No No No is very dancey and has a great intro, really catchy too. Call The Shots is mid-tempo ballad - very crediable and a great chorus, and is doing really well. Close To Love has a good chorus, Fling would appeal to people who don't like them. Girl Overboard is really catchy and should be a future single. I Can't Speak French, Control Of The Knife and Black Jacks are classic Girls Aloud - very good but abit too similiar trying to recreate Biology, they're good though. The rest of the album has What You Crying For, Damn and I'm Falling - these tracks aren't amazing, they're very good and different and deserve to be on here. The album ends on Crocidile ... 18/07/2007

You have to trust an expert, don't you? Financial sites tend to be quite informative, not brillantly well laid out, loaded with ads and spyware and on the top of it have some sort of catch/hidden agenda/subscription fee requirement. Well, this site is none of the above things. It is extremely information, excellently laid out (infact the site just had a complete makeover recently) - it's ad free, no spyware, no payment required and on top of it is run by Martin Lewis of ITV's ''Make Me Rich'' who makes regular talk show appearences on shows like This Morning, GMTV, Wright Stuff, Trevor Mcdonald etc. Martin Lewis is well informed on almost all financial issues and his interest in the field of saving money makes it easy to give layman advice professionally that is tested and trustworthy and honest. He doesn't intend to make money out of the site by no ads but the only money he does make is by affliate links he provides but even then he provides non affliate links, so you choose if you want him to profit or not. The site is split into clear and succint sections e.g morgate, banking, insurance, shopping etc - he posts an article every week to an issue that's appropraite and massive enough in the news and provides a layman and simple explination in simple sections with headings. There's even a community where you can ask for advice, where you can see feedback on Martin's recommendations - posts by Martin himself, a section where people tell you how you can get free stuff (and it works, i've tried it). The ...

Life for Rent - Dido 16/07/2007

3 million people, can't be wrong can they?

Life for Rent - Dido Impressive follow up to the successful first album. The songs are all good, Dido's voice is better, there is consistency in the tracks and flow. The singles White Flag, Life For Rent, Don't Leave Home and Sand In My Shoes are all outstanding songs sang really well, mellow - they all flow excellently with the rest of the album. Some album tracks aren't as good - for example Stoned has flow but isn't fantastic and catchy. Do You Have A Little Time, Who Makes You feel are brillant and have great meaning to it. Mary's In India and See You When You're 40 have great meaning behind them and are excellent and all 4 of these are some of the most meaningful songs i have heard in the 2000's. This Land Is Mine and See The Sun close off an excellent album really well - they are catchy, sang well and could have been singles - they are that good. The whole album is fantastic by a fantastic artist. Dido manages to prove she is worth all the musical critical acclaim and outstanding worldwide singles. Excellent follow up to the debut - i would recommend it to anyone who likes releaxing, quality music.

Sound of Girls Aloud (The Greatest Hits) - Girls Aloud 16/07/2007

The greatest greatest-hits ever?

Sound of Girls Aloud (The Greatest Hits) - Girls Aloud About four and a half years ago after Popstars The Rivals, Girls Aloud by some impossibility managed to achieve 15 top 10 singles including 9 in the top 5, 4 hit albums and 3 sell out tours as well as over 3 million record sales and critical acclaim. They have achieved this by establishing a unique formula and now that there discography is long enough and diverse enough a greatest hits album, although they are not splitting is a perfect oppurtunity for the band to earn some money and also show their consistency. The greatest hits, released after 3 original albums shows off all their singles in one album. The album contains the popstars Sound Of The Underground which went to No 1 and got great reviews and is regarded as one of the best pop songs/reality winner singles in the 2000's. No Good Advice and Life Got Cold are included - No Good Advice a attitude filled pop song that's fantastically catchy and Life Got Cold a ballad you'd never expect them to do. Also featured are covers of I'll Stand By You, See The Day, Jump and I Think We're Alone Now - all succesful singles - they have managed to make them catchy and for the 2000's by adding electro sound and increasing their pop song status hence the hits they became. Other creative singles also feature - these regarded as the most inventive and best tracks by their album buyers The Show, Love Machine, Something Kinda Oooh and Biology - these are some of the most innovative tracks of recent times by a pop group - ...

Keep On - Will Young 15/07/2007

''Switch It On'' ! Go know you want to

Keep On - Will Young WIll Young is the singer you'll remember for Pop Idol, third album in you still remember his pop idol roots and the same time he has established himself as an artist in his own right. Third album ''Keep On'' is named of the title track and first track on the album - it starts off the album brillantly. ''Switch It On'' is a good song, but as a single it was good but not great but still a unique song. All Time Love, is one of the best ballads of the 2000's - it's excellent, and Will's voice carries the song. Think It Over shows Will's voice and style perferctly. Who Am I and Save Yourself are more ballads - Who Am I being excellent lead up to Leave Right Now, and Save Yourself being the simple song it needed to be. All I Want, Happiness and Think About It - show off Will's style perferectly, in some way they are slightly weak and lacking - but good enough and and as an album suit it perfectly - ''Home'' ends the album off perfectly, with a unique song, that is simple and shows Will's simplicity off well. An impressive third album containing over half outstanding songs, some very good and other's satisfactory. As an album it's fantastic - it shows Will style perfectly and will be of interest to people who haven't encountered/bought from him before. 15/07/2007

For anyone who's ever taken a photo... My Pix offer a service which seems really impressive when you see the homepage - they offer something much cheaper than most high street shops could. It offers you free storage, free photo categorisation and also allows you to upload your photos. You can by uploading your photos for free, you can see yourself anywhere in the world, show them to friends etc - it's free. They beat their competitiors by offering prints of uploaded photos, giving you the chance to get photos you upload printed. These are not only done on a satisfactory price, but for 3p a photo it seems a brillant photo. They offer lots of different deals and bundles and of course you can't buy 1 print for 3p, it'll have to be a bundle and it'll work out to that much. They offer fast printing and that is fast as you would want them. They seem reliable and they seem a massive enough company to trust. The price for just 3p i find tempting, and the free upload price i also find attractive. I am not sure if there is a delievery charge. They use royal mail to deliever and say they are fast. They also sell other photo related stuff - it's the one stop place for photos - Storage, Printing, Shopping for photo frames etc and also web hosting.The website is easy to use, and well layed out etc.I would recommend anyone using this - it's free, and opitional photo printing for a reasonable price delievered to your home sounds great. I would throughly recommend this to anyone a backpacker, a university student, teens, ... 28/06/2007

The fun encyclopedia I discovered this site a while ago. It has to be one of the best innovations on the Internet for a long time. It's easy to use and features almost anything. It involves instead of very brainy and clever researchers trying to find out about products and writing about them - asks the user of the website to write a article and the information required, you can even create topics and for example for a CD single - you can have a page for the artist, then link to their releases, cd's and note their chart history. The website is fantastic although i have seen alot of errors on their, alot of rumours - so don't trust it too much. It's free, easy to use and it's written by people who mostly know alot about the product they write about as they use it/know about it or are interested in it. It's worth writing stuff on there - it's like everyone on the Internet getting together and writing it - it's been started like this by scratch - it's brillant. Good search ability and also there's a report button on each page, so you can report incorrect information. The information has to be approved though which doesn't take too long but it isn't that fast either. Try searching for even a rare thing and you'll be suprised about the history and amount of depth information you'll find. 28/06/2007

Why Not? Limewire is the latest version of Kazaa. It is one of the one's that has really seemed to stick around and has been mentioned alot on journalist websites etc and mentioned in negative/positive programme's like BBC's click. The site's easy to operate - and obviously features an explination of what you're getting. It's free and you don't have to pay. You download their program - there is rumours that is filled with spyware, but not for definite. You then search for what you need by title and type and then what you need to do is search and download. The speed is really fast although it does depend on the user - there is lots of music, software and video - so all that matters is the number of users, you get more quick downloading if they are online - and you can even chat/see what they have else available to download. You can search for specific albums etc. You might download a virus - the files aren't checked by Limwire - no approval needed. I would install a virus checker/spyware detector though It's free, and that fact that many people go on about it and it has lasted and has thousands of music, software and video. The disadvantages is their is some ilegal/legal - but it is great peer to peer service if you want to transfer something fromse and your other computer to other;. It's easy to use and for free it's worth trying. 16/06/2007

A customer's point of view You've heard it ''we got to get together sooner or later...'' - don't be fooled by it although don't be put off it's a good offer and you do at the end of the day make a saving. The popularity, the offer itself and the company that is behind the service will be enough for you to want to find out more about it. What is the offer? By paying £19.99 every month you will cover line rental and alongside this get free broadband internet. You are under a twelve month contract. Any charges for additional services and for call charges are not included. What are the advantages: - Free broadband internet - you save money by not having an ISP who you pay £9.99 just for broadband internet - Line rental is the same price as BT but you don't get the free broadband internet with them - You can trust Carphone Warehouse, they are very well established - You save money. You pay less bills - you write one cheque for your telephone and internet. The same service from BT would cost you more than £19.99 and BT + AOL/Freeserve etc would be more than Talk Talk. There is a definite discount What are the disadvantages: - Twelve month contract - you can't leave them for that time and there is no trial period. - There has been alot of reports in the press about customer services not being efficent. There is long waiting queues and you are on hold although if you are with them it is free - no call charge for calling them. They seem to be in the process of sorting this out though. - There ... 13/11/2005

Let Cash Bag put free cash in your bag.. Cash Bag is a website and service which allows you to earn money and accumulate money by taking rebates on your online purchases and also by clicking links, participating in offers etc. They offer a service where you for no extra charge but only effort can earn some money without any more. The company is in assosciation with Net One Media and is obviously similiar to highly well known companies of similiarlty such as R Points. The website is quite well designed and well structured - it is professional looking and is easy to see, use and navigate. Although it does not allow you to see any part of the website without atcually registering seems a shame however it does claim that they have given away and that member earnings stand at £149,659.24. The website has many categories for rebate and many companies within that for rebate as well. For example will most likely feature and offer 2% rebate on your purchase. Now that is what you will get but are most likely giving 3% or 4% of which that has gone to Cash Bag for a profit. Many companies feature with some quite handsome and generous rebates as well. New retailers added to rebate and cashback lists are listed as well under the New Retailers section. Fast Cash details the companies most recommended retailers and ways to earn money - worth checking out.You can get paid in Amazon vouchers, cheque or Paypal - very varied and good. Although you have to have at least £15.00 to get paid - this is alot more than ... 13/11/2005

Let Yahoo, guide you...... Yahoo is a well known Internet company which specialises in many things on the Internet including high speed interenet searching, email, shopping and news. The website is designed to help you with all your endeavours on the Internet. It is a effective website and really deals with everything you might generally want to do on the Internet, and it is free. The website is extremely well designed and strucutred with good colour coding and sections giving it a extremely and fitting professional feel to it. By becoming a member which is free you can stream free music videos, have a look at email and have an email account with Yahoo, find a job online using the help of Yahoo - a new service as well as other standard features such as movie times and shopping and news - they provide you with up to do date information of many categories (e.g general, entertainment etc). They link and suggest other shopping websites which they recommend as well. For example, in the sports section you can stream audio and video about matches - find out the latest scores, sports news and information. Yahoo really provide a good service, even better that it is free. Yahoo travel also lets you have a look at city information by entering the name of a city and Yahoo gives you travel guide information about that city. By going on you will end up on the international website - to go on the UK/Ireland one you need to link UK at the bottom of the page. Yahoo really do provide a good ... 13/11/2005

Let Telextext, Help you! Teletext Holidays is a website by Teletext popularly known by many from television. They basically tell you where to get the best deals for holidays - whether what or where that may be. They also have a series of competitions running on their site as well as some travel guides on how to get the best price and shows comparisons for prices as well. The website is very professional and extremely easy to navigate. The website works well with the theme and is designed and structured magnicificty. On the front page you will find several headings e.g. Holidays, Flights. By clicking on these you are taken to a page e.g. on Holidays and you can search by different criterias and they help you book one. They show price comparisons and also recommend retailers as well. They also have many travel guides available on different resorts and retailers. They are really detailed and to the point with their information and trustworthy. There is a site map and advice and tips available by clicking at the bottom of the page and you can sign up to their free email deals exclusive by using the website as well - very useful. The website works really well and they give many tips as well in the 'guides' section. They also offer price comparisons (similiar to Kelkoo etc) to show you where to buy from and what price you can get the cheapest holidays. They really provide you with alot of information to help you book the right holiday at the price that suits you best. Teletext holidays is a ... 12/11/2005

Cheaper than Paypal.... Nochex is a website dedicated to sending payments to other online users. It is a payment transfer service online. Although it doesn't seem even half as popular as Paypal it has quite a little following and atcually is quite trustworthy. They are not too expensive to use even though there are charges and are quite hassle free. The website is very easy to navigate, quite interactive and easy to use and quite well structured giving it a very professional look. By clicking on help you can find out alot of information about them. They claim to have some 750,000 users in the UK. For funding and transferring money into your account they accept many credit cards including Solo. They let you send and recieve money and paying and recieving for Ebay auctions is quite suited and in my opinion you will incur much less costs than Paypal although less people use this. To recieve money they charge 2.6% and £0.20 charge which is quite good for price and less than Paypal of £0.25 + a similiar charge. Sending money is free and is very useful for yourself and it allows your credit card details to stay in the hands of Nochex and not annoymous buyers and websites. Although there is no sending fee there is a fee for uploading money in to your account. A advantage of Nochex is they tell you when you transfer - when the money will be in your account. They claim money is in your bank account in 2-4 days - quite fast especially when compared to Paypal. Registration is quite simple but bank and ... 03/11/2005

Earn cashback on your online purchases! GF Cash is a wonderful site which helps you to earn cashback on your online purchases. Joining is free and registration is free as well. It also allows you to earn cashback in other ways as well such as Pays to click and surveys and you can do this in your account as well with GF Cash. The website is quite well designed and has a moderately well designed user interface and screen layout. The structure is clear and very easy to understand and easy for the average layman to understand and comprehend without being tied up in any terms and conditions. The site asks to complete registration and after that allows you to earn cash. Although, it gives you no welcome bonus unlike many other companies (such as R Points) it does however give you quite good rates. It in a notice message posted at the bottom of the website does say that any suspected fraud will result in account closure and taking away of all your earnings. On the panel at the middle of the screen a ''How It Works'' and ''FAQ'' page make it easier for you how to understand how it works. It recommends on how you can earn lots of money by ''Quick Cash'' by selecting recommended offers. Many retailers are included and really you are saving money - although they are taking a slice of it - you really are not paying anything just getting a rebate back for your purchases online. Recently added retailers are listed at the side bar on retailer category pages. There is a varied list of categories including Music, Office ...
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