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Undiscovered (DVD) 22/12/2007

Better Left Undiscovered?

Die With Me - Elena Forbes 03/12/2007

Die With Me? Or Maybe Alone…

Edison (DVD) 29/11/2007

JT 'trouser snake' fights cop corruption

Edison (DVD) When I was looking through Sky Anytime to see if there was anything decent to watch I came across 'Edison'. A quick read of the blurb grabbed my attention simply because of the cast. Something a film with Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey would be worth watching. What concerned me was I had never heard of it and it was filmed in 2005 so it can't be that great. I was also interested to see that Justin Timberlake and LL Cool J were in it. Having seeing LL Cool J in 'S.W.A.T.' and an episode of 'House' I enjoyed watching him. Plus I was curious to see if Timberlake could act as well as he can sing. Set in the fictitious city of Edison the film opens with Officer Rafe Deed (LL Cool J) and his colleague Sgt. Frances Lazerov (Dylan McDermott), from F.R.A.T. (First Response Assault & Tactical) on their way to a raid. They find money from drugs and then force two men on their knees. Lazerov is clearly enjoying waving his gun around and then tells Deed to shoot one of them. Not being able to go through with it Lazerov takes charge and shoots one of them in the head. In a few short minutes of seeing him on screen it's clear that Lazerov is a psycho and Deed is the one with a conscience. Later on Deed is testifying at the trial. They've made the other man say he shot the other one in the head as he came at him with a knife. Fearing for his life the accused takes responsibility for shooting him and is sentenced to 18 months in prison. Josh Pollack (Justin Timberlake) is a reporter who ...

Dextro Energy 22/11/2007

Quick energy fix

Dextro Energy Several weeks ago I was talking to my Aunt who suggested energy tablets to me. Not just for the energy boost but for other health benefits. For almost 4 years now I've suffered with dizziness, which at the moment is the best it's been in a long time. I'm starting to get my life back in shape and I'm really eager to get back into work. I find that some days I'm really fatigued and it's normally when I'm really dizzy that it overwhelms me. Not wanting to give in to it I've tried a variety of things to help me. When I was really bad I'd have to go for a sleep as I was so dizzy and tired all of a sudden it's the only thing I could do. The days it didn't hit me so hard I fought it and slowly over the months I've more or less mastered what I can do and what my limits are. My average day isn't exactly strenuous but the days I am really busy I can find it knocks the life out of me and can trigger my dizziness of really badly. So after a short conversation to my Aunt about this and how I'd started taking vitamin B supplement she suggested energy tablets to give me an extra helping hand. She had also suffered with a spate of dizziness (not for that long though) and said that when she started to feel really bad she'd take one and it would help her dizziness as well as giving her energy. Willing to give anything a shot I got a few packets of Lemon Dextro from my chemist when I was there next. Remembering how I used to munch through a packet of these really quickly when I worked loads ...

Normandie Diamond Scrub 12/11/2007

Scrub Away With Your Best Friend

Losing You - Nicci French 29/10/2007

A Birthday You'd Never Forget

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre 27/10/2007

Come and Monkey Around

The Woods - Harlan Coben 03/10/2007

If You Go Down To The Woods Tonight...

The Woods - Harlan Coben Having read all of Coben's other novels I just had to pick 'The Woods' up when I saw it on the shelf in the library. I didn't even read the blurb on the back, as I knew I'd want to read it anyway. I didn't even know if it was a stand-alone novel or part of the Myron Bolitar series. Either way I wasn't really bothered as I enjoy both as much. For those of you who don't know Coben started off writing his novels with a character called Myron Bolitar who is a retired basketball player who investigates a lot of cases. He then introduced his stand-alone novels which are good if you've not read all the Bolitar series as you don't feel you could be missing some things out if you don't read them all or in the correct order. 'The Woods' is in fact a stand-alone novel so even if you've never read Coben before this doesn't matter, as it won't effect your enjoyment of the book. The book opens with a prologue where Paul is watching his father digging in the woods. Paul thinks that he doesn't see him watching but after he follows him out there eight times he tells him that this time he needs to go alone. All the time Paul thought he was hidden well and his father was oblivious to him watching him. Coben gives a few facts but not the full picture - enough to grab your attention and want to know more. His mother ran off and something has happened to his sister Camille but we're not told the details yet. After his father goes out to the woods on his own he doesn't go back again. Then twenty ... 01/08/2007

Get paid for recycling! For those of you who’ve never heard of Envirofone then you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you have any old mobiles lying about the house. They basically pay you for your old mobile and they recycle it at no extra cost to you. They even pay for your postage and packaging as well so you have nothing to lose! After reading a review about Envirofone I went off to investigate as I had an old Sony Ericsson K700i lying about and figured I may as well find out if it’s worth anything. The homepage is professional looking and has everything you need to know at first at a glance. Like most people I went straight for the drop down box to put in my mobile to see what it was worth. So you can have a look how much it is worth without joining. I did this and found out that my mobile was worth £21.87 or £25.26 in Argos credit. For a phone that I hadn’t used in almost 2 years I was delighted with that and I was glad I hadn’t thrown it out! So I quickly signed up which was very easy to do. You can register from the homepage but I didn’t do it this way. I simply pressed the continue button from the page I was already on to trade in my mobile. I then had to choose if I wanted a cheque or Argos credit. I went for Argos simply because you get more money for it. They actually say that you get 15% more for choosing Argos credit, which I thought that was a good amount. Once I’d gone through the registration process I received a welcome email and a confirmation email of my trade in. Not only did ...

Member Advice on MRI Scanning 31/05/2007

Clink, clank, clunk!

Member Advice on MRI Scanning any people have heard of an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and more likely have seen it in a medical drama such as House. How many people actually understand what it does though? I’m guessing not many. Until I needed one a few years ago I had never really thought about it. Then when I found out I had to have one to help diagnose dizziness I panicked a little and started to research it. The main reason I was worried was because of what they may have found rather than having to go for an MRI in the first place though. After looking it up online I was put at ease as it is safe as long as you have no metal on you and is painless. So I wasn’t worried about having the MRI after that, until I got to the hospital! I’m not normally the kind of person who would worry so I’m assuming that my fears were natural. So I’d hate to think how someone who suffers from claustrophobia would feel. I think the main thing that put me at ease was knowing a bit about it before hand. I didn’t want to be an expert but I wanted to know what to expect. *** So what is an MRI? *** The basic idea of the MRI is to take images of a persons tissues and organs to build up a picture of what’s going on inside a person. This is normally focused on a certain part of the body to help diagnose an ongoing medical problem or to help diagnose something in the first place. It can show muscles, nerves, joints and blood vessels so it can be useful for a variety of things. So if you’ve had your kneecap shattered an ...

Tri-Ominos 17/05/2007

Sophisticated Dominoes

Buried - Mark Billingham 03/04/2007

Dig Deep

Wabbadabba 21/03/2007

Wabbadabba doooo!

Killer Instinct - Joseph Finder 16/03/2007

Business is War

Bittersweet (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Blu Cantrell 18/02/2007

Sweet sounding

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