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Fisher Price Newborn To Toddler Portable Rocker 10/09/2011

Fisher price rocker a god send my baby loved it and very portable

Fisher Price Newborn To Toddler Portable Rocker I purchased this for my newborn and he slept soundly in it perfectly and sat happily whislt eating and watching cartoons, the chair has to height adjustments one for newborns and one for toddlers (which is apparently a chair) however I think the toddler chair isn't very suitable for toddlers my nephew sat in it and is 3 and a half I felt he was going to break it doesn't seem that comfortable. The great thing about this is that it has little feet which come out so that it can be stable or folded back in when you want to rock the baby back and forth (but they were very stiff to pull out and put back) It comes with a detachable toy bar which is okay but doesn't fully move out the way and kept swinging forward when I went to pick my baby up nearly hitting him in the face so I took it off for the whole time he uses it. The chair has a vibration feature which I loved (used it when he slept on the chair) but only when the battery was nearly dying so the vibration was soft and low because when I put fresh batteries in it the vibration was so heavy my little boy got so scared as his whole body shaked. It folds up great and it very portable and I could hide it away in the corner, another good feature is that the seat cover comes of so I could wash it and it also has a secure belt to keep your little one in place as my little one has started to try climb out of it.

Should school uniforms be abolished? 10/09/2011

No, they help us identify schools and create unity and rules

Should school uniforms be abolished? I don't think uniforms should be abolished, uniforms for schools are a good idea it helps us recognise the school's colours and logo's and help children belong to the school and be apart of it. The whole reason for uniforms is so that it unites all the members together and shows the pubic what school the pupil belongs to. It also helps set a boundary and rules and regulations in a form of discipline for the children so they can continue and get used to following school rules. I do believe some schools are a bit over the top in uniform e.g. blazer, tie, socks, hats and shoes and I believe a simple sweatshirt or logo on a polo can show the schools signs. When schools are more strict with uniform policy it makes children want to break out from those norms on purpose in a way to rebel and misbehave. Uniforms are a good idea and should be kept plain and simple and also to be cheap as I know a lot of schools charge a lot for the uniform items. ...

Ikea ANTILOP High Chair 10/09/2011

ikea high chair very basic, simple not for regular use

Ikea ANTILOP High Chair I needed a chair to put at my mums house for when my son goes over, he's 4 months going to be 5 months in a few days so has just started solids he sits up buy himself but with a bit of support. I was in ikea and saw this and thought great price and would be perfect for the occasional use. It does fold or anything so it can be put away, the legs are to spread out and nearly tripped me up, its very hard surface for a baby, no secure or safety belt any active baby and jump out of this. My niece sat in it (she's 7 months) leant forward and the chair nearly toppled over, as she tried to climb out as she had no belt to keep her in place. No tray after purchasing learnt you had to buy the tray separate so no tray to rest food or drink on when feeding a baby, i also brought the soft blow up cushion that goes inside the chair for more comfort but it took so much space up hardly any space for my son to sit he was squashed. My son hated it he found it uncomfortable and annoying. ...

Boots 17 High Gloss Nail Polish 10/09/2011

17 high gloss nail polish complete fail, hated it

Boots 17 High Gloss Nail Polish I brought 5 nail polishes from 17, three of them being from the french manicure set (clear over coat, french manicure pink base colour and the white tip colour) the other two were mint choc chip and fairy cake. I hated these nail polishes the reasons why are because they never dried fast enough, always smudged, not dark or thick enough had to do like 4 coats, came out lumpy, wasn't easy to remove with nail varnish remover, very messy to applicate, chipped all the time, peeled of. I just wasn't able to keep in on longer then 20 mins as it always smudged and got ruined. The price was between £1.95 to £3.99 so it wasn't that bad but for the quality of the product I felt i had been ripped off.

E.L.F. Cosmetics 10/09/2011

E.L.F great value for money great products will use again

E.L.F. Cosmetics This is my first purchase from E.L.F after being recommended by a friend, I ordered Powder Brush for £3.50, Studio Makeup Mist & Set for £3.50, Studio Matte Lip Colour: Tea Rose for £3.50, Shimmering Facial Whip: Camilla for £1.50 and the delivery was £2.95 so I spent a total of £14.95. I thought the prices were amazing somethings are a bit over priced but for what I purchased I think I got a bargain, the delivery was super-fast and they email you about your order through every little process even telling you the name of the person who's checked your order (which is quite cute). The quality of the products are great and would definitely purchase from them again, and would recommend to every one I know. The brush has shed a few hairs but not as much as other brushes had maybe 3-4 so far the lipstick pen has broken they could work on the winding part but I am a very satisfied customer.

Maxi Cosi Cabriofix 10/09/2011

Maxi Cosi Cabrio-fix carseat great purchase and happy

Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Overall I found this a great car seat and very easy to strap into the car and amazingly its compatible with nearly every buggy with the right adaptors, its light and easy to carry, and the seat belt was easy to adjust to your babies size. However I found the sun canopy slides off quite often and is not really attached on securely, and the handles were quite stiff and annoying as they wouldn't swing back as easily as i wanted. I would recommend this as my little boy slept fine and was cosy in this and it came with a newborn head hugger however in my experience i found by the time my boy was 3 months it started getting small and his feet would come out the end.
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