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Risen (Xbox 360) 10/10/2010

risen - a very difficult game to start off with!

Risen (Xbox 360) Risen isnt the kind of game you pick up, sit down and play through with ease! the start of the game is rather blunt with hardly any explination where you end up washed up on a beach surrounded by rubbel and a few bodies. you finnd yourself stranded on a strange island that has been invaded by a "white robed" organisation called The Inquisition after a bunch of temples randomly rose from the ground around the island. you soon learn that the inquisition are there to retrieve all the treasure that came up along with the temples and have placed new laws that prevent anyone new from entering the island along with anyone leaving. you find yourself choosing between heading to the swamp to roll with the Don's men or going to "harbour town" to make your way there. if you choose to go to harbour town you can choose to help out the Don's men who lurk around the streets or help the inquisition in making the Don's men leave. if you help the inquisition eventually you will be asked to join the group and can choose to be trained as a warrior or a mage. alternatively if you get arrested by the inquisition you get drafted in and are forced to train as a warrior. the downside to what seems to be a rather "free choice" game, there are major restrictions as in, you can't buy armour, it is given to you as you advance in the game and even then you have to play far into the game to recieve proper armour, before then it just seems to be robes. Also, it is very complicated as in some of the ...

Guild Wars Factions (PC) 08/02/2010

Guild wars

Guild Wars Factions (PC) Guild wars is a great MMORPG which can be bought for £10 and has no subscription fee's. it goes around the same rout as most mmorpg's however with the tedious fighting styles as world of warcraft and there is a level cap of only 20 which i found to be quite annoying. there are 7 proffessions you can choose ranging from warrior all the way down to necromancer. when you enter the game after creating your character you will be in the beautiful region called Ascalon. when you are in towns or cities in game you will be in an area with all other players who are in the same place but when youy leave you get your own "copy" of the world to play in. if you want to do missions with other players you need to make a party, i found this also very annoying as i normally like to chat with randomers while killing creatures in mmo's. however, the story is quite compelling and once you finish the first stage of the game you go to war (in other words play a small mission with some other players) then theres a cut scene showing the whole region you started to get used to being you must get used to a new Ascalon that isnt quite as inviting as it wass before a great mmorpg overall with a few set backs but nothing major, i enjoyed this game and im sure you will too PS originally written by ME on different site

Mount and Blade (PC) 08/02/2010

Battle your way to Victory

Mount and Blade (PC) Mount and Blade is unlike any other pc game! I think that you could spend hours and hours on this without getting bored because it is so unique! the fighting style is different to normal pc games, instead of the usual point and click and wait for your character to attack, you control the direction of every swing and plunge with your mouse. the original "native" pack which is the default game version is set during a medieval land called Calradia which is occupied by 5 different factions. you dont have to fight alone either, you can gather soldiers to fight along side you! raid villages with small bandit parties or raise mass armies and take on the rulers of the land. you can also download mods which can range from a battle sizer which makes the battles bigger and more intense. however you will need a very fast computer for this as if the battle is big enough you can end up with over 1000 units on a battlefield. there are also module patches which change the whole game, for example the sword of democles mod makes you an outsider who comes to calradia to prepare them for an attack by the imperial expedentary force. A war awaits you if you buy this game and the playability is immense. there is no online feature though which is a small downside but you dont need it because the game is good enough as it is. you can also take part in huge seiges. as of yet there arent any seige equipment avaiable exept in the "age of machinery" mod but you can use seige towers and ladders to climb ...

Rome: Total War (PC) 24/01/2010

Rome Total War - great game

Rome: Total War (PC) Rome Total War is definetly a game worth trying and is a must have for any RTS fans out there. As a predecessor to the the more recent "Empire" and "Napoleon" total war games, its probably my favorite of the lot. Okay so the newer Total War games may have more to them and a deeper campaign, but i like this classic game for its sheer playability. Okay so its set during the late Roman Republic and the early Roman Empire around 270 BC. If you select the single player imperial campaign from the main menu of the game you will get to choose one of the three great Roman houses of the time, the Julii, the Scipii and the Brutii. Each "house" owns a certain section of Italy with the ##### occupying Rome and a nearby city. I believe it is possible to take over Rome and destroy all the other houses to own the whole of Italy and much more but this is deffinetly not recomended at the start as they will most likely destroy you. okay so lets say you chose to play as the Julii, great you have a small army, two settlements and an assignment from the Senate to take over a small rebel town nearby. Easy enough you can select your army and attack the settlement head on from the tactical map that is used most of the time during the campaign in order to move armies and agents around to conquer the lands. Before i move on i should note that as the Julii family you will end up being at war with the Gaul faction. This brings us down to battles the battle map. This is where you will command your ...

Tom Clancy's Hawx (Xbox 360) 20/08/2009

Tom Clancy's Hawx a flight to remember?

Tom Clancy's Hawx (Xbox 360) The basics ok so here we are, another Tom clancy experience awaiting you, good thing or bad thing? answer: good ofcourse! take the voice commands from Tom Clancy's End war and place them into a combat flight simulation and you're ready to go! With this game you have the ability to rip through the skies in a variety of modern combat jets and take on your enemies with realistic aerodynamic movements and insanely accurate rockets and bombs used to send opponents to their doom in a ball of fire. graphics sounds good eh? well when i first played Tom Clancey's Hawx, i didnt think much of it to be honest but after an hour or so playing i began to appreciate the detail put into the surroundings. the buildings and 3D structures are so detailed that if you are skilled enough in the game you could even fly under a bridge or through the support wires on the topside of a bridge. the whole game is 3D, meaning there is non of that "google earth" style landscape. That would be obvious sinse it is xbox 360 not an old pc game i just thought i should mention it. one thing i found disapointing however was that when i accidently flew into the side of a building, all i saw was an explosion (now dont get me wrong the explosion looked great) but the only damage to the building was a little black mark on the side... now obviously i dont expect the building to explode and have a whole movie scenario of smoke and special effects but i personally feel that they could have done a bit more with ...

RuneScape (PC) 08/12/2007


RuneScape (PC) runescape is a hugely addictive MMORPG. it will grab you by the hair pretty much straight seriously you wont be able to stop playing. theres hundreds of things to do including fighting, fishing, mining and even range or mage. the fun never ends! FIGHTING there are many fighting skills, the 4 main are attack, strength, defence and hit points. all these add together to make up your average combat level. Range, mage and prayer help raise your combat also. when you start u will need to go through a tutorial wich explains everything but il say some things too. better to start with low level monsters or you will die! goblins or cows are probably the best. as your combat rises you can move on to higher level creatures. for range you need arrows anda bow and for mage you need runes. you have different weapons and armour but the main armour types is bronze, iron, black, steel, mithril, adimant, rune and for members dragon. OTHER SKILLS! il explain some of the main skills in this part. mining and smithing is very simple. you need a pickaxe for mining the ore and a hammer to smith the armour n weapons. to start you can only make bronze daggers but it wont be long until you can make maces and swords. to make bronze you firstly need to mine 1 tin ore and 1 copper ore. next you go to a furnace and smelt them to a bronze bar. use the bronze bar with an anvil and a menu will pop up...choose your item and you will make it. fishing and cooking is another main skill. to ...

Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) 29/11/2007


Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2) After Tony Hawk's proskater, fellow fans wanted something new. T.H.U.G gave us this by turning the franchise into an RPG which provided a whole new level of play simply by giving the ability to leave the board and explore on foot. even climb buildings and drop into half pipes and bowls from a roof of almost any building! The great thing about this game is you dont have play as any of the proskaters like in past games. The story mode offers the chance to experience this extreme sport through the use of your own virtual avatar. The option to edit the appearance of your avatar and the skateboard itself adds to the constant changing tone of the game. rather than aimlessly grinding up an abandond parking lot or shopping mall, your given the option to explore buisy city streets and in some cases even the rooftops. Unlike the previous Proskater games you can raise skills such as grip and just general strength of your skater. The story mode is about an average skater punk (you) trying to build his way up to becoming a pro. your friend "Eric" is along with you for the first few stages of the game until you reach a certain point were he takes the credit fr something you did by editing a video. From here onyou are rivals with Eric and at the end you have a sort of grinding competition with him and get the video back. Do missions for people you see in the street and raise your popularity. All you Tony Hawk fans buckle up if you are going to buy this game as plenty of ...

Thrillville: Off the Rails (PS2) 29/11/2007


Thrillville: Off the Rails (PS2) Thrillvill is a massive theme park construction game were you can walk around, talk to the visitors and ride your own rides!!! when you begin your story mode you can pick your character out of the many that is listed and even change the cloths and hair colour. After the opening scene you will need to walk into any of the glowing markers to start a tutorial, however if you are not new you can skip these and come back to them at any point in the game. after the tutorials you can pick any of the rides and minigames ad insert them to the appropriate spots and after even play them!! when you talk to visitors to get feedback on your park. If you wish to build a roller coaster or a flume ride you need to go to a coaster spot. this is where the ride will start and when building you need to make sure not to exeed the power limit and it needs to be able to connect to the start again. if you dont want to play the story mode or you just want to do something different you can go to the main menu and either play the mini arcade type games and try to beat your high score. Also you can go on the coaster builder mode and build a big ride judt for fun. you can make them as big and deadly as you wish without the worry of power limits. oviously it still needs to conect but you can get help and make the game find a connection root for you. When they say "off the rails" they arent kidding. with ths thrillville game there is new coasrer pieces called "whoa" parts. these vary from deadly ...

Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) 27/11/2007

monster hunter!!! on the psp!!

Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) Monster hunter freedome is practicly the same as monster hunter for the ps2. the only difference is a slight change in the order of the missions. this game used to realy entertain me until i got to the second star missions, at this point i was bored stiff seem as though the whole game is anoyingly repetative. kill monsters, mod weapons n armour, kill more stuff, do a lil bit more moddin........... there are some good points however. there is a wide range of weapons and armour to please all your sharp and sadistic needs..... anyway there are a number of big monsters called wyverns. the first you will need to hunt is the "kutku". quite a difficult task for people like me who prefer modern day gun type action. The name says freedom when realy yoyr not free if there is anoyin loading screens between every section of the map! There is not much you could realy right about this game although there is this. the multiplayer feature is rather impressive as you can choose any part of the map to focus in ad stay there for as long as you like hunting any monster of your choice. also there is a treasure hunt feature to the multiplayer section. this is were you find special items and get paid a lot of money for it. overall i would not necesarily recomend this game to people who dont like to be doing the same thing for to long :-) expecialy if you dont like paying up to £30 for a game that might last for around one month :-)

Warhammer 40 000: Dawn Of War (PC) 27/11/2007

Warhammer 40K D.O.W!!

Warhammer 40 000: Dawn Of War (PC) Ok i am a bit of a fan of the warhammer figures myself and then they started bringing out all these games........ i was thinking that they would be a disaster until i found this. i never played a futuristic stratagy war game before, normally i play things like "age of empires" and similar medeival games. I soon changed my gaming style when i played this, i was blown away when i experianced the intense action of D.O.W. Knock yourself out with mass armies or keep it small and take the more "stelthy" approach. oviously you there is a limit so you cant go too crazy with nummbers. you can see your unit limit by looking at your..... well sort of like a "resource"..... anyways Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War basicly consists of 4 races. Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Eldars and Orks. in the expansion pack there is an added race...the "imperial army". But back to this game. oviously as you may very well know you cant build an army without a base, so we build one :-). Each race has different types of buildings but for this i will just talk about the Space Marines (the ingame tutorial willexplain the others as you play them). So basicly to start with you will need to build these things, a stronghold (will already be built, if not build one) you will need a chapel-barracks for building your basic units, a armory for researching upgrades and machine cult for building vehicle units. for defence you may build mine fields and you advance on the battlefield you will need to capture ...

Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2) 26/11/2007


Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2) Scarface is definatly one of my favorite gangster films i have ever seen, and now i get to play it! From selling drugs to taking out gangs.....what could be better!! i would probably rate this game about 9.0 but surprisingly im the only person ive seen so far who would rate it this high!! Think back to the end of the film when Tony Montana dies. Now imagine he lived.......what would happen? well this game shows you. You start of at the point he dies and you need to get out quick, once you get out u escape (after seeing your tiger drag someone into the bushes) and your mansion is lost. Now you need to get it all back. sell drugs to make money until u reach the point were u take over your old warehouses.This opens opportunities for bigger and more profitable deals. you can buy special items such as cars, boats, drivers, and items to "pimp your mansion" with. taking over gangs gives you more territory and whe u buy "fronts" (shops, pubs) you can use these to sell drugs or save your game. use banks to launder your money and also save your game and lets not forget my personal favorite feature to your owned cars....the your weapons in the trunk of the car for all your bloody needs..... overall i would definatly recomend this game to anyone who loves driving, crashing, killing and dealing!!!

Enter the Matrix (PS2) 25/11/2007


Enter the Matrix (PS2) Ok this game was a big dissapointment for me. i was expecting to be playin as Neo since he is the main character of the film an all. But no you play as Ghost and Niobe. the graphics is quite poor, but then again quite good for its time. luckily they brought out "the path of neo" a few years later witch made me happy :-). To be honest its not much different to the path of neo. the only difference is that one follows all three films and this one follows the first two films. Niobe and Ghost has slightly different story lines and different fighting styles. controls are fairly simple. like the wrestling games it is one button for a certain type of attack and you can fight in slow motion and run up and down walls. even jump buildings in certain missions. quite a short game and i wouldnt recomend it to people who like exellent graphics and dont like mission based games.

The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2) 25/11/2007

Neo in the hands of his fans!!

The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2) when i played the first matrix game (enter the matrix) i was spending hours wandering when i could actualy play as Neo. when i finaly found out i couldn't i was kind of surprised that they would bring out a matrix game, were you cant play as the main character. Then i saw this game a few years later. the name said it all and i knew that this was the game i was waiting for. This game has acceptional graphics and exelent gameplay for all you beat 'em' up fans out there. it starts with neo in that room with Morpheus about to choose the pill. oviously you get to choose but if you choose the blue pill its game over so heres not much point even thinking about it. once you have chosen your red pill you go into a sort of turorial were you practice your fighting. The next part of gameplay is the "training" from the first film and you are told what to do at this point and it is the easiest point of the game. The best thing about it is the fact that it follows up all three films step by step. you only getto fly at the end but i suppose it would be too easy if you could fly all the way through. definatly buy it if you are in to the kind of mission based action games.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (PC) 25/11/2007

BOOM! counter terrorist vs terrosist BOOM!

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (PC) If you like online, quick-thinking shooters, then this is definatly a game for you. terrorists (t) vs counter terrorists (ct) what could be better. you need "steam" to play this game but that isnt too hard to install and sign up to. select your servor, choose your side and your off..... unlike most shoot 'em' ups this game brings you straight into the action wit a nice veriaty of weapons and special items with you can buy during the game. these special items include smoke grenades if you dont have them already. also if you are new and want to get used to the controls you could try and offline singleplayer mission. these are quite easy to start with although you can change the difficulty. buy it and you wont be dissapointed. Also there is another type of online mode called a "warcraft" server. this is wer you get exp for every enemy you kill and u can use these points for different skills such as invisibility and self distruct. weapons range from ak's to m4's and the controls are an easy use advantage for this first person shooter (i.e. you use the mouse to aim and fire)
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