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Seagate Backup Plus STBU1000203 1 TB 23/05/2013

Seagate 1 TB Hard Disk Drive

Seagate Backup Plus STBU1000203 1 TB As my desktop started to show signs of problem, I thought it is time to start shifting all my data from my computer to an external backup drive or external hard disk drive(HDD). After scavenging the market for long, I found one HDD that was suitable for me. I picked the 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Portable hard disk for me. Since my computer has a hard disk space of 500GB, so the enormous 1TB HDD space serves me well. This is a cute little device capable of storing all your vacation pictures, funny videos, official documents and data, movies, songs, and the list goes on. This device is very simple to operate and is very much useful. Also, this device backs up your facebook and Flickr data directly through the Seagate Dashboard. Lets go to the common questions that buyers ask before buying it. Is this HDD good enough to store all my data? Absolutely yes! This is a great device to store all your data which you want to have a back up of. You can store practically anything in this device. However selection of HDD depends on the amount of data you have. But, I think, this drive will be enough to back up most of the desktop data as most desktops made around 2006 or 2007 used to have hard disk space less than 1TB. This device is absolutely reliable. There is no fear of data loss. What is the actual capacity of this HDD? Almost all storage devices give less space than what is marked on the cover. This space is generally taken for the device's software, installation files and ...

Olympus 10 X 21 DPC 1 21/05/2013

Great binocular

Olympus 10 X 21 DPC 1 Fascinated by the big Olympus binoculars, I thought of buying one of them myself, but unfortunately, they were too big in size to take them anywhere. So I looked for the smaller versions of the same company that could provide me magnification that is comparable to the big binoculars and will be compact enough to fit anywhere. At last I found one that came up to my expectations. The Olympus 10x21 DPC I is a highly compact and efficient binocular. With a high rate of magnification and specifications, it is worth buying. Compactness This is the smallest binocular that Olympus has ever made. In its full extended form,the DPC I 10x21 measures 8cm in length, 10.5cm in breadth and only 4 cm in height. This is so small that it can easily slip into your pocket. Due its sleek and small design, it fits into your hand perfectly and you can comfortably handle it. To make it more compact and for making the viewing comfortable, the binocular can be reduced in its breadth by pushing both sides downwards. Features This small thing is powerpacked with features. It contains almost all features of a big binocular but still it doesn't forget to flaunt its cute and small design. Lets have a look at the features one by one. Magnification As the name suggests, the magnification provided by this binocular is 10x. I think this is good enough for a binocular of its size. Practically, I am able to see a bird sitting on a tree 500 meters away from where I stand, and with absolute clarity. ...

Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision 16/05/2013

Sennheiser CX 300 II precision headphone

Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision I first borrowed this headphone from my friend as I was bored with my over head headphone and to tell the truth, I was amazed by the quality of sound it delivered. It sounds absolutely fantastic. This is probably the first in ear headphone I have liked after BOSE headphones. Overall controlled sound, good bass and comfortable rubber plugs make this headphone unique. I liked these so much, that I bought the same model of headphones the next day and I have been using this for 5 months now. Design Since these are in-ear canalphone headphone, the size of the plugs are very small and are covered with soft rubber. It comes with three set of ear adapters(the rubber covering) to fit your ears comfortably. The length of the divided wire to the plugs are equal, so you cannot take one plug through the back of your neck to the other ear. One unique thing is that this headphone has Left and Right written on its plug which is a bit unusual for a canalphone, and if you try to fit the right one in your left ear, it will come off. The wire is not too long neither too short. So, it does not hang loose when you connect it to your cell phone kept in your pant's pocket. It has a 3.5mm jack like every other headphone. Colour It comes in full black colour with silver colour at the edge of the plugs. Efficiency This headphone has a fantastic sound quality. There are very few headphones which can match its sound quality. This headphone flaunts its low end bass quality as well as its high ...

Dishonored (PC) 05/05/2013

Dishonored (PC)

Dishonored (PC) Launched in October 2012, Dishonoured is a very short stealth action, adventure game. This is a pretty good game for passing the time, but in due course, it becomes too addictive. The story of the game is pretty straight forward. I played Witcher 2 recently, and I felt that the storyline is somewhat similar to Witcher 2. This game offers a wide range of ways for completion of mission, which is more like Hitman. At some points, the game becomes too difficult to handle, and a bit boring too. But overall, I found it to be a very good game. Story At the starting, Corvo (the protagonist) who is the bodyguard of Dunwall's Empress comes to meet her under a Gazebo where she stands facing the sea. Corvo is accompanied by the Empress's daughter. At this point of time, some assassins, who can teleport come to the Gazebo and assassinate the empress and takes her daughter. Corvo takes out his sword and tries to fight them, but they vanish in the thin air. Immediately, the other soldiers come at the spot and find Corvo with his unsheathed sword. They take Corvo to be the assassin responsible for the murder of the Empress. Corvo is now imprisoned. From here, he is smuggled out by the Loyalists which is a resistance group fighting to reclaim Dunwall. This point marks the begining of Corvo's quest to assassinate the people who conspired against him and reclaim Dunwall.He meets a superpowered man, the Outsider who gives Corvo supernatural powers because he thinks that he is a man who ...

Logitech Stereo Headset H250 Headset 02/05/2013

Logitech H250 communication headphone

Logitech Stereo Headset H250 Headset I bought this all purpose headphone recently as my old over the head headphone became out of service. The Logitech H250 is a very good headphone and fulfils almost all of my needs. As I am a game lover, I prefer a headphone over normal speakers. This product from logitech did not put me down, instead, I was amazed by its sound quality. DESIGN This headphone has a very sleek design with sponged square earpads. The overhead support is also padded and it is adjustable to fit the width and length of the head. It has a flexible rotating mic boom so that while video chatting you can rotate the boom where it picks up your voice the best and you can move it out of your way when playing game or listening to music. It has a pretty long wire with an inline volume control wheel and a mic on/off switch. It contains two 3.5 mm jacks. One for output and another for input. Because of the design of the earpads, it has no left ear or right ear specification, so you can use it in the way you like. Colour It comes in two colours. Black and white. The black one has no variation in colour, however the white one has black paddings and black mic boom which actually looks pretty cool. EFFICIENCY This headphone provides a great sound quality. If you are playing a game, you will be able to hear the intricate sound details clearly. The mic reduces the outside noise(unwanted sounds) and enhances your own voice. However it has one bad point, it has a sound leakage problem, that means if you ...

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC) 27/04/2013

The Amazing Spiderman game: Not so amazing

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC) This game was released in June,2012, but unfortunately I got to play this game this year. Based on the Marvel comic, this is a much better spiderman game than the previous ones. Lots of action and most importantly web. Those who have played prototype 2, will be finding this game to be almost same. This edition of spiderman seems to have taken a lot of ideas from prototype theme and graphics too. However I didn't like this game very much as there is a lot of vibration during playing the game and moving the camera is also very difficult as it revolves a large amount at a small movement of the mouse. Many new things have been added in this game like side missions, helping police, Xtrials, etc. I have to admit that graphics is very good for a comic based game, music too supports the mood of the game. THE STORYLINE The game starts with a cross species monster getting out of control in the OSCORP building and biting Gwen Stacy. Spiderman takes Gwen to an operation room inside the building. He then jumps out of the building and goes on to stop the robotic monsters released by the researcher at Oscorp- Alistaire Smythe who is the biggest enemy of Spiderman. There are different tricks to immobilize different parts of the machine. After immobilizing the machine, Spiderman goes to save Dr. Connors who was actually the Lizard but he had left his ways of the lizard long back but was still lying behind bars in Oscorp. Spiderman brings Dr. Connors to his apartment where he starts making ...

Need for Speed: The Run (PC) 26/04/2013

Need for Speed: The Run (PC)

Need for Speed: The Run (PC) Released in 2012, this instalment in the Need for Speed series is one of the best racing/driving game I have ever played. After NFS Most Wanted in 2005, NFS had derailed from its track and was making some useless NFS games. Run however was a comeback to the original NFS theme of racing. This game offers graphics that is best in its class and also a whole new dimension to racing that is racing from the streets of San Francisco to the hustling and bustling city of New York. With all new supercars in stock, you wont be able to move your mind away from this game. PLOT The main story of this game is very simple. The protagonist, i.e. the driver/player is in debt till his neck. Now he needs to win something big to clear all his debts. His informer informs him that there is a big race starting from San Francisco. The one who reaches New York first, will get the huge reward. The race starts instantly but the path to glory is not at all rosy. The player starts at 180th position and he has to fight his way up to the top. The rival players have big cars with big engines which makes it a whole lot difficult to overtake them. After that, there are few Boss races where the player has to race one on one, much like NFS Carbon. Out of all bosses, one boss, i.e. Marcus Blackwell who drives an Aston One-77 tries to throw the player out permanently. Every opponent he crosses raises his experience level and also reduces the distance to the top. The game takes you to a tour of USA. The game ...

Far Cry 3 (PC) 26/04/2013

Far Cry 3-A great action,adventure,first person shooter game.

Far Cry 3 (PC) This is one of the games of 2012 that I like the most. With a high level of Graphics, this game offers a mind blowing gameplay. According to me this game is the best one Ubisoft has ever made. Following the landmarks of its predecessors that is Far Cry 1 and Far Cry 2, this game has almost the same theme. However the game revolves around an island which has a varied range of natural flora and fauna,natural beauty and amongst it two rivalry groups which does not think twice before attacking each other. THE PLOT':- The game starts with a group of 5 buddies on a vacation on the island. When enjoying themselves, two young guys go on paragliding and they decide to drop off in the river during their flight. But their plan does not go as they wanted it to be. Their vacation becomes their biggest nightmare. The two guys wake up in a cage where the leader of the bad rivalry group 'Vaas' traps them. From here they have to run for their lives but on the way Vaas shoots one of them down. The other one falls into a stream and loses his conciousness. He is then saved by a man from the other group who are good- 'The Rakyat'. At this point starts his quest for his other friends. Now Jason Brody the protagonist is a member of the Rakyat group. He has to protect the Rakyat from Vass's group, take down his centers and also find his friends and save them. VAAS:- The main attraction of this game is Vaas. He is a psychotic killer,addicted to drugs and works for drug and slave dealer. His ...

Samsung GALAXY Pocket 25/04/2013

The Galaxy in your Pocket

Samsung GALAXY Pocket I am using the Samsung Galaxy Pocket smartphone for 1 year now. Launched in April 2012, it is a superb smartphone among the others in its price range. It is very user friendly and supports a huge range of apps. The touch sensitivity is also very good. This smartphone is probably the cheapest smartphone with android OS 2.3 i.e GINGERBREAD. The camera is however a bit dissapointing as it is just a 2 MP camera with no flash. The other features are well organised and are very easy to use. LOOKS Clearly, this smartphone is not very much appealing to the eyes. It has a small screen measuring just 2.8 inches, but it is slim and easy to handle. It has got greyish silver linings around the border and a mat finish back cover. The back key and the option key has been made into touch sensitive buttons instead of normal buttons. The home key however remains to be a traditional button. The volume buttons and the lock/unlock button on the side are hard to locate which is actually good but still very easy to use. TECH SPECS Since this is a smartphone, I will be starting with the OS first. This phone has android OS 2.3 i.e Gingerbread, the basic OS now. Sadly, this version of OS is not upgradable to the next version on this phone. It has a 832MHz processor running in its sleek body which can support most of the apps compatible with the android version. The display will surely not let you down. it has a 2.8 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen which can display upto 256K colours. It is ...

Zebronics NC1000 25/04/2013

Zebronics NC 1000 laptop cooling pad

Zebronics NC1000 My friend actually bought this cooling pad from an online shopping site as his Vaio was getting overheated. After the product was delivered within 2 to 3 days, we both found out that it is actually a very good, efficient and cheap product. It works absolutely fine and cools down the laptop to a large extent. LOOKS The cooling pad looks sporty but a bit boxy too. The blue LED that glows when it is connected to the laptop looks great. It has a blackish transparent plastic body and transparent plastic fan at the base. It has four rubber pads at the four corners and two plastic barriers just to hold the laptop in its place. The pad is slightly inclined towards the front so that the user can get a comfortable view of the laptop screen as well as the keyboard. EFFICIENCY This cooler is very efficient. Actually better than the others in the same price range. My friend's laptop's motherboard was running at 80 degree Celsius. After using this cooler, the temperature dropped down to an amazing 50 degree Celsius. It is absolutely soundless, so it will not be creating any kind of irritation while in use. HOW THE STUFF WORKS This cooling pad uses a single fan of diameter 18cm. One bad thing is, this fan instead of sucking out the heat, pushes the air beneath towards the vents of the laptop which reduces its efficiency to some extent. For best results, I would suggest to place the pad where the fan can easily suck air. So to keep the base of the pad clear will be a good idea to ... 25/04/2013 for me is the best online shopping site. I have ordered so many times from this site and still they have not failed even for a single time. This site is 100% authentic and they do not sell duplicate products. The delivery time is very short and the products are not at all damaged at the time of delivery. Their response to the customers is also very good and cooperative. A SHORT FLASHBACK OF THE COMPANY This online shopping company was started by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal with their headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Both of them alumni of IIT, Delhi, worked for before starting this company. Due to its high popularity, the company's sales has gone up exponentially with sales of 40 million in 2008-09, 200 million in 2009-10, 750 million in 2010-11 and 5 billion in 2011-12.With increasing rate of online shopping, this company is rising in leaps and bounds.. OWN EXPIRIENCE I have ordered a number of times from this site, and they never failed my expectations. First time it was just a story book, they took the order and in two days time, i was reading that book. Their delivery is really fast. The second time, I ordered a cooling pad for my laptop which was actually out of stock. still they delivered the product within seven days time. If there is some problem or delay in delivery of the product, instantly, they e-mail the consumer about their trouble and notify the expected date of delivery. VERSATILITY Flipkart deals in almost ...

Park Avenue Glacier Styling Gel 23/04/2013

The Glacier is here

Park Avenue Glacier Styling Gel I bought this product through Flipkart and found out that this is really a good Hair Styling gel. Better than the rest available in the market, it sets up competition with few other hair gel companies like Gatsby and Brylcream. This is basically a soft hair gel suitable mainly for MEN'S wavy or straight hairs. It has a very good fragrance and an attractive colour too. Unlike the other gels, it is not very sticky and does not stiffen your hair like rock, still it holds your hair in position. This gel is soft on the hair and adds an extra shine to it. It also does not damage your hair like the other hair styling gel or styling wax. It contains D-Panthenol which supplies vitamin B-5 and is used in skin care and hair care parlours worldwide. This Panthenol, moisturises and conditions the hair and gives it a wet and thick look making your hair look healthy. It has a really long lasting hold. 7 to 8 hours of hold is nothing for this gel. The container contains 100g of the gel, but do not go to its volume, because very little amount of this gel is enough to style the hair. Just apply a small amount of it, blow your hair with a hair drier, and you are good to go. It also washes off very easily with water. With a price tag of £ 1.29, i think it is very much cost effective and a good option to avoid the parlour for styling the hair.
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