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Sound of Madness - Shinedown 14/10/2009

These Guys are going places

Sound of Madness - Shinedown 1)Devour - More pop and mainstream than what Shinedown usually work with, its decently catchy but again not really a direction shinedown had to take. Feels like it was made to be a single. 6.5/10 2)Sound Of Madness - Here is the shinedown we love! Great vocals by Smith, smart, although not inspiring, lyrics and a riff that really gets stuck in your head. 8/10 3)Second Chance - Was a single. Good lyrics. A slower songs than the opening two but Brent Smith really pulls of the vocals here perfectly. 8.5/10 4)Cry For Help - A Decent rocker, but doesnt really go anywhere. The lyrics are nothing special and the music is nothing we havent heard from shinedown like a hundred times. Good filler though. 6.5/10 5)The Crow And The Butterfly - Was played multiple times before the release. Another slow song, good lyrics here. 8.5/10 6)If You only Knew - Another ballad, good chorus, but really this song wasnt needed. Nothing memorable and after the first two ballads this falls pretty flat. 6.5/10 7)Sin With A Grin - HERE WE GO! Best Rocker ever by Shinedown! Great lyrics, Amazing chorus and great vocals. The instrumental is good, although simple, but thats to be expected really from shinedown. 10/10 8)What A Shame - After you think they cant possibly top the last track, THEY RELEASE THIS MASTERPIECE! The lyrics and chorus are simply mind blowing! Slower song here. 11/10 9)Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide - The instrumental sounds pretty similar to Sin With A Grin, but unfortunately the ...

Menace to Sobriety - Ugly Kid Joe 12/10/2009

Great, and seriously underrated, album!

Menace to Sobriety - Ugly Kid Joe Ugly Kid Joe were decently popular during the early 90s with their first album (America's Least Wanted - which is also very good may i add), and this album then got released. It got rave reviews by critics and sold fairly well in europe, but got no promotion in America so it bombed. This album is heavier than their first, but with good singing, good lyrics and great instrumental play, its a must for any rock lover. 1)Intro - Ok nothing really special, just a tease for the album. 2)God - Great Metal Song! Crane sounds amazing here, as the lyrics go about questioning God. Its probably the heaviest song they ever released. 9/10 3)Tomorrow's World - Not as heavy as God, but has a catchy chorus and some intriguing instrumental work. Was released as a single too. 8/10 4)Clover - Again a Metal song, and just as good as god. Strong Chorus here also. 9/10 5)Cust - Cant say i like this song too much, filler really. 5.5/10 6)Milkman's Son - A slower song than the opening 5, has fun lyrics, and once again Crane sounds amazing. Was also released as a single. 8/10 7)Suckerpath - An Ok track, borderline filler though. I like the way Crane sings the chorus though. 6.5/10 8)Cloudy Skies - A ballad here. Good lyrics, and the music is very soothing and relaxing here. 'So it's time to leave our home And see the faces we've out-grown Through the years we've kept our backs to the wind So long, farewell, good-bye my friend' 9/10 9)Jesus Rode A Harley - A bit of humor here, which this ...

Motel California - Ugly Kid Joe 11/10/2009


Motel California - Ugly Kid Joe Ugly Kid Joe, maybe the most underrated band ever? This album is by far their weakest release though. They went with a different direction here, trying to sound fresh and get a bit of airplay i guess. Unfortunately it didn't work, and Ugly Kid Joe separated soon after. This is rap/rock, although more rock than rap. 1)Its A Life - Great song, one of the best on the album. Crane starts off by raping, then his normal voice comes into play in the chorus. Good chorus too. The instrumental is nothing too amazing though, pretty straightforward. 8/10 2)Dialogue - Funny song, but again the instrumental lets the song down. 6.5/10 3)Sandwich - This is again rap/rock, and unfortunately i never really liked this song. The chorus is rather weak, the lyrics are also very weak, although a bit funny at some points. 6.5/10 4)Rage Against The Answering Machine - I'm not really sure how to describe this song...if you can even call it that. Very short fortunately. 3.5/10 5)Would You Like To Be There - Business picks up here again! Good song, with very good lyrics and a decent enough instrumental. Definitely a high point. 8.5/10 6)Little Red Man - Fun song here again. 6.5/10 7)Bicycle Wheels - I actually love the instrumental here, and the lyrics are very good! Unfortunately the song is way too short. This could have been the best song on the album if they extended it a bit. 7/10 8)Father - Ok lyrics, good instrumental. 7/10 9)Undertow - Great Song! I love the lyrics here. A slow sweet ...

Slang - Def Leppard 11/10/2009

Different...still great thou

Slang - Def Leppard Def Leppard are known for their fun, although often cheesy, rock songs. With this album they headed in a different direction that maybe not a lot of fans appreciated. Here we have a dark array of songs, and they dont really rock often enough are hard enough, but lyric wise this is the best we've ever seen by Def Leppard. 1)Truth - Easily their most experimental song ever. It can be off putting for some rock fans, but if you get passed the electronic exterior you'll find a great rock song. Strong chorus too. 8/10 2)Turn To Dust - Almost classic Def Leppard here. Still dark lyrics, but an amazing chorus. Good and interesting guitar work here. Should have been the first single. 9.5/10 3)Slang - A good sleazy rock song. But not really my favorite since the lyrics are pretty mediocre here and the instrumental is nothing to brag about 7/10 4)All i Want Is Everything - Amazing ballad! This is what Def Leppard are amazing at. Great lyrics, good and addictive riff and just plain brilliant. 10/10 5)Work It Out - The first single. Decently catchy but again nothing too great. 7.5/10 6)Breathe a Sigh - Another ballad, chessy thou. Sounds like something Bryan Adams would release. It would have been a hit as a single thou. 7/10 7)Deliver Me - A fun, short hard rock song. Good chorus, but the lyrics could be better. 7.5/10 8)Gift Of Flesh - Heaviest song on the album. Great lyrics and even better chorus. It doesnt sound like old Def Leppard thou, but still very solid. 8/10 9)Blood ...

Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses 11/10/2009

Hard rock gets the kick in the ass it needed

Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses In 1986, rock was losing most of its edge. Hair metal was at its high point, and most bands were changing their style to become more radio (and chick) friendly. We had bands like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison and Warrant ruling the airwaves. Thats when Guns N' Roses come in. Appetite for Destruction is a full out hard rock album, its a very sleazy album, but that what makes it so great. The members of the band that performed on this album are: Axl Rose, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven Adler. Their debut album has a much more unified sound that most of their later albums, due to the fact that the band was going through a lot of changed, and it could be easily seen that they werent stable at all. Now for the song by song review: 1)Welcome To The Jungle: A great hard rock song, that was released as the first single, although it had to be re-released. The lyrics are good, if nothing special. And the song does not really have a chorus, but it doesnt take away anything from it. 8/10 2)Its So Easy: A sleazy rock/punk song. Again nothing special lyric wise, but the song is to fun not too like. Also great guitar work by Slash here. Axl sings in a deeper voice here, then reverts to his original voice right at the end for added effect. 8.5/10 3)Nightrain: A song about a wine they used to drink. The song is pretty great til about the 2 minute mark, then it gets repetitive. A strong chorus here, and one of Slashes best solos. 8.5/10 4)Out Ta Get me: One of the weaker tracks. Its an ...
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