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HP Elite X3 30/12/2016

Best windows phone ever

HP Elite X3 Best windows phone…. It's impressive to see a new manufacturer get so much right on the first try. Speakers: The speakers are loud and solely distort once nearly maxed. Whereas they lack the bass of a lot of consumer-friendly phones just like the iPhone, the Elite x3 excels for Skype calls wherever voice is most significant. Display: Display is bright contrast which makes easy to read, it has screen size of 5.96" which has AMOLED display with protection of Gorilla Glass 4 Cameras The hardware is impressive, but there should be some more software tweaks to enhance performance. 16MP f/2.0 FHD rear-facing camera 8MP front-facing camera and Iris camera Battery The Elite x3 features a 4150 mAh battery, which is 550 mAh more than a Galaxy S7 Edge and 1250 mAh more than the iPhone 7 Plus. This is the 'smartphone' running Windows 10 Mobile, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU with 64GB of internal memory. I don't have any criticism concerning the hardware style or elements utilized in the Elite x3. whereas some folks could dislike giant screens, that's strictly personal preference. The Elite x3 is supposed to be utilized in construction yards, line work, mines, come in the sphere, etc. wherever having an oversized show is most well-liked. ...
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