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House of Puzzles Dawn Chorus 22/03/2015

More Challenging Than It Looks

House of Puzzles Dawn Chorus While I used to really enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together in my younger years, I have to admit that it's a pastime I haven't indulged in for quite some time. Having a voucher to spend in my local garden centre, I decided to take the opportunity to re-indulge in some problem solving and bought myself this 1000 piece jigsaw, just to ease myself in. There were actually a few puzzles available, all from the same manufacturer and priced at a fairly hefty £12.99, but for some reason this design quite appealed. It looked as if it was going to be challenging, but there appeared to be enough variation in colour to stop it from becoming too frustrating. As with almost every puzzle I've ever bought new, the 1000 pieces were held in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. The actual box is pretty sturdy and the lid fits snug enough that you need to give the box a good shake to remove it, which is what you want really. There's little more frustrating than picking a puzzle box up only for the tray to fall out and deposit all 1000 pieces across the floor. The pieces themselves are of a fairly standard size and made of fairly sturdy cardboard, not the sturdiest but neither the flimsiest. The vast majority were correctly separated, but there were a tiny minority where the board wasn't completely cut through, meaning I had to pull them apart myself. As I started to sort the edge pieces out it quickly became very obvious that the pieces in this puzzle are anything but standard in shape, yes ...

Lush Rose Bubble Bar 20/03/2015

Pure Decadence

Lush Rose Bubble Bar Gramme for gramme by far the most expensive Lush bubble bar I have used, Rose is quite simply unadulterated decadence in the form of a bubble bath. Part of the Mother's Day 2015 range, Rose was available in a gift set along with being available to purchase singly at an eye-watering £2.95 What Lush Says A work of art inside and out. With Turkish rose absolute to soothe the spirits and Fair Trade cocoa butter to soften the skin. What Sandemp Says OK I'm going to be completely honest, my very first impressions on the Rose bubble bar were mixed to say the least. It is incredibly pretty, formed of swirls of pink and white, decorated with a candy leaf and coated in shimmering glitter. But it is also very small, about a third of the size of a standard bubble bar and not that much cheaper. Knowing that, unlike standard bars where I could get three or more, I was only going to get the one bath out of Rose, I saved it until I felt that I really needed an extra special treat. Even before crumbling Rose under running taps it was obvious just why it's so much more expensive than standard bars. Rose is absolutely packed with rose absolute, a relatively expensive ingredient that gives it a gorgeous natural rose scent. Stopping the powdery rose from becoming too cloying, there is a citrus undertone that combines to give a beautifully rounded rose scent that doesn't fade even when added to the bath. Crumbling Rose under the tap is a simple enough affair, it's packed so full of nourishing ...

Lush Vanillary Atomiser 10/03/2015

The Sweeter Side Of Lush

Lush Vanillary Atomiser Over the last few weeks I've been building up quite a collection of Lush perfumes, but today I decided to return to the very first Lush perfume I ever bought, Vanillary. Now before I start, I must point out that my bottle of Vanillary is several years old, but it has been stored in a drawer away from sunlight and direct heat and still smells exactly the same as the day I bought it and the same as the bottles on sale today. What Lush Says A sweet, yet sophisticated vanilla fragrance. We blended Fair Trade vanilla absolute with tonka and added a hint of jasmine for a reassuring, powdered caramel perfume. Vanillary settles on the skin for a long lasting warmth that is difficult to resist. Layer with Vanilla Dee-Lite lotion and Vanilla Puff dusting powder for the ultimate sweet treat. Notes: vanilla, tonka, jasmine What Sandemp Says One of the cheaper Lush perfumes, Vanillary is available in both solid and liquid form, with the liquid perfume being sold in three sizes of bottle. My own bottle was bought during a special event and ironically was the ridiculously low price of just £5 for 30ml because it was supplied in what was considered the old style of glass bottle. This was just as the Lush perfume range was expanding and the perfumes were starting to be sold in very unattractive black, plastic bottles. Personally I was more than happy to get the older style and am pleased to be able to say that Lush have once more reverted to glass bottles. The design on the very simple ...

Lush Gorilla Perfume Kerbside Violet Eau de Parfum 09/03/2015

The Sweet Smell of Green

Lush Gorilla Perfume Kerbside Violet Eau de Parfum While I have a fair number of cheap Eau de Toilettes (from The Body Shop), my collection of perfumes from Lush is a lot smaller, although it is building up slowly. I do have my absolute favourites, but am trying to branch out, which was why I tried Kerbside Violet. Very different from my usual perfumes, I decided that I quite liked the scent and the way it played out and so a 10ml bottle joined my collection yesterday. What Lush Says Elusive and evocative, sweet violet is captured here in its diminutive glory. Kerbside Violet is inspired by chance encounters and fleeting moments. A breath of serenity allowing you to slow down and notice the tiny revolution growing through the cracks of a concrete jungle near you.  What Sandemp Says As with all the Lush perfumes, Kerbside Violet is a little more expensive than my usual scents, in fact it's a lot more expensive and it still feels a little indulgent when I spray it. At £18 for 10ml, it may not be the most expensive, even when compared to other Lush perfumes, but it's lot more expensive than the Body Shop Eau de Toilettes that I bought for the equivalent of £2.50 for 10mls. But as I constantly remind myself, this is not only perfume and so stronger and longer lasting but much of the scent comes from essential oils and absolutes. There was a time when the Lush perfumes were supplied in black, plastic bottles, but times have moved on and my 10ml Kerbside Violet is housed in a fairly standard, cylindrical, glass bottle topped ...

Weekend Box Club Subscription Box 08/03/2015

Creative, Educational Fun in A Box

Lush Secret Garden 07/03/2015

Shhhh My Secret Indulgence

Lush Ultraviolet Bubblebar 06/03/2015

Over the (UltraViolet) Rainbow

Lush Vanilla Puff Powder 05/03/2015

Sweeter Even Than The Smell of Babies

Lush Vanilla Puff Powder Generally when I think of talcum powder one of two extremes comes to mind, babies and old ladies, not a forty something (ahem) me. But Vanilla Puff is rather different from both baby powder (as gorgeous as that smells) and the dodgy scented talcum powder that my Nanna used to use, sweetly scented it's a “dusting powder”. What Lush Says Our dusting powders absorb excess oils and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. With our delicious blend of tonka, jasmine and Fair Trade vanilla absolute, this makes you smell truly scrumptious. Dust gently over the body after a bath or shower and pat into the skin, or shake onto clean sheets or towels for a pampering touch of luxury. What Sandemp Says Supplied in one of Lush's standard transparent bottles (complete with black flip top lid), Vanilla Puff is one of a range of dusting powders sold by Lush, which include a sunscreen and a lustre filled version. Now while I like the fact that this bottle is made from recycled plastic and can itself be recycled (the lid can also be returned to Lush for recycling), I find the idea of a “dusting” powder in a bottle difficult to get my head round. While I appreciate that the older style, black cardboard tubs had issues, they did at least feature a proper sprinkle opening in the lid that allowed some control in how much powder is dispensed at a time. Using this bottle, you have to kind of squeeze it, which sometimes releases the powder in a cloud, sometimes releases a tiny amount, sometimes ...

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel 04/03/2015

Super Sweet Lush

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel While I'm not a fan of Lush Snow Fairy myself, (nearly) five year old Freddy is and we've ended up with a few bottles of the iconic Lush Shower Gel. As this is part of the Lush Christmas range, you won't be able to buy it from Lush until around September. It does, however, seem to available on Ebay, but you are looking at highly inflated prices. When Lush do bring this back for Christmas 2015, it is likely to be available in three sizes of bottle, with prices starting at around the £4.75 mark for 100g. We actually picked up two bottles in the New Year Sale, both of which were in Snow Fairy gift sets, where we also got a slice of Godmother soap, a Snow Fairy massage bar and Fairy Wand reusable bubble bar for the very reasonable price of £12.50 a box. The Bottle Snow Fairy is supplied in a standard for Lush, transparent bottle with a black flip top lid. Made of 100% recycled plastic the bottle is adorned with a very pink sticker, that as well as reinforcing that this is Snow Fairy, contains a list of ingredients and instructions for use, while a smaller round sticker tells us who made it, when it was made and when we should use it by. Unlike some Lush products, Snow Fairy has a fairly long shelf life, the bottle I have in my hands was made in October 2014 and has a use by date of December 2015, not that it's likely to last that long. Once empty the bottle can be recycled locally while the black top can be returned to your local Lush for recycling. I have to admit that I do ...

Lush Play Doze bubble bar slice 03/03/2015

Psychedelic Lush

Lush Play Doze bubble bar slice There was a time when Playdoze held a place in Lush's permanent line, but then it was axed. Don't ask me when it was axed, because I quite simply do not know, but it was and it was before I had the chance to try it. Then a few weeks back, Playdoze made an appearance in the Lush Kitchen, an area of the website which houses small, limited runs of exclusive or retired products and I jumped at the chance to try this retro classic. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for this rather psychedelic yellow bubble bar but it was more expensive than the average Lush Bubble Bar at around £4 for 100g. Originally targeted towards children, Playdoze is packed full of relaxing and sleep inducing ingredients designed to help little ones to drift off to the land of nod. When dry the strongest scent is most definitely lavender which is well known for it's relaxing and antibacterial properties, with a hint of something herbal. It's not the strongest scented bubble bar when dry, but strong enough to scent a drawer if left in there overnight. As with all Lush Bubble Bars using Playdoze is a piece of cake, break a piece off, crumble under a running tap and wait for the bubbles to carpet the water's surface. While I'm sure Lush would love me to use a whole bar in one go, that would be far too decadent, so I generally use around third of a bar per bath and in this case I used just one quarter of the bar (as it was so much more expensive). So I came to my first issue with this bubble bar, it ...

Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Gel 02/03/2015

Scrummy Yummy Mummy

The Rainy Day Box Taster LetterBox 28/02/2015

Fun On Rainy Days

Lush Mother Superior Bubble Bar 27/02/2015

Not So Heavenly Lush

Lush Sikkim Girls Solid Eau de Parfum 26/02/2015

Seductive Lush

The Rainy Day Box Letterbox Club Subscription Box 25/02/2015

Not Just For Rainy Days

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