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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 (DVD) 27/03/2015

Pretty Little Liars review

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 (DVD) I've only recently jumped on the Pretty Little Liars bandwagon and I'm wondering where I've been the last 5 years! It was recommended to me by a friend & I'm still catching up on Netflix. I've watched 4 series so far in 3 weeks I've been that hooked! In a nutshell (don't want to give anything away) the sypnosis is there are a group of 5 friends (girls) and one goes missing. A year later they start receiving mysterious texts threatening to expose all their secrets (and there are a lot!). They assume it is their friend - but then her body is found!! I am a big fan of mysteries - so this is my kind of programme. I love trying to work out what's what and guessing "who did it" and all the twists and turns, and this is exactly that. There are a lot of supporting characters as well as the main, who all have their own stories and secrets. Nothing is ever as it seems so I find it keeps you on your toes! Nothing is predictable either, as soon as you have a theory, something else happens to shake things up. I never would have thought you could have so many different storylines all together and it still works and fits together! Bring on the next series!

Barry M Nail Paint 27/03/2015

Barry M Nail Paint

Barry M Nail Paint I love Barry M & have done for years! I used to buy nail polishes from all different brands, but now I just tend to buy Barry M. The range has so many different colours to choose from, but not only colours, also with different finishes: eg Gelly & Nail Effects (plus different effects too). I find them a good value for money. The basic polishes are £2.99 and the effects are £3.99 but they also have a lot of 3 for 2 offers on. I usually put 2 coats on as I like my colours to be vibrant and thick. Lasts me around 3 days before chipping a little, but I have an active job using my hands, would probably last longer otherwise. I find they last a long time. I couldn't say how long for sure as I wear different colours all the time but I would guess used every week a bottle would probably last a few months. Sold at Boots & Superdrug.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor 27/03/2015

Great Aussie Conditioner

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor I use this conditioner all the time and have done for a few years now. It was recommended to me by a friend and my first thought was that I loved the smell. It's quite a thick conditioner, which I prefer, as some can be a bit watery and I find they don't tend to keep your hair as nourished. I only condition the ends of my hair, although it is waist length, and the 250ml bottle probably lasts me around 6 weeks (depending how much I wash my hair of course). I think the 250ml bottle is around £4.99 depending on which shop you go to, but I find most have a 3 for £10 offer on this range so you end up getting one free. Aussie range is sold at Boots, Superdrug & Supermarkets etc

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 25/02/2015

Clever & enjoyable tv show

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) I didn't get into watching Gilmore Girls until the series had ended and I stumbled upon a re-run. I thought Gilmore Girls was entertaining and very cleverly written, especially with the fast-paced dialogues and references to other films and music. A rough over-view, the show is about a single mother (Lorelai) to a 16-year-old daughter (Rory). Lorelai had Rory when she was just 16 herself, and the father, Christopher, only makes sporadic contact with them over the years. Lorelai was raised in a wealthy home with her parents (Emily & Richard) who disapproved of Lorelai not marrying Christopher upon falling pregnant. Lorelai then moved out to make it on her own in Stars Hollow, 30 minutes away from her parents. She works at an inn as a maid before working her way up to manager. Rory, in contrast to Lorelai, is very book-smart and dreams of going to Harvard. I love how it isn't completely predictable, especially (some) relationship wise where you have a Ross-Rachel situation thing going on and you just know two characters will get together at some point. As the show is aimed at children also, parents will also like that although it is about a single mother getting pregnant at 16 and becoming more "friends" with her daughter as she gets older, it is also shown how hard it was for Lorelai having a child so young and the struggles she went through such as having not much money and sacrificing a college degree, so it doesn't glamorize teenage pregnancy. I find all the ...

Dove Body Moisturiser 25/02/2015

Keeps skin moisturised

Dove Body Moisturiser I have used this product for a number of years now. I suffer from really dry skin, and I find this really keeps my skin moisturised. The texture is thick but runny so it's easily rubbed into the skin. You don't need to use a lot to get a good covering on your skin (depending how much of your body you apply it to) so I find it lasts a while. For me, using it on my face daily, and twice a week, my body, it lasts me around two months. I love the scent - it smells fresh and a bit florally, although not too over powering. I find, as soon as it's applied on your skin it looks a bit greasy, so I don't use this before applying make-up, I apply this one before bed so it's fully absorbed by the morning. Maybe people who don't have dry skin might find this a little too greasy, but for me having dry skin, I find it just greasy enough that it hydrates it. You can buy this at high street cosmetic stores Boots, Superdrug etc, and supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco. The price varies on what sized bottle you buy, but they are on average between £4 - £7. I've also noticed they do offers on these quite a lot, either half price or save 1/3 etc.

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 25/02/2015

Excellent for dry skin

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream I absolutely LOVE Nivea! In my opinion, this is an amazing moisturizer for dry skin. I use this everyday on my face. It has the original Nivea smell, which personally, I love. It has a thick, creamy texture but soaks into your skin straight away so it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. I especially suffer from dry skin on my forehead, but using this twice a day really helps keep it soft and flake-free. It is also easy to buy as most stores stock it on the high street, and is really cheap, especially for what it does! I find you don't need to use a lot for it to do it's job, so I'd say a medium sized pot lasts me a few months. It's also gentle on your hands and doesn't sting if you were to use it on dry, cracked hands. The pots are also handy once empty to wash out and re use for something else. Plus they do a handy handbag sized pot so you can moisturize on the go. Available to buy in high street cosmetic stores such as Boots/Superdrug & in supermarkets such as Asda/Tesco etc. The small hangbag sized pots are around £2, going up a few pounds depending on the sized pots you get. The most expensive I have seen is around £5.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation 25/02/2015

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation I would recommend Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. I have used this product several times. I find that it is smooth and creamy so it just slides onto your skin. It dries straight away so any product, eg powder, blusher etc, can be applied immediately afterwards. I also found it covered any blemishes or skin imperfections almost completely, and made my skin look really smooth and clear. It is also light weight and does not feel like you have any foundation on. You also don't need to use a lot to get a good covering. The only downsides are the pots are a bit small, and it is quite expensive, especially as there are alternatives from other brands which are the same but cheaper. But overall, a good product from Maybelline.
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