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My son WIlliam is now 4yrs old and my daughter Aimee is 5yrs old. I am currently writing a book on my life based on my 'All About Me' review. Should get it published later this year! Will be back on here soon to write some reviews.

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Little Tikes Picnic Table 26/03/2010

Don't fall backwards!

My Best Friend's Girl - Dorothy Koomson 29/07/2007

I was Crying and Laughing from the First Page

My Best Friend's Girl - Dorothy Koomson MY BEST FRIENDS GIRL This is a fiction book wrote by a very talented woman called Dorothy Koomson. In its first few weeks it sold 90,000 copies and six weeks later it was selected for the ‘Richard and Judy Summer Reads Book Club’ and the book went on to sell over 500,000 copies. This is the 3rd book of Dorothy’s 4 books that she has published. The story is about a woman in her early 30’s called Kamryn. She is devoted to her career and has no other responsibilities and likes it that way. She has her best friend called Adele who she was friends with for many years until Adele decided to sleep with Kamryn’s boyfriend Nate. From this point on Kamryn insists she will never see Adele again or Nate for that matter, until one day Adele writes a letter to Kamryn and tells her she is dying. Adele has a child called Tegan and asks Adele to adopt her, but Kamryn never wanted children and feels she is being put on the spot. What does she do: Will this ruin her life? If she did take on the child would she be able to cope? Would she get adoption rights if she did adopt Tegan? How would this affect her career? How would she cope financially? There are so many questions you will find need answering and best of all - wait till she finds out who the father of Tegan is!!! HOW DOROTHY KOOMSON APPROACHED WRITING THIS BOOK The plot for this book is very well thought out. At times as you are reading through it you think you can see how the book will pan out, but it is not as predictable as ...

Out of the Dark - Robin Royston, Linda Cain 17/07/2007

The Most Shocking Story Of Self-Discovery

Out of the Dark - Robin Royston, Linda Cain OUT OF THE DARK This autobiography was so popular when it was first published in paper back format in 2004 that it stayed on the list of best sellers for most of that year. It has sold almost a quarter of a million books in the UK alone! Linda Caine was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and lived there for most of her childhood, before moving onto Los Angeles and then England. She was happily married with a wonderful husband and two lovely children, living in a big house with no financial worries, and yet Linda was increasingly becoming more depressed by the day. She had what many people would describe as the perfect life and yet there was something that she hadn’t a clue what it was that made her dreadfully unhappy. This prompted her to start seeing a psychotherapist to discuss her feelings and to see if they could discover what lied at the heart of Linda’s depression, but it seemed that her feelings were buried so deep that to reveal them may destroy her completely. This is a real story of suspense that really makes you wonder how she will survive and get through her tragic life. It is also a really inspirational story of courage and strength of character. HOW LINDA CAINE APPROACHED WRITING THIS BOOK The story of Linda is told both by herself and her Psychotherapist (Robin) from January 1988 and ends in December 1991. The main focus is on Linda and Robin’s sessions together and going through Linda’s childhood to see if they can uncover any deep buried secrets that lie in ...

Guernsey (Channel Islands) 08/04/2007

Meeting Helen Mirren and adventurous times galore!

reveals yourself in 100 questions... 26/03/2007

Autobiograpy, Published Article and more...

Member Advice on Torticollis 15/11/2006

Can't look to the right

Members Advice on Labour And Birth 16/08/2006

When things don't go as planned

A Child Called It (Audio Book) - Dave Pelzer 23/05/2006

A Shocking and Inspirational True Story

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon 12/05/2006

Two Mysteries to Solve

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl 06/05/2006

Anything in Life is Possible

Dyson DC15 THE BALL Allergy 28/01/2006

How to make your carpets look new again

Dyson DC15 THE BALL Allergy I only got the Dyson DC15 Allergy by chance. I originally set out to buy the Dyson DC14 Allergy priced at £278.95. What happened was a couple of weeks ago I was looking on the Argos website and noticed that most of the Dyson hoovers had big discounts and the DC14 Allergy was in the sale for £180. The only trouble was they were completely out of stock. As I wasn't to sure how long this sale would last and didn't want to pay full price for a Dyson I looked at the next option up - the Dyson DC15 Allergy which I found was reduced from £339.95 down to £240 and it was in stock. Well seeing as this was cheaper than the other version at full price I decided to go for it. FIRST IMPRESSIONS Well I got the Dyson home and took it out of its box together with its set of instructions and its 2 year guarantee and I have to admit it did look pretty impressive considering it's just a hoover after all! Its colour is silver and white with yellow on the carry handle, on/off switch and the ball. Now you are probably wondering what association a ball can have with a hoover. Well this is the main difference between the DC14 and DC15 in that it has a ball joint - this enables the hoover to steer smoothly with the turn of a wrist, great for going around tight corners and so you can clean with less effort involved. I got the impression from looking at this hoover though that it would be quite complicated to work out how to use - however looking at it more closely there weren't lots of buttons to ...

Remington WDF 1200 Smooth + Silky 02/01/2006

A Lovely Smooth & Silky Finish

My Resolutions 29/12/2005

My 2006 New Year Resolutions

My Resolutions Every year I always make a point of making New Year Resolutions. I think its very important to do this as it sets myself goals to achieve for the year and gives me something to aim for which I often find a good challenge. I don't like just going into a New Year with nothing in mind to achieve as I feel I would just drift by, day by day and not achieve as much as I would of otherwise. I find resolutions motivate me to improve my life in whatever way I choose and also its a great feeling to actually achieve some of the goals I set for the year. So here are my resolutions for 2006: TO BE MORE ASSERTIVE For most of my life up until the last few years I had little confidence in myself and so I got used to people I know telling me what to do and feeling that they always knew best and it never really bothered me that I never really had much of a say in things as I didn't have much confidence in my own opinions. But now I have got my confidence back I am at the stage where I want to stick up for myself and have a say in things - I feel that my opinions are just as valid. I also find myself saying 'maybe' or 'yes' alot when really what I want to say is 'no'. It sounds so easy just to say 'no' to something I don't want to do and it should be. So I am going to make a real effort to stop worrying so much and just go for it. I think I will be treated more like an adult rather than a child if I can conquer this one this year so on a gradual basis over the next year I am going to make a ...

Patch Adams (DVD) 10/09/2005

Treat the Patient, Not just the Disease

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