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Ps I Love You - Cecelia Ahern 17/05/2006

P.S This is over-rated!

Ps I Love You - Cecelia Ahern Don't get me wrong the book wasn't bad. Not the best I've ever read either, and definitely in my opinion not worthy of five stars! I was reluctant to read the book, as I thought it sounded unbelievably sloppy from the blurb, but I was told it wasn't have as bad as it sounded, which it wasn't. Without giving too much away the basic storyline is that there is a couple, Holly and Gerry, who are madly in love and then he dies. The book is all about Holly's life following the death of her husband. Before he dies, Gerry writes some little notes, one to be opened each month following his death, by Holly to help her get on with her life. The book shows how Holly's friends and family cope with the situation and the range of emotions that Holly goes through. It is sad, but at the same time shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. When reading this I laughed, very nearly cried and you can almost put yourself in Holly's shoes and feel her pain. I think anybody who has ever lost anyone very close would relate to the feelings shown that the character Holly goes through in this book and I think it was very well written. The book shows the difficulties of having to decide whether she is ready/ ever will be ready to date another man again. Also how people avoid her because they don't know what to say to her. I think considering this must be a very difficult situation to write about it has been done brilliantly. The only problems I had with the book ...

Everything that starts with A ... 16/05/2006

Another little quiz!

Everything that starts with A ... Very bored at the moment - not used to staying in, so thought I'd use my time to do this1 1. What is your middle name? Louise. I know sarah-louise has to be the most common name EVER! suits me - common as muck haha. 2. How big is your bed? Double, could do with a bigger one! I'm greedy! 3. What are you listening to right now? That prat on airline or airport or whatever it is going on about someone having their finger stuck in something! Very uninteresting ! 4. What are the last 4 digits in your phone number? 6844 5. What was the last thing you ate? I just had a jacket spu with loadsa butter and tuna, salad cream and onion - boy does my breath smell nice! 6. Last person you hugged? Probably my boyfriend - 2 weeks ago when I saw him last! 7. How is the weather right now? Not too bad been hot all day but its getting a bit grey! Could rain! Just call me Peter Fish (I really hope that is the name of that weatehrman - not that I'm a man but it's the only one I know) 8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My sister last night I think. 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes, closely followed by hair and shoes! 10. Favourite type of Food? Italian probably, can't beat a good Carbonara, lasagne, bolognese and pizza! 11. Do you want children? No thanks! Everybody always says I will change my mind as I get older but I doubt it very much. I find them pretty repulsive really! 12. Do you get ...

Member Advice on Long Distance Relationships 13/05/2006

You cannot text a cuddle!

Member Advice on Long Distance Relationships For the third time in my life I am in a long distance relationship. The first was a few years ago, didn't last very long because we were both 16 and didn't feel that strongly about each other to put the efoort that is needed into any relationship, never mind a long distance one. The second was about a year later with a bloke in Ireland. One of my biggest fears was that, as I was over here he could be with any girls over there and I wouldn't have a clue. Which is exactly what happened - the most ridiculous thing about it being the person he cheated with was a friend of mine who went over there on holiday - some mate! After these two experiences I was with a guy who lives just around the corner for two and a half years which was great but we just grew apart. After the first two experiences I said I would never ever have a long distance relationship ever again. Until mid-March this year, when I went to Ireland again and met the most amazing man ever. We shared a few kisses and that was about it until I got back to England and he'd given a friend of mine his number to stay in contact. So we text each other and 4 weeks later I was back there again! From the second I stepped foot off that plane until getting back on it again we were inseperable. It was fantastic and we got on so well. I have never had such fun times and as many laughs with someone and the feelings I felt for him were so strong after knowing him such a short time. When it came to coming home, I ...

Member Advice on Age Gaps 13/05/2006

The Best Thing I Ever Did

Member Advice on Age Gaps I met a man a few months ago who asked me out on a date, he was good looking and a nice guy so I agreed. We got talking about life and he told me he had lived in another country for 18 years so I was like oh right how old are you? Thinking he was about 24 he told me he was 38. I was a little shocked but just because he didn't look or act it at all. Anyway that was the only time I thought about it. He was fun, kind and attractive and I thought go for it anyway! I met his friends and family who all thought it was a little strange as his ex partners were all the same age as him but they accepted it and now they think it was the best thing ever, as do my friends & family. Everyone now realises that we are so well suited. We have the same interests, likes and dislikes. We have the same friends and can spend time together in groups of all ages without any problems! All of my life I have never been attracted to people my own age. The youngest man I have ever dated was 5 years my senior. I am still seeing the person mentioned above who is twice my age, I am 19 and he is 38. He has more life in him than I do, but compared with younger men has the maturity and respect that make him so different. As long as there is love, respect and trust I don't see why any relationship can't work! The only problems I have come accross is the hassle that other people give you for it comments such as "he's old enough to be your dad". I have heard this before in past relationships and ...

Everything that starts with J ... 10/01/2006

New year, New challenge.

Everything that starts with J ... I've just read Kittyfluffs answers to this challenge which were v. good and inspired me to have a go myself. Thanks to Sirg who created the challenge and here goes....... A. What is the time? Date? The date is 10 January 2006. The time is 00.56. B. What is your Ciao name and why? Sarahl2002. Sarah is my name L is the initial of my middle name. Sarah Lou how bloody original :( 2002 I dont have a clue why. I'm guessing maybe I signed up in 2002. D. What have you done to help someone today? I have gone to the pub with my friend. Making sure she gets out in the community and doesn't become a recluse - Totally Selfless. Give me a medal. Or a badge. E. What did you do yesterday that you wish you hadn't? Stayed in bed till 8pm. I'm a 19 year old girl just sleeping my life away. Must stop being so lazy. Get out of bed. Also ate too much. I wish I hadn't done that because that just persuaded me I was too full to get out of bed. F. What was the last song you listened to? I can't remember, I know it was this morning on the bus to work on my mp3 player and the batteries died halfway through. It must've been good because I was really angry that the batteries killed it. Or maybe I was angry because I had nothing else to listen to on the way to work. Or the way back. Or perhaps I was just angry at myself because if I got out of bed yesterday I would've thought to check batteries. The song was probably Tupac or perhaps Moby, or Teenage Kicks - ...

Laguna Park 2, Tenerife 21/12/2005

Laguna Park 2 Apartments

Laguna Park 2, Tenerife I visited the Laguna Park 2 apartments for a week in November 2005. I hope you find this review helpful! On top of the already great features at the Laguna Park 2 you can also use the facilities at Laguna Park 1 at the bottom of the hill. Location the Laguna Park 2 apartments are on the outskirts of Playa de las Americas near Costa Adeje. It is quite a long walk to the beach, and about 10 minutes to bars and restaurants. If it is the very lively part of Las Americas for example Veronicas strip this would be too far out. It is on "cardiac hill", you have to walk down a slope to the pool from most apartments. It would definitely not be suitable for those with walking difficulties as the hill is just too steep and long. There are a couple of lifts but whether they are working or not is a different matter. There is a taxi rank right outside the hotel, which came in useful. Taxi's are very reasonably priced so make the most of them! To get a taxi outside the airport it was about 18 euros from the airport to the apartments which was a lot cheaper than any of the transfers I've seen online. The Apartments These are for 2-4 people, studios are also available. We had 2 people in a 2-4 person apartment. I don't think I would've liked to have 4 in it. There is one bedroom and a sofa with a pull out bed underneath it. In the bedroom there were 2 single beds, a dressing table and lots of storage space. The bathroom was a bath and shower and was clean and ...

Everything that starts with E ... 02/11/2005

Challenge Time!!!!

Everything that starts with E ... Just read Fabulousgirl's answers to Electricfrogs challenge. It was an enjoyable read - I'd reccommend it! Some of the questions took some really hard thinking as to what I would answer so I decided to have a go.......... Hope you enjoy .............. WOULD YOU RATHER 1) Live in a wigwam... or share a bedsit with Graham Norton? Share a bedsit with Graham Norton, I don't think I'd get on well with a wigwam at all! Also Graham Norton has to be loaded so I'd annoy him and annoy him until he moves out because he can afford his own place! 2) Have to hop everywhere... or be permanently on roller skates? Roller skates - I'm very lazy anyway and it already takes too long to get everywhere. Rollerskates would speed things up and take less energy. I'm also good at falling over so both one leg and wheels sound unsafe to me but I think people would push me to make me topple off balance if I was hopping. 3) Have a voice that sounded like you were permanently on helium... or always have to speak in rhyme? Originally I was going to say with a helium voice because peoples reactions would be funny when you first spoke to them. I changed my mind though because I don't think it would be easy to talk quietly or whisper with a helium voice. You could always mime, but I'll go for the rhyme! Get it? Rhyming. I apologise that was terrible! 4) Have 3 ears... or no nose? I am going to go for an appearance opinionated decision and go for 3 ears as these can be ...

Portonovo Apartments, Grand Canary 04/10/2005

PortoNovo Apartments - Puerto Rico

Portonovo Apartments, Grand Canary Searching through pages and pages of websites for a nice, inexpensive place to stay was getting very draining until one place caught my eye. The Portonovo apartments in Puerto Rico. Four friends and I stayed at these apartments for a week in May this year and had a fantastic time. We got one bedroom apartments with two people sharing one and three in another. Two bedroom apartments are also available. The hotel offers a courtesy room for your bags, a currency exchange and a telephone. In the apartments were a twin room and a sofa bed in the lounge area. The bedroom was a good size with a large wardrobe, dressing table with mirror (which we were all fighting over), and bedside cabinets with lamps. There was a large window which was good for lighting and ventilation and a safety deposit box in the wardrobe. The bathrooms are a decent size and clean as is the kitchen/dining area. The kitchen is well equipped and the maids came almost every day supplying fresh towels and bedding. Each apartment has a balcony or terrace, which has a table and chairs for you to sit at. We spent a few evenings sat with a glass of sangria on the balcony and it was fantastic. The apartments have the most perfect location, the views from he apartments are beautiful. The apartments overlook a marina, we sat sometimes just watching the boats coming in and out. Some of the apartments are privately owned and we met a couple of people who lived there who said they love it and ...

BMIbaby 08/09/2005

bmibaby - never again

BMIbaby The last trip I took was to Prague at the end of June. Unfortunately I left it quite late to book the flights - which doesn't always mean you benefit from late booking deals! The cheapest flight, at the most reasonable flight times were with bmibaby. The flights cost around £90 each return. The journey out was okay, from Manchester to Prague. The check in attendants had the most miserable faces I've ever seen but luckily we only saw them for a few minutes. On the flight there were no in flight meals as it was a short haul flight. The snacks and drinks were the same as on all flights - ridiculously expensive. Got to Prague - our bags came off the plane quickly and off we went for a great few days. The return journey was not so easy. We got to the airport about 2 and a quarter hours early, so even earlier than the reccommended 2 hours. There were no details on the flight board so we had to stand there staring at it gormlesssly waiting to see which gate to check in at. Finally about an hour and a half before the flight was departing they displayed the Gate number. This annoyed me for one thing as they state during your booking and on your tickets and your confirmation to try and get there 2 hours before departure, when they can't get their arse to the check in desk until an hour and a half before. ANYWAY......... Went and had a bite to eat and a drink, got a magazine and sandwich for the plane and then started to make our way down to the security check ...

Sony Ericsson T630 09/08/2005

A cheap saviour!

Sony Ericsson T630 When I lost my phone on holiday I needed a cheap one ASAP. I found this one in The Link for £70. I didn't really have a good look at it just bought it, as I wanted communication there and then. Proves to have been a good choice! It has a colour screen and integrated camera. I've never had a camera phone before and the quality is good but not the best. I hardly ever use the camera though. When using the camera you can change the size of the pictures you are taking, select night mode which makes pictures clearer in the dark, add visual effects, name the picture and put a self timer on the camera so you can be in the picture too. It has both Infra red and bluetooth which is a great way to share files with other mobile users for free. The ringtones are good quality polyphonic and there are plenty of downloads available for a larger selection of tones. The phone also has WAP which is a good source of information and easy to use. Like most phones you can send and receive text messages, the phone allows you to have quite a lot of messages in the memory before you have to delete any, it also saves all sent and unsent messages, has a templates folder for the texts you regularly send and you can select long messages to let you carry a message on over 5 messages. You can change the type of SMS to email, text, fax, voice, pager or ERMES. You are also able to send and receive picture messages and emails. The phone comes with games and you can download other games ...

Coventry Airport, Coventry 09/08/2005

I said the nearest airport, not cow shed!!!

Coventry Airport, Coventry WEll this airport, funny enough , is in Coventry. Luckily it is easily found and well sign posted, apart from the planes around it, you'd think it was a cow shed not an airport. To get to the airport it is easily reached by car. The train station is 3 miles from the airport and there is a bus (number 737) which runs between the airport and station hourly. There are car parking spaces right outside the terminal, these are available for up to an hour for those picking up and dropping off travellers. There is airport car parking available around the other side of the airport, there is a free shuttle bus from the car park to the terminal. The cheapest way is to pre-book, this costs £41 for 7 days. There are two companies which provide car rental at the terminal too. There is also a few hotels not far from the airport if you'd prefer to do this. Inside the airport I was actually surprised they had toilets and didn't ask us to go and pee in a field of something. The airport was actually closed when we arrived for the flight more than 2 hours before chek-in, I've never known an airport to close! The airport Cafe (The Dakota Diner) which is ain a different portakabin next to the airport didn't open until the airport did so we had to sit in the car doing nothing! When the cafe did open I couldn't help but laugh - it was a tiny little thing which sold sandwiches crisps drinks and yoghurts, that was about it - the only hot food was bacon or sausage sandwich. ...

Prague (Czech Republic) 12/07/2005

Czech It Out!!!

Prague (Czech Republic) This is going to be a long one! There is so much to say about this fabulous city! I'd heard of it but didn't even know what country it was in. Decided to visit and really want to go back again! A FEW FACTS Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is in the centre of Europe. Prague is in the centre of the Czech republic. Prague is 496km squared in size and has a population of 1.2million people. The time zone is an hour ahead of England and they use the two pin plugs. The Currency is Kc, these are available in from a 1Kc coin up to a 5000kc note. The Kc is divided into 100h, these come in 10,20 and 50h coins. I only ever saw a 50h coin but as they are worth very little are rare. Sometimes places don't have small change so round up and give you more than you are owed. One thing I would recommend is to take a currency converter, it gets so confusing to be consatantly working out how much things cost. I printed out a wallet size currency conversion table from It is hard to comment on the temperature - in guide books I've read the average summer temparatue is between 24 and 26 celcius. We went in June and it was 33 celcius one day. The winters are said to be very cold. Important telephone numbers are fire - 150, Ambulance - 155, Police - 158 and city police are 156. HOW TO GET THERE The way we got to Prague was a flight from Manchester. We flew with BMI baby. This airline flies from Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester ...

Hotel Duo, Prague 02/07/2005

Hotel Duo - Prague

Hotel Duo, Prague Just returned fron Prague and thought this hotel definitely deserved a review! Me and my boyfriend stayed here for four nights Sunday - Thursday. Where is it? The Hotel Duo is not right in the centre of Prague, you do have to do a bit of traveling - but this is pain free and pretty simple. From the airport we booked a transfer online, this cost us 650Kc. This works out at about £14, this is each way for up to 4 people. The hotel offers taxi transfers slightly cheaper than this which can be booked on their website before for your arrival, and booked in the hotel for departure. They also offer a minibus service to the airport for up to 8 people. This cost about £25 which is very reasonable. Other ways to get to the hotel are to get a bus (119) from the airport to the Dejvicka metro station, which is on the green line, then to get off this one at Muzeum stop and get on a red line to the terminus at ladvi. From Ladvi you can either wait outside for the free shuttle bus that the hotel supplies to this metro station or get on another bus (187, 177 or 145) to the Liberecka bus stop which is situated right opposite the hotel. This method of getting to the hotel would be a lot cheaper, but remember you have to get on 2 buses and 2 metros with your luggage and it could take longer depending on bus times. Another way to get to the hotel would just be to get in any taxi from outside the airport, just make sure you get a price from the driver before setting off. ...

Member Advice on Bereavement 23/06/2005

I don't know why I'm writing this

Member Advice on Bereavement I don't know why I'm writing this - probably because I'm drunk and don't know what to do with myself! To cut a long story my friend committed suicide in March - St. Patricks day - he is/was Irish so why not do it in style? I know people who have lost friends and just felt so bad and couldn't imagine how they felt. except bad. Sometimes though I thought come on get a grip and then it happened to me........... I found out from a friend that another friend who lived in a different country had committed suicide. First words? You're joking? The most stupid thing you could ever say, why would anyone joke about it? Still even after she had said no I thought silly cow jokin bout summat like that. Then for the next few hours I carried on at work as usual but feeling a bit spaced out. Then I met her - we talked I thought well maybe he has done it, but I doubt it. Then I heard a song that reminded me of him and got really sad and thought why are you sad - I think I realised that maybe it could be true. Then I saw my boyfriend and he was like I hope you're OK I know it's hard and You'll get through it and I thought through what? Then it sunk in more - then someone else came over and said why are you so upset you didn't even live in the same country. That was it for the next two days until I got on the last minute flight to the funeral I cried and cried and cried! He wasn't gone was he? Then got there looking forward in a sad way to seeing our friends there we got ...

What's in my bag? 07/06/2005

Who needs to do weightlifting?

What's in my bag? Well, I've been meaning to do one of these for months! If you could see my handbags you would realise why it's such a scary task I've been putting off for so long. Unfortunately I have fallen into a handbag buying trap! I have lots and lots of handbags so I've got bits of crap in every one but the one I am using at the moment is a camouflage Animal one. It is always packed full, the only reason I wouldn't get a bigger one is because that would get just as full, and weigh even more! Right where shall I start........... In the front compartment there is - *£1.32 in small change, this will be going in my copper jar! *A set of keys on it my house key, locker key for work, Boyfriend house key, shed key, bike lock key, Teddybear keyring, Fob to get into the pub and a small blue flashlight thing. The left hand side pocket is empty and there is another 31p in small change - No wonder my bag is always so heavy! Oh dear - the main compartment - here we go! * My mobile phone - had it a week today, it's a Sony Ericsson T630. It's a nice phone but I'm P*ssed off because I lost my other on holiday, now I only have half the numbers I had so not happy! * Blusher, eyeshadow, lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and a miniature bottle of Ghost perfume. - The only thing I use every day and need to carry around is lip balm. I sometimes use the little perfume too. *A passport and building society book - No I don't always carry these around but I have to go into ...
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