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Member Advice on Alcohol Addiction 24/03/2006

Living with hell

Member Advice on Alcohol Addiction I'm not sure this falls into this catergory as advice because all I want to do is tell my story. I'm 24 and my mother is an alcoholic and has been for over 15 years in fact as far as I can remember. I was always told, "mummy has a headache and has to lie down" and to leave her alone, there was no headache, she was pissed. Me and my mum do not get on at all the way we speak to each other is appalling and god help me if me and my future children end up like that. My mum has put me through a hell of a lot for someone of my age she has tried to commit suicide well over 5 times. One time me and my sister walked in the house together to find two letters, one each, both saying "I'm sorry and goodbye" we raced upstairs to find her sitting on the bed as right as rain but drunk out of her head. I couldn't find out if she had took anything or not and called an ambulance all that happened was she refused to go to hospital and the paramedics said there was nothing they could do as they couldn't force her. I didn't sleep a wink that night worrying whether she would be alive or not in the morning. Her latest trick was to tell me she was dying of cancer and I knew she was lying, she really freaked my sister out who was just about to embark on a round the world trip. I got the truth out of her though and proved that she was lying I was so angry. Only this week her mother died (my Nan) and I thought this would help her as she has always blamed her mum for her alcoholism saying she ...

Hills Canine 09/01/2005

Jacks new diet

Hills Canine Well hello there, thought I would pop back and have a go at this months competition as it is something that I have been involved in a lot recently. Hopefully a lot of you have read my review on my little dog called jack(if not why not?!?!) Well unfortunately before Christmas he started acting a little odd, he would have little wee accidents on the carpet (see below for a great tip on getting rid of the stain.) He would also have odd boughts of writhing on the floor, mainly after he had eaten his food. He also appeared to have lost some weight. I booked him into the vets and she had a look and a feel and did some blood tests, she wasn’t worried but thought it was wise to check it out. The bloods came back inconclusive and she suggested an x-ray to have a proper look. The x-ray showed a little lump in his tummy and the digestive system seemed to be a little clogged. She also found bladder stones which meant we would have to open him up anyway. Can I just say that taking him for his operation was one of the worst days of my life and I appreciate that there are bigger problems in the world but on that day I was heartbroken. Luckily he came through it ok and they had done a biopsy on the lump which turned out to be gastroenitis. The bladder stones were also removed and he looked like he was going to be ok. The downside to this was that I would have to change his diet. His was given hills canine id by the vet immediately after the op as this would help settle his stomach, she ...

Hitachi KC 82 24/08/2004

Wake me up before you go go

Hitachi KC 82 After failing to get up three mornings in a row I felt it was high time to purchase another alarm clock, preferably one with a fog horn attached to it! So I hot footed it down to my local curry’s with a budget of £10. There weren’t many to choose from in this price bracket but one really caught my attention, it was a clock radio with a mirror front so I could scare myself into getting up by just looking in the mirror!!! Features --------------- ---- -Most importantly for me this is mains powered with a battery back up , my previous one was just battery operated and I could never be bothered to keep buying new batteries. -Dual alarm, which means it has two built in alarms which gives me twice the chance of waking up. -Built in AM/FM radio which is great for listening to whilst pottering about plus if you set it to really loud and use it as the alarm it don’t half wake you up with a jolt- perfect! The clock radio comes with a wire which is the aerial for the alarm however I didn’t have to move it or mess with it all and the FM radio is perfect. -It also has an alarm as mentioned before, sleep and snooze function. The snooze is my fave and I keep hitting it over and over until its time to get up. One bad point I need to mention here is that it is quite big as you can see from the pic its round with a mirror front but its about 20cms in height by about 25cms in width, so if you have a small bedside table that’s its probably not for you. My ...

Field Sales Representative 14/08/2004

A week in the life!

Field Sales Representative I have been a field sales rep for about 5 years now and thought I would enlighten you about my job and what I do in an average day. People think working out on the road is easy and a bit of a skive sometimes and granted often it can be, if you need to nip tescos and pick up tea for that evening you can! But on the flipside you can have early starts, late finishes and hardly ever stop for a lunch hour! How I got into it --------------- ------- My father worked for a big newspaper group for a long time and after leaving school I kind of floated a bit, I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do. My dad suggested working for one of the newspapers in the group, which was my most local one and they were looking for telesales reps, so he pulled a few strings and got me an interview. My charm and personality (not!) shone through and I got the job, starting on £9500 per year. I worked my way round different categories within the advertising department this included, business to business and retail. It was really hard, and I think telesales can be one of the most confidence knocking jobs around, especially when you have to cold call all day. I enjoyed it though and it boosted my telephone technique and also my confidence once I had overcome the constant rejection from customers. The next stage up from telesales was field sales which meant making your own appointments, cold calling face to face, visiting regular clients and running round on errands for the telesales team but also ...

Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo 11/08/2004

Minty freshness

Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo Well this was yet another freebie from my Aveda lady (I’m getting quite good at hunting them down!) and I had forgotten I had it until we ran out of shampoo the other day. Why is it you only ever realise you have run out of shampoo when you are actually in the shower and soaking wet! Anyway I shouted to Paul to grab this out of the cabinet its only a baby one, 50ml but its got enough in it to last me til my Avon order arrives. The product --------------- ------- The Aveda rosemary shampoo comes in a light green plastic bottle and it has a brown lid which has one of those caps where you just push it down to open. Aveda say it’s a daily shampoo that will add body to fine hair without stripping it or creating a build up. It contains peppermint which is aimed at awakening your senses! The rosemary element is aimed at helping to protect your hair from the environment. This product is specifically for fine to normal hair. Price -------------- Now I have looked at the website and it costs on there $9.00 for 250ml, I’m not sure what that converts to but I have had a look around and you can buy it on for £8.00. I think this is very expensive for a shampoo especially as you can buy an Avon one for 99p! I know they may not be as good but what have Aveda put in theirs…. Little drops of gold????? Usage ----------- Aveda say to massage on to wet hair then rinse, and to follow with rosemary mint conditioner, well they would say that wouldn’t they! My ...

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Concealing Stick 11/08/2004

Clinique don't cut it this time

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Concealing Stick During my last spot faze I went to clinique, as you will see from my previous reviews, whilst there I got conned (well I think so) into buying this concealing stick, claiming “it works wonders, it doesn’t dry out your skin and it fights spots at the same time” hmmmm read on. The product --------------- ----- The concealer comes in a green pen like applicator which you twist to move the concealer up and then twist the opposite way to bring it back within the container. The concealing stick is very light and slim so fits in most make up bags easily. This product has been designed to “help clear and prevent blemishes”. the concealer has a matt finish and is supposed to give a natural coverage to hide the spots and also the redness. Whilst wearing the concealer you should expect it to fight the existing spot as well as covering it up. This is available in three colours, warm sand, natural beige and warm honey. I chose the natural beige as it is the lightest one and I have fair skin. Amount and price --------------- ---------- A scary £10.00 for 28gramms. Now fair enough this will last you quite a long time as it is quite creamy and you don’t really need a lot to cover spots. But I cannot justify spending this much on a concealer and you’ll see why in a minute. How to use --------------- Clinique advise you to use it either before or after applying foundation or as regularly as needed throughout the day. My experience --------------- -------- Well I was very ...

Everything that starts with E ... 11/08/2004

Emilyo's challenge

Everything that starts with E ... A challenge set by emilyo. (1) Who, from Ciao, would you really love to know what they looked like? --------------- --------------- ------------- I did used to wonder what lostwitness looked like but thankfully he put his pic up (Hmm v.nice!). I would also like to see what trampus aka Sarah looks like, I vaguely remember there being a pic around when I first joined but that disappeared. (2)Which one member do you think you would be friends with in the “Real World”? --------------- --------------- --------------- ------ I have really got to know ruth23 recently thanks to coooeees adoption agency. She is about the same age as me and we write the same sort of things, I think she would be a great laugh on a night out aswell. I would like to go for coffee with Jill Murphy, flissy and trampus oh and herby30 and linzee, I think it would be a great gossip session and I think they are all really intelligent people. Plus I could share all my Avon samples with them! (3) Do you think you spend too much time on Ciao? --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- I go through fits and starts but for the last 6 months I have been pretty intense. My boyf started working away in the evenings and I find sitting on here a great distraction, it also cuts my smoking down and junk food eating cause I can’t be arsed to keep going downstairs! I do find it quite worrying when I find myself looking for a computer to log onto especially when mine went bust, I even ...

Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Lip Balm 10/08/2004

lushious lips

Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Lip Balm I think Avon’s planet spa range is one of my favourites out of the catalogue and this lip balm is amongst the lovely goodies that I got delivered yesterday. The lip balm is in the African shea section of the planet spa range and within it contains, body scrub, body balm, hand and cuticle cream, foot and elbow cream, and a facial mask. The African shea range is designed to protect and indulge and all the products I have tried so far have a hint of cocoa and chocolate to their aroma. (probably why this is my fave!!LOL!) The lip balm is designed to protect the lips and to moisturise at the same time upon applying I found it quite thick and after a couple of seconds my lips kinda tingled, indicating to me I was either allergic or it was working its magic. Seeing as I didn’t explode or come out in a rash I would presume that this is what it is supposed to do. Appearance --------------- ---- The product comes in a little 10ml thick plastic tub with a cream plastic lid. The tub is very sturdy and I wasn’t worried about it being thrown around in my handbag and getting smashed. The tub inside isn’t very wide and I found removing the lip balm quite difficult especially as I have quite long nails. I found that I would get a lump stuck under my nails which I would then have to clean off thus creating a wastage. What I found easier to do was to scrape it out with the front of my little nail and then use another finger to apply. What a hassle I know! I have a lot of customers who ...

Dell Dimension 4600 (DELLUK-43455) 10/08/2004

Dell did well

Dell Dimension 4600 (DELLUK-43455) Be afraid, be very afraid! I never thought I would write a review on a computer as I don’t know whether I can do it justice but I will have a go so wish me luck! As you will all probably know my computer died recently and as I use it for a lot of things like my Avon, ciao, and mystery shopping jobs I needed one badly. My boyf had seen dell advertised on the tele loads and I had had all those god damn annoying pop ups hitting my screen whenever I logged into ciao (tip: download the google toolbar and it stops them.) We went to curry’s first of all as we really needed to get one on credit but both got turned down, I justified having it on credit as my mystery shop jobs would cover the monthly payments easily. So we tried Dell, we both thought we would have no chance but a small miracle we got credit. The Dell website --------------- ----------- This was probably the hardest way of ordering a computer I have ever tried, but just purely for the fact that there was no advice available and I had to do some guess work as to what the specs meant and what we actually needed. The other deceiving thing is that when you see a computer on the front page advertised for lets say £550 that’s not really the correct price, that is just the cost for the tower and monitor etc. you have to pay extra for a printer, and a printer cable, you also have to add on the cost for things like a floppy disk drive! These were all things I had to look at very thoroughly. The process once you have ...

Avon Glazewear Clear Lip Colour 08/08/2004

Lets get lippy

Avon Glazewear Clear Lip Colour This lip gloss I received free as part of an offer Avon did a couple of months back in which if you spent over £10 you received a little purse containing, this, a mascara and a eye shadow. Packaging --------------- Initially this is wrapped in a royal blue plastic wrapper, upon opening it you are faced with a clear tube and a royal blue lid. The actual applicator is a wand with a sponge tip which ensures you apply just the right amount. Texture ------------ The lip gloss is a little thick for my liking and isn’t one of the better ones I have tried from Avon as I still find my hair sticking to my lips at regular stages of the day! LOL! The appearance once on your lips however is lovely, its glossy but not too overpowering and is lovely over another lip colour. Colour ----------- Well obviously it is clear which is good for the au natural look or for adding over regular lipstick for an extra shine Smell/taste --------------- - This smells and tastes a bit like vanilla which is lovely for me as you all know me and my liking for sweet things! Do not lick too much however as I found after the initial sweetness it had a bit of a chemical kick to it! Cost --------- As always you do not expect to pay a fortune for anything from Avon and this is currently on offer at 3 for 2 and the price is £4.50 for 5ml, which should last ages even with daily use. Longevity ------------- Ok I’ll be honest it doesn’t last forever but then what lip glosses do? I mean ...

Avon South Pacific Sea Algae Body Wash 05/08/2004

Washing in seaweed???

Avon South Pacific Sea Algae Body Wash Its took ages for ciao to add this on and I have been dying to write about it ever since I got it. Part of the planet spa range by Avon, the south pacific products include sea kelp body drench, sea salt body polisher and then this product sea algae body wash. The name of the product put me off initially because the name algae made me think horrible smelly seaweed and such like. But I got sent some free samples and I gave one to my boss and she said it was ace, so now I had to try it. The body wash comes in a clear bottle with a flip top lid, and like the body scrub it can be hard to get the product out as you near the end due to the plastic being so strong. The product itself is green as you may imagine and looks like fairy liquid (am I putting you off yet?!). The smell is a strange one because it smells like a perfumed seaweed smell, I know that doesn’t describe it very well but its nice but with a twist. Virgin vie used to do a crackling body mousse and it smells very similar to that, which is again no use if you don’t know virgin vie! LOL! The smell lingers on your skin for ages and even hangs around the bathroom. But I do like the smell as it smells expensive and of a high standard. This body wash is amazingly moisturising and is the first shower gel type product that I have used where by afterwards I do not need to moisturise. I found this out because I got out of the shower one evening and the phone rang and I was on it for ages, by this time normally my skin ...

Flash Mark and Stain Eraser 05/08/2004

The only cleaning product you will ever need

Flash Mark and Stain Eraser This is amazing, I repeat this is amazing! Thanks to emilyo I am now the proud owner of a flash mark and stain eraser and thank the lord! Like most of you I had watched the T.V ads for this and thought yeah whatever it won’t work like that, they never do, but lovely Emily showed us that we can be wrong. The product --------------- This lil baby can only be described as a sponge you get two rectangle shaped ones in a box for the bargain price of £1.99 (from wilkos). They are so light you don’t even realise you are carrying them in your shopping basket. They can be found near the cleaning products section in most supermarkets or household stores. Interestingly it doesn’t state anywhere on the box what ingredients it contains, however it does state that you shouldn’t use with chlorine bleach and that if you uses it for dishes you must rinse thoroughly. To use the eraser you wet it under the tap and then squeeze out the water and your ready to rock and roll. You only need to gently rub your chosen area as it really does lift marks so easily. You will find that the eraser becomes discoloured and dirty after a while and that the sponge may appear to wear away, Flash say that if this occurs just cut off the bits that you don’t want and carry on using it. Its reusable you see. The first time I used it which was last night I had to chuck it away after I had finished but lets bear in mind I cleaned for an hour on every surface imaginable I was almost creating marks just ...

Avon Advance Techniques Salon Therapy Active Replenishing Mask 04/08/2004

Mend me please

Avon Advance Techniques Salon Therapy Active Replenishing Mask What did I do before I found Avon? I can’t imagine life now without all those wonderful goodies filling my bathroom shelf! (a bit overboard I know!) I have used a couple of the salon therapy products before, but then Avon had a bogof offer on so I decided to treat myself to a few more. I have been using head and shoulders citrus fresh which was great until I realised it was actually creating a build up on my hair as opposed to ridding it( clever them!). So I have been using the straight and sleek shampoo and conditioner. Now I and most of the world have got a pair of GHD hair straighteners and naughty me I never ever used to use a protective spray so my hair is a little worse for wear so when I saw this product in the Avon book claiming to repair hair in just 3minutes I had a go. The product --------------- It comes in a handy flip top tube and contains 150 ml of product. The product smells sweet and fruity, not too overpowering and the smell doesn’t really linger on your hair after you have rinsed it. The product is quite creamy in texture, a bit like a body moisturiser. It is formulated using a tri-keratin system, now I am not sure exactly what this means but I am presuming it has something to do with vitamins and proteins. Avon claim that the product will moisturise your hair and help to repair damage and prevent frizz, breakage and flyaway hair. Avon do not state what hair type this is for and it actually comes under the salon therapy category. (they have blonde ...

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Night Treatment Gel 02/08/2004

Kill those spots!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Night Treatment Gel My trip to clinique a couple of months ago was fruitful to say the least as well as expensive, but anyway I wanted something to back up my anti blemish solutions cleansing foam as my hormones were kicking out some nasty spots. I saw this product and though it would be good to use as I can put it on at night time and save lots of hassle. The product --------------- -- The product comes in a turquoise tube and is available in one size only which is 50ml. Clinique claim that it will help clear and prevent spots and blemishes. They also claim that it can fade any visible signs of previous blemishes by using exfoliation and a skin calming ingredients. I’m not sure about the exfoliation bit as you don’t really rub it on or off. Oh beg your pardon I have just read the bottle again and how it works is that it contains a product called salicylic acid which acts as an exfoliator, and it also contains anti bacterial properties. I’m going to nip over to and find out what this acid is, bear with me…………………. Okay here goes, its quite scary actually! “a colourless, crystalline organic carboxylic acid that melts at 159°C; it is soluble in ethanol and ether but is only slightly soluble in water. Salicylic acid and its derivatives are toxic when consumed in large amounts. Sodium salicylate is used to a small extent as a food preservative and as an antiseptic in mouthwashes and toothpastes. “ I’m not quite sure what it means exactly but sounds quite harsh but then I suppose it ...

Aveda Skin Firming/Toning Agent 01/08/2004

Sarah P goes freebie hunting again!

Aveda Skin Firming/Toning Agent Yay this isn’t an Avon review, impressed… should be! Well let me start by telling you how I got hold of this fantastic product. My local Aveda salon were holding a charity event in aid of cancer and aveda had kindly donated goodie bags if you paid £2 to go in a raffle and towards charity. I had helped out most of the day and the salon owner jenni stuck a couple of extras in my goodie bag and this was one of them and it costs a whopping £12!!! So as you can imagine I was well chuffed! Who are Aveda? --------------- -------- Aveda was founded in 1978 (my birth year!) my an active environmentalist called Horst M. Rechelbacher. Horst M. Rechelbacher was also a business leader, author and artist. He was born in Austria and was the son of a herbalist and naturist he began training in the beauty and salon industry at just 14 years old and since the 60’s he has specialised in analysing the chemical constitution of plants whilst creating practical uses for flowers plant-based flavour-aroma-therapy™, functional foods and nutraceuticals for the benefit of personal health and well-being. Aveda have maintained this and aim to use natural plant and food based ingredients in their products. Aveda have a mission and that is “ our mission at aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At aveda we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty but ...
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