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Everything that starts with B ... 29/12/2005

Oh baby

Everything that starts with B ... I have decided after thinking long and hard to write an AZ of babies names one for a girl and one for a boy this is to help all the people out there decide what to call there little ones when they are born: A is for Antonia or Anthony B is for Becky or Brian C is for Clavin or Chloe D is for Dana or Davonte E is for Elizabeth or Elliott F is for Francesca or Fred G is for Gaynor or Georgio H is for Holly or Herbert I is for Inga or Innie J is for Janice of Jacob K is for Kyra or Kaleb L is for Lyssa or Larry M is for Marcia or Marcus N is for Natasha or Nathaniel O is for Oprah or Orville P is for Phobe or Patrick Q is for Queenie or Quincey R is for Roberta or Ricardo S is for Sasha or Steven T is for Taylor or Toby U is for Ulrika or Uzor V is for Victoria or Victor W is for Wallis or Will X is for Xena or Xaviour Y is for Yolande or Yesh Z is for Zara or Zack So if you can't think of a baby name take one from here or why not try to think of some yourself thanks for reading. ...

Everything that starts with A ... 15/12/2005

A-Z all about me

Everything that starts with A ... I have realised that ciao is a website where you can earn money for reading and writing reviews, dooing surveys but it is also a website for getting to know people so here is an A-Z all about me A is for Anthony he is my partner, he is 22 and we have been together for over 4 years and if you didn't know we are getting married next year. B is for biscuits I just love them and when I was little I tried to eat them with a spoon. C is for Carly and Chloe they are my sisters they are 19 and 16 both younger than me. D is for dog when I was little I ha d a dog named Rusty due to his Rusty colour unfortunatley he ran away E is for ear I have a small hole in my eardrum and am having an operation on it to close it in February F is for friends I have about five close friends who have been there for me from the beginning and I love them all dearly G is for gold I used to have lots of gold but I prefer plastic or fashion jewellery now H is for Holness my surname given to me by my father and his father etc I is for independent I hate people doing things for me especially when I can do them myself J is for Jordan he is my little brother he is 6 going on 60 there is a 15 year age gap between us K is for Kyra my daughter who is three years old L is for Lyssa my mums name actually pronouced Lisa M is for mother I am a mother to one child at the moment N is for NVQ I am currently doing an NVQ 3 at work O is for October my birthday is on the 24th of ...

Everything that starts with W ... 11/12/2005

What women have to do to organise a wedding

Everything that starts with W ... Ok as most of you know I am getting married next year to my partner who is not only my life long companion he is also my best friend and at only twenty one and pregnant at seventeen, we were already stereotyped and destined to fail. However we proved the critics wrong he has a very well paid job, I'm working and a part time student and we have a lovely three year old daughter. So after being engaged for two years we decided it was high time we set a date. July the 29th 2006 so, we have a church. I thought the rest would be easy. (So why am I panicking now) BRIDESMAIDS Next I booked a date to choose my dress and thought I better choose some bridesmaids. This was the hard bit who do I choose? Will anyone get up set? So I decided firstly that I would ask one of my closest friends who I went to school with, She was thrilled but then she asked "Have you ask your sisters" Hmmm didn't think about them but better ask them just to be on the safe side, they probably won't want to do it anyway, they won't want to wear dresses. "We would love to they screamed down the phone" practically crying. Ok so now I have three brides maids and then I did want to ask to more people who also accepted and 1 flower girl my little angel. THE DRESS So off I trotted to the dress shop two bridesmaids in to I hate trying on clothes I know what I like I just buy it butt this was diffrent. So after trying on 5 dresses I finally chose one I looked great thanks to the fact that I have always ...

Everything that starts with F ... 10/12/2005

First day at school

Everything that starts with F ... I was dreading the day my daughter Kyra now three ws to start school, I knew it would probably be one of the worst days of my life. Before deciding on a school I looked up all the schools in my local area and decided what the best schools were in terms of achivement and closeness. We leveled it down to two schools (Of which I won't name for legal reasons) and off went my partner to collect the application forms. We decided that we prefered one school to the other and that this would be our first choice. After a while we got letters back from both schools saying that our little angel had got into both. Unfortunatley we let the second choice down and opted for the first. We were then invited to a school open evening and were able to hear about the school, what achivevements the school had made, future plans and to meet the teachers. We were happy the teachers seemed friendly and we were sure that our little one would be happy there, however in the back of my mind I was filled with dreadful thoughts; "What if she is bullied", "What if she becomes a bully" the thoughts went on and I got worse. We were then invited for an informal chat with the teacher to discuss Kyra and any problems that she had, as said in my Living gluten free review our daughter has a wheat and Gluten intolorence that we thought would be a big problem. However the teacher advised us that we could make Kyra's lunch preferably a warm dinner and they would heat it up for her come lunch time. They ...

Mga Bratz 07/12/2005

Bratz away

Mga Bratz Welcome to the world of Bratz the main bratz are Cloe, Yasmine, Sasha and Jade four dolls who unlike Barbie have a bit more style and fashion as they say "A passion for Fashion". Of course for each Bratz girl there is a Bratz boy they are Cade, Cameron, Dylan, Eitan and Koby. Extra bratz are Meygan, Phoebe and Roxii the bratz twins, Dana and Fionna. Ironically one of them hs the same name as me. There are various bratz products as with every toy of this kind which range from cars, Dolls, baby dolls, videos, DVD's handbags, CD's, Games console games, Music, A Tv show and magazine. As there are a variety of product the prices vary and most products are for children age 4 years and over the cheapest product is probably the Bratz baby which comes with doll, clothes accessories and a small bratz pet we bought one for £7.99 in Tescos You can catch The bratz tv programme on staurday mornings on 4kids. You can buy bratz from most stores including: Toys R us Walmart Robinson Maye In my opinion bratz dolls are the newer improved Barbie and are probably for the child that is interested in what she wears and has an eye for fashion. However they do promote things like short skirts and makeup which at the moment I really don't want my three year old to wear. But it is just harmless fun. I think its important for children to enjoy there toys and hey these could be collectables like Barbie in years to come and hey when I was growing up ...

College Dropout (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Kanye West 06/12/2005

Intoducing Kanye

College Dropout (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Kanye West Who: For those of you that don't already know Kanye West is a rapper who some of you may have recently heard syaing "George bush doesn't care about black people" over the floods in New Orleans. Kanye first came around in early 2000 when he started to produce for people like Jay Z as a producer first he then decided with the help of artists Jay Z, JamieeFox, Damien Dash and Ludicris to kickstart his career as a rapper. The Album: This is the first of Kanye's albums and features these tracks We don't care Graduation day All falls down I'll fly away Spaceship Jesus walks The new workout plan Never let me down Get em high Slow jamz Breathe in Breathe out School spirit Through the wire Family business Last call Opininon: You probably just all think that Kanye West is just another rapper with a foul mouth, but he actually isn't there is very mild if any swearing on this album. He is the type of rapper that enjoys rapping more about the problems and his faith than the type that has girl's falling all over him. I really like this album it makes a change to hear a rapper that isn't affraid to experiment a bit as this album and his new realeases will tell you. Each song has a diffrerent style to the other and words are quite deep and meaningful. I would definatley reccomend this to someone who is looking for a change in there CD collection. Price: Tescos -£11.49 HMV -£12.99 - £7.97 WWW. KANYEWEST.COM WWW.ROCAFELLA.COM

Johnsons Baby Lotion 06/12/2005

That's my johnson's baby

Johnsons Baby Lotion History: The company started in the 1880's and is now one of the biggest manufacturers of health care products. Selling a range of products such as creams, lotions, bubble bath, talc, soap etc The product: Baby lotion has that new born baby smell and is used by "8 out of 10 midwives" so it must be good. It is pink in colour and although it is a liquid it is not runny. Ingrediants: Aqua Paraffinum Liquidum Propylene Glycol Glycol Stearate C11-13 Isoparraffin Polysorbate 20 Hydoxypropl Methycellulose Benzyl Alcohol Panthenol Diethylhexyl Sodium Sulfosuccianate Carbomer Sodium Hydroxide Chlyroxylenol Parfum Packaging: Baby lotion come's in a pink plastic bottle with an easy to open cap that also twists off so you can get every last drop out. The pink packaging makes it appealing to the eye and litlle girl's love it because it's pink. How to use: You can use baby lotion for creaming your skin to make it less dry, to remove make up or oily subtances or just for the smell. Price and Availibility: You can buy Baby lotion from absoulutley any supermarket in tescos they sell 300ml - £1.56 500ml - £2.08 I bought a 200ml from a local shop for £1.00 Opinion: I've been using baby lotion for as long as I can remember and have never thought of changing brand as it is from a brand I know and trust. I love the smell of baby lotion and use it on my daughter to keep her skin soft and sweet smelling. Although it is a bit more expensive ...

Stuck On You (DVD) 05/12/2005

Hangers on

Stuck On You (DVD) THE FILM: Stuck on you shows us the story of two non identical siamese twins Walt and Bob who are joined side by side from the stomach. They own a fast food restaurant and are both great at it as they can serve up food so fast as they have two pairs of hands. However Walt has dreams of being an actor and they set off to find Walts stardom in Hollywood meeting some ladies on the way. They begin to find life extremley hard as a duo but will they ever decide to go an operation to be separated? You'll have to watch it to find ouT. THE STARS: Matt Damon Greg Kinnear Cher Eva Mendes Seymour Cassel RUNNING TIME: 113 Minutes RATING: 15 contains moderate sex references and use of strong language SPECIAL FEATURES: Directors commentry Deleted extended scenes Blooper reel PRICE: Tesco - £16.99 HMV - £6.99 Amazon - £4.97 Ebay - £5.99 OPINION: I loved this film it is the type of film that you watch when you need cheering up it also makes you realise how lucky you are and how you would feel if you were stuck to someone for life. I'd definatley reccommed this film it's stupid but funny. ...

Member Advice on Gluten Intolerance 01/12/2005

Living gluten free

Member Advice on Gluten Intolerance After months and months a whole year to be exact of our daughter Kyra being ill we were beside ourselves what could the diagnosis be? The last few tests were done and we were called back to the consultant. "Coeliac Diesease" sounds life threatening but actually it's worse than it sounds Coeliac Disease is a food intolorence to Wheat and Gluten and in some more severe cases malt and oats. We were advised to put our daughter on a Gluten free diet and return within a few months to see if things had changed. So off I went to Sainsbury's to see what I could get that was gluten free easy I thought but it wasn't . No bread, pasta, pastries,cakes,cereal ok so I though it wouldn't be that bad as I picked up a pack of sausages and realised they too contained wheat. Off I skipped to the free from section a section tthat is now widely available in most Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco's. I couldn't believe the foods available biscuits, cake mixes, cereal, chocolate, cakes, fishfingers, pizzas. All products are more expensive than your usual food for instance a small pack of bread that contains 6 small slices is 99p in tescos and a pack of biscuits that contains about 12 biscuits in the pack are 96p. Most foods such as bread and biscuits are available on prescription free for children under 16, those on a pension or state benefit otherwise you have to pay and the foos is not of the same quality as highstreet stores. Also there is Coeliac Uk which offers advice on living ...

Chicago (DVD) 29/11/2005

Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes

Chicago (DVD) Yes I have seen it at the theartre and I have the dvd maybe I'm made but I just love it. Chicago is based on Roxy hart who is played by Renee Zellweger she has an affair with the local bit of rough and when he decides enough is enough she kills him. She lies to the police and her husband but after getting her story confused she ends up in the slammer with some of the roughest womenyou could ever meet. Roxy dreams of being on stage and now that she's in prison she is dreaming even more Stage left Velma Kelley played by Katherine Zeta Jones Roxy and Velma become rivals battling for the attention of the media and there lawyer Billy Flynn. I won't tell you the end but it is happily ever after kind of. Moderate bad language Some nudity Moderate violence Suitable for age 12 and over Runninbg time 109 Mins Language English Dvd also features behind the scenes special effects, deleted musical number and commentry with director and screenwriter. Cast: Rennee Zellweger as Roxy Hart Katherine Zeta Jones as Velma Kelley Richard Gere as Billy Flynn Queen Latifah as Momma Lucy Lui as jailbird Can be purchased from amazon between £5.99 used and £14.99 new I loved the the film , but if you don't like musicals then this probaly won't be for you as there is lot's of singing and dancing it definatley desrves the 6 academy awards as it is one to watch time and time again.

Philips 14PT6107 29/11/2005

All in the touch of a button

Philips 14PT6107 Lazy I know but last christmas we got my mum and dad to buy us this Philips 14inch colour TV for our bedroom. The idea was we could laze in our room and wouldn't have to fall asleep on the sofa. So they bought it for us from Tescos for approximatley £99.00. The TV is a TV/DVD and has a small dvd compartment that comes out with the push of a button. The TV also comes with a fair size remote control that takes 2 double A (AA) batteries which are supplied with tv. The telly can be pluged in and you can get a good picture by adjusting the ariel, which means the telly can be moved around the house. (Last night we had it in the kitchen) You can also listen to CD's on the tv and use the tv as an alarm. Functions on the actual TV are volume, program (Channel) on/off button and eject button for dvd. The remote contral is divided into three sections top part is for dvd functions and consists of repeat, search, skip fast forward, subtitle, dvd menu, eject,pause,play and stop. Second and third parts are to change the channel and feature teletext, hide, enlarge mute. The tv can also be connected to other equipment such as satilellite, computer games, video, amplifier and headphones As the screen is small it is ideal for a bedroom or as a child first television. My sister also has one and hers is on a wall mounted tv stand which is a good idea if you don't have space, however it does not take up a lot of room. In my opinion this is a wonderful idea for a ...

Open University Milton Keynes 29/11/2005

open university

Open University Milton Keynes I started off by deciding to do a level one course which is whats advised to start off with, The open university send you all the information you need about the course and a contract. You are able to apply for a grant towards the cost of the course and also a grant of up to £250 for equipment and materials. The University also has a student loan company OUSBA you can open an account which will pay for your course straight off and iff you pay back the amount by the start date it is interest free. They then send you all the study materials and, you do have to buy some set books depending on what course you do. It is usually optional whether you attenbd tutorials as it was for my course, I didn't have time to attend but local tutorials are set in diffrents areas. You get your tutors email address so that if you have any problems you still have a connection. You get a timetable of when to do your assignments and what to read you also get a free bag to pout your books in. But best of all you can work at your own pace I found it was quicker to send assigments in early and get a head start on things. You send your assignments in and your tutor marks them and sends them back its that simple. You even get the privelge of having your own homepage on the OU website fixed with user name and password to look at your assignment scores and check out how other people are finding the course so that you feel you are not alone. The courses you can study are mainly academic and ...

Cala D'or, Majorca 29/11/2005


Cala D'or, Majorca We decided to go to majorca at the end of June this year as it was the type of holiday we needed somewhere where we could relax. We decided to do bed and breakfast at the Hotel cala Azul in Cala D'or, which is in the south a quite quiet place with lot's of small beaches. The people in the hotel we friendly and polite and where there to help you whenever you needed it. The hotel was lovely we were on the second floor which meant we had the view of the sea and the mountains and having a balcony meant we could eat outside at night. The hoteal facilties consited of a restaurant and bar, childrens entertainment 2 pools and 1 samller baby pool, sun loungers, gym, 2 cafes and night activities. The places we visited were wonderful we booked them via our hotel and there is a meeting point for each hotel to get the coach we went to Inca market the biggest market in Majorca and managed to get loads of bargains but you do need to be able to bartar. We visited all the local small beaches, we went to see the dolphin and seal shows. We went to a different restaurant every day and found a lovely small chinese restaurant near there hotel where we ate twice as the food was lovely. Majorca is quite a cheap place and we managed to bring back loads of presents and stuff for ourself which we dont usualy do. They sell cheap cigarretes in the local shops and leather is also good to buy. The flight is short and the resort is definatley family orientated and visitors are really ...

Disneyland, Paris, Paris 29/11/2005

Our first holiday!

Disneyland, Paris, Paris After a stressful year we decided to have our first family holiday at Disney land Paris just to see what all the fuss was about? Myself, my partner our daughter kyra who was two at the time and my younger sister boarded the euro star to enter the magic. We stayed at the Santa Fe hotel which was a family hotel and within our budget we opted for a bed and breakfast option so they we didn't have to be in a certain time. It was a 10 minute bus journey from the hotel to the park and that meant as long as we got the last bus wwe could spend all day in the park. As soon as you come out of the station you are in disneyland. We spent four days in disneyland which was enough for us as we did all that we wanted to do. We took pictures of every disney land chracter and managed to watch the procession. We went at Halloween time and it was great everything was themed around pumpkins. We loved the magical princess castle with the dragon locked in the dungeon and also the queen of hearts maze where we got lost. Disney land was such a bright and vibrant place and beacuse the weather stayed warm it made it feel like spring. The park is split into 5 diffrent lands and it is advisable to get a map so you know where to go: Main street USA is on the entrance it consists of mainly shops and restaurants and has a buggy hire place with buggys and wheelchairs to hire for the day. Discovery land has the space mountain ride Fantasy land has the princess castle, flying elephants, ...

Graco Quattro Tour Travel System 29/11/2005

Never let anyone buy your pram

Graco Quattro Tour Travel System Yes it happened one kind family member decided that they would buy my daughters pram and I or my partner had no say in the matter. So we ended up with this pram made by graco, now don't get me wrong most Graco products are hard wearing but this was a nightmare. At first it was great, the pram glides along the street lovely the whells move with you when you turn the corner which means you don't have to lift the whole of the front to get around. The pram comes with a car seat which we used for the first 4-6 months until our daughter got to big. Then you just take the car seat out and use the actual pram. The pram has straps that can adjust to you babys size and forms the shape of a stroller and I think the idea is you only have the one pram so it would probably last until the child starts school. The front of the pram also has a tray which can hold a cup and food and this also can come off. The good thing about the pram is that when the baby is small in the car seat it is facing you and as it gets bigger in the pram it faces the world and there is a little plastic flap that lets you look through to check the baby is ok. The bottom of the pram has a part where you can put your shopping this part on mine eventually broke with shopping in it, but it is easy to remove. The handle of the pram is rounded and has a foam rest, on my pram the the foam rest kept moving. The pram is very bulky so if you have limited space this maybe a problem. Also if you use buses a lot ...
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