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Indesit CAA55K Fridge Freezer 17/03/2014

Bargain Basement Price Top Quality Build Indesit Rock !

De'Longhi Brillante Faceted Jug Kettle 29/01/2014

The Not so Brilliant De'longhi Brilliante

Cuisina C30LDC-SV 20/01/2014

Cooking your Cuisine with this Cuisina

Restwell Napoli Massage Chair 19/09/2013

From Stressful to Restwell in minutes

Restwell Napoli Massage Chair Last year I bought a recliner chair but it proved to be more trouble than it was worth , the 'Real Leather' it was advertised as ,was in fact just bond grade which became apparent when splits started appearing in the arm rests .There was nothing for it , if I didn't want to see pieces of leather all over my lounge I would have to buy new chairs . I looked through all of the recliners and finally settled on Napoli Recliner Black Massage Heat Chair And Foot Stool , reasonably priced , the ones I purchased were being sold by the UK mobility store , they have a freephone number so I decided to ring them for a little more information . The sales staff were very helpful informing me that the seat and back of this chair are Leather , while the sides back and arms are Faux Leather , That was all I needed to order two . These chairs vary in price from £175.00 to £599.00 depending on where you buy them . I placed my order Tuesday afternoon and after looking to see if it had been dispatched contacted UK mobility to ask who their carrier was ,I was told it was TNT and to expect delivery anytime between Friday and the following Wednesday . Thursday Morning at 10:30 am my chairs were delivered ....Fantastically Speedy Delivery ! The Chairs and footstools were boxed , self assembly as was stated on the webpage ... If you attempt this make certain that there are TWO of you present , its quite fiddly . We took out each piece and laid it out on cardboard to avoid any marks on the leather ...

Pet Ottoman 01/07/2013

A Perfect Storage solution for your Pet

Growmore Easy Fill Hanging Baskets 04/06/2013

Hanging Gardens of Easy Fill Baskets

Star N9770 22/03/2013

Clone Wars..This Star is a Galaxy all of its own

Star N9770 I wanted to buy a large screen smartphone it's getting harder and harder to see anything on my current phone “ain't age a bummer !”. I really wanted something like a Samsung Galaxy whether it be the s2 , s3 or note but I really didn't want to pay the huge prices that these phones demand four or five hundred quid for a phone is a bit beyond my means and I needed to buy two . I trawled through the internet looking for a cheaper alternative . I ended up on Amazon where I found The STAR N9770 - 5.08 inch MTK6577 1.2GHz dual core CPU android 4.0.4 ICE CREAM SANDWICH 3G smartphone dual sim 8MP camera WIFI GPS, new google play store and flash player supported, with flip case Don't ask me what all those details mean , I've been using the internet for 10 years and still consider myself a total technophobe ! This phone is a Chinese clone of the Galaxy note , I read through all of the reviews and the majority of them were positive , noting that some reviewers had mentioned the best company to use for customer service “ DracoTek”. I decided to take the plunge and order. I placed an Order for two ,the price of this phone varies ,dependent on which supplier you get it from .( UK suppliers charge more ). I chose to get the cheaper option and placed my order on the 6th of the month expecting to have to wait at least 3-4 weeks for delivery from mainland China , to my surprise and delight I received both of the phones just 7 days later , ( that includes customs clearance ). Technical ...

Glade Discreet Airfreshener Soothing Lavender 10/01/2013

Delightfully Discreet and it matches the Decor

Colgate Proclinical C600 10/12/2012

Do it Yourself Dental Hygiene Colgate C600

Kodak ESP C310 03/09/2012

What A Wireless Wonder..

Acer ICONIA Tab W500 32 GB 25/07/2012

Windows ic( on )ia The Go .

SuperLED Solar Multi-Colour LED Light String 15/03/2012

Super Solar Fairies in My Garden

As anyone who reads my reviews will be aware , I love my garden and buying new products for it that will not only add to its beauty , but also be environmentally friendly are my top considerations .I have in the past bought Solar lighting from money saving high street shops such as poundland they did the job for a while and were comfortable on my pocket . My husband who is terminally ill , loves to sit in the garden during the day and often stares out of the window into our secret garden of a night , his eyesight is quite poor and he was complaining that he could no longer see the solar lighting . Being in the care industry I am well aware of the benefits of light therapy for people who have vision problems and went on an internet search . I finally found what I was looking for on amazon , not only solar lights but a coloured string of lights with multi effects . I decided to purchase 4 boxes ...sounds a lot but for my purpose I needed it to be really colourful . Each box of lights cost £ 12.99 plus £3.50 shipping and handling , luckily the store that was selling them via amazon had a special deal on where you get free delivery if you spend over £50. The Lights Early next morning DPD delivered the lights to my door and I set about exploring their set up. Each box contained a 7.5 meter string of lights , a ground stake , a wall mount ( unfortunately without the screws ) and the solar panel .Each solar panel holds a AA rechargable battery and a full charge lasts up to 12 ...

Acer beTouch E210 20/01/2012

you'll wanna beTouch too !

Acer beTouch E210 I recently decided it was time to dip my toes into the smart phone technology pond , being, what could be deemed as a technological virgin ( no don't laugh ! ) I was quite impressed with my bravado. I didn't want to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest apple i-phone , as money conscience as I am ( my husband calls me tight ) all I could think of were the consequences of what I would do if I didn't get on with it . So.... I trawled the internet looking for a decent alternative that wouldn't break the bank if it wasn't for me .Who would have thought there would be sooooo many to choose from , not me that's for sure ! After hours and a huge headache , I found one that I liked the look of , it suited my needs and more importantly my budget .When you're reading the following please bear in mind , I am not a tech wizard and this is my first foray into smartphone technology , so I am writing purely from the idiots stand point .That means no tech specs , if you want them follow the link . The Acer beTouch E210 is an android operated phone , it has both a physical qwerty keyboard and touch screen technology , in fact all of the items you would expect of a mobile , camera , camcorder etc... I was looking forward to getting it with some trepidation...A few days later the phone arrived . Inside the box you get the usual paperwork , warranty , quick set up guide and safety information booklets along with the phone itself an SD card, battery, usb charging cable and two pin adaptor , ... 04/10/2011

Customize This ...AcerDirect My laptop was about to die and I wanted one with a larger screen 15.3 was ok five years ago , but age and eyesight insisted that I needed a 17.3..those extra two inches really do make a difference ! Anyway I was searching for an Acer computer because that is the make I have always had , I am comfortable with them and technophobe that I am didn't really want to learn about a completely different system .So I typed Acer into the searchbar and got thousands of results.I went down the traditional routes of trying to find a bargain on the well known bidding sites but was disappointed to find that the Laptop I really wanted wasn't going to be within my meager budget .Back to the search results and I saw Acer direct , I thought why not give it a go , it couldn't do any harm to have a look . AcerDirect also known as Laptops direct are a fantastic manufacturer website where you can purchase good quality Acer computers and peripherals at knockdown prices .Not that I had ever heard of them before .( thank god for Google !). This is because they sell direct rather than through a third party retailer . They have a huge range available on their site, Laptops ,desktops ,notebooks,carry bags , printers storage ..etc , and with all the expected operating systems .Because I knew I wanted a Windows 7 OS and a 17.3" screen I just typed it into the homepage search bar up came 8 different computers and a section called refurbished .I looked closely at this .. As this is the section I purchased ...

Rii Wireless Mini PC Keyboard Touchpad V2 15/09/2011

Mini Me has Nothing on My Keyboard

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