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G-Tech HT05 24/10/2014

GTECH Trims to Perection

G-Tech HT05 Making changes to our gardening tools and looking for solutions to excess wiring and storage problems , I had previously purchased a GTECH Strimmer , Impressed with the ease of use and storage decided to take the plunge and buy the GTECH HT05 Hedge Trimmer too . Yes at the rather large price of £0.05 pence under £90 .00 I did consider it an indulgence , but when you have bushes and hedging in your garden that need cutting and keeping down This IS the ideal solution , It will also save gardeners fees over time , so I won't be losing any money fact I'll be saving it ! I placed my order via Amazon , once again this GTECH item was supplied by the makers GTECH ( something I always try to do to ensure that if there are any problems I can get instant answers instead of having to go through third parties ) It arrived by courier well packaged but very easy to open , inside the box was the Hedge Trimmer a safety visor and screw to attach it to the base of the blade head , a small instruction manual That basically was just pictures and a few tips for cleaning , & the battery charging cable. Again the telescopic handle means that even if you are quite short you can reach up to 10 ft from the ground to trim any larger hedges , the handle is adjusted by opening a lever and sliding the pole to the length you require , it is then locked into place by closing the lever . The handle has the power button on it making it easy to control . The head of the blade is about 11 long and ...

G-Tech ST05 24/10/2014

Great Tech From GTECH

G-Tech ST05 Absolutely sick to death of the spaghetti junction of wires in my shed from all of our gardening equipment that I decided to look for a battery powered strimmer , something that can just be hung up without me spending twenty minutes wrapping wires , Or untangling them when it was needed , but it also needed to have a good battery life . My garden isn't the largest in fact it's only 15 x15 ft square , the price of the Gtech ST05 was a bit high ( considering I'd only paid £15 for a wired strimmer ) at £69.00 it was a chance I was willing to take to solve all of my unwanted wire problems .So I duly ordered it from GTECH via amazon . I received a dispatch notice the day I placed the order and a window of 3-5 days for the delivery . Two days later my Stimmer was delivered by courier ( great service considering P&P was free ) The first thing I noticed was how slim the box was compared to my previous strimmer , it did make me wonder if I had bought a childrens toy for a second , but upon opening the box those fears were instantly allayed .. The strimmer was nestled snugly inside , I reached in and took it out , the weight of this Strimmer is one of it's best points , easy for me to hold because it's lightweight . I looked at the way the telescopic tube worked , Simple for even me to understand there is a lever which you open up and slide the pole to the length you need then close the lever which locks it into place , the handle is also adjustable which in my opinion is a bonus ...

DeLonghi Icona Kettle 09/09/2014

Stylish Kettle Kitchen Kit

DeLonghi Icona Kettle Ever seen a small kitchen appliance and thought " I have GOT to HAVE one ", well I did when I came across the Delonghi Icona range of kettles and toasters , I looked through many websites , mainly because I was amazed at the prices they were asking for them . £90 for a Kettle my initial thoughts were ...What is it made out of gold or something ??. but I have to admit if you want quality kit in your kitchen it's better to pay out ..As i did I could hear my purse screaming ,but not quite as loudly as my hubby ! The Icona Kettle and toaster both have a real retro look to them but , that is where the past ends. The kettle is full of technology it has a washable removable limescale filter which slides inside the spout and stops all of the grainy limescale getting into your drinks , This was a must have because I live in one of the hardest water regions in the UK . The Kettle has a round base which is plugged into the wall . it has a non stick foot , the cord is a good metre in length , which is slightly too long for my needs , but the base has a handy underside where you can store the unused portion of cord . Because the base is separate from the Kettle when you mount the Kettle onto it you can move it a full 360 degrees , so whether right or left handed the Kettle looks the same . This Kettle has a maximum water capacity of 1.7 litres large enough to make a good five mugs of coffee at a time , but also has a quick boil function , so you could boil one cup of water at a time ... 20/08/2014

Miniinthebox ,,could be a lot more If it looks to good to be true it probably is ! , That's what I always thought , but my hubby is always on the look out for what he calls playthings and this site has just about everything you could want Apple Accessories ,HDMI Cables,Samsung Accessories ,Power Banks & Batter... Watches )Jewelry LED & Flashlights ,Electronic Accessori... Cameras & Photo Acce... Computer Accessories , Video Game Accessori... Toys & Hobbies Sports & Outdoors ,Home & Office Gadget... Pet Supplies & Flash Sales.. The site is based in China ( yes I know there are so many of them that aren't the full loaf ) but this site actually does what it says . The products aren't top quality but even so they are worth every penny of their price . I am basing this review on my first interaction with them , Being a smoker hubby likes to have a lighter ..or 15 he says " Why would you only have one when you can have so many more ?". He found a few that he liked the look of and the prices were very reasonable , so I ordered them . Having brought products from China before I was concerned that they would take 28 days to come through miniinthebox state that flat rate shipping takes between 7-20 days , which was my reason for only purchasing 2, I said that if the experience proved to be a good one we could order more next time . The checkout process is very easy ..they have a number of options Credit and Debit Cards , but I chose the Paypal option .At least this way I could be guaranteed of getting my payment ...

Andrew James Electric BBQ Grill 26/05/2014

British Weather no Problems for this Indoor outdoor BBQ

Andrew James Electric BBQ Grill It's that time of year again ..Ladies you know what I mean ...when the other half goes mad and wants to turn into a chef , Insisting that he is the king of the BBQ but needs the correct tools for the job , last years Barbie just doesn't cut the mustard anymore , he NEEDS a new one . Well for me , I am sick of buying BBQs every year just for them to end up rusting during the British summer , and having to buy Charcoals and fuels for them , so, I agreed to get a new one but it would be my choice . I looked through numerous sites and came up with two choices hubby made his choice and i concurred , being a savvy shopper I noticed that the BBQ in question was half price ...As I placed the order my initial thoughts were , it's expensive but might be worth the money if it delivers on its promises . The Andrew James Electric BBQ Grill can either be used as a table top BBQ or on the stand provided for it , it can be used outside or ( the deal maker for me) Indoors when the weather turns . I placed the order £99.99 for the BBQ ( at half price a saving of £100.00 ) and £7.99 delivery via Amazon , then waited patiently for the delivery . Three days later the package arrived , Unboxing........ Hubby was in is element unwrapping his new toy .The first thing to notice was the oval kettle lid ,shiny and red ,but it had a hole in the top , typically being an inpatient man he started moaning that we'd been sent a dud , until I reminded him that the hole was where the built in ...

Zanussi Avanti ZC1863000XA Electric Cooker 13/05/2014

Zanussi Applied Science with this Cooker

Zanussi Avanti ZC1863000XA Electric Cooker I'm forever entering competitions and trying to blag whatever I can so when I found on facebook I duely started to enter all of their great competitions , whilst watching the live stream on youtube one Friday ,Yossi the ao host said that if anyone sent in a video review of an old product the review team would look at sending them a brand new product to review and keep ...well I can use a smartphone ( Just ) so I decided to give it a punt .I reviewed my tired old cooker , uploaded the video on the Facebook page and waited . A week later I received an email from Beth the head of ao's review team offering me an american style fridge freezer .I replied to the email and thanked her but said I'd rather review something that I needed and asked for her to keep me in mind if they ever had a cooker , a few weeks later I received an email from Beth asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a cooker , of course I jumped at the chance . The delivery was arranged and disposal of my old cooker , the delivery team rang half an hour before they arrived to let me know they were on their way . should be praised for the level of servie they provide , the delivery team unpacked the cooker and placed it in my kitchen ready for wiring and took away the old one , the whole delivery experience lasted less than 10 minutes . So here is my review for the Zanussi Avante ZC168300XA Electric Cooker Zanussi's Tag Line ' The Appliance Of Science ' is certainly very apparent with the ...

Indesit CAA55K Fridge Freezer 17/03/2014

Bargain Basement Price Top Quality Build Indesit Rock !

Indesit CAA55K Fridge Freezer Wanting to update the colour of the appliances in our kitchen we decided to go Black , Yes it might show the fingermarks but what better reason could have for wanting to get the cleaning done ? I needed a Fridge Freezer to fit in a specific space , there aren't many choices out there if you only have 60 cms to work with ,but we searched online and found one that would be perfect for us . I ordered it and three days later it was delivered .( Big thumbs up to for the service and pricematching .) The Indesit CAA55k comes in white as well , but as I said I wanted Black it was delivered directly into place into the kitchen . The first thing to strike you about this FF is the sheer size it stands at 174 cms making it really high , but this is by no means a bad thing it means there is more space inside .It has an A+ energy rating so you know its not going to gobble your electricity .This model isn't frost free though , which isn't a problem if you defrost on a regular basis , I'll go into that further in to the review . The inside of the fridge has three door shelves , the bottom shelf has a large recess on the left hand side which means you can stand a 2 litre bottle of pop inside the door , it comfortably holds three 4 pint cartons of milk , you then have a dedicated dairy shelf complete with egg tray and butter dish and a higher shelf for either cheeses or small jars . In the bottom of the fridge there are two good sized salad crispers .I like the way that they have ...

De'Longhi Brillante Faceted Jug Kettle 29/01/2014

The Not so Brilliant De'longhi Brilliante

De'Longhi Brillante Faceted Jug Kettle I like to update the colours in my kitchen on a regular basis , but have to take into account that it's the one room in the house that my husband likes to spend the majority of his time in , so his input to the colour scheme is a deciding factor . Nothing wrong with my De'longhi iconia kettle and toaster but it's red and I wanted to try out Black/Chrome appliances , My husband looked through a couple of pages of kettles and came across the De'longhi Brilliante Faceted kettle , he loved the look and the design of both of the items and both were on sale , this review is for the Kettle . I have bought De'longhi before it's a mid-high price range ( depending on your income ) Usually retailing at around eighty pounds for each item , the quality of the steel used is good and the life span of the items counteract the inflated price . Like kettles from the other De'longhi ranges this kettle comes with a round 360 degree swivel base , the lead is wrapped in the underside of the base and is quite short so placing the kettle close to a plug socket is imperative , It boasts 3 levels of safety , an automatic switch off when boiled or lifted and a thermal shut off that cuts the power if the kettle gets too hot . The kettle has a removable water scale filter ( a must have for those in hard water areas ) and non slip feet on the base .All sounds great doesn't it . I placed my order and a few days later my new kette arrived , on opening the box and taking the kettle out I was ...

Cuisina C30LDC-SV 20/01/2014

Cooking your Cuisine with this Cuisina

Cuisina C30LDC-SV My last microwave died , not surprising really after the battering it was given over the Christmas holidays cooking for 30 people , so there I was left with a huge space on my kitchen units where my old faithful used to reside. I wanted a bigger capacity microwave and preferably one that was combination ,my thought process being we could always use an extra oven especially if we have another family gathering . I would have settled for a combination microwave and grill but after two days of trawling through the internet couldn't find one within my budget . I'd bought my previous microwave in Comet before the store went into liquidation so searched for the same make to no avail .... I found the Cuisina C30LDC-SV on amazon selling via a company called hughes direct , it looked exactly like my old microwave ..hmmm I wondered I searched the internet again for more information , turns out that the Cuisina was the Comet brand . This particular model is made from stainless steel Just what I was looking for ! Instead of ordering via amazon I went direct to hughes and ordered from them , I had a voucher code for 3% off of the price so ended up paying just £77.51 , the delivery was free And I was able to pick the day I wanted it delivered . I placed my order on Monday evening and it was delivered to my front door on Wednesday afternoon . The Cuisina Microwave The external dimensions of this microwave are 300mm high x 539mm wide and 414mm depth is I have to admit quite large ...

Restwell Napoli Massage Chair 19/09/2013

From Stressful to Restwell in minutes

Restwell Napoli Massage Chair Last year I bought a recliner chair but it proved to be more trouble than it was worth , the 'Real Leather' it was advertised as ,was in fact just bond grade which became apparent when splits started appearing in the arm rests .There was nothing for it , if I didn't want to see pieces of leather all over my lounge I would have to buy new chairs . I looked through all of the recliners and finally settled on Napoli Recliner Black Massage Heat Chair And Foot Stool , reasonably priced , the ones I purchased were being sold by the UK mobility store , they have a freephone number so I decided to ring them for a little more information . The sales staff were very helpful informing me that the seat and back of this chair are Leather , while the sides back and arms are Faux Leather , That was all I needed to order two . These chairs vary in price from £175.00 to £599.00 depending on where you buy them . I placed my order Tuesday afternoon and after looking to see if it had been dispatched contacted UK mobility to ask who their carrier was ,I was told it was TNT and to expect delivery anytime between Friday and the following Wednesday . Thursday Morning at 10:30 am my chairs were delivered ....Fantastically Speedy Delivery ! The Chairs and footstools were boxed , self assembly as was stated on the webpage ... If you attempt this make certain that there are TWO of you present , its quite fiddly . We took out each piece and laid it out on cardboard to avoid any marks on the leather ...

Pet Ottoman 01/07/2013

A Perfect Storage solution for your Pet

Pet Ottoman Over the last few years I have repeatedly been buying new beds for the dogs every 4-6 months , but was never really happy with the aesthetics, huge hunkering pieces of material were always a problem , where to put them for one ! .A few years ago I saw these pet ottomans being advertised on an American site but at $99 dollars each plus $53 dollars shipping could never afford them . They looked like they could prove to be the answer to my pet storage problems ..From an untrained eye they look like footstools/ottomans , something that you would normally store things in , they have a thick padded lid which can be used as a seat . This week I found the same on ebay uk at just under twenty quid each they are a complete bargain , My two dogs are Chihuahuas and at approx. 38 x 38 x 38cm (15 x 15 x 15”).The size of these ottomans is just perfect , They are big enough for a terrier size dog too to sleep in comfortably . I ordered two one for each of my dogs and waited just three days for delivery , when they arrived the packaging was very small , because these are collapsible the bottom of the ottoman is stored in the lid . Made from faux leather they have a thick leather pillow in the base to give your dog that touch of luxury , Assembly is extremely simple you take the folded base out of the lid and open it up , insert the solid base supplied and then the cushion put the lid on and your done ! The best thing about these other than they look terrific , is that they can be ...

Growmore Easy Fill Hanging Baskets 04/06/2013

Hanging Gardens of Easy Fill Baskets

Growmore Easy Fill Hanging Baskets Easy Fill Hanging Baskets I don't know if you are really into gardening , I must admit up until a few years ago I wasn't really bothered , but when we moved into our new home we had two gardens to look after . Now I'm not exactly what you would call green fingered , in fact everything I touched seemed to wither and die . That all changed when I realized gardening was totally relaxing and really rewarding . I was spending an absolute fortune on plants and hanging baskets year after year , a traditional rattan hanging basket which although looks nice doesn't really fill the garden with the wow factor , and the worst part I kept having to replace them because they were rotting from the plant watering twice a day . It took a while for me to reach this conclusion ..I know... Blonde moment ! I had purchased a cast iron bird bath from a reputable online company and had signed up to their emails to receive offers . It was the start of May and I knew that it was almost time for me to do the annual trek to the local B&Q garden centre for plants , but , I got through an email that sparked my interest . Want Hanging Baskets that look professional ? hmmm I thought as I opened the mail . I was surprised when I saw what this mail was about , a plastic hanging basket ! That didn't sound too promising but I read on , at the end of the mail there was a 7 minute video to watch about planting these easy fill hanging baskets up ..After watching I was hooked , simple just what I needed . ...

Star N9770 22/03/2013

Clone Wars..This Star is a Galaxy all of its own

Star N9770 I wanted to buy a large screen smartphone it's getting harder and harder to see anything on my current phone “ain't age a bummer !”. I really wanted something like a Samsung Galaxy whether it be the s2 , s3 or note but I really didn't want to pay the huge prices that these phones demand four or five hundred quid for a phone is a bit beyond my means and I needed to buy two . I trawled through the internet looking for a cheaper alternative . I ended up on Amazon where I found The STAR N9770 - 5.08 inch MTK6577 1.2GHz dual core CPU android 4.0.4 ICE CREAM SANDWICH 3G smartphone dual sim 8MP camera WIFI GPS, new google play store and flash player supported, with flip case Don't ask me what all those details mean , I've been using the internet for 10 years and still consider myself a total technophobe ! This phone is a Chinese clone of the Galaxy note , I read through all of the reviews and the majority of them were positive , noting that some reviewers had mentioned the best company to use for customer service “ DracoTek”. I decided to take the plunge and order. I placed an Order for two ,the price of this phone varies ,dependent on which supplier you get it from .( UK suppliers charge more ). I chose to get the cheaper option and placed my order on the 6th of the month expecting to have to wait at least 3-4 weeks for delivery from mainland China , to my surprise and delight I received both of the phones just 7 days later , ( that includes customs clearance ). Technical ...

Glade Discreet Airfreshener Soothing Lavender 10/01/2013

Delightfully Discreet and it matches the Decor

Glade Discreet Airfreshener Soothing Lavender I purchased two of these glade decors for my living room , it's quite a large room and I like to keep it fresh , previously I had only been able to buy either glass or plastic odour neutralizers but wanted something that would fit in with the decor , When they arrived I was surprised by how small they were , considering the price of the base unit , it comprises of a wooden plinth with a frosted glass window attached to it , at the back of the plinth and behind the glass there is a channel in which you place the refill , You open the refill by peeling back the foil covering and then slide the small foil container into the channel behind the glass making sure you have the coloured gel facing the glass window . The amount of scent you get from these small air fresheners is truly astonishing , I placed one in an alcove on top of a wooden cabinet and the other beside the TV , the fragrance fills the room .The Jasmine fragranced refill turns the front of the glass a light green colour .The colour of the glass changes depending on which fragranced refill you use . Glade supply refills in a few different fragrances , this is the only real downside they are quite limited ..but the Jasmine and the spiced apple ones are amazing .. How long they last ?....I started using the Jasmine refills just over 5 weeks ago and the scent is still going strong .. My Summary Although initially expensive to purchase the entire unit , they more than make up for their cost in giving your home a ...

Colgate Proclinical C600 10/12/2012

Do it Yourself Dental Hygiene Colgate C600

Colgate Proclinical C600 I'm a bzz agent and was recently chosen to take part in a campaign for Colgate , Basically I signed up , what I got was the option to test this product for free , I waited for the bzz kit to arrive ...A week later My husband answered the door and I received my Colgate pro clinical C600 , I excitedly ripped the box open and shared my first impressions of this electric toothbrush with him . I had a few small niggling negatives to get out of the way before I start to use it . Firstly opening up the packaging and seeing that the charging unit cable has a european plug on it ! not a great start ( luckily I have an adaptor )so I was able to put it on charge straight away I don't know about anyone else but my home doesn't have a two pin shaving plug in the bathroom , maybe this is something Colgate will be able to improve on . The charging time required for the C600 is to my mind a little excessive 16 hours twice a week ! I don't even charge my smartphone that often or for that amount of time ... As a good bzz agent it is important for me to list the negatives as well as the positives . There was enough of a charge in the toothbrush for me to see exactly how the different actions work . Clipping the brush head into the top of the unit was simple just push and click , on the handle there is a button with three modes which showed that not only does this brush go up and down , it goes from side to side and has a special low speed side to side action which is gentle on the gums , ...
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