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Fable 2 (Xbox 360) 22/06/2010

Fable 2 - One of the best RPGs ever

Fable 2 (Xbox 360) Fable 2 is a fantastic role playing game set in the world of Albion. The game begins with a beautiful introductory movie which contains top quality graphics. At the end of the introductory movie, there is a boy and a girl stood around a fire basket chatting. And so the game begins. You begin the game as a young boy/girl living in a street hut with your sibling. I picked the boy as my hero so I was living with my older sister in the hut. After you finish chatting with your sibling, you have to follow them to find out the cause of a ruckus. There is a handy gold trail left behind by your sibling for you to easily follow. Therefore if you decide to go and explore instead, you will still be able to get back on track by following the golden trail. At the end of the first golden trail is a trader who is a selling a magic music box from the ancient times. After a little encouragement from a stranger, you and your sibling collect five gold pieces to buy the music box. After collecting all the gold pieces, you can buy the music box which grants you a wish. Unfortunately, this is where the trouble really begins. The wish you make is to be inside Castle Fairfax which is owned by Lord Lucian who contrary to your initial perceptions is the main bad guy in this game. His objective is kill all the heroes and use their special power to give him control of Albion. He has managed to kill most of the heroes but there are just a handful left including your hero and your hero’s sibling. ...

Sure Extreme Protection Roll On 04/06/2010

Sure Extreme Protection Roll-On - Good roll on at a good price

Sure Extreme Protection Roll On Sure is a brand that has been around for a long time. I only recently found out that it is actually owned by Unilever. Then again, what isn’t owned by Unilever these days. Unilever boasts the following brands as part of its armoury in defending our bodies; Dove, Impulse, Lux, Lynx, Pond’s, Sunsilk, Timotei and Vaseline. That is quite impressive and the knowledge accumulated within the company must be phenomenal. This is obviously why Sure is such a trusted brand and why it is still going 40 years later. I generally find that Sure products are cheaper than most other brands and are therefore an instant attraction for me. When it comes to roll-ons, I’m not looking to break the bank. I want something which is affordable but something which does its job well. So I’m looking for something which simply does what I need it for and I do not want to be paying extra for a flashy name. This is therefore the correct brand for me when it comes to roll-ons. The first product decision that you have to make when it comes to perspiration protection is whether you are going to go for a spray or a roll-on. I used to use sprays but after a bout of green thinking, I decided to take the path of the roll-on. I do still occasionally use sprays but they are mainly presents. A lot of people have probably been thinking that they should stop using sprays which proprel CFC into our atmosphere and destroy our ozone. That's one of the reasons I originally moved to a roll on and the Sure for Men Extreme ...

Johnson's Moisturising Cream 02/06/2010

Johnson's pH 5.5 moisturiser - too good to stop production

Johnson's Moisturising Cream The Johnson’s pH 5.5 moisturising cream was in my opinion the best moisturising cream on the £4 - £5 market. Sadly, it has recently disappeared off the supermarket shelves and I have not spotted any in the specialist shops either. The only answer appears to be that Johnson’s has stopped production. I have investigated the matter by researching on Johnson’s website but met with no success. There is no sign of the Johnson’s pH 5.5 moisturiser anywhere. Surprisingly, not even eBay has any listed (from anyone who might have hoarded just before production stopped). One final search on Google revealed no other signs of the Johnson’s pH 5.5 moisturiser. This was the nail in the coffin and solved the mystery of the disappearing pH 5.5 moisturisers. Through the majority of my teen years, I used Johnson's pH 5.5 on my face and my hands. It was the miracle moisturising cream. I used to use it every day and it gave me very healthy skin. Friends and even strangers often commenced on how healthy my skin looked and I know that some of my friends started using it. I have to say that I was very disappointed to see that it was no longer available in my local Boots (which is where I traditionally bought them from). I'm sure my friends were similarly disappointed. My main dilemma was having dry skin on my face and my hands. This cream was versatile - I could use it on both my face and my hands. I usually applied it in the morning and it left my skin feeling hydrated through the day. I ...

Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Facial Moisturiser 02/06/2010

Johnson's 24 Hour Moisturiser - Effective and Great Value

Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Facial Moisturiser I bought this for £3 on offer from Sainsbury’s and I have been quite pleased with it. Some of you who have read my review on Johnson’s pH 5.5 will know that it will take a lot for me to find something which beats the Johnson’s pH 5.5 formula. However, I genuinely think that the 24 hour facial moisturiser comes very close. The tub itself is a glass small delicate glass jar which contains 50ml of the cream and has a plastic pink lid. The pink lid is a little bit off putting but I know that some will think it to be quite pretty. The lid is easy enough to open but it is quite fidgety when you have to close it. This may be because the lid is so flimsy that the twisty tracks just do not follow the contours of the lid. When you are in a rush, the last thing you want to be doing is messing around trying to close the lid on a cream – a position I have found myself in quite a few times. I ended up just leaving the lid part closed which I’m sure is not very good for the cream. The cream texture is medium to light which is a positive if you do not want to feel like you have a think mask on. It can be a negative though for those who have dry skin and want something a little bit thicker for the extra moisture – but you can simply apply more of this cream for that effect. The cream has a pleasant smell which is not overpowering which is what I like. I did not want a cream which had too strong a smell because then all you can smell is the scent on your face. This is perfect for those who ...

Arm & Hammer Enamel Care for Natural Whitening Toothpaste 01/06/2010

Arm & Hammer - Enamel Care for Natural Whitening

Arm & Hammer Enamel Care for Natural Whitening Toothpaste This is quite an interesting toothpase. It is usually on the shelves at Sainsburys for £3 per tube but I managed to get it on offer - two for £3. I think that was the main reason I deviated from my normal toothpase. I do have quite sensitive teeth so another reason I bought this was to test whether it could deal with sensitivity in teeth. I have to say that I did notice a difference when I first starting using this and my teeth did feel less sensitive. I think the main reason for this is because of this toothpastes ability to restore surface enamel. This has to be it's unique selling point and it's a very big unique selling point. The only negative to the enamel restoration seems to be that it is temporary and you have to keep using it to maintain the lower sensitivity in your teeth. This maybe because it does not actually repair surface enamel but serves as a temporary filling during the day and then you have to top it up the next day. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic product for sensitive teeth. A little bit on the expensive side perhaps, but it is very unique and achieves its primary function very well. I do wonder whether there is a better way for Arm & Hammer to restore surface enamel other than by using their formula in a toothpase. I say this because as far as toothpases go, Arm & Hammer is not a very good toothpase. It does lack what my normal toothpase offers i.e. fresh breath, clean feeling teeth, clean gums and a clean mouth. This toothpase also has quite a ...

Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (Xbox 360) 31/05/2010

The legends come together once more

Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (Xbox 360) This time, the makers of Dynasty Warriors have truly outdone themselves. It is an excellent choice for those who love action/adventure games with a captivating story line. There is a very large number of playable characters you can choose from and an even larger number of weapons to fight with. A whole host of tactics, strategies and military options are available for you to use to obliterate your enemies. The main aim of the game is the Empire Mode. Here, you start off with one territory out of 25 in the land of China. You then have battles in other territories and if you win those battles, you gain control of those territories. Before and after each battle, you have your command screen which you can use to develop weapons, hire more troops, look after the people of your land and even try to entice enemy officers to join your army instead. You win the game by taking over all 25 territories. There is also the Free Mode where you can just pick a territory and fight that battle. It's kind of like an arcade mode in other action/adeventure games. It's good for when you have mates round and just want to have a multiplayer battle without going into the technical strategic battles of the Empire Mode. The game can be played by up to two players. Therefore you can take on your opponents either on your own or with a friend. You have to be careful though, because if either of you die then you lose that battle and have to restart. So the two player option is a double edged sword ...
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