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Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool 13/09/2006

Avoid like the plague!

Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool We made the terrible mistake of not reading the (mostly) accurate disparaging reviews of this awful hotel and booking a 3 night stay there at the last minute. Once we had waited an hour for the check-in queue to die down we were allocated a room right next to the extractor fans of the attached bar. When we asked for a replacement the next room was also next to hotel aircon fans (with the place being almost full we must have been given the "in desperation" rooms!). We told them the place isn't what he'd hoped for and were initially only given a refund for the second and third nights, the first being non-refundable. However Wor Lass being of no-nonsense Yorkshire stock insisted on seeing the manager and they caved and gave a full refund (he wouldn't come out). Other guests we spoke to were having a horrible time - banging pipes, people shouting to each other at 4am from rooms either side of them (honestly, we can't make this stuff up!), yet Reception were doggedly telling guests they were not receiving complaints. We felt very sorry for the mostly elderly clientele who deserve better than this run-down place, which must have been a plush and desirable place to stay at one time. Now it feels sad and neglected and in desperate need of a refurb. Do yourselves a favour and listen to the majority of reviews here and elsewhere, and find somewhere nicer to stay. A small Guest House will be a similar price if not cheaper than you'll experience a much higher standard of ...
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