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Tomtom One 11/07/2008

Terrible experiences with this Sat Nav

Tomtom One I recently tried to use this Sat Nav system whilst on holiday in the Algarve, Portugal. NOT ONCE did it find us where we wanted to go. Problems we had: 1. Most roads, even the main road between PT and spain where marked as unknown. 2. often drove us to the middle of a construction site and said there was a beach there. 3. continuously fell off the windscreen 4. Sometimes lost satellite signal at the most critical time for up to 10 minutes. However, now realizing its low price it is probably understandable. Maybe in the UK, this system works better but it is certainly a TERRIBLE system to use in Iberia. There were a few good things to point out: 1. Easy to set up 2. Easy to use. However, this only brings it up to a poor rating simply because it couldn't perform its basic function of finding us directions. In conclusion, DON'T BUY this Sat Nav for Iberia. ...

Lexmark Z 1420 05/11/2007

Good value for what it is

Lexmark Z 1420 This printer is excellent once set-up. It prints quickly, efficiently and without problem on a iMac and a PC. It also comes with excellent software for the PC and is easy to set up via USB. However, when setting up this printer via Wi-fi using a iMac, it is a Nightmare!! Firstly, the instruction book is useless and didn't cover the problems I encountered. Secondly, the printer kept losing connection with the iMac, and I still don't know why!!! thirdly, as it has no built in screen or the like, it was ridiculously hard to configure the printer when it lost connection with the iMac, as i had no way of communicating with the printer!!! Apart from this, the printer is quite good for the money It's print quality is reasonably (you aren't going to be able to print photos etc. with it but perfectly good for text etc.) The print speed is quite good but sometimes, when the server is busy, downloading things or the like, it can be quite sluggish. It looks great, especially next to an iMac (almost looks like an Apple printer) Overall, this printer is fantastic for the money but you should only buy it with an iMac if you have someone with reasonable knowledge of computers. With a PC, it is fine for all users

Apple iPod touch MA623ZO/A 8 GB 11/10/2007

BUY THIS iPod, absoloutley fantastic

Apple iPod touch MA623ZO/A 8 GB This New iPod is amazing. if you can get ur hands on one, buy it!!! The touch interface is amazingly easy to use. Quality of sound is better than before (pretty amazing before aswell!!) The rotating screen can become a little annoying (turning when you don't want it too) but you get used to it and remember to not turn it without a reason. The features are cool: 1. Safari: Excellent, very usable web browser 2. iTunes: Excellent feature which is very helpful 3. Music: Excellent quality, easy to find songs 4. Touch screen: Very easy to use, very reactive with no irritating problems (tapping the screen as i do with my Prada by LG!!) Overall, this iPod is a fantastic buy if you can find one. I recommend buying it from or amazon. Lastly, i LOVE the packaging this product came in and will be keeping it for

Red Steel (Wii) 05/07/2007

An excellent, action-packed shooter

Red Steel (Wii) Firstly, this game is very well made and i am very impressed with the story line because it actually follows a story instead of just having a story to fill the loading space. The controls are quite hard to get to grips with, having to learn many different actions with the control and nunchuck. The game's playability is amazingingly good because there are many places to explore away from the main storyline. Some of the dialogue is annoying, as it is in Chinese but you ignore this in the knowledge that you will be playing some more action-packed fun. The loading times are relatively quick except between missions. The save function is also a little irritating, only autosaving (the only saving option) at the end of the missions. One major downfall is the multiplayer mode. It is very confusing and almost impossible to play. Overall, a great, action-packed game.

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 04/07/2007

THE PSP: All you want for fun, in a box

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) This portable box of tricks is, firstly, beatiful, with amazing shine and lines of style. The screen is excellently viewable and hasa a crisp, sharp image. The controls are easily used but the analogue stick is a little bit over sensitive. The games available are great and reasonably affordable. The memory stick duo are quite expensive but i managed to buy a 1GB stick (which is optimum if you want movies, images, music etc.) for about £50 which is alright. UMD movies are a little extinct now and many new films aren't realeased on UMD but this still doesn't restrict the console's abilityn to amaze. The internet is great but a little small screen. I, however, suggest that you get a screen cover with the PSP as the screen is easily scratched. These are easily optainable from game for about £8.

Nintendo Wii 04/07/2007

My amazing wii experience

Nintendo Wii This console is amazing. The graphics aren't PS3 standard but the wireless controller technology makes everything much better. It looks great on my desk and is very simple to use. The internet features are also very cool. The menu system is cool and if you can connect the console to the internet, like i have done, you get many advantages, such as an internet browser etc. The games are very cool and the way youcontrol them is easy to get used to. For £200 approx. this console is well worth the money and i suggest you buy this as it is much better than the xbox 360. I give it 89/100 for looks, amazingness and general satisfaction. An excellent buy. I am a very happy buyer. P.S. Ignore everything about the remote breaking TVs, the remote is very stable in your hand and it hasn't even slipped in my hand.
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