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Logik LFC50W10 03/05/2011

The only Slimline guzzler of Icecream I know of!

Logik LFC50W10 Having just spent the day cleaning out my fridge freezer I decided it was a good time to review it. What's to review about an appliance like this which to all intents and purposes simply sits there.... Firstly, this model is a slimline model designed to fit in to narrow spaces, in our kitchen this means it sits tucked away in the corner between the kitchen and pantry doors - in fact on my first viewing of the flat I didn't even notice it at all so inconspicuous is it in its corner. The design other than being narrow is a typical fridge freezer, fridge on top, freezer below, with the height of the fridge section being a little over half the entire height of the unit. Internally the freezer has three drawers, I find that although the drawers are tall enough their depth is not great enough for my liking - you can't for example put a frozen pizza in it flat. The given volume of the freezer compartment is 54 litres/2cubic feet, which for the two of us is adequate although it has meant in weeks when our shopping trips are individual due to clashing schedules we've occasionally been found scoffing random items to make space, although that could be partially down to my habit of bringing home reduced items to freeze for later (and his of going to the shop and buying fresh meat instead of getting the frozen meat out the night before - the joys of living together....). My other problem albeit minor and partially of our own making due to packing the freezer section with that "food" ...

Crockpot SCR1400 25/02/2011

A revolution in my kitchen...but slowly

Crockpot SCR1400 I don't do cooking, I don't do housekeeping, in fact in all honesty I'm barely housetrained so it remains a surprise when I get home from work every evening and find only the pet male in the flat and a distinct absence of any grown up people! Sadly for Mr Scuba his idea of cooking is roughly the same as mine, so between us we had to work out the best way to organise these tasks. This not helped by our clashing work hours - most days we see each other as he goes to bed when I get home from work and then when he gets up at a ridiculously early hour in the morning to go to work himself. After a bit of discussion we decided that the best plan would be to work out how to make meals we could eat at different times but cook all at once.....leading to the slightly more heated discussion about why he should do the cooking when he gets home from work (4 hours before I finish work) or why I should do the cooking before I go to work (about 6 hours before he gets home from work). The conflicting times meant that when we heard about 'slow cooking' it was it seemed the answer to our dilemma. As you can probably guess 6 weeks in to this new world of living together I'm the one doing all the cooking, shopping and washing the slow cooker we bought is very much my baby and I suspect I spend almost as much time in the kitchen talking to it as I do talking to MrS! Our cooker is a Crockpot 3.5l, unlike the illustrative image dooyoo have mine(ours?) is entirely black and I think it ...

Tesco Original Lipbalm 19/12/2010

How original can a lipbalm be?

Tesco Original Lipbalm Once again the curse of being stuck with a bloke full time has struck - my beloved Mr Scuba decided that after spending a week in the welsh mountains his lips were sufffering so he needed a lip balm and instead of buying his own he 'borrowed' mine, leaving me without one as this years lovely snow hit. Given I work in a shop I considered buying my usual Chapstick from work but decided that £1.75 was a ridiculous amount to pay, so I wandered down to the local Tesco Extra to seek a cheaper alternative. The choice was made for me as a double pack of Tesco Original Lipbalm was costing a mere 90p. After using it for a few days on my daily 4 mile round walk to and from work what do I make of it? Well for a plain lipbalm it has a lovely soft scent of vanilla. The product is slightly chunkier to hold than a tube of chapstick but this does make it much easier to handle when wearing gloves, occasionally I found my chapsticks could be rather too fiddly. On the lips however it where I find my feelings about this product rather mixed, while my usual chapstick feels quite heavy but does seem to soak in to my lips this feels rather light and greasy and doesn't feel as though it sinks in too quickly -if at all, instead it seems to protect my lips more by sitting on the skin than any real moisturising process. I find myself reapplying regularly after taking a sip of a drink which given I do like to have a cup of tea on the go pretty much all the time at work can be annoying. But my lips ...

Robert Dyas (Shop) 10/12/2010

So just who is my new friend Robert?

Robert Dyas (Shop) As a recent new comer to life in the South East I've had a fair bit of adjusting to do lately, and since I and my boy are now planning to move in to our own home I've had to start acting like a grown up and buying sensible stuff on shopping trips. One of the stores I have discovered since my move has been this place - Robert Dyas, my new home town has a small store on the high street which is the first store I had even seen given that it is predominantly a southern brand, since finding that first store I have found stores in three other towns near by and regularly find myself drawn in 'for a quick look around' which leaves the poor boy shaking his head in wonder at where his utterly impractical and uninterested in domestic stuff girlfriend has gone to. In general the stores are laid out with items in broad groupings, Kitchenware - inc pots, pans and a wider variety of utensils than I ever imagined could exist, and a surprising choice of teapots (another new addiction for me is tea served from a real teapot, though I am yet to find the holy grail of pots and find the one which doesn't dribble). Cleaning and laundry - the section which I initially had most interest in since I ventured in store seeking coat hangers - yeah I'm the idiot who moved house without packing any - and a solution to the problem of clothes drying in a limited space (Ironing tidy, saves space as its just a pole when not in use and clothes are hung up to dry meaning no more ironing....) in which as well ...

Batiste Dry Shampoo 09/12/2010

Batiste will beautify the unclean?

Batiste Dry Shampoo I am the first to admit that I am by nature incredibly lazy - or if you're my parents being polite 'so laid back shes practically horizontal' is a commonly heard phrase, so it should come as no surprise that along with not bothering to get my hair cut for the last 22 months I on occasion simply cant be bothered to wash the increasingly long mass of thick hair I have because it can take almost 2 hours to blow dry or over 24 to fully airdry (by which time I really ought to be washing it again..) this issue became exacerbated when I decided it was a genius plan to take on a second job which is described as 'casual' but required weekends away training with very strict timings to be lived on - as a result my mass of long hair became more of a problem as far as keeping it clean and presentable was concerned. This lead on one memorable occasion to me deviating from the hair net section at Boots (a standard shopping trip for me included at least three packs of three bun nets for each weekend!) in to the shampoo aisle where I spotted a rather odd looking product cans of 'Dry Shampoo' initially amused by the concept but being convinced it wouldn't be very effective I left the shop and thought little more about it, until one weekend I was complaining about the state of my hair on a Sunday afternoon and one of my colleagues lent me her can of dry shampoo, and magically I was converted. This conversion has left me with a store of dry shampoo which on my recent move rather scared me - ...

Bomber Boys: Fighting Back 1940-1945 - Patrick Bishop 07/12/2010

What were those Bomber Boys up to?

Bomber Boys: Fighting Back 1940-1945 - Patrick Bishop I once promised myself I would never sit and try to read a book I found boring. For some reason however I find myself keep coming back to this one. Bomber Boys is the story of bomber command, the men who made the decisions and the brave young men from all across the Commonwealth who volunteered to serve in this 'elite' force - elite because up until the advent of war flying was a rich mans game with the common man unable to comprehend of flying their own plane. I first dug this out of my pile of books to read after my visit to the 'Airforces Memorial' in Egham as I wanted to learn more about those many names I had read on the memorial panels and coincidentally this summer there was a flurry of news articles about the campaign to build a memorial to Bomber command in London. Obviously the book is written in very different style to that of other books published recently which concern modern warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think for me this is where the dry, factual accounting becomes hard going to read, yet there are occasional passages which make the hard slog worth while when you stumble upon an excerpt from a personal diary or interview, at this point though the style of the author does tend to the dry and humourless some of the personality of those long ago fliers shines through. The book discusses the early days of the air war over Germany, the technology which made raids easier and safer for our fliers while making the German Luftwaffe work that bit harder, it ...

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel 24/11/2010

I like trees and I like tea - but do they like my spots?

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel Since moving to Southern parts to be with Mr Scuba I've found that I'm getting alot more spots and blemishes on and around my chin, maybe I'm being overly suspicious but I tend to blame his stubble which my delicate skin is unused to (ahh the bless of a ldr none of that terribly inconvenient spending time with one another stuff, lol) and unfortunately this is having the effect of an overly harsh facial scrub in a very specific area - he'd think it weird if I was to rub the rest of my face over his chin in an attempt to even up the damage! So I decided I needed to see what I could do about it, having been for the most part blessed with fairly well behaved skin over the past few years I delved back in to my memories of my early teens when my skin was less well behaved and remembered that I had often used tea tree based products to soothe and reduce spots and blemishes. So on one of my flying visits to the local town centre I was in The Body Shop and spotted their tea tree range. Not having much time (as usual my free parking time was running out) I grabbed the cheapest option on the shelf which looked familiar - this cautiously selected item was the 'Tea Tree Blemish Gel' which is packaged in a small hard plastic tube in a rather ugly shade of green. This tube contains a massive 2.5ml of gel, which is dispensed by way of a small furry wand arrangement - very similarly to some lip glosses or mascara. This wand is fixed in to the lid and when unscrewed is lifted out. The ...

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v 02/11/2010

A Baby Addition to the Angel household

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v I don't go much in for technology but when I decided I needed a more portable computer for working out of the house I was quickly swayed to the purchase of a Dell as it's is a brand I am familiar with. The Inspiron Mini 10, being at the time the only one in the range which fit the bill size wise was thus what I decided I'd be ordering. I like that Dell allow you to customise your order on site before you purchase, while if you order from other suppliers you have to stick with a standard model. I wanted bluetooth and a long battery life so ordering direct from Dell was a must (everywhere else had one or the other but not both). I toyed with the idea of buying it with a different colour lid but stuck to the simple black because I couldn't see how a bit of plastic could cost £20 to change! I also got mine with Windows 7 starter, at the time there was an option to go down to Vista but given issues with my main laptop I decided to try 7. On delivery I was understandably excited to open up my new toy and get going. Th netbook is pretty much a scaled down verson of my main laptop style wise, although I was dubious about the shiney plastic cover as I was expecting a matt black, but other than this minor surprise it was exactly as I expected appearance wise. Lifting the screen reveals the keyboard, this is actually bigger than I expected due to it being built from edge to edge of the base, with the touch pad filling the gap between the space bar and the lower edge of the ...

Runnymede Air Forces Memorial, Englefield Green, Egham 16/09/2010

A Memorial worth remembering

Runnymede Air Forces Memorial, Englefield Green, Egham In recent times I have found myself traveling from my beloved north to the wicked South in order to spend time with he who is known as Mr Scuba (more commonly referred to as the petboy). But on the latest occasion I was unable to spend the entire day with him thanks to his having to work so was in need of something to do to keep myself amused before my time to head north again. As I was in the car I decided to head out towards Virginia Water and while seeking a practical place to park and take a stroll spotted a sign for the 'Air Forces Memorial' it took my interest so following a succession of increasingly small signs I made my way to the Runnymede site. Runnymede is better known as the site at which the Magna Carta was signed, and in fact the Memorial over looks the meadow which is believed to have been this site. Finding the Memorial is fairly painless, follow the small brown tourist signs down the lane, but be careful there is a white sign which indicates that the Memorial Carpark is on your right, next to another small brown sign telling you the memorial itself is further down the road. Parking here is free and there are a good 40 or so spaces, on my visit there were only two other cars in the car park. From here walk a short distance down the lane to the memorial entrance itself. The entry is marked by two stone gate posts inscribed simply with 'Air Forces Memorial ' which is painted in light airforce blue. Approaching the Memorial through these gates you find ...

Eyeko Fat Balm 12/07/2010

The subtlety of the Fat is for all to see.

Eyeko Fat Balm I'm currently on a bit of a clearing up binge as regards to my toiletries box, since it appears to have exploded from a shoe box size caddy in to a 20 litre storage box over the last 12 months. I like to keep my lips well moisturised because my current job involves spending alot of time outdoors, or in and around swimming pools, and in general my skin gets a real battering. This has meant that one of the largest individual collection of items in my box was of lip balms. On finishing my last one I went for a rummage and pulled out the Eyeko Fat Balm, which with is short wide tube lives up to its 'Fat' name. In a baby pink plastic tube, with silver labeling proclaiming 'Fat Balm' and Eyeko beauty' and a cartoon of a girls head. I had a peek at the base of the tube to check what flavour this balm is, its a strawberry. I tend to like strawberry balms, because I enjoy the sweet smell of them and they also tend to have a fairly pleasant taste - something which I think is essential in a lip product. Opening up the Fat Balm the colour of the product is a deep matt red. The smell is a little artificial for my liking but often the scent of these products is changed once they are on your lips. So in my usual style I wipe a slick of this product across my lips. Immediately I am struck by the smell of it being strongly artificial with little of the pleasant sweetness of a real strawberry. Glancing in the mirror I am also struck by the fact that my lips are now a definite red colour, ... 20/11/2009

Kingo lotto. Scam? Its not often I find myself titling a review in the above manner but sadly today is one of those rare occasions. Kingolotto is a free to play lotto site which awards points for matching numbers across a max of ten grids per day, if you match the 6,5 or 4 numbers they claim to offer big prizes, if you match fewer you will get a corresponding number of points. These points can be redeemed for prizes out of their catalogue. In terms of site use it is easy enough to sign up and play, simply give them your address, name and email address confirm by the email you get sent and away you go. Playing is also simple you can select your own numbers and save them as favourites or play a random selection of numbers. Each evening at around 0015 they will email you the days numbers and tell you which of your games has won what points, these emails also show a runnnig total of the points accumulated. So what to spend the points on - firstly wait until you've played 50 days because then you become a 'vip' which give you access to a prize catalogue which has lower redemption values for equivalent prizes, these range from kingolotto branded pens, magnets and colouring sheets to books, dvd's and at the highest redemption values simple electronics like mp3 players. They also offer high street vouchers in £5 and £10 denominations - these are hard to get hold of even if you have the points as they are in very limited supply. So after almost 12 months of playing more or less daily I was pleased ...

Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries 03/11/2009

Simply Raspberry

Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries I'm sure like many of us I like the odd sweet treat and feel the occasional pang of guilt when ignoring the Fairtrade options for cheaper bars of chocolate. I spotted this attatched to the front of a magazine recently and decided to treat myself, magazines are a rare luxury and I had gone out looking for chocolate.... So what is Divine. Divine is a Fairtrade brand, meaning all the cocoabeans used in the manufacture of their chocolate are bought at a fair price from local growers - in fact Divine is 45% owned by the farmers who grow the cocoa. The paper wrapper is rather unusual looking, with patterns and symbols in red and gold on a dark brown back ground, opening up the wrapper displays some printing on the underside which explains that all the symbols are Adinkra and hold meaning. So about this bar. I tend not to be a fan of dark chocolate finding it too bitter for my tastes so often choose dark chocolate which is flavoured to give it a little more sweetness, and lately have found a taste for raspberry (sadly mostly in vodka but hey ho its one of my 5 a day right?). Opening the paper wrapper there is an inner gold foil wrapper, inside this is the chocolate itself, breaking the foil there is a fairly strong smell of dark chocolate with little evidence of the raspberry flavouring. Breaking off a block the chocolate seems to have quite a rough surface texture and inside can be seen some very vivid red bits around the size of small 'millions' sweets. Again at this point ...

Virgin Trains 02/11/2009

Are you a train Virgin?

Virgin Trains It's coming up for the party season again so I have recently spent rather a lot of time making travel arrangements, one method of travel I seem to utilise rather alot these days comes in the shape of the West Coast Mainline, between Manchester/Stockport and London Euston, while in a previous life time I was very familiar with the Manchester/Edinburgh section of this same line, this route is operated by Virgin Trains and has been for several years. Thankfully these days the booking process is somewhat easier than it used to be, having to go in to the train station to book tickets I always found a somewhat draining experience as there was invariably a queue of people apparently wanting to purchase tickets for the next train due and only one counter open, now you can book online at one of several sites, my preference is virgins own, but also avaliable is and national rail - who will direct you to purchase from else where! As with all online purchases keep an eye out for which sites are offering the best rates of cashback (currently virgin trains are offering £4 per booking via topcashback). Once you have your tickets booked what sort of service should you expect on the trains? Well contrary to many opinions the trains operated on this line are among the most modern rolling stock on the line's today as the West Coast Main is the home of the 'tilting' train the Pendolino, distinctively liveried in Virgin colours of Red, Yellow and Silver/Grey these trains look ... 27/09/2009

Scuba has a value.... This is one of the survey sites which I am a member of, it is definately one of the better ones, as it has regualar surveys and pays out as and when they say they will. On the front page there is the usual sign up link as well as the log in bar for members. It also displays the names of recent winners. But more importantly it explains the idea of the site and shows pictures of the reward vouchers avaliable. If you want to join then you have to fill in the usual information form, name, email, a password, your address (for posting the vouchers) date of birth, and voucher choice, as well as asking your occupation. All of this is easy to change once registered, and I have deleted my address details as some of the voucher options are emailled to you. They will send you an email with an activation link, once this is clicked your account is active. Now it is recommended to filling the 'Survey Opportunities' section, this is like a pre -pre screener for other surveys. If this is all 100% filled in then you are much more likely to get sent surveys - this is I know as for a long time I left mine blank but after filling them all in I have been receiving regular emails. Survey rewards can be as little as 25p up to around £5, a 25p survey I had recently contained just 3 multiple choice questions, whereas a £5 survey required a series of questions to be answered daily on household habits. For this one each day they sent a reminder email with the link to the diary, it took only a ...

Ford Fiesta 1.25 24/09/2009

A Stylish replacement to a clapped out Clio

Ford Fiesta 1.25 As can be seen from my previous car reviews my car purchasing tends towards the cheap and basic, meaning I have had some pretty hefty bills to deal with when MOT'ing my beloved rustbuckets so this year it was time for something alittle different according to my family. So armed with Nanna's cheque book my Aunt, Mum and Step Dad embarked on an adventure which was to end with the purchase of two shiney new cars for my sister and I (to make the drive look prettier I suspect). After a few days of looking (and from all accounts several near disasterous arguements over if we would like a KA, or a Smartcar.....) I was visited at work by my Mum armed with two car brochures, one for the new shape Fiesta and one for the Suzuki Swift and asked to choose a preferred colour for my 'mums new car', in both cases there was a metallic blue which I liked lots. Roll forward to the end of March two very hungover young women are falling across their mothers drive way for Sunday lunch to be confronted with a room full of family (Dad and Mum in one room was enough of a shock to begin with) and two car keys and log books...sent back outside we found sat on that same drive we had literally seconds earlier walked across (we were VERY hungover it has to be said) two brand new Ford Fiesta Style's, complete with ribbons and balloons!! Unsurprisingly I was handed the keys for the 'Ocean' blue car while my sisters choice had been for a metallic black. Given our hangovers we could do little more than ...
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