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Joking Apart (series one) 05/06/2006

My wife left me - Fantastic!

Joking Apart (series one) Coupling, Press Gang, Chalk, episodes of Doctor Who, Murder Most Horrid and Joking Apart were all written by the same man, Steven Moffat. And that should be all I need to say about this DVD, because anyone who has seen these tv series, will know how amazingly good they are. (If you're interested he wrote the 'Are you my mummy?' and Madame de Pompadour episodes of Doctor Who). ~~The DVD~~ It contains all six episode of series one, a short feature on the making of the series, and commentaries on four episodes. Running time 179 minutes, Region 2, and costs £14.99 (free postage in the UK) available only from, . ~~Joking Apart~~ This award winning tv series started off as a one off episode in a series of pilot episodes called 'Comic Asides', its success turned it into a full series, and was followed up by a second two years later. "My wife left me" Mark is a sit com writer, and is devastated when his wife leaves him. Through an imagined stand up comedy act, Mark tells how he and Becky met and married in a short space of time, and goes through the pain and anguish of the split. "The funniest thing I've ever seen" - This was my wife's comment when she watched the DVD having never seen the series before, and its quite hard to disagree with. I saw this series when it was first shown and its something I've never forgotten. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you've never heard about it. The sad fact is that the BBC never supported ...

Tomb Raider: Legend (PC) 03/05/2006

Lara's Back, or Is She?

Tomb Raider: Legend (PC) I've played all the Tomb Raider games and have really loved them. As you can tell if you've read my opinion of TR4, I was a little disappointed with it, TR5 (Chronicles) was good, but not really a proper instalment, and as for TR6 The Angel of Darkness (AOD) well.... When I started playing it, for me, Tomb Raider had died: it was soo different, and soo full of bugs, but, I did get into it, and quite liked it. It was hated though, by a lot of people. It had been rush released, and was an attempt at a new generation of Tomb Raiding. With the second film out at the same time also not doing so well, Edios (the parent company) decided to take the game away from its creators and makers Core Design (which Edios had bought), and give it to Crystal Dynamics in America to produce. A lot of people complained about Tomb Raider not advancing - having been a landmark game when it first came out in '96, it had failed to keep up with the times and needed updating badly, so Crystal D had their work cut out. Looking through Internet forums I've noticed something: everybody wants different things form Tomb Raider. Though there does seem to be two main types, people who like to explore, have challenges, large places to interact with and such. And those who like Lara Croft as a character, want good graphics, straight forward levels and a story. So here goes.... Story You play Lara Croft, a woman who travels the world looking for artefacts, explores tombs, solving puzzles and ... 24/10/2005

Cheap but poor beyond belief I bought a digital camera nearly two years ago, but never bothered to get my photos printed. I did look at a couple of sites but never did anything about it until I got back from a few days in Blackpool to find a friend had recommended, it seemed worth a try so I gave it a go. ~~Introduction~~ We used to have an APS camera, and having the option of three sizes of photos' made me want to take nicer pictures, and ever since I have put more effort into getting a good photo. Owning a digital camera gives you the choice of getting the most out of your pictures - as soon as you take the photo you can see if its the one you want or you can take another until you get it right. You can take as many as you like, and try all sorts of different things to achieve the desired effect, not that I necessary do, but you don't have to worry about wasting film and money. OK, so you've got your pictures on your PC, and want the prints. You register at, download a piece of software (takes very little time), click 'upload photos', choose 'new album' (or one you have already), name it (such as 'Blackpool 2005' in my case), and 'upload to this album', select your photos and they'll upload. You have options on fixing and enhancing your photos, moving photos from album to album, viewing all the photos in an album, deleting photos, sharing albums with friends, and you can order gifts from you photos such as calendars and jigsaws. When you ...

The Time Machine (DVD) 01/06/2003

Only Time Can Tell

The Time Machine (DVD) Having avoided this remake of the film since its release, for reasons I’ll go into later, I’ve finally given in. Much like Planet Of The Apes, I’m drawn to films like this, it sparks my interest and imagination, and of course there’s the question: What does the future hold?. ~~The Plot~~ Set in New York, in the late 1800’s, Alexander Hartdegen, a professor and scientist, spends most of his time lost in his inventions and scientific ideas. But he does have another love, Emma. In purposing to her, the couple get mugged, a struggle ensues and in the confusion Emma is killed. Driven by the loss of Emma, Alexander creates a Time Machine, travelling 800,000 years into the future, he discovers a world far removed from the one he left. Mankind divided into two very different species, the hunter and hunted......Can he save Emma?, and more alarmingly, can he save mankind?...... ~~The Film~~ Released in 2002, It stars Guy Pearce (Memento), Jeremy Irons (Dungeons and Dragons) and pop star Samantha Mumba. Based on the novel H.G. Wells, and can be considered a re-make of the 1960’s film. Directed by Simon Wells (who also happens to be H.G. Wells’s great-grandson). It runs for 92 minutes and has a PG rating in the UK. ~~The DVD Region 2~~ Also released in 2002, a cardboard cover, costing £9.99 from HMV, and about £14.49 in MVC. Extras include, two commentaries, a deleted scene, trailers, documentaries and a gallery. ~~The Opinion~~ As I said, I’ve avoided this film, why?, ...

Cadbury Brunch Bar 13/01/2003

Eat It Any Time I Won't Tell

Cadbury Brunch Bar Well once again I’m trying to improve my health - there’s nothing new in that - every so often I change something I eat or rather I either stop eating something that’s bad for me or start eating something that’s good for me, Cadbury’s Brunch Bar is one of these things, hopefully it’ll be one of the good things. ~~Cadbury’s Brunch Bar~~ I usually buy mine in packs of six costing £1.39, so that’s what?, 23p a bar, not at all bad. As you won’t be surprise to hear these are made by Cadbury’s, one of the, if not the, most well known chocolate producers. Having not seen them around for a long time, I would hazard a guess that these bars have only been around for a year or so. They come in a small box, and each bar weighs 35g and is plastic foil wrapped, also I’ve just noticed that they’re actually called Cadbury’s Hazelnut Bunch Bars. ~~The Look~~ The bar isn’t all that big, and the sides and underneath of the bars are coated in chocolate, leaving the top open to see all the bits of cereal and nuts. ~~Ingredients~~ You may be surprised to learn that 25% of the bar made up of milk chocolate. Oats make up 17%, bran flakes 9%, hazelnuts 9%, crispy pieces 6% and 2% honey. ~~Other Details To Note~~ A word of warning - they may contain peanut traces, but then I bought a tub of peanuts that had that warning on (I should hope so I thought). ~~Nutritional Information~~ I wasn’t going to include this but seems as this is supposed to be more healthy I’d thought I’d ...

The Carpet People - Terry Pratchett 29/12/2002

Be Very A Fray-ed

The Carpet People - Terry Pratchett I got into reading Terry Pratchett a couple of years ago, and have been reading his books ever since, you may be aware of his incredibly successful discworld series, well I stared to read all of the series from beginning, having read the latest five first. At the moment there are about 27 ish discworld novels, so I’ve been alternating between Terry Pratchett novels and other fiction. Now mostly I’ve been trying to get these novels second hand, having reached a point where I need the next book and wanting something to read, I decided to read one of his other books, which I’d bought second hand some time ago and as you may have guess it was, The Carpet People. ~~The Carpet People~~ This novel was originally written by Terry Pratchett at the age of 17, and after his discworld books became popular fans kept asking about this other book - The Carpet People, which had by then, sold out. So a reprint was needed, but Terry Pratchett now aged forty three, thought that a little re writing was needed here and there, and so what you have is a book that’s been co written by the same man, only many years apart. It originally came out in 1971 and this edition in 1991, it cost me £1 second hand but for new expect £4.99 for 190 pages. ~~Plot~~ Life in the carpet is a fairly uneventful thing for the Munrungs, every 10 years a message is sent for them to travel to the town of tregon marus to be counted. One year though they receive no message, and what’s more Fray is back, and the ...

Sky 27/12/2002

It Ad To Be Sky

Sky So we’re told, we will all need to get digital television sooner or later, the ordinary terrestrial tv transmissions will stop, so if you want to watch tv you’ll need digital. For me, I’ve chosen Sky. ~~Why I Chose Sky Digital~~ I used to watch a lot of tv, but since the arrival on my computer I, and we don’t watch a lot, mostly we watch videos, dvds, films and such, but actual TV, no not much. Of course there’s only so many videos and dvds we have to watch, and so we constantly find that we struggle to find something, and on a Saturday night (we’re not one’s for going out much), not being able to watch something special, is a bit of a downer. Where we live the TV signal isn’t great, the picture we get isn’t bad, but channel five is a no-no, and when they have the occasional film I like, its a bit annoying not being able to see it. I’m also a lover of sci-fi, Doctor Who, Blakes 7, The Tripods and so on. Now I have a lot of Doctor Who taped off sky from when I lived with my parents, but that was the old sky, the picture wasn’t always great, they didn’t always show them in the right order and there were episodes I missed. There was a TV adaptation of Dune, I would have loved to have seen, a lot of stuff on MTV and the special stuff. My wife loves Charlies Angels the tv series, which is now showing on UKGold, which she hasn’t been able to see much of, and as she says she wants to watch stuff when I’m on the Internet. ~~So Why Now?~~ Well, not so long ago a man ...

Powerhouse (Shop) 27/12/2002

Do Not Go In There

Powerhouse (Shop) Having the choice I would rather do without an electrical appliance I needed than deal with these people ever again. A happy experience turned into something unpleasant, miserable and disheartening, though I’m sure it could have been far worse, its not something I’d want to repeat - I mean Powerhouse nearly blew up my house. Its a rare occasion that I write about something I haven’t enjoyed, but here goes. For your information I’m talking about the Powerhouse in Shrewsbury. ~~The Shop~~ They sell electrical appliances, washing machines, fridgefreezers, cookers - you get the idea, they’re much the same as Comet or Curry’s. ~~Staff~~ Incompetent and unhelpful. ~~Delivery & Installation~~ Delivery - standard to poor, installation atrocious - nearly blew up my house, bad at keeping times. ~~Prices~~ Well I don’t go into these types of shops a lot so I can’t really say, according to Lost Witness’s opinion on Powerhouse, their prices are a bit higher than other such shops, the cooker I bought was priced at £450, that was a Belling Choice 50, 852 Dual Fuel Slot In Cooker, in the Ciao category it prices the Choice 60, 862 Dual Fuel Slot In Cooker at £599 and just a Belling Choice 852 Dual Fuel Slot In Cooker at £359, I can’t see much difference in the one I have and the ordinary Belling Choice 852 Dual Fuel except mines silver so, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one was over priced. ~~My Experience~~ We needed a new cooker, we saved the money, we decided what ...

Anthology - John Lennon 14/10/2002

An Insight Into A Hero

Anthology - John Lennon I suppose there is no need to say who John Lennon is, but just in case - he was a member of The Beatles - arguably the greatest band ever. He was the most controversial of the four members and also the thinker, joker, fool and most troubled of them. He enjoyed solo success, despite taking a few years out, and as he began making a come back, he was tragically killed. When you think of John Lennon you think of ‘Imagine’, perhaps the most well known song he recorded, a song about peace, but that was John, that’s what he wanted. When you have an artist, which was what he was - he wrote, played and performed his work - you find the best work comes from the strongest feelings, which is perhaps why his music was so good, and why he is so highly regarded. ~~The John Lennon Anthology Boxed Set~~ Coming off the back of the Beatles Anthology collection, it follows in a very similar vein. These collections seem to becoming more popular these days in music with more such ones being released. What these such ‘Anthologies’ consist of is a mostly chronological collection of previously unreleased tracks of live performances, home recordings, demos, early takes, speech tracks and alternative and various tracks of the said artists. And the John Lennon Anthology is no different ~~Details~~ This set consists of 94 tracks on 4 CD's, a booklet and a nice box to keep them in. However at £34.99 which I think was what I paid for it when it was released in ‘98, you might find it a little ...

The Abyss (Box Set) (DVD) 14/09/2002

A DVD Extravaganza

The Abyss (Box Set) (DVD) How would you like to see a great film, which has a little bit of everything in it, with the choice of watching the original or extended version, with loads of extra’s on the DVD?, interested?, then perhaps you should take a look at The Abyss DVD. ~~The Abyss - The Film~~ The Abyss was made in 1989, it stars Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Biehn. This Twentieth Century Fox film was written and directed by James Cameron, produced by Gale Anne Hurd, and rated 15, for the UK. Its 163 minutes in length - but that’s just one of the versions. ~~Plot~~ The film begins with a US submarine experiencing a loss of power and crashing. Due to a storm the only hope of rescuing survivors and checking the nuclear arms haven’t been damaged, are a bunch of oil rig workers on the first test underwater oil rig. Everything is not as it seems - the oil rigs’ designer goes along for the ride, much to the annoyance of her estranged husband who works on the rig. An unknown lifeform makes an appearance, and - cut of from his chain of command the navy SEALs commander starts to behave a little oddly. With a nuclear weapon, a gigantic chasm and a storm on the way, you get the feeling not all is not going to go to plan. ~~My Opinion Of The Film~~ I wanted a great Saturday night kind of film, something you can really sit back and enjoy, and I got it. Its one of those films where you don’t notice the time passing because there’s so much to keep you interested, various ...

Familiar to Millions (Parental Advisory/Live Recording) [PA] - Oasis 31/08/2002

Rock 'n' Roll Stars

Familiar to Millions (Parental Advisory/Live Recording) [PA] - Oasis OK, I admit it, I like the music of Oasis, there I’ve said it, don’t make me do it again. I’ve done my best not to like them but I just can’t help it, I’ve tried to hide the fact, but when it comes down to it, I love their music. I’m not joking, y’know, many people might revel in their love for the band, but not me, to be honest I’m embarrassed by the fact, Why?, well I don’t know - its like saying you like the spice girls, just not cool..........anyway. A friend at work got their latest album, which I quietly asked borrow (and copied, I might add), a couple of days later I saw this album going cheap and got it, along with the dvd version a week or so later (second hand for £8), all of this surprised my wife who had no idea I liked them. So now, except for about six singles, my collection Oasis’ releases is complete. ~~Oasis~~ They have been around since the early 90’s, among other things they’ve released five studio albums, not including a b-side collection, a live album (the one I’m talking about), an accompanying DVD, and two other live videos. The band members have come and gone, leaving brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher as what is essentially Oasis. They shot to fame quite early, and have been doing pretty well since. They are (now):- Liam Gallagher - Vocals Noel Gallagher - Lead Guitar/Vocals/ main song writer Alan White - Drums Gem Archer- Rhythm Guitar Andy Bell - Bass Guitar ~~Familiar To Millions~~ This live album was recorded at Wembley stadium ...

The Yellow Submarine 22/08/2002

Full Stead Ahead On DVD

The Yellow Submarine Its not often I write an opinion on a product I don’t like, so I’m not going to now, I dare say most of you will of at least heard the song and know about the film, if not actually seen it. So if you like it, read on to find out about the DVD, if you don’t - then skip to the end and leave a comment saying so. ~~Yellow Submarine - The Plot~~ Pepperland is a place 80,000 leagues under the sea, a place where life is good and music is the key to everyone’s happiness. Its also the place where SGT. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band play. The blue meanies live outside Pepperland and invade. Using their army of snapping turks, clowns, apple bonkers, and glove, they turn Pepperland blue, freezing the people, encasing SGT. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in a glass sphere, and stop the music and abolish happiness. The Lord Mayor of Pepperland, in a last ditch attempt to save Pepperland, asks native Fred, to take the yellow submarine (the vessel they first used to travel to Pepperland) to find help. Arriving in Liverpool, Fred runs into a lonely Ringo, and pleads for his help, they assemble the rest of the Beatles, and board the Yellow Submarine. They journey through the sea of time, monsters and holes, encountering many strange things, until they get to Pepperland and the blue meanies.... ~~Details~~ This is an animated film based upon the Beatles song, ‘Yellow Submarine’, it stars the voices of Geoffrey Hughes, Lance Percival, and Dick Emery, it also has cameo ...

Don't Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - Neil Gaiman 14/08/2002

Douglas Adams Douglas Adams Douglas Adams

Don't Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - Neil Gaiman I wouldn’t say Douglas Adams was a hero of mine but he is someone I admired a great deal. I love the way he wrote and the ideas he came up with, it wasn’t until his death a year ago that it really came home to me of how much a part he played in my life, he will be very missed. I have written a couple of opinions about Douglas Adams’s lately, and have done several, most of the following I wrote but left out due to the length of those ops. So seeing as a new revised edition of what is essentially a biography of Douglas Adams has just come out and been read by this fan I thought I’d include it here. ~~Don’t Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy~~ Written by Neil Gaiman and originally came out as ‘Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Companion’, in 1987. It was revised by David K. Dickinson in ‘93 and renamed slightly to Don’t Panic - Douglas Adams & The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, and has now been released in 2002, revised by fan MJ Simpson (the saddest thing he had to do as part of this revision was to change everything into the past tense - due to Douglas Adams’s death). Costing £6.99, it features a nice picture of the man himself on the cover. This edition has four new chapters, and tells you everything about Douglas Adams, the creation of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, and all of Douglas’s other creations and ventures, it also has bits and pieces of interviews, text from different versions and cut bits of text ...

Twinings Lady Grey Tea 04/08/2002

Fancy A Cuppa

Twinings Lady Grey Tea Bored with your usual cuppa?, is coffee getting you down?, would you rather something refreshing and relaxing?. Well your reading the right opinion, for those that want to take a little extra time for that extra special cup of tea, Twinings Lady Grey Tea is your man! (woman, tea, whatever). ~~Details~~ Twinings Lady Grey, is a tea with a citrus flavouring. It comes either as loose tea or in bags, and its the bags I’m talking about here. Costing £1.59, for 50 tea bags, they may seem a little more expensive than your ordinary brand, but then if you want something a little better then you have to pay - this I know, I work in a food factory and I know which supermarkets get the better quality stuff. Twinings have been producing tea for quite some time - for 300 years in fact, and have the royal crest on the pack to prove their quality. The pack itself is a black card box, with all the info you need. One of the more useful thing about Twinings tea is that they have a grading system on the pack to tell you how strong the tea is, a single leaf meaning a delicate flavour, two leafs meaning a slightly more mellow taste, three leaves for a brisk taste, and four for a strong flavour. Lady Grey is a delicate flavour having only one leaf. Lady Grey is a flavour unique to Twinings, the ingredients being, Tea, orange peel (3%), Lemon peel (3%) and flavourings. The tea itself originates from china. ~~Why did I buy this tea?~~ I gave up drinking coffee a number of years ago, ...

Planet Of The Apes Collection (DVD) 27/07/2002

Planet Ape Heaven On Video

Planet Of The Apes Collection (DVD) Now you must of heard about these films one way or another - having such a huge legacy and all. Not only is there the five original films, but the original novel, the re-imagined film version in 2001, the TV and cartoon series not to mention the comics and such. As for the original five film though, I love them, maybe you do too, but if you don’t here’s what you’ve (so far) missed... [One thing I ought to mention is that I’m talking about the video boxed set, how I wish I had the six disc DVD boxed set version which includes all five films, all the Trailers + Cross-Promotion Trailer Cast Pages, Photo Gallery, 120 minute Making Of Documentary - 'Behind The Planet Of The Apes' and a 12-Page Booklet, ah well, but then it does cost £49.99] ~~The Planet of the Apes Films~~ The Planet of the Apes, is a great science fiction film set on a world where apes are the most evolved beings of the planet and can talk, and where humans can’t. Our hero find this planet, and finds out a few secrets too, not to mention one great, big mind shattering one. The sequels continue the story and tell the events that lead up to the situation, and in the last actually change them. ~~Details~~ The Planet of the Apes is based on the book by Pierre Boulle. In the novel the apes are more advanced, but due to budgeting costs, for the film, they decided to regress them timewise. Also a number of other changes were made, mostly to adapt to the film medium. The novel is extremely interesting, but ...
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