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Disney Frozen Princess Dress Up Magnetic Wooden Doll 20/08/2017

Let it go Elsa and change your dress.

Disney Frozen Princess Dress Up Magnetic Wooden Doll ** Disney Frozen Princess Dress Up Magnetic Wooden Doll** **Introduction** I know that the euphoria that surrounded the Disney film ‘Frozen’ has long died down, but, in November ‘Frozen 2’ is going to be released so no doubt anyone with little girls who were once singing ‘Let it Go’ repeatedly will be singing along to yet another addictive song, and new ‘Frozen’ merchandise will no doubt be on sale everywhere – just in time for Christmas, don’t you know!! . This item I am reviewing today is actually merchandise that is from the original film; Olivia bought it in B&M’s, where it was reduced to £6.99 – no doubt they are selling of all the original film’s merchandise to make way for the new! While Olivia hasn’t bothered about Elsa, Anna or ‘Frozen’ for many months – this item caught her eye and, as she had £5 holiday spends Nana only had to add £2 for her to buy it. So, was this product a hit or a miss? **About the Product** This toy comes in a wooden box measuring around 12” x 9 “x 2” and includes a wooden Elsa figure, a stand and 25 various, magnetic accessories to dress her with. As well as three skirts and three tops (which make up the Snow Queen and Coronation outfit and an evening outfit), .there are a lot of smaller accessories – gloves, hats, bags, flowers to accessorise Elsa’s appearance as well as things like Olaf, a bucket and spade, rubber ring etc. Elsa is made from thick wood and is quite sturdy and strong, the painting is just on the front leaving the ...

Aidapt Malling Perching Stool with Arms & Back 18/08/2017

Take the weight off your feet and perch here!

Aidapt Malling Perching Stool with Arms & Back Aidapt Malling Perching Stool with Arms & Back Introduction Several years ago, I went in hospital to have a hip replacement, I am also due to have the other replaced. When I went for my pre-op review I was prescribed several mobility aids for after the operation – one of the items – the one that I actually found the most useful – was the perching stool, that made me able to be a little more independent; when I was fully fit I asked about returning the items but they told me that they don’t usually accept returns (which seemed very wasteful to me) and as I am due another operation, I should hold on to them. I am putting off the operation as long as I can but the stool has been very useful over the last six months as my husband has been suffering from very bad back and knee pain, this stool has been really helpful for him. I was lucky enough to be given the stool free of charge from the NHS, however, I am not sure if all areas offer this facility but the stool can be purchased from many suppliers. The pharmacy where I picked mine up from in Lancaster (Rowlands Pharmacy) do sell the stools as do several online stores and Amazon. The Product The stool arrived in a cardboard box that is fully recyclable and it is fully assembled; although as the height of the seat can be adjusted from 49.50cm to 64.50cm to make sure you get the right height for you, this will need doing. This is an easy job, just remove the ‘E’ clip from the extension leg and extend all legs evenly to the ...

Cafe Society (DVD) 18/08/2017

Anyone who is anyone will be seen at Café Society

Cafe Society (DVD) -•- Cafe Society-•- -• Film Only Review -•- -•- Tagline-•- Anyone who is anyone will be seen at Café Society. -•- Genre-•- • Comedy • Drama • Romance -• Film-•- “Life is a comedy written by a sadistic comedy writer.” 'Café Society', written and directed by Woody Allen, is a 2016 American romantic comedy-drama film. It is the most expensive film made by director Woody Allen with an estimated final total cost of US $30 million (it has so far grossed $43 million), and it the first time that Woody Allen has narrated a film without appearing on screen since his 1987 film 'Radio Days. This is the 47th film from the eighty-one-year-old director. There have been two earlier films called ‘Café Society’ - in 1939 Madeleine Carroll starred in 'Cafe Society', and in 1995, Frank Whaley starred in a mystery film of the same name. The phrase "Cafe Society" was created in 1915 by Maury Henry Biddle Paul to describe the rich and famous, or the "beautiful people", prominent in the high-profile cafés and restaurants in New York, Paris, and London and famous for throwing lavish parties. Film Details Directed by Woody Allen Produced by Letty Aronson, Stephen Tenenbaum and Edward Walson Written by Woody Allen Narrated by Woody Allen Cinematography Vittorio Storaro Release date July 15th, 2016 DVD release December 26th, 2016 Classification 12 Running time 96 minutes Country United States Language English -• The Trailer •- ...

Taf Toys I Love Big Mat Supersize Padded Playmat 17/08/2017

I love, Baby will love, and you will love this HUGE playmat

Taf Toys I Love Big Mat Supersize Padded Playmat Taf Toys I Love Big Mat Supersize Padded Playmat Introduction With 11 grandchildren aged between 21 and 3 I am hoping that that will be it for a while; my four daughters have all said, “No more” and I hope I have to wait a while for my 21-year-old son to start a family!! However, I have lots more nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews and god children that I buy for, and now I have little Freddie!!!! Around six months ago a young couple moved into one of the workers cottages on the farm, she was pregnant and both couple’s parents live a good distance away. The young man is a ‘milker’, he goes around several farms in the area milking cows and can be out at 5 in the morning and coming in at midnight, on top of this he doesn’t drive so his fiancé has to take him and pick him up. I sort of took the couple under my wings when they arrived as I felt sorry for them, especially young Emily, being away from their family and having no friends in the area. Seven weeks ago, little Freddie arrived – well actually not so little he was 9 ½ pounds, so quite a big boy – and a little cutie!! I have helped out with babysitting while Emily takes Josh to work or acted as chauffeur myself, and I have become a sort of surrogate mum and nannas. I get knocks on the doors with questions like, “my sterilizer has broken, how do I sterilize bottles without it!” (there are advantages to being an old biddy with experience from before the new technical age!!) and “what should I give him for colic?” ...

Don Verdean (DVD) 15/08/2017

I want to live the American Dream for a while. And get a Pontiac.

Don Verdean (DVD) -•- Dan Verdean-•- “ “pillar of salt” “it's all her fault” “she should have turned back when her husband shouted halt” -• Film Only Review -•- Another night with children settled in bed, and as we switch on the TV to relax for a couple of hours find absolutely nothing worth watching on the regular channels! So, we turn yet again, to Sky Cinema and download the latest ‘Daily Special’ - ‘Dan Verdean’. So once more this is a ‘film only’ review (apologies), but at least I’m getting my money’s worth out of that Sky subscription!! -•- Tagline-•- Fraud works in mysterious ways. -•- Genre-•- • Adventure • Comedy • Drama -• Film-•- "Don Verdean" is a 2015 American comedy/religious satire film shot in Utah and Israel; directed by Jared Hess and written and produced by Hess and his wife Jerusha Hess - who are Utah-based Mormons. The couple are probably best known for their film “Napoleon Dynamite”. This was a direct to video film and has had a poor reception. Film Details Directed by Jared Hess Produced by Brandt Andersen, David Hunter, Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess and Jason Hatfield Written by Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess Music by Ilan Eshkeri Cinematograph Mattias Troelstrup Release date 11th December 2015 DVD release 26th December Classification: 12 Running time 90 minutes Country United States Language English -• The Trailer •- -• -The Story -•- “These younger ...

Jeff, Who Lives at Home(DVD) 14/08/2017

"all this randomness is leading somewhere."

Jeff, Who Lives at Home(DVD) -•- Jeff, Who Lives at Home-•- -• DVD Review -•- -• Tagline-•- The first step to finding your destiny is leaving your mother's basement. -• Genre-•- Comedy Drama -• Film-•- "Jeff, Who Lives at Home" is a 2011 independent American comedy-drama film written and directed by brothers Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass. It premiered on September 14, 2011 at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, but was released straight to DVD three days later. This film is part of a relatively new genre of film called "mumblecore" which generally have low budgets and focus more on the dialogue. Film Details Directed by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass Produced by Lianne Halfon, Russell Smith and Jason Reitman Written by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass Music by Michael Andrews Cinematography Jas Shelton Release date 16th March 2012 DVD Release 17th September 2012 Classification 15 Running time 83 minutes -• The Trailer •- -• The Story •- “Everyone and Everything is interconnected in the universe. Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs. Follow the signs and you will find your destiny.” Jeff Thompkins (played by Jason Segal) is a 30-year-old, who lives in his mother’s basement; his mother is widowed Sharon (played by Susan Sarandon) and she lives Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Neither Sharon or her older son Pat (played by Ed Helms ) understand Jeff, and they both want him to do something with his ...

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers 14/08/2017

Sharpies made a boredom jar, decorated Sambo's Grave and more!

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker Assorted Colours, Pack of 12 Introduction Most people are aware of Sharpie pens; the name has become almost a noun in the same way as the likes of ‘Hoover’, ’Thermos’ and ‘Google’ have. Sharpies originated in America in 1964 and the company manufacture and sell various types of pens - marker pens, writing pens, colouring pens, highlighters, mini markers and white board markers. They all come in various designs and packs, or singly. About the Pens This set of twelve fine point permanent marker come on a blister pack card, measuring around 8” square; so once opened you cannot store the pens in the pack. The pens, that are just over 6” long, come in the following colours: • Black • Royal blue • Pale blue • Turquoise • Dark green • Pale green • Yellow • Orange • Maroon • Bright red • Purple • Brown The barrel of each pen is greyish/white and the lid is the corresponding colour of the pen. The ink in the pens is a permanent marker pen ink and is water-resistant and quick-drying ink and the pens come with a choice of ultra-fine points. They will write on glass, wood, metal, photos, plastic and cellophane. The RRP for this set of pens is £12.49, more details on price later. MANUFACTURER’S DESCRIPTION “The Sharpie fine-point marker was the first pen-style permanent marker of its kind to write on almost any surface, from your favourite pair of jeans to your brother’s skateboard and, of course, paper.” • The original industry ...

Magnetic My First Calendar Chart 13/08/2017

Today is Sunday, 13th August. It is summer and it is sunny.

Magnetic My First Calendar Chart •)» Magnetic My First Calendar Chart «(• •)» Introduction «(• Just a fifteen-minute walk along a country road and the Lancaster Canal from my cottage is a lovely little canal side café; this café is also a craft centre and sells many different types of craft works and gifts. Many of these area educational wall hangings and it was one of these that I bought four years ago to keep at the cottage for when my grandchildren came visiting – this was a ‘My First Calendar ‘wall hanging chart. I was attracted to it instantly when I saw it as if reminded me of my infant school days (60 years ago now!!) when we had a similar chart on the wall that ’calendar monitors’ amended every day. I thought that this would be a nice idea to hang on my cottage wall when the younger grandchildren came to stay, it seemed a good quality item and so I happily paid out the £15 that was the price tag on the calendar. This year my youngest granddaughter who is 6 has taken a particular interest in the chart, and can’t wait to get here to update it, and she has also begun to ‘teach’ her 3-year-old cousin (my youngest grandson, Thomas) how to use it. So, with a little more use this year I decided to write a review on the chart. •) » The Product «(• This children’s calendar is designed for children to add the day, date, month, season and weather. It is made of thick board, and can be bought in either a bright pink or blue. It has a blue string hanger on the top to enable it to be hung easily on the ...

Breakdown (2016) (DVD) 11/08/2017

A decent British action/drama - so what's it all about Alfie?

Breakdown (2016) (DVD) -•- Breakdown-•- -• Film Only Review -•- With the normal summer rubbish of sport, reruns and boring documentaries on offer, there have not been many nights when we haven’t tuned to Sky Cinema for a film to watch. Some of these have been good – some not so good. My husband has been in control of downloading the films, and his choices aren’t always that good!! We watched ‘Breakdown’ after switching off another of his choices ‘Abattoir’ – which we couldn’t watch for more than 20 minutes; we did watch ‘Breakdown’ all the way through – and this is my review on that film. -•- Tagline-•- They all have to die. -•- Genre-•- • Drama • Thriller -• Film-•- ‘Breakdown’ – not to be confused with the 1997 Kurt Russell film of the same name, is a 2016 straight to DVD British thriller film. It is a debut film by the writer and director Jonnie Malachi. Film Details Directed by Jonnie Malachi Produced by Luke Fairbrass Written by Jonnie Malachi Music by Phil Mountford Cinematography James Friend Release date 15 January 2016 DVD release 18 January 2016 Classification 15 Running time 110 minutes Country United Kingdom Language English -• The Trailer •- -• -The Story -•- “I’m ’avin visions. Bad f***ing visions!” Alfie Jennings (played by Craig Fairbass) is an ex-army professional hitman, he is also a loving father and faithful husband. Alfie though, has begun to suffer from ...

Melissa & Doug Shopping Trolley With Sturdy Metal Frame 11/08/2017

Can we go shopping again Mummy?

Melissa & Doug Shopping Trolley With Sturdy Metal Frame Melissa and Doug Shopping Trolley Introduction Since my first two grandchildren were born 21 years ago, and in the years following as the number of our grandchildren has risen to 11, I have purchased many Melissa and Doug toys –and have always found them to be really good quality and very durable; in fact, I think they are all still going, having been passed down 2, 3 and even 4 times in some cases to younger cousins or siblings. It was when I was visiting one of my daughter’s house last week to pick up another summer visitor, that I was reminded of one of the early Melissa and Doug toys I had purchased – I bought it 10 years ago for my granddaughter. That toy was the INCREDIBLY sturdy Melissa and Doug shopping trolley and I bought it for her fourth birthday; I remember it being quite expensive (but I’m afraid after 10 years of buying gifts I can’t remember just how much it was!!) and she loved it and had a lot of fun playing with it – as did her three younger sisters after her. I recall MANY, very S L O W walks to the local shops as the trolley was pushed first by Beth, then Emily, then Hannah and finally Isabelle. When I got to my daughter’s house (who happens to live around the corner from her older sister - whose daughters had had so much fun with the trolley); my youngest grandchild – three-year-old Thomas had the said trolley and was filling it with cans out of mummy’s kitchen cupboard. It seems his Auntie Helen had been having a sort out of her loft and found ...

Wubble Bubble Ball 10/08/2017

The Wubble Bubble Ball is a wubbling load of rubbish!

Wubble Bubble Ball Wubble Bubble Ball Introduction Ah, the long school holidays!! They have their advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages – my house and garden is upside down for 6 – 7 weeks and it costs me a fortune! Advantages – I get to spend time with my grandkids, lots of cuddles, laughs, the odd telling off (although these are very few and far between) and I get to see all the kids new play things which gives me more toys to review!! One of the new toys is one they bought with their holiday ‘spends’ on a trip to B & M’s in Cleveleys at the weekend; this was something called a Wubble Bubble Ball, it came in a box that measured around 11” x 9” and was around 4” deep, - my first instinct was that it looked like a load of rubbish!! However, it was their £5.99 that was paying for it (even if it did cost me £2.00 for the 4 D batteries I found out later it required and that were not included!) What is it? “Is it a ball? Is it a bubble? No, it’s a Wubble!” that is the sales pitch for the Wubble Bubble Ball. The company claim that this wubbly ball: - • Looks like a bubble • Plays like a ball And that you can: - • Throw it • Kick it • Catch and whack it They further claim that it moves and plays like a bubble but won’t pop. And if it does accidentally burst, they promise a “lifetime replacement guarantee” (but of course there is some fine print regarding this matter). The Wubble Ball arrives flat in the box, and there's a pump included in the box, the pump requires 4x D batteries ...

Blood Father (DVD) 09/08/2017

Mel Gibson is back - and how!

Blood Father (DVD) -•- Blood Father-•- -• Film Only Review -•- This is the second Mel Gibson film that I have watched in the last few weeks; I watched the fantastic ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ which he directed and now this film that he stars in. We watched Blood Father off Sky Cinema in an attempt to escape from the continuous athletics we were being force fed! -•- Tagline-•- A Father Makes His Own Justice -•- Genre-•- • Action • Crime • Drama • Thriller -• Film-•- 'Blood Father', starring Mel Gibson, is a 2016 English-language French film directed by Jean-François Richet and written by Peter Craig based on his novel of the same name. This was filmed in New Mexico, but it is a French film that was first shown at the Cannes Film Festival, 2016. Film Details Directed by Jean-François Richet Produced by Chris Briggs, Peter Craig, Pascal Caucheteux and Sebastien K. Lemercier Screenplay by Peter Craig and Andrea Berloff Based on Blood Father by Peter Craig Music by Sven Faulconer Cinematography Robert Gantz UK Release date 7 October 2016 DVD Release date 13th February 2017 Classification 15 Running time 88 minutes Country France Language English -• The Trailer •- -• -The Story -•- “You may not want to wake up tomorrow but the day after that, might just be great.” The film starts with a teenage girl, Lydia Link (played by Erin Moriarty) being turned down to buy cigarettes without ID but able to ...

Lego 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 07/08/2017

'Make Lego Models Not War'

Lego 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Lego 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Introduction It is a while since I wrote a Lego review, there are so many people who can do much more justice to the colourful plastic bricks than I can! However, when I saw my son in law and my 10-year-old grandson latest Lego venture in action, and after helping a little (a VERY little) with the build and then seeing the incredible finished result – I had to review it. My son in law’s father owns an old VW campervan (it is his pride and joy) and it was him who bought this set for his son’s 40th birthday present– and what a set it is!!! When my son in law opened his present on the day of his birthday he had many adults (mostly males) and nephews drooling at the site of the large box of delights, and - as we were staying with my daughter, my son, husband and I were lucky enough to be present for the ‘big build’ the next day. What you get Now there is Lego, and there is Lego and this is LEGO!!! This kit is for aged 16+ but is actually really aimed at adults; the T1 Camper Van is based on the famous Volkswagen's 1962 split-screen model, with features that include a pop-up roof, air-cooled engine, a bench seat that folds down into a bed, a folding table and a wardrobe plus loads more. The van is made to scale and the finished model is around 12 inches long ,6 inches high and about 4 inches wide. Let’s start with the box – it’s huge!! It measures 19” x 15” and the picture of the campervan on it is around the size of the completed ...

Mr Right (2016) (DVD) 06/08/2017

Frenetic and funny and maybe the most bullet-riddled rom-com ever

Mr Right (2016) (DVD) -•- Mr Right (2016)-•- -• Film Only Review -•- Following the mix up last week were my husband and I ended up watching the 2009 film called ‘Mr Right’, instead of the 2016 film of the same name (so confusing, why do they do that!!). We did eventually get to watch the Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick version. More to the point, I submitted a request to add the film to Ciao AND it was accepted – so here is the review on the right Mr Right and not the wrong Mr Right!! -•- Tagline-•- They make a killer couple. -•- Genre-•- • Action • Comedy • Romance -• Film-•- This version of ‘Mr Right’ is a 2016 American action rom-com film that was filmed in New Orleans. The film received a mixed reception from film critics, although it was a box office success making $390 million profit. Film Details Directed by Paco Cabezas Produced by Bradley Gallo, Michael A. Helfant, Rick Jacobs and Lawrence Mattis Written by Max Landis Music by Aaron Zigman Cinematography Daniel Aranyó Release date 8th April 2016 DVD release 6th February 2017 Classification 15 Running time 90 minutes Country United States Language English -• The Trailer •- -• -The Story -•- "Where's the girl?" This story is a love story – but a love story with a LOT of killing in it! The film starts with a brief introduction to the two main characters. Martha is preparing a romantic meal for her boyfriend, only to see him ...

Paul Lamond Games Charades for Kids Game 06/08/2017

Give us a clue!!!

Paul Lamond Games Charades for Kids Game Paul Lamond Games Charades for Kids Game So far it has been a very wet school holidays, which has results in digging out the games box. In today's technological society, it is far too easy to revert to screens to entertain the kids – be it TV, phones or iPods and it is very easy to forget the more traditional games that my generation and my children grew up with - but not here at Sellerley Cottage!! There is a list of rules here at Nana’s house: 1. Expect to be spoiled 2. Kitchen open 24 hours 3. Puddings ARE allowed if you leave your vegetables 4. No parents allowed 5. Snuggles, kisses and cuddles are obligatory 6. Bed time is negotiable 7. Storytelling is mandatory 8. Play lots of games 9. Get dirty – you and your clothes WILL wash 10. What happens at Nana’s stays at Nana’s 11. Time spent on tablets and phones to be at a minimum – there’s too much fun to be had outside and in the games box! Consequently, while, naturally, all the kids are VERY well versed in X Boxes, computers, smart phones and iPads etc. they are all kept to a minimum here and they enjoy playing board games, draughts, Snakes and Ladders, card games, etc. with us. Last week we had four grandkids from 15 to 6 staying with us and the favourite games played were Monopoly (certainly not my favourite but Harry loves it!), Cranium, Kids Trivial Pursuit and Charades. It is the later game ‘Paul Lamond Games Charades for Kids Game’ that I am reviewing today. The Product The game comes in a square white box ...
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