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Baco Bacofoil Disposable Portion Trays 24/06/2017

Dependable disposables

Baco Bacofoil Disposable Portion Trays Baco Bacofoil Disposable Portion Trays These small disposable Bacofoil trays are invaluable to me, especially during the barbecue season; but they really are so very useful all year round. The Product These small portion trays are suitable for cooking, freezing and storing smaller portions of food without taking up the same space as larger containers; They come in packs of six and measure 13cm x 10.3cm x 4.1cm approximately. They are made of strong aluminium foil and come with six lids that are white card on one side and foil on the other. The lids just fit on the top of the container, the lip on the top of the foil container is folded back, you simply put the lid into the fold, and then fold it securely to make a seal for storing or freezing your food. The containers are oven and dishwasher free but cannot go in the microwave, they are also fully recyclable. Baco foil do make various other sized trays; for more details visit their website: The Cost I paid £1.79 for a pack of 6 containers from Sainsbury’s; I have picked similar up from Poundland, and while they are, obviously, cheaper I do not find the aluminium as strong and so are more ‘wobbly’ when there is food in them. Also, the cheaper ones do not last as long if you want to wash and re-use the containers. Consequently, in the long run they do not necessarily work out as cheaper in the long run. Recycling The majority of local authorities in the UK now ...

Beetroot 22/06/2017

Don't beat yourself up, growing beets is easy peasy!!

Beetroot Beetroot When I think back to my childhood and think of beetroot, I think of salads with a pile of pickled beetroot that coloured most things on the plate dark pink (as well as my fingers), or a pile of the same pickled beetroot on a plate of mum’s Lancashire hot pot. These days, while pickled beetroot is still popular, most people realise that the common beetroot is a deliciously sweet and earthy vegetable, that actually does not need to be pickled to extend a short shelf-life, as the roots will store for months in boxes of just-damp sand. Also, they are eating beetroot in many more ways – roasted, grated raw for in salads and cole slaw, in soup, risotto etc. But as a keen gardener, what I love is that it is so easy to grow and growing your own beetroot instead of buying it means that you are rewarded with better taste, far cheaper and the personal satisfaction of doing so. Growing your own beetroot also means that you can pick over the delicious, usually red-veined, leaves, (which will usually have been all-but removed by the time they make it to the shop floor). These are good to eat, both raw in salads when young and cooked when older with a similar taste to spinach. Sellerlygirl’s Quick Look at ALL Year-Round Lettuce The beetroot I grow is the common Boltardy beetroot (a traditional globe beetroot); I first started growing these from commercial seeds from Sutton s, but have since harvested the seeds from my plants and now grow them straight from my own ‘free’ ...

The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It (DVD) 21/06/2017

Avoid this trash at all costs!!

The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It (DVD) <<..•The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It •..>> <<..•Film Only Review •..>> This is a film only review, as I watched this film last week off Netflix – my son’s choice I may add! Consequently, I do not know the details of the DVD. However, I looked Netflix’s website to see what extras there are and they are: Colour interactive menus Scene access Making-of featurette Behind-the-scenes featurette Cast and crew interviews Additional featurettes. <<..• Genre •..>> Comedy <<..• Trailer•..>> <<..• Film •..>> 'The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It' must surely be the film with the longest title! It is actually an American spoof film of several of Judd Apatow's films: 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin', 'Knocked Up', 'Superbad' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. Despite this super long title, the director, Craig Moss, the original title was much longer, "more of a paragraph", and had to be cut down to the final version. The opening titles say - "Written by one white guy and one black guy", "Produced by a cheap bastard", "Edited by a nappy haired crack head", "Starring people that look like the other, people who aren't Jewish." "Directed by Brett Ratnerwitz" "Just watch the movie." Film Details Directed by Craig Moss Produced by Jim Busfield, Craig Moss and Ash R. Shah Written by Craig Moss and Brad Kaaya Music by Todd ...

Bioderma Photoderm Apres Soleil Refreshing After Sun Milk 21/06/2017

Keeps my fair skinned girls safe in the sun!

Bioderma Photoderm Apres Soleil Refreshing After Sun Milk Bioderma Photoderm Apres Soleil Refreshing After Sun Milk Introduction In preparation for our recent short break in Scotland I spent a fair bit of money on sun cream and after sun, as both my granddaughter and daughter in law (to be) who were going with us are very fair and need extra protection. However, I should really have bought rust repellent – as it hardly stopped raining all the time we were there!! Naturally, as soon as we got home, the heat wave arrived, and although Olivia has returned home Emily has spent her post uni time sat with us in the garden and so both the sun cream and after sun have been well used. Last Sunday we travelled to Cheshire as Olivia was a ‘lady in waiting’ in her churches rose queen crowning ceremony and then we spent the afternoon at another daughters house for a VERY hot barbecue – my word was that after sun required that evening!! The after sun I bought was a different one that I have ever used before – it was a milk rather than a lotion or gel, and it cost me around £11 from Boots (I actually used my Advantage Card points so in fact it cost me around 60p!! The Product You are probably most aware of Bioderma for their Micellar cleansers; however, they also do a wide range skincare products as well as sun protection; so, they do offer an all-year round photoprotective care for you skin with the Bioderma Photoderm range. They produce sun protection, self-tanners and the after sun that I am reviewing today. Depending on your sin type ...

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Amethyst Shimmer 19/06/2017

Pucker up for a long lasting effect.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Amethyst Shimmer Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Amethyst Shimmer Firstly, as you will see from my pictures my original lipstick has a completely different design to the one shown on Ciao – but it IS the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Amethyst Shimmer – it definitely says so on the tube!! This though was a sample sized lipstick that came in my daughter’s beauty box, and as she didn’t like the colour she gave it to me; consequently, I have since purchased a regular tube I am no expert when it comes to make up -either buying it or applying it, so when I found a lipstick that I liked it seemed a good idea to buy it and at £4.98 from Superdrug it wasn’t too expensive. When I was growing up and started wearing make up in the 1960’s Rimmel really cheap, sold on racks in the chemist – the makeup I remember most from those days was the little block of mascara that we spat on and applied with the little brush to get thick spidery lashes. However, today – while not massively expensive, Rimmel offers some great make up, and is a name that I can buy with confidence. As I had the sample which I had used and liked, I had no problem in spending £4.99 on what I k new was good quality lipstick, in a colour I liked and suited me and that did last well. The Packaging While my sample lipstick was a short black case with a wind up top in the shade of the lipstick, my ne ‘real’ lipstick is far classier packaged The black plastic/deep purplish case has a silver band around the centre that a is stamped with the ...

Seton Sands Holiday Village, Longniddry 17/06/2017

A bit of Scottish heaven at Haven without breaking the bank!

Seton Sands Holiday Village, Longniddry Seton Sands Holiday Village, Longniddry Haven Holidays INTRODUCTION Since my youngest granddaughter was two we have taken a short break in a Haven Holiday Park, with her and my daughter and son in law. We have now been on 5 holidays – two to different parks in Yorkshire, one in Wales, one in the Lakes and the latest one in Scotland at Seton Sands Holiday Village, Longniddry close to Edinburgh. After being home a week now, I have recovered enough to sit down and write a review on our latest visit. WHY DID WE CHOOSE HAVEN HOLIDAYS? We had never been the type of people to go on ‘organised’ holidays; the thought of a Butlins or Pontin’s holiday filled me with dread. Also at the time we first booked with Haven we were actually living in our own static caravan as we waited for our cottage to be available after selling our Cheshire home. So, the thought of booking a holiday in another caravan, did seem to be a bit of a busman’s holiday. However, at the time Olivia was two and loved ‘characters’, my older daughter had taken her children to a Haven and said that the kiddies had loved it and loved all the characters there. So, I looked into Haven and realised that going outside of school holidays we could get an extremely cheap few days away, our first holiday was in Yorkshire, and my husband and I were able to go and do the ‘old biddy’ things (Pickering Railway!!) while my son, daughter, son in law and Liv could do things like Flamingo Land. And I have to say, we were all ...

Age Of Heroes (DVD) 16/06/2017

The film's not bad But Danny's acting is "Dyer"bolical

Age Of Heroes (DVD) -•- Age of Heroes -•- -• DVD Review -•- -• Genre -•- • Action • Adventure • Drama • Thriller • War -• Tagline-•- They were Britain’s commando elite -• Film-•- 'Age of Heroes' is a 2011 British straight-to-DVD war film, partially set in Norway, about Ian Fleming's "30 Commando Unit" (a precursor to the elite forces in the UK like the SAS) during the Second World War. The real life “30 Commando Unit" which was also known as the "30 Assault Unit" and informally also known as Ian Fleming's "Red Indians". ‘Age of Heroes' got a limited cinema release, with this DVD release following by just a few weeks. Film Details Directed by Adrian Vitoria Produced by Lex Lutzus, James Brown, Jamie Carmichael and Christopher Figg Screenplay by Ed Scates and Adrian Vitoria Music by Michael Richard Plowman Cinematography Mark Hamilton Release date 20 May 2011 DVD Release 13 June 2011 Certification 15 Running time 90 minutes Country United Kingdom Language English and Norwegian -• The Trailer •- -• About the “30 Commando Unit" -•- In 1942, a civil servant from Whitehall visited an infamous safebreaker and cat burglar called John Ramsey in Peterhead prison. He did so after he received an interesting offer from naval intelligence officer, Ian Fleming. Fleming told him that if he could persuade Ramsey to put his criminal know-how to use in the war effort, Ramsey would be pardoned; Ramsey, readily agreed. Ramsey ...

Outgate Inn, Hawkshead 15/06/2017

Going out and not staying in try the Outgate Inn

Outgate Inn, Hawkshead The Outgate Inn Near Hawkshead, Cumbria INTRODUCTION After spending five days in Scotland we decided to break our journey home with a couple of days in the Lake District. We had a cottage booked in Haverthwaite, but as we couldn’t get the keys until 4.00pm and had a latish start from Scotland. Knowing that the pub in Hawkshead stopped serving lunch at 2.30pm we stopped just outside Hawkeshead, at a small inn that my husband and I have passed by frequently on our bus jaunts into the Lakes. It was almost 2.45 when we arrived there and we were worried that we may be too late for lunch – thankfully we found that they sold food from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm So, six hungry travellers, piled out of the cars and into the charming pub, and what follows is a review of what we thought. WHERE IS THE OUTGATE INN Outgate is a small hamlet that straddles the Ambleside - Hawkshead road, and is about 1 ½ miles north of Hawkshead. There are many houses, whitewashed in local tradition, hidden away around Outgate. The main building in Outgate is the Outgate Inn, an inn since 1841, it is situated in between Hawkshead and Lake Windermere in Cumbria, on the B5286. The inn is directly off this pretty, narrow windy road and has a car park just a couple of minutes’ walk away off a small lane opposite; there is also a small amount of off road parking Hawkshead side of Outgate; the 505 Coniston – Kendal bus stops right outside the inn. There are several nice walks from the Outgate Inn, past ...

Jasmine's Enchanted Tale - Journey Of A Princess (Animated) (DVD) 14/06/2017

A whole new world for Jasmine and Aladdin

Jasmine's Enchanted Tale - Journey Of A Princess (Animated) (DVD) Jasmine's Enchanted Tale - Journey of A Princess DVD Review We have recently returned from a short family break; we stayed for 5 days in a caravan in Scotland and broke our journey up with a two-night stay in a cottage in the Lake District. In the cottage was a DVD player and a small selection of DVD’s – one of which immediately caught the eye of my 6-year-old granddaughter. But then, the DVD was pink, was a Disney Princess DVD and featured a picture of Jasmine on the front so it was a no brainer that this DVD would be going in the DVD player. The Disney animated ‘Jasmine’s Enchanted Tales Journey of a Princess’ was released in 2005, and at 63 minutes long, it features three 20-minute-long episodes from the late 90’s Aladdin animated TV series. It features, of course, Jasmine, Aladdin and some of the favourite characters from the old much-loved Disney film ‘Aladdin’ – now an astonishing 25 years old. Film Details Genres: Animation, Comedy Certificate: U CAST Dan Castellaneta ... Genie (voice) Gilbert Gottfried ... Iago (voice) Linda Larkin ... Princess Jasmine (voice) Scott Weinger ... Aladdin (voice) Frank Welker . ... Abu (voice) Julie Brown … Saleen (voice) Ron Perlman ... Arbutus Directed by: Rob LaDuca, Toby Shelton and Alan Zaslove Writer: Mirith J. Colao DVD Release Date: 14 Mar. 2005 Run Time: 63 minutes The Stories ELIMENTAL, MY DEAR JASMINE In this first story Jasmine has to deal with a sneaky mermaid Saleen who has eyes for Aladdin. This Mermaid ...

Ovex Family Pack 13/06/2017

Ovex get to the bottom of an itchy situation!

Ovex Family Pack Ovex Family Pack Introduction I apologise if you are eating a sandwich while reading this review as it does not cover the most pleasant of subjects; it is though a review on a product that will really help if you are in the same position as we were on our holidays last week. Whilst on a short family break, our youngest family member presented with symptoms of the dreaded threadworm!! We noticed on the first night that 6-year-old Olivia was going to the toilet a lot, but thought it was just the novelty of the new loo, however, she soon got upset saying she had an itchy bum, her Mummy took her to one side and found the horrible little creatures! Olivia is a thumb sucker when tired, and – although we stress the need for hand washing after using the loo – it is easy for fingers to scratch bums and then go straight to the mouth!! (Sorry, I did say it wasn’t a pleasant matter!!) My daughter is a teaching assistant in an infant school and so is well aware of threadworms; in fact, she said that there had been an outbreak of it recently so you felt guilty that she may have carried the germs. She also knows what to do if and when Livvy does get them – this is her third attack since she started school. So, she went straight to the nearest pharmacy and bought 2 family packs of Ovex – the reason why she bought two packs will follow!! What are Threadworms? Threadworms are tiny parasitic worms that infect the large intestine of humans; they are very common in the UK - ...

Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World 12/06/2017

Perfect for a rainy day in Scotland!

Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World Introduction After a week’s holiday in Scotland, this will be one of several reviews of places that we visited during our stay – all providing my proposals to Ciao are accepted! While this may seem like a strange place to visit when we have an excellent Butterfly House that we often visit in our local park, this made a good half day out and we had pre-bought tickets from Groupon before our holidays. Where is it? Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World is situated at the outskirts of Edinburgh, just off the Edinburgh City Bypass at the Gilmerton exit or at the Sheriffhall roundabout. It is actually situated in the grounds of Dobbies Garden World, which is the largest garden centre in Scotland. Going by bus? Then you need the Lothian Region Transport bus number 3 and Eastern Scottish 80 & 80A from Princes street (Shops Side) Mon - Sat. On Sundays, a SMT number 78 from Princes street. What will it cost? As I said in the introduction, we bought entrance tickets prior to going on holiday from Groupon, we paid £16 for a day pass for four people, with our party of one adult, two concessions and one 6-year-old, the actual entrance fee would have been £27.80, so this was a significant saving. I would always recommend checking out Groupon for such offers when you are planning visiting attractions! The current normal admission prices are: • Adults £7.95 • Concessions £6.95 • Children (3 – 15 years old) £5.95 • Children (Under 3 years ...

Bullyland Mrs Potts Figurine 11/06/2017

Mrs Potts and Chip say "Be our guest!"

Bullyland Mrs Potts Figurine Tea Pot and Cup Set Disney Beauty and The Beast Mrs Potts and Chip Disclaimer Before I start, please note that I DO know that this is not the same product as described by Ciao in the title; I have sent two proposals for the item I am reviewing today, and each time I have been directed to publish it under this product. The product shown is a small figurine only of Mrs Potts and not the tea pot and cup like the subject of my review – but Ciao are insistent that I publish it here – so please no Off Topics – I really have tried to get this in the correct place!!!! Introduction As I stated in an earlier review on an item from my youngest daughter’s Beauty and the Beast collection, despite the fact that my daughter was 28 this year, she is still obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. This obsession started 18 years ago when she went on a school trip to London and watched the musical of Beauty and the Beast in the West End and she has loved it ever since. It was always Belle she ran to first on visits to Disneyland. Consequently, Beauty and the Beast merchandise is still something that people turn to when looking for present ideas for her – one she received off her best friend last Christmas was the delightful Mrs Potts and Chip Tea Pot and Cup set/ornament. I am sure that you are all aware of the story of Beauty and the Beast, and how an enchantress disguised as a beggar arrived at a castle and offered the cold-hearted prince who lived there a rose in exchange for shelter. ...

Burts Bees Mama Bee Body Oil With Vitamin E 10/06/2017

I'm no mama to be but I love Mama Bee !!

Burts Bees Mama Bee Body Oil With Vitamin E Burts Bees Mama Bee Body Oil with Vitamin E Introduction “Have you ever seen a bee's footprint?” I first came upon Burt Bees products about 6 years ago; My daughter is a manager at a Co Operative store and at the time they were promoting the humble bumble bee and trying to educate people to the importance of bees in our environment. So, when I saw a collection of Burt Bees gift sets that Christmas for sale in my local Booths supermarket, I bought one for her. Since then myself and my daughters have all been keen users of their products. When one of my daughters was pregnant with my youngest grandchild three years ago, she bought some Burts Bees Mama Bee Body Oil with Vitamin E to try and avoid stretch marks; however, since then – this has become a product I keep on my shelf – and I can assure you I am NOT pregnant!! What is it? Burts Bees Mama Bee Body Oil with Vitamin E is part of Burt Bees baby range which includes a ‘Baby Bee’ and a ‘Mama Bee’ range. The Baby Bee range contains “Everything you need to baby your baby, naturally.” , which includes things like soap, nappy cream, shampoo etc., the products are all made from natural ingredients. The Mama Bee range contains a range of products to “Bee good to your bump”” ; this includes cream and oils for your bump and soothing leg and foot creams – again all made from natural ingredients. It is safe to use all through pregnancy and postpartum. The Body Oil with Vitamin E comes in a 115ml bottle and has a RRP of ...

Orchard Toys Where In The Wood 150 Piece Jigsaw 05/06/2017

It's a walk in the woods!!

Orchard Toys Where In The Wood 150 Piece Jigsaw Orchard Toys Where in The Wood 150 Piece Jigsaw Introduction My daughter and granddaughter were staying with me for a few days prior to our holiday to Scotland. On a trip into Lancaster, my daughter called into The Works to see if there were any new games that caught her eye to take with us for Olivia, in case the weather was bad and we were looking for an indoor form of entertainment. She spotted this jigsaw puzzle that was aimed for children 5 – 9 and as Olivia is a bright 6-year-old (or 6 ½ as she (correctly) insists she is, and the puzzle was on sale for £5 she decided to put it in. Product • Orchard Toys Where in the Wood? Jigsaw • Dimensions of the puzzle: 60.5cm x 41cm (24" x 16 • Dimensions of box: 25.5 cm x 9 cm x 19 cm (10” x 3 ½ “ x 7 ½ “) • 150 pieces • • RRP £10.00 Manufacturer’s Details • A challenging 150-piece jigsaw • Depicts a busy woodland scene • Features an activity guide on the back of the box. • Try to find different creatures and plants with the fun learning guide • Suitable for ages 5-9 • Packaging illustrations may vary slightly due to packaging update in 2017 Description This is 150-piece jigsaw puzzle for young children aged 5 – 9 with a woodland discovery picture theme. It comes in a beautifully and colourfully designed, sturdy cardboard storage box with a plastic carrying handle. The completed puzzle is rectangular in shape, and portrays a delightfully detailed woodland theme, full of some lovely woodland ...

Suttons Lettuce Seeds - All The Year Round 04/06/2017

Let us have fresh lettuce for tea - all year round!

Suttons Lettuce Seeds - All The Year Round + Suttons Lettuce Seeds - All the Year Round + + What is All Year-Round Lettuce + You will not find 'All Year Round’ lettuce for sale in a supermarket; this is a is a ‘proper’ lettuce with a gorgeous flavour unavailable from anywhere but from your own vegetable garden; they bring back memories of eating lettuce from my dad’s garden in the 50’s.. It is a classic Butterhead lettuce, that has medium sized loosely formed heads and soft, buttery-textured green leaves and compact, crisp hearts. As the name would suggest, this is a lettuce that can be gown all through the year, although it will need protection with a cloche or cold frame in the cooler months. The soft, delicate, wavy leaves are packed with goodness - especially vitamin A and beta-carotene. These are not a regimented, neat lettuce, each will have its own exclusive appearance and character. + About Suttons All Year-Round Lettuce Seeds + Suttons seeds are sold in most garden centres, online at the likes of E Bay and Amazon and also online at http://www. (the delivery charge is £1.99 no matter how large the order). I bought my pack of seeds from my local garden centre, where a pack of 1000 seeds (Code: 167975) currently cost £1.55. The seeds come packed in a smaller paper packet inside the outer packet, and the package contains all the sowing and growing detail + Sellerlygirl’s Quick Look at ALL Year-Round Lettuce + • SEED FORM Natural • SEEDS PER GRAM 900 seeds per gram • COMMON ...
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