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Fisher-Price World Of Little People L'Il Pirate Ship 20/10/2017

Shiver me timbers - the new price is a kings ransome!

Fisher-Price World Of Little People L'Il Pirate Ship Oº°‘¨ Fisher-Price World of Little People L’il Pirate Ship ¨‘°ºO Oº°‘¨ Introduction ¨‘°ºO Anyone who has read my reviews with know that I have grandchildren that are coming out of the woodwork (well 11 of them at the last count) and that I love a bargain! Having so many grandchildren who do love to stay here with me (I do realise that it’s where I live that is the attraction rather than me!!) I have a wide range of toys and games stored away, which I periodically go through and take the ones that I think have outlived their time with me to the local Air Ambulance Charity Shop. I had one such clear out a couple of weeks ago, but, as is usually the case, I also came back with some more stuff gleaned from the charity shop. On my last visit it was some DVD’s (including a couple more Christmas ones) and a rather battered box containing what seemed to be a complete Fisher-Price World of Little People L’il Pirate Ship set – which cost me the bargain price of £5. While this was bought with my 3-year-old grandson, and a couple of younger godchildren and great nieces and nephews who visit in mind, 7-year-old Olivia had a great time checking out the new toy and giving it a good work out on her visit last week. Oº°‘¨ The Product ¨‘°ºO While this was a second-hand toy, and – judging by the state of the box, was a couple of years old, the set still seemed to be complete from the description on the box; and - as Is common with Fisher Price toys – was still in excellent ...

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 19/10/2017

Super, lusciously lustrous vamp lips from Revlon

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick <(‘ Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ’)> <(‘Introduction ’)> I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever I go away on holiday, even if just for a few days, I like to treat myself to a new bit of makeup for in my makeup bag. My last little jaunt to Bonnie Scotland was no exception, and on a visit to the Original Factory Shop to pick up some curling tongs (reviewed last week) I spotted some Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks for just £3, which seemed a very reasonable price for a good lipstick. One of the lipsticks, 006 Really Red Matte – caught my eye, seemed ‘my type of thing’ and so I popped it in my basket. <(‘ The Packaging ’)> Nothing revolutionary here, but it is a very classy looking product; it consists of a standard black plastic lipstick tube with a gold coloured band with the name Revlon around it – I do find that this case scratches easily in my bag. One slightly unusual aspect is that on the top of the tube lid there is a clear window through which you can see the lipstick, as you can see from the picture this quickly gets marked when you don’t retract the lipstick enough! On the bottom of the tube is a sticker the colour of the lipstick with the shade number and name on – handy if you want to replace the lipstick and can’t remember the name. The lipstick is 7cm long (just under 3”) and contains 5g of lipstick; when you remove the lid, the body of the lipstick is gold and it has a traditional twist-up mechanism. The lipstick itself is fixed well and doesn’t ...

Air America (DVD) 18/10/2017

A propoganda film to be watched with an unbiased eye

Air America (DVD) -•- Air America-•- Richard Nixon: “There are NO American combat forces in Laos.” -• DVD Review -•- This is another older DVD from a pile of DVD’s I was given that I watched recently, although almost 30 years old, this was the first time I had watched the film. -• Tagline-•- Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. -• Genre-•- • Action • Comedy -• Film-•- “Here at Air America, what's considered psychotic behaviour anywhere else is company policy.” 'Air America' is an American light-hearted action film from 1990 directed by Roger Spottiswoode. The film is adapted from a 1979 non-fiction book of the same name, by British writer and journalist Christopher Robbins, which told about the CIA-financed airline that transported weapons and supplies to Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. When released, 'Air America' received mostly negative reviews and it was withdrawn from more than one hundred cinemas in Germany, when the Gulf War started in January 1991. Film Details Directed by Roger Spottiswoode Produced by Mario Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna Written by Christopher Robbins, John Eskow and Richard Rush Based on Air America by Christopher Robbins Cinematography Roger Deakins Release date 10th August 1990 DVD release 4th August 2008 Classification 15 Running time 112 minutes -• The Trailer •- -• The Story •- "I'm used to being the weirdest person in the ...

Kaeso Cranberry Sensation Hand Treatment Cream 18/10/2017

Hands up - cranberries are not just for Christmas or turkey!!

Kaeso Cranberry Sensation Hand Treatment Cream .•*Kaeso Manicure Cranberry Sensation Hand Treatment Cream 250ml *•. .•*Introduction *•. I spend a lot of time gardening, cleaning out chickens, working around the house etc – all jobs that I know I should really wear gloves with, but I just can’t cope with them; consequently, my hands do suffer from the effects of my day to day routine. It has become quite a tradition now for my daughter to pop a high-quality hand cream in my stocking every Christmas, last year I received the Kaeso Manicure Cranberry Sensation Hand Treatment Cream which was a cream that my daughter was in traduce to by the girl who does her nails. It seems that the beauty salon she goes to uses this product in there, and was also selling it. I have to say that this was a completely new name to me, I generally use Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams. .•*About Kaeso *•. “The Kaeso ethos is to embody naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective and luxurious professional products. “ Kaeso is a beauty product manufacturer who supply personal customers, beauty salons, spas and some beauty colleges; they are a reliable brand who care about what is in their products. All their products contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Balm Mint, Chamomile, Geranium, Tea Tree, Menthol and - in this case -Cranberry which helps to nourish and lock in moisture. They supply body, manicure, pedicure, massage and aromatherapy products and all their products are free from Parabens, ...

Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop, Gretna 16/10/2017

Disappointing Scottish tourist trap.

Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop, Gretna «-• Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop ·•-» «-• Introduction·•-» Last week my husband and I spent a week in Scotland to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary, and also to get away from our cottage while the kitchen was being revamped. We decided to go on a coach tour, with Shearings Holidays, so that neither of us had to drive, and very nice it was too. However, there was one aspect of the holiday that did rather disappoint, and that was our two visits to the famous Gretna Green. If it was so bad why did we go twice? I hear you say; well these were not really visits but the car park at Gretna is the interchange where Shearings move passengers from their ‘feeder’ coached to the coaches for their Scottish destinations and vica versa on your return journey, it is also your lunch stop on both occasions. On both occasions we spent around one and a half hours there. «-• About Gretna Green ·•-» Gretna and Gretna Green are actually two separate places; Gretna is a small town nestled in the southern Scottish hills in the county of Dumfries and Galloway – it is known as ‘The Gateway to Scotland’ as it is only just over the border between Scotland and England. Gretna itself, is a planned town that was built during the First World War to provide homes for 30,000 employees of a munitions factory that was the biggest in the world - an incredible nine miles long! While nearby Gretna Green is famous for being the marriage capital of the UK. It was Gretna’s Blacksmiths Shop that ...

Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler 15/10/2017

I'm enraptured with the totem pole for my hair.

Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler Introduction After months of growing my hair, and wearing it in a bun or straightened, I took the plunge last week and had it all chopped off ready for my holiday. Now I have never been one to cope that well with styling my own hair, I could do with my own private hairdresser to do my hair every day! So, I was worried how I was going to cope with styling my hair at home – especially the back. The hairdresser may say – oh it’s just a wash and go design – after drying it will go into shape but I always manage to look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards after I wash my hair! Consequently, I took myself off to the Original Factory Shop to buy some curling tongues to try and keep my old mop looking something like decent. I have to be honest, my choice of curling tongues was based on just one thing – the price; and, tight fisted as I am, I chose the one with the lowest price tag – which in this case was the Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler, with a £15 sticker on them. About the Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler Although this product was the cheapest on offer, it certainly looked top notch – from the packaging I would have expected it to be a lot more expensive. The packaging is very chic, the product came packed extremely well in very attractive black and purple box packaging; the packaging consists of a metallic purple coloured box that is covered in a classy black sleeve with a curt out design, a picture of the product ...

Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Feature Hulk 13/10/2017

Which super heroes would your kids want to start mashing up?

Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Feature Hulk Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Feature Hulk Introduction Eighteen years ago, I was buying action figures for my first grandson, who was then three; he loved all the super hero action figures and had dozens of the things. Now Robert is away at university training to be a doctor, but his love for super hero action figures seem to have been transferred to his eight-year-old sister – Becki!! Her latest favourites are the Super Hero Mashers from Hasbro, and the latest super hero to add to her collection is the Hulk and A-Bomb mashers set. As I’m sure there are plenty of mums, dads, grandparents, aunts etc who have children with similar taste I thought that I’d share the details of the Hulk Super Hero Masher, for people looking for ideas for the rapidly approaching Christmas! Just What Are Marvel Super Hero Mashers? There is a plethora of different figures in this set from Captain America to Doctor Doom and dozens more in between. Each figure in this assortment of Marvel Super Hero Mashers includes seven connection points, these let you detach their head, arms, and legs - you can then reconnect them where you want and to which figure you want! All the connectors are universal so that you can swap parts with other figures from the entire Super Hero Mashers line-up, letting you create your own Super Hero ‘mash-up’! There are also connection points that let you attach battle gear and accessories and make up your own super powers. These figures come in various form – from a ...

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Eau de Parfum for Her 11/10/2017

Wearing Blue Grass is like an instant trip to the countryside

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Eau de Parfum for Her Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Eau de Parfum "I'm not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You're as old as you feel." Elizabeth Arden Introduction I have been using Red Door perfume from Elizabeth Arden on and off now for over twenty years, it is a perfume that my sister buys me every year for my birthday, while I had heard of the Blue Grass fragrance over the years, I have to say that I have no memory of ever having owned it – until early this year. However, this was actually my mother’s favourite perfume in the 70’s – probably the reason that I didn’t wear it!!! So why my review now? Earlier this year I received a distressed call from my daughter; I couldn’t realise what she was saying I just grasped the words – Olivia – Head – Bike and Hospital. “I’m on my way” I shouted – calm down”, jumped in the car and drove the 60 miles down the M6 to their local hospital. There I found that Olivia had fallen from her bike and smashed her head open, but had been dealt with and was in no danger, my daughter was probably more shaken than her. Well, to cut a long story short, I ended up staying the night; problem was I had brought nothing with me! So, on a quick trip to the Original Factory shop I bought a few essentials (new underclothes, deodorant etc) when I spotted this old name ‘Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Eau de Parfum’ – a 30 ml bottle for £3!!! So, for £3, I thought that this could be my perfume for the rest of the day and my return journey home the ...

Clementoni Paw Patrol Giant Electronic Floor Game 09/10/2017

"Ready for a Ruff, Ruff rescue" Ready for a poor, poor game!

Clementoni Paw Patrol Giant Electronic Floor Game Clementoni Paw Patrol Giant Electronic Floor Game Introduction My little grandson is a big fan of ‘Paw Patrol’ with Ryder and his pack of rescue dogs, better known as the Paw Patrol! So, when I saw the Paw Patrol Giant Electronic Floor Game on sale in Tesco for £10.00 I thought it would be a perfect little gift to go with his birthday presents for his third birthday, as he had recently started enjoying ‘real’ jig saws too. About the Game The game comes in a box that I class as a perfect present box; that is, it is fairly big (around 15 ½ x 11 x 2 ½ inches) and is a nice basic rectangular shape so that is easy to wrap, and when wrapped looks like a nice chunky present! Once the wrapping paper is ripped off the present, the child is presented with an attractive and colourful box that features a picture of the competed puzzle with a young boy sat on it playing the game with the ‘magic’ pen; there is also a large, bright picture of three of the heroic pups from Paw Patrol – Marshall, Rubble and Chase. So, this box is instantly attractive to the little Paw Patrol fan; inside the box there are: • 24 Maxi interlocking tiles (about 7” square) • 1 Electronic Pen • 2 Paw Patrol stickers • 1 Instructions sheet There are 2 x LR41 button batteries included (although the instructions state that these are for demonstration only, so you may need to have more in) The idea of the game is that the child makes up the large floor jigsaw that features a scene from Paw Patrol and ...

Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil 08/10/2017

Don't be shy about using this coconut oil!

Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil Introduction I have been hearing a lot about coconut oil over the last year or so; it is it seems the new ‘superfood’. The ‘must have’ ingredient for any modern cook and was a ‘super healthy fat’ that can be used in baking, cooking and personal care. I kept meaning to try the stuff, but when I saw the price of it decided against it, and on top of that I am a pretty sceptical sort of person who isn’t really into ‘superfoods’ and fads. Then earlier in the week I read Candyperfumegirl’s review on Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil, and a couple of hours later, walking around my local Sainsbury’s I noticed a 500g jar reduced from £9.00 to a ‘special offer’ price of £7.50, I had also just received a message on my Nectar App that I had £7.50 worth of Nectar Points on my card - surely all these facts added up to the fates telling me I should buy this product – and so into my trolley a (rather hefty) jar of this modern elixir went. The Jar The rather cumbersome jar is made from clear glass with a silver coloured screw on metal lid; there is a sky blue and white label going around the jar. On the front is a logo consisting of the name Vita Coco (with two O's in Coco being coconuts) and a small palm tree behind it. On onside of the logo are the words “EXTRA VIRGIN. 100% RAW” and on the other side the words “COLD PRESSED. ORGANIC”, under the logo is the company’s catch phrase for the product “Eat it. Wear it. Swear by it!” On the reverse of the jar are ...

Away (DVD) 06/10/2017

Blackpool at its best and worst, and not a stick of rock in sight

Away (DVD) -•- AWAY-•- -• Film Only Review -•- ‘ A story of love, of loss and of hope played out against the magical backdrop of Blackpool’ I watched this film on Sky Cinema, and so have no details about the DVD. -•- Tagline-•- Two fractured souls, a million blinding lights. -•- Genre-•- • Drama -• Film-•- This 2016 film is a low budget sombre British drama set in Blackpool. I had been wanting to see this film after actually being in Blackpool in April 2015, when the film was being shot. In fact, the film was shot entirely in and around Blackpool during five weeks in March and April 2015, just a few weeks before Tim Burton arrived there to shoot ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.’ The 15-rated film was screened at Blackpool's Regent Cinema on Friday, June 2 (over two weeks before it was generally released in cinemas) with a Q&A session with some of the people behind the film before the screening. Film Details Director: David Blair Executive producers: Jamie Edgerton and Chris Howard Music composed by: Anne Dudley Cinematography: Felix Wiedemann Written: Roger Hadfield Release date: 22nd June 2016 DVD release: 15th May 2017 Running time: 110 minutes Classification: 15 -• The Trailer •- -• -The Story -•- The story is told in a lot of flashbacks; we start by seeing a very drunk and depressed Joseph (played by Timothy Spall) dancing alone around a living room, before staggering/falling onto the couch, ...

Gallant Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag 06/10/2017

Punching away with the Disney Princesses.

Gallant Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag Gallant Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag Introduction When I asked my daughter for suggestions for my girlie, Disney Princess-loving, eight-year-old granddaughter’s Christmas present last year I was amazed to get the response ‘a real punchbag’!! Isabelle joined a girl’s kick boxing club earlier last year and is really loving it, and wanted her own punchbag for practising. My daughter asked the instructor’s advice and she suggested the 5’5” free- standing Gallant punch bag; this seemed huge to me for my sweet little granddaughter – but I was told that it really was the best option and would last her throughout her training. Who Would Want a Gallant Free-Standing Boxing Punch Bag? Well apart from a pretty little eight-year-old girl!! There are fundamentally two types of punch bag available to buy. The first is the traditional punch bag which hangs from a hook on the wall or from the ceiling (the sort you see ion programmes about boxing) and the other is a free- standing punch bag which, obviously, stands on the floor by itself. Seemingly, the latter have become increasingly popular, with more people now training at home where they do not have the facility to hang a punch bag. This type of punchbag is suitable for people who do almost any kind of martial art, although it is chiefly popular with boxers, kick boxers and people doing Mixed Martial Arts. They are perfect for people who don't want to put up a punch bag or who haven’t got anywhere to hang one – the ...

Postman Pat Takes A Message (DVD) 04/10/2017

They'll be knock, Ring, Letters through your door!!

Postman Pat Takes A Message (DVD) Postman Pat Takes a Message When my youngest daughter was born in 1989 there weren’t the same options for children’s TV viewing as they are today. As she got to around 18 months to 2 her favourite programmes were Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim. She used to watch them on the BBC, but as programme times were less frequent than they are, now I also purchased some videos (remember them!!) for her. These videos passed down to her brother, seven years younger than her, as he too was a massive Postman Pat fan. When I started watching Pat a little later with grandchildren, I didn’t like the new format, the music and words to the song had changed -" Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and White cat..." had become " Postman Pat, Postman Pat, can you guess what's in his van?" – why? Also, the writer and creator, John Cunliffe, was a Kendal man, and he based the fictional Greendale on the little village of Longsleddale just outside Kendal (the post office was based on one on the Kendal street where Cunliffe lived) and the fictional town of Pencaster on Lancaster. Driving along those little lanes today you almost expect to see him drive past – with Jess on the front seat. But, in the early 2000’s – in our ever-increasing PC environment - Cunliffe was accused of racism for not having more diverse characters in the show. He denied this emphatically, statin g that the location and characters were based on the places and people he knew – but from then on, the stories ...

Playmobil Summer Fun 5432 Camp Site 04/10/2017

Happy camping Playmobil style.

Playmobil Summer Fun 5432 Camp Site •.¸¸•Playmobil Summer Fun 5432 Camp Site •.¸¸• •.¸¸• Introduction •.¸¸• My 15-year-old grandson started collecting Playmobil toys when he was around three; over the years he and his two sisters acquired quite a collection. As they’ve got older they have passed down all their Playmobil toys down to younger cousins. Olivia, now 7, has been the main recipient of these toys – many of which are left here for any of the visiting children to play with. In the boxes of toys here, there are bits of an old camping set Harry used to have, that Olivia loves to play with; so, when she received a 262-piece Playmobil camping set, she was VERY excited. •.¸¸• A little about Playmobil •.¸¸• I doubt there are many people who have not come across Playmobil toys – especially anyone with children or grandchildren. Playmobil is an extremely popular toy that is made in Germany; the German engineering shines out of all their products that are made of high-quality materials and with precision. In 2014 the company celebrated its 40th anniversary. The toys come in all sorts of ranges from vehicles, animals, princesses, fairies, medieval knights to camping scenes and much more, all of which contain easily recognisable characters with their famous smiling faces, and all are interchangeable. The ages for Playmobil are recommended for 4 – 10-year-old children, but I have to say having had a 15, 13, 11, 7 and 3-year-old staying here for a week they all had a great time playing with it together – ...

LeapFrog LeapTV 03/10/2017

They've reduced the price so take the leap with this LeapTV

LeapFrog LeapTV LeapFrog LeapTV Introduction A couple of Christmas’s ago, my granddaughter asked for a Leapfrog Leap TV as she had played on a friend’s game; however, at the time the console itself was over £100 before you added on any of the games which were over £20 each; so, Father Christmas had to decline that request – as she was already receiving a lot of quite expensive toys. However last Christmas the console had gone down to around £30 and games had already dropped in price – with many available on E Bay very reasonably and downloads available from £3, so one got added to her stocking. Almost a year on, that game console has been well played with – both at her house and when she’s stayed here, and with the dreaded C word drawing nearer I thought that I would review it for anyone considering adding it to their Christmas gifts, as we have been very impressed with it. Just what is the LeapFrog LeapTV? The LeapFrog LeapTV is a gaming system that is designed especially for children between 3 and 8 years old. It is especially designed with age appropriate play and children friendly themes, and games and videos with different age ranges so that it can grow with your child. It also has an in-built Xbox Kinect-style camera and motion controller which helps to get children moving. The games are all educational, so as well as getting the children moving and dancing about – they are also learning. The LeapTV has three different ways to play; it uses body motion with a camera that ...
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