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About to move house, yet again (the joys of being an army wife!) so having some much needed time off and thought it about time I updated my status!!!

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The Bank Job (DVD) 18/05/2011

Bank Vault or Pandoras Box?

The Bank Job (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW Terry Leather owns a car show room and he is also a petty criminal. He owes money and is on the verge of loosing everything if he cannot pay the money back soon. His luck changes though when he meets up with old friend Martine Love who has an interesting proposition for him. She suggests that they rob a bank, she has details of the security system which is going to be off line for a few days and thinks it is the perfect crime. Little does Terry know that she has an ulterior motive for wanting to rob the bank. Terry gets his team together to rob the bank and they make a start, things seem to be going very well but will Terry discover the ulterior motive Martine has and if they are successful just what lies ahead for them? I have only given a very brief plot outline for this film so don’t be put off by it being basic as there is so much more to be discovered from watching as a few good side line stories which all blend into a very entertaining outcome. I was really looking forward to watching this film as the trailers made it look good and there was also the act it starred Jason Statham and I am a fan of his. Both me and hubby were not disappointed at all by this film, it had a great storyline which was made better as this film is based on a true event which happened. I have to say at the start of the film I did get a little confused as we met several different people from gangs and I really struggled to see how they all connected and fitted into ...

Fairy Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Washing Up Liquid 17/05/2011

It's now a pleasure to do the dishes!

Fairy Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Washing Up Liquid It is quite funny how I came to buy this washing up liquid as I had recently bought some new red accessories for my kitchen and when looking for my usual brand of washing up liquid I spotted this one and as it is red thought it would match nicely with my kitchen. Fortunately though it was on offer! What I came home with is Fairy Pomegranate and Honeysuckle washing up liquid. ~~PACKAGING~~ The washing up liquid comes in a clear bottle which is sort of tear shaped. It is clear which means we get to see the red liquid inside and this also allows us to know exactly how much we have left in the bottle. On the front of the bottle we have a round label in the middle which has the Fairy name across the centre and the product name below this, the fairy baby is to the side and there is also a small picture of a pomegranate and some honeysuckle too. The back of the bottle had a label containing all of the directions for use, ingredients and warnings on. The bottle top is red plastic and this is simple to use as it is just the standard flip style one. ~~USE AND RESULTS~~ It is very simple to use the washing up liquid and as with all other brands this just needs to be squirted under a running tap. It is simple to do as the top of the bottle just flips open and the liquid comes out with ease when it is squeezed slightly. I would warn that you really only need a little of the liquid as it makes a good lather and when I used too much I ended up with bubbles all over my sink ...

Cemetery Junction (DVD) 17/05/2011

Which path will you take at the junction?

Cemetery Junction (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW In Cemetery Junction in the early 70’s we meet three best friends who are about to come of age. We have Snork who works for the local railway station and he is happy with his life but dreams of finding a girlfriend. Freddie has high ambitions and starts working for a life insurance company donning a suit and tie each day for work and he is trying to make his life better than that of his families. The third member of the group is Bruce, he is slightly different from the others and is quite content spending his time drinking and fighting and getting in trouble with the police. He talks a lot of moving away from Cemetery Junction but never really does anything about it. The three boys spend their time together getting into scrapes and having fun but will any of them really make anything good of their lives and will any one really leave Cemetery Junction? I was not overly keen to watch this film but once it came onto the movie channels both me and hubby decided to give it a go, mainly due to the fact it was a Rickey Gervais film and was have liked his previous ones. I did have mixed feelings about this film and despite the slightly slow story line it was quite entertaining. The characters were good and I did like how different the three boys were, we had Snork who was happy to plod along in life spending his time trying to get a girl and he did bring some humour to the story. I felt he was put upon a lot and made to be daft which was not always what ...

The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks 16/05/2011

Rescued in more ways than one!

The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks Denise is a single mother of Kyle, he is 5 years old but has speech problems. He is very underdeveloped and she longs for the day he tells her that he loves him. She has moved from her life in Atlanta to the house which her mother left to her in Edenton. She spends her evenings working in a diner and the days teaching Kyle to talk and visiting doctors. Denise really does live a quiet and lonely life since her move. Her life is about to take a drastic turn when one evening she is driving home from another doctors appointment when she has an accident and comes off the road. She is rescued by volunteer fire man Taylor but it soon becomes clear that Kyle has gone missing. Denise is reluctantly taken to hospital and Taylor vows to find Kyle. Kyle is soon found safe and well and Taylor delivers on his promise. Taylor too has a troubled life and since the death of his father he has not really known what to do with his life. He befriends Denise and they start to spend a lot of time together but can they both overcome their pasts and make their friendship more and will Denise ever here the words she so longs to hear from Kyle? I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks and so I was very eager to red this book. I loved it right from the start. The story was great and very moving at times. I have only given a very brief outline of the story above and there really is so much more to be discovered from reading the book. I found it was very easy to read and enjoyable and packed full of ...

Tooth Fairy (DVD) 12/05/2011

What a Punishment!

Tooth Fairy (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW The Tooth fairy is a minor league ice hockey player, he has this nickname due to the fact he is good at knocking players teeth out. He has a girlfriend who has two children and despite getting on well with the daughter he is struggling to get on with the son. His life is about to change drastically though when he drops out to the little girl that the tooth fairy is not real and finds himself being whisked away to a magical kingdom. The tooth fairy is given a punishment of serving one week as a real life tooth fairy for what he said to the little girl and he is shocked by this. The following morning he wakes in bed and thinks it was a dream. Unfortunately he soon discovers it was not a dream when his co worker turns up with his first job. Can The Tooth fairy cut it as a real tooth fairy and will he finally remember his own dreams and not take others away from them? I was not overly interested in this film but when I saw more of the trailers it looked quite fun and enjoyable. After sitting down for an evening and wanting something light to watch both me and hubby agreed on this film and I am quite glad we did as we both found it to be enjoyable. The story was good but very far fetched at times but I think it was a good balance for children and young viewers. There is enough in the story to make it appeal to children but it was lacking for the elder viewer. I did think it was also quite daft at times but the way some of the actors carried their ...

The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader (DVD) 11/05/2011

Back to Narnia for round three!

The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader (DVD) Lucy and Edward have been sent to live with their Aunt and cousin Eustace during the war and they are not happy about it. They dream of being able to return home or to Narnia. Their wish gets granted when one of the paintings comes to life and the three children find themselves in the sea. They are all rescued by the Dawn Treader which is being captained by Prince Caspian. He is sailing to find out what has happened to the peace in his Kingdom when he suddenly discovers a green mist which takes people away. Prince Caspian, Lucy, Edward and Eustace now face the task of solving the mystery of the mist and returning peace to Narnia but can they do it? Also can Eustace actually believe that he is in Narnia and it is not all a dream? I was really looking forward to watching this film as I have liked both of the two previous film, unfortunately I did feel slightly let down by this one, maybe as the full cast was not returned and we had only 2 of the children and also a new addition. I felt the story was good but it did get a little dark at times and I thought it was not suitable for the whole family as the previous film have been. I did find the story was very easy to follow though and we did have a few very good characters and creatures to help tell it to us. The acting from the majority in the film was to a high standard. The roles of Lucy and Edward were played by Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes. I found they were both very good and made their roles believable. ...

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (DVD) 11/05/2011


The Sorcerer's Apprentice (DVD) Balthazar Blake is a sorcerer who has spend centuries trying to find the chosen one to defeat the dark forces which threaten the world. He was once an apprentice of Merlin and when Merlin was killed he captured the evil wizards and locked them in a special nesting doll where they will stay until some one can destroy them. Dave is an ordinary 10 year old boy who goes on a school trip to New York where he stumbles upon a strange shop which gives him the fright of his life. He meets Balthazar who discovers he is the chosen one. Unfortunately an evil wizard is set free and after a fight they both get locked in an urn for 10 years. Dave his the next 10 years of his life trying to forget and get over the fright he had that day. That is until Balthazar is released from the urn and he tracks him down. Balthazar now has to convince Dave of his power and the fact he is the chosen one and the only person who can destroy the evil wizards. Can Balthazar make Dave understand this and if not what will happen if the evil escapes and takes over the world? I have been looking forward to watching this film as the trailers made it look good. I do enjoy Disney films and the added bonus to this one was the fact Nicholas Cage starred as Balthazar and I find he is always very good in his roles. This film was very enjoyable and both me and hubby loved it. I felt the story was great and despite having not seen the original animated version of this I was easily able to follow the story and ...

The King's Speech (DVD) 10/05/2011

P P P P... Perfect!

The King's Speech (DVD) Bertie is the second son of reigning King George V. He knows he is not going to be crowned King as that falls to his elder brother Edward but soon Bertie realises that all might change when his brother falls in love with an American woman who has already been divorced twice. Bertie feels he is not able to make a good King as he has a speech problem. He has suffered from this since the age of 5 and despite seeing many doctors he has not been able to over come it. After the death of his Father his brother become King and Bertie feels even more pressure as his brother is not a suitable King due to his lifestyle. Bertie’s wife Elizabeth is trying to help Bertie and his speech problem when she discovers a new Doctor who has a very good success rate at curing speech problems but his methods are a little strange. Bertie reluctantly agrees to visit Lionel and he soon starts to help Bertie talk in the correct way and without a stammer. What faces Bertie when his brother threatens to not be crowned as he is not believing in his own ability and will he ever be able to loose the stammer and talk with authority? I am not a cinema person so have been waiting for a good few months now for this film to be released on DVD so I was so pleased when I got it yesterday. I had been looking forward to seeing the film and thought it looked interesting, the fact it has won so many awards was another bonus and I was just hoping it was not another over hyped film. Fortunately it was not and ...

Bold 2in1 Gel Pomegranate & Orange Blossom 08/04/2011


Bold 2in1 Gel Pomegranate & Orange Blossom I was not able to get my usual washing liquid on a recent shopping trip and could not decide which one to get instead. To be honest I was swayed to this Bold gel with pomegranate and orange blossom as it was a similar use to the one I usually use and the fact it was on offer. ~~PACKAGING~~ The liquid comes in a white plastic bottle which is shaped sort of like a tear drop. On the front we have an orange label which has the Bold logo on and the product name, on the edge of this is some pretty flowers and a claim that the freshness of this scent will last for 12 hours when wearing the clothes. On the back of the bottle we have the directions for use and the information about the washing liquid. The base of the bottle is orange and this is what it stands up on. There is also a small flap on the very bottom which is the part where you remove the gel from. The design of this is good as it means your liquid is always ready to come out of the bottle. On the left hand side edge of the bottle where is a clear plastic strip running the length of the bottle. This allows you to see just how much of the liquid you have left in the bottle. ~~USE~~ It is very simple to use the washing liquid. The top corner of the bottle is to be removed and the gel squeezed into the inside of this, this is then to be placed inside the washing machine drum with the clothes and not poured into the dispenser. The amount of gel to be used will vary from different load types. For an average ...

Date Night (DVD) 07/04/2011

What a Night!

Date Night (DVD) Claire and Phil Foster are a normal married couple with a happy family and busy working lives. They muddle through their lives but make a point of spending Friday nights as date night. They usually end up spending the night talking about the kids and work and never really have any excitement. When they both hear the news that their best friends are splitting up due to the fact their lives have become boring and predictable they both decide to make changes to their own relationship. Date night sees Phil taking Claire to the city for a meal and a top restaurant but when they are unable to get a table they steel someone else’s reservation. Unfortunately this is not a good choice as they get mistaken for other people and are soon being hunted down by dodgy cops with guns looking for a flash drive. Claire and Phil have to try and clear their names but with a lack of police on their side and no idea what the guys want will they be able to do this? I was really looking forward to watching this film as the trailers made it look good and I do find that Steve Carell is usually quite funny in his roles. Unfortunately I was left slightly disappointed with this film. The story was good and it was quite original on some level but when watching I kept think about the film Did You hear about the Morgan’s as this had a similar story. I thought the way the actors handled themselves was quite good too and did help the story along. Steve Carell took the role of Phil and he did a ...

Turner And Hooch (DVD) 06/04/2011

What a witness!

Turner And Hooch (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW Scott Turner is a small town cop who has his sights on moving to his new job in a big city. He spends his days training his replacement and dealing with mundane cases such as bike theft. Scott is called to investigate claims of noisy neighbour by old Amos who lives in the docks next to a factory he suspects is doing dodgy deals. Scott goes to talk to Amos but first he has to deal with the dog. Hooch is a massive dog who looks vicious and constantly drools. Scott talks with Amos and finally leaves, that is after the dog has attacked him and pinned him to the floor. His partner thinks this is hilarious but is about o change his mind when Amos gets killed and Hooch becomes the property of Scott as he is a witness. Scott takes Hooch home and soon discovers his perfect house is not suitable for a dog and they come to blows. Hooch is curious and as a result trashes the house and Scott goes mad. Can Scott and Hooch learnt o live together and can Hooch help him solves the case of how killed Amos? I have seen this film several times over the years and have always enjoyed it a lot. I find the story is very good and is actually quite believable. I think the story works so well as Hooch is just so lovable and Tom Hanks works very well with him. The story is slightly predictable but the ending did come as a shock to me the first time I ever watched this and I did think it was rather sad but over the years I have come to realise how feel good the ending ...

Ace In-Wash Stain Remover Gentle Bleach 06/04/2011

It's Ace!

Ace In-Wash Stain Remover Gentle Bleach I was unable to buy my usual brand of washing liquid which always gets rid of the stains in my laundry so I bought a cheaper brand and spotted this on offer so decided to give it a go. The bottle came with 100% extra free so this was more of an incentive for me to try it. I also feel that with the summery weather on its way I want my boys school tops to look clean and white and not have any nasty marks on. I really did have high hopes for this stain remover. ~~PACKAGING~~ The stain remover comes in a green plastic bottle which has a cut out handle shape at the side. On the front we have a nice bright colourful label which contains the product name and the fact that this is approved by woolmark. On the back we have the directions for use and product information. The top of the bottle is green plastic and screws off easily. There is a large funnel part which sits on the inside of the lid which doubles up as a measuring cap. ~~USE AND RESULTS~~ It is simple to use this stain remover. For a normal sized load of washing which is only lightly soiled then half a capful is to be used but for more stained clothes then one cap full is recommended. Personally I always use one capful in my load as I know it will fully remove all the stains this way and not result in me having to re wash anything. The liquid is to be poured over the clothes inside the drum of the machine and not added to the soap dispenser. If you are using this for a hand wash then only 10ml of the ...

Imperial Leather Softly Softly Nourishing Shower Cream 05/04/2011

Softness for the whole family

Imperial Leather Softly Softly Nourishing Shower Cream My latest bath foam was one which I was initial undecided about trying, I have bought 2 others in this range and liked one and not the other. This one did sound good from the writing on the front of the bottle and for the price tag I decided to give it a go, I am very pleased that I did. ~~PACKAGING~~ The bath foam comes in a clear plastic bottle which is a wavy shape. It has the Imperial Leather logo on the top and a pattern in the middle of pink hearts, the product name and scent is written below this. On the back of the bottle you can find all of the product details and the directions for use. The top of the bottle is white plastic and fit very snugly onto the top of the bottle. I have found it is quit tricky to get this on and off and even more so if you have wet hands. ~~USE AND RESULTS~~ It really is very simple to use the bath foam, that is once you have managed to get the lid off, a small amount of the liquid needs to be poured into running water. I have noticed the liquid is a good consistency so I don’t have to stand for ages waiting for it to come out of the bottle and neither do I get lots coming out when I only want a small amount. The bath foam instantly starts to work and lather once it mixes with the water. I am pleased to say that the bath foam does not change the water colour which is good as I think it would be slightly off putting getting into a murky bath. We do also get a lot of lather and bubbles from only using a small amount of the ...

Missa Criolla - Ayacucho 05/04/2011

I do, I do, I do!

Missa Criolla - Ayacucho Confetti wedding magazine is looking at improving their reading figures. They come up with an idea of holding a wedding competition with the most unusual weddings being involved. The winner of the competition will win a house. They start auditions for the contest and soon arrive at their decision. Three couples are chosen to take part. We have as nudist wedding, a tennis themed wedding and a musical wedding. They are all given help and a large budget to work with but cracks soon start to appear when the couple cannot decided on how their weddings are going to go and how with family members interfering it is never going to be easy. Who all three couples survive the arranging and make it to their weddings and if so just who will win? I had looked at this DVD several times in Tesco before finally deciding to buy it, I was swayed by the fact it is a British film and a comedy. I am pleased that I did buy it as I thought it was very good and the story was quite original. I felt it was going to be similar to the film four weddings and a funeral at first but I was so far off the mark. We are shown three couples who are all different and they handle their weddings differently and this does make for a good entertaining story. I did however think that the film was a little predictable and had worked out who would win from near enough the start of the film but never the less I enjoyed seeing how we got to this outcome. The acting from all involved was great, the couples all ...

Hot Tub Time Machine (DVD) 04/04/2011

Take a dip into the past!

Hot Tub Time Machine (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW Adam, Nick and Lou are all old school friends and now they are men they are all suffering from problematic and boring lives. Lou has an accident and ends up in hospital where the doctors think he tried to kill himself and as a result his friends have to step in to help him. The trio along with Adam’s nephew Jacob head off on holiday to a resort they last visited in 1986 and try to relive some of the memories. They make use of the hot tub which the suit has but things go wrong and they end up going back in time to 1986. They soon learnt hat they must try and make sure they do things exactly the same way as they did before or they face changing the course of history. Can the men try and relive the past or will they alter their futures and what will it mean for Jacob who is not yet even born? To be perfectly honest this film never really appealed to me but hubby quite fancied it so I decided to give it a watch. I was actually quite surprised by the film and found some of the parts quite funny. The story was good but nothing very new and original. I think it was helped along with the humour and some good acting. I think I would have liked a little more from the story though because as it stood I did find it was very predictable and I had worked out the ending from half way through the film. This may be a good thing for some as it means you don’t have to concentrate fully on what is going on but for me I would have liked another twist or big event to ...
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