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Member Advice on Anxiety 13/01/2006

social anxiety disorder/social phobia

Member Advice on Anxiety A Personal account on Social Anxiety Disorder As a Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer I decided to write this book to try and help others also suffering with the disorder, by sharing my stories of living and coping with the condition. For those who are not familiar with the disorder, it is actually seen as one of the more common anxiety disorders. It is the 3rd largest mental health care problem in the world today. The anxiety felt is much stronger than most non-phobic people experience and it generally happens in social or performance situations. It is usually so strong that it causes most people to avoid the situations all together- for fear of embarrassment, humiliation or even for fear of people noticing their anxiety and commenting on it. From experience this is probably the situation I loathe the most, and I try to avoid it at all costs! Many people suffering from Social Anxiety disorder feel there is no cure and that nothing is going to help. Therefore I would like to share with you my experiences to show you that there are ways to overcome it. Read on to find out. My story From a very young age I have been a very shy and timid person. I used to run upstairs and hide every time anyone came to the door. I would wait up there until they had gone- this could sometimes be for hours at a time but it still didn't stop me. I wouldn't go into a shop on my own- or in fact go anywhere on my own. When friends asked me to go out with them I would always make up excuses ...

Manchester in general 15/11/2004

Manchester, good or bad?

Manchester in general All my life i've lived in the country.... until now.... I applied to Manchester University even though i had never visited Manchester, and now i'm here it is so different to living in the country. But It does has both its good and bad aspects. Manchester is a very busy city, with plenty of nightlife and shopping. There is definitly not a lack of choice if you want to go out for a night... ranging from bars and clubs, to bingo and bowling! In the centre there are huge amounts of shops including Selfridges and Harvey Nichols- great for celebrity spotting! There are over 200 different museums and gallerys for you to visit, including the Imperial War museum north, and the lowry museum which should not be missed. It is also worth visiting the Manchester Art Gallery... with all these things to do, you will definitly not be stuck for ideas for days out.... The bus services are good within the city centre and there are also taxi's whenever you need one- however you do have to watch out and be careful on what taxi firm you use as in the past there have been attacks etc. involving the taxi driver... so that is one thing you do have to be careful about... and thats not the only thing.... It is not safe to go out in Manchester on your own in the dark, you will notice that there are lot of notices and signs everywhere warning you about this- this is due to a large amount of muggings, attacks and rapes. So you should always make sure you are with someone when you go out, just to ...

Clothing Design & Technology 13/11/2004

Fashion Buying for Retail

Clothing Design & Technology I am currently at Manchester Metropolitan University, Studying Fashion Buying for Retail at the Hollings Campus. There are only a few University's which offer this course, the others are London College of Fashion, Westminster and Lancashire University. I decided on The manchester course because it sounded like it was more specialised on the buying aspects of Fashion which interested me the most. Now i have started the course, i am not entirely sure how i feel about it. I expected it to be very much about fashion, however the course lecturers are mainly economists, and do not have much experience within the fashion industry.... i have therfore found that it is very much business orientated. The degree is a 3 year BSc course, however you do have the choice of doing it as a 2 year HND, then if you pass the two years you can go on to do the BSc. We do 10 hours a week, starting with Fashion Buying on Monday mornings for 3 hours. This is about the business of fashion, and the processes of fashion buying. Next we have 4 hours of marketing and business management on tuesday afternoons. These include, quality, production, costing, and accounting. This is quite difficult, but you definitly have an advantage if you have studied business studies previously, if not you are very likely to find it quite difficult. We have the day off on wednesdays, then we have 2 hours of Fashion Theory on Thursdays- this is generally about the history of fashion. On Fridays, we ...

Member Advice on Coping with Death 15/11/2003

why do such bad things happen to such nice people?

Member Advice on Coping with Death Many people throughout their lives have terrible things happen to them or to people within their family. Some of these things are known about others our sudden. I thought I would share with you something terrible that happened in my family that caused devastation and unhappiness to us all. My step father- Richard, used to fly planes as a hobby on a regular basis. He owned 3 beautiful light aircrafts one of which was a vintage 2nd world war plane which he had lovingly restored himself. Every weekend he would enjoy flying to different places in the country whether to see other flying friends or to enter in flying competitions which he always managed to come first or second in because of his great experience of flying, as he had done it from the age of 16. He would take us flying when we wanted, to the Isle of Wight, France and even Minorca. Flying was his passion. We all enjoyed it too, but never did we think anything bad would happen, not until the 15th august 1998. This was the day that this passion was ended after a devastating incident. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday, not even a cloud was in site. This of course would mean Richard would be flying today. He set of in the morning, after saying good bye to us all and saying to me “you have been so good recently” and giving me £5, he set off for a day of flying- without knowing that we were never going to be seeing each other again. Richard would always ring us if he was going to be late home, it got to 6pm and ...

Fiction 09/11/2003

Don't open the door....

Fiction *************** *Don't open the door *************** ** Leah stood up from her chair, and walked into the kitchen. She boiled the kettle and made a cup of coffee. Thunder rumbled somewhere in the distance and the lights in her house flickered. “Not a storm,” she muttered to herself. She pulled back the curtain from the window and sure enough the sky was filled with black clouds and frequent flashes of bright lightening. “Great, perfect day fro Mum and Dad to go out, now I’m on my own…,” Leah groaned. She looked through the drawers in the kitchen to find a torch, and found a black one. Leah flicked it on and off to see if it worked. She put it down on the table, while she made herself a sandwich. She picked up her cup of coffee and her sandwich before going into her bedroom, where she put a scary movie into the video player and switched off the lights. Leah was distracted by the movie until she suddenly heard a noise coming from downstairs. She sat up and listened carefully while turning the television down at the same time. A sudden fear of someone watching her sent chills running down her spine. Leah heard the noise again and stiffened, it sounded familiar but she couldn’t work out what the sound was. Her heart pounded faster and faster inside her and she held her breath. A loud roll of thunder made her scream and she regretted it. What if someone was in the house and heard her? She bit her lip and clenched her sweaty hands tightly. Looking around the room ...

Makro (Shop) 09/11/2003

Wholesale satisfaction

Makro (Shop) Makro is a wholesaler that offers both food and non-food products at wholesale prices. You can find a wide range of products within the macro stores such as- food, electronics, alcohol, toys, games, clothes, gardening equpment, hardware, books, furniture etc. all at low prices. You can but many products in bulk which saves time and money. there is always a huge range of products on offer- of good quality and price. You will find specialised product areas like The Tech Shop, Office Zone and Catering areas designed to satisfy your business needs. These areas contain a wide range of products and you will find staff nearby if you need help in selecting the right thing. you name it, they've got it! The wide aisles and clear store layout make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. All products have their price clearly marked on the shelves. All promotions are displayed so you know exactly what's what. If you need any help there are always staff nearby who will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Within the stores you will also find a cafe, so if you are feelign peckish on your bulk buying shop you can grab a bite to eat! makro is open monday to friday- 9.30am - 9pm and saturday- 9.30am - 7pm and sunday 9.30am - 5.30pm it is also open on bank holidays till 5.30pm. The only problem with Makro is that you need a Makro card in order to shop there. This can be obtained through a business, or if you know a friend with a registered makro card you ...

Venom Dance Mat 08/11/2003

Dance Mat

Venom Dance Mat If you've ever been into an arcade, you my have seen a dancing game which is usually surrounded by loads of people- as it is fun to watch people either look great or making fools out of themselves on it! A couple of years back, they brought out this game for playstations, which you can play either using the controller or by buying the dance mat- which of course is the best and most fun option. The dance mat works just like the controller, but you use your feet rather than your hands. it is lota of fun. In order to use the mat for its specific purpose, you need to but a dancing game such as 'dancing stage euromix' these games contain different dancing sessions to up to date music with different difficulty ratings and also there are workouts you can do to burn off those calories. The dance mats are made out of a rubber/plastic type material therfore they are quite durable. however they are quite pricey- depending on what make you but, they can range from £12.99 to £29.99 but they all do the same job. They can be used on all types of playstation. You can buy the dance mats from most computer game shops such as game, whsmiths, woolworths, mvc etc. The biggest problem which i found with the dance mats is that whilst my little sis was plugging the dance mat into the console,she managed to plug it in upside down and this made the dance mat no longer work! and then thinking she woul dhave learned her lesson from breaking the first one, she did it to the other one and ...

Member Advice on Pyramid Gifting Schemes 28/09/2003

Hearts investment scheme

Member Advice on Pyramid Gifting Schemes Ok so many people are against the idea of pyramid selling, yes it could have disadvantages but look at the advantagaes.... what is hearts? It is a girls only investement scheme which can give you a 700% increase on the money you invest into it. It calls itself a 'gifting scheme that benefits all women' Men aren't allowd in because they'd ruin it with incessant cynicism and greed. how does it work? It works like this: you buy a section of a heart- a whole heart costs £3000, half a heart- £1500, 1/4 of a heart- £750 and 1/8th of a heart is £375. You then have to recruit some friends to do the same. When a sufficient number of people have been recruited, and you are ont he receving heart, your'e in line for a payout. You throw a party and everyone on the topline hands over their money fromt heir share of their heart straight to you. so there is no one banking the money during the process. so how much money do you receive? if you buy a whole heart you get £24000, 1/2 heart- £12000, 1/4 heart- £6000, and 1/8 heart- £3000. So you are getting a 700% return on your money which is well worth it! so what are the perks about it? well you get to go to parties every week, where you make loads of new friends- many people i know who have done the investment have said its just worth it because you get to make loads of new friends and contacts. If you manage to recruit enough people intot he hearts scheme it will flow well and you will get your money in no time at all. any ...

A-Z for Members Challenges 28/09/2003

stevo's challenge ( still under construction)

A-Z for Members Challenges so here goes for steve o's challenge hope you like it. Hi i'm Petra Guinsell, i am of course one of the most beutiful millionaires in the world. Today i am off to a meeting to discuss my designs for my new mansion. Well darling as you know I am a millionaire and therefore I can have whatever house I wish. Big or small? well darling that’s a stupid question big of course- don’t even ask how many bedrooms its got to be ,9 all ensuite - one for me and atticus, one for the maid, one for the butler, one for the nanny, oh and one each for the three kids of course oh and there better be two guest rooms for our visitors. well my clothes are certainly not going to fit in a standard wardrobe, I’m going to have to have a room, a big big room , full of clothes rails and shoe stands. How wonderful! Let me see what else will I be needing- well there’s no doubt about it i've got to have a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi of course, and a sauna? Yes definitely a sauna- why not? I’ve got my millions! Downstairs I will be needing a very large lounge for all my entertaining. Well I can’t have our normal 42” television- we have to go for the plasma screen maybe 90”? Or is that too small! - We will be needing three large cream sofas, and two cream armchairs, the floor definitely has to be oak with that mohair rug its only £2000 darling what a bargain! Now for the wall colour, I don’t want anything too bold but sexy pink will do. A large mirror is definitely needed- i’ve seen one in ...

Everything that starts with H ... 24/09/2003


Everything that starts with H ... What is it? Hyperhidrosis most commonly known as excessive sweating can be socially embarrassing.. As well as underarm sweating, sufferers can also sweat excessively from the palms of your hands, feet, face and groin. There is no main obvious cause for this. What can be done about it? Most people find that using a specialist antiperspirent controls the problem however in extreme cases, you can get medication prescribed for you- however these can cause side effects such as a dry mouth and gastro-intestinal problems. The last resort to sure the problem would be to have an operation in which the nerves that supply the sweat glands in the affected areas are destroyed. However this isnt really the best solution, although it does have a high success rate there are common side affects such as sweating in new ares such as the abdomen! It is therefore reserved for those with severe symptoms. what are the specialist antiperspirants? there are a number of antiperspirents you can get to cure the prblem. this conatin 20% aluminium chloride which plugs the sweat glands. You can get them from your doctors or they are available at boots. My story: As you might have read from oneof my other ops, i used to have social anxiety and from this i had hyperhidrosis which can come from anxiety. I found it really embarrassing that i always had swaty hands so i eventually went to the doctors where i was told the different things that could be done to cure it- i didnt like the sound of ...

Everything that starts with A ... 23/09/2003

An A-Z of me!!

Everything that starts with A ... A is for animal!- i'm a non stop party animal- and an animal in many other ways too! B is for bouncy- im always happy and bouncing around! C is for chocoholic!- i can't stop eating chocolate!! please help!! D is for diddy!- as im only 5ft 1! E is for Energetic- i dont know where it comes from probably all the chocolate i eat! F is for flirty- im a natural flirt but that isnt always good as people always think i fancy them when i dont! G is for girly!- i love anything pink and fluffy! H is for happy- happiness rules! I is for interesting!- i always seem to have lots of interesting stories to tell... J is for jumpy- im scared of everything! K is for kinky!! - i dont think i need to explain that one! L is for loving- ilove everyone! M is for mad!- i am slightly crazy!! N is for naughty- i do get into quite a lot of trouble what with my madness and my flirtatious behaviour! O is for oozing!- i am oozing with madness!! P is for pretty- well apparantley so but i would disagree on this one! Q is for queen!- i would love to be a princess but not a queen! R is for rude!- i have quite a dirty mind! S is for shopoholic!!- i cannot stop shopping and spending way too much money! T is for toned- i do my exercises every day in order to stay fit after all that chocolate i eat! U is for untidy!- mess does stress me out but i still cant keep my room tidy! V is for vicious- yes i have been known to fight with my sisters before! they ...

Recipes for Cakes and Biscuits 22/09/2003


Recipes for Cakes and Biscuits I thought i would share with you this wonderful recipe i found and added to to create gorgeous brownies the brownies are deliciously moist, laden with chocolate and crusted in a glossy coat of sugar. They are packed with generous chunks of gorgeous chocolate! here goes: the ingredients you need: 500g bournville chocolate or similar 75g butter 3 eggs 175g caster sugar 175g self raising flower pinch of slt 5ml vanilla essence How to make it: roughly chop 400g of the chocolate and set aside. Break up the remaining chocolate and put into a heat proof bowl with the butter put this on top of a boiling pan of water till it melts- then let it cool slightly. whisk the eggs and caster sugar together untill smooth, then gradually beat in the melted chocolate mixture sift the flour and salt together over the mixture, then carefully fold in the chopped chocolate and vanilla essence. put it into a prepared tin and level the surface the brownies should be baked for roughly 25 minutes at 180 degrees depending on the type or your oven. they are ready when the centre is just firm to the touch and the surface is crusty! and ENJOY!!!!!!! ...

Member Advice on Dating 22/09/2003

dating tips!

Member Advice on Dating Ok so i haven't had lots of experience within the dating situation, however i have picked up quite a few tips from friends and family which i have found quite useful and i thought you might too! so here goes: firstly how to pull effortlessly!- this whan has not yet worked for me but giveit time!!: ~Pick a venue that is packed fullof gorgeous men! ~once you have got your drinks, sit somewhere central and visible ~don't get drunk- you will just end up making a fool of yourself and you will regret it!! ~make sure you are smiling and laughing- blokes are not going to be interested if you are looking sad and depressed!! ~ scan the room, catch a few eyes and smile fleetingly!! good luck!! ~ and finally- sit back, dont try too hard to impress if that guy comes along, relax and enjoy the attention! Always keep your options wide open. don't miss out on someone gorgeous just because you are always looking in the same places. why not try older or younger men for a bit of fun an variety! @ if he doesn't call after the first date DO NOT call or text him continuously this will just scare him away and you will have no chance! and you will then have to go through the pulling scenario once again! overeagerness scares men off. if you think you have been overeager- compensate by not returning his call, or standing back slightly- pace yourself! ok so i don't know a huge amount about dating but i hope this has helped a little bit! sory if it hasn't!! ...

All About Me 21/09/2003


All About Me *Time*: 14.57 *Your full name?*: Emily Victoria Simmons *Date of Birth?*: 30th May 1986!! *Where do you live?*: droxford in hampshire!! is a very small village in the middle of nowhere but it is very pretty! *Where do you go to college?*: i am currently in my second year at churchers college in petersfield! it is a really nice college- with lots and lots of sexy rugby players! although this makes it quite hard to concentrate on doing your work! hehe *what do you plan to do after college?*: i want to go to the london college of fashion to do fashion management. *parents names?*: danielle and Tim, but they are seperated and my dad now lives in Kent with his wife jane! * how pretty do you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten- ten being the prettiest?*: i dont know!!!! you tell me? *what kind of person are you?*: friendly, nice, bit shy, an all round genuine person! *Hair colour?*: dark brown- it did have blonde streaks in but they were a mistake so they are slowly growing out! *any piercings?*: ive got my ears done and my belly- surprisingly enough it hurt more to have my ears done than my belly!! *favourite colour?*: definitley pink! but my mum wont let me have a pink bedroom so its purple instead! *current relationship status?*: well currently i am single and have been since january!!! which is too long so i am now on the hunt for a new boyfriend- and i think i might just have found him! *favourite food?*: ummmm.......chicken fajitas, ...

Member advice on Passing your Practical Driving Test 13/09/2003


Member advice on Passing your Practical Driving Test Passing your driving test gives you imense freedom especially if your 17 and live in the middle of nowhere! even if that is not the case it will still bring you so much freedom. to be able go places by yourself, and not have to rely on others or public transport as which we know is not always as reliable as it should be! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~* MY STORY: I started of my driving lessons at the beginning of June after my 17th birthday. I was really eager to get them over and done with as soon as possible because i really wanted to be able to drive by the time i went back to college. I decided to use the same driving instructor that my sister had used. i started off doing two hour slots, 3 times a week. i then increased it to 3 hours each slot- although it was very tiring i was determined to get as many done as possible. i didnt have a car at the time so i couldnt practice outside of my lessons- so this meant i had to have even more hours of lessons. After 40 hours of lessons i thought i would never be ready for my test. i had done two practice tests and failed both of them by miles!!! this didn't exactly boost my confidence! But we booked it for a month in advance on the 21st august. and after alot more lessons i was finally ready for my test. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~* THE DAY OF THE TEST!!!! I am quite a nervous person and was worried that my nerves would take the better of me. however i thought to myself i ...
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