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The Forest of Dean 27/06/2010

How to Hire a Cheap Inn i n Bali-Indonesia

The Forest of Dean Tips to hire a cheap inn in Bali-Indonesia Bali as an tourist object forced the facilities must be completed to sustain the aspect. Hotel, Motel, Inn, etc. and Restaurant, Market etc. But how to see the hotel or inn cheap one, while you don’t know completely about the area. The following is my review of the stretching of tourist objects in Bali. The objects are quite easy to find to all part of Bali Island and are good to visit. But to see the hotel or inn in Bali there are some considerations: 1. Chose the location of hotel or inn not too close to the main object, because the closer one the higher on the cost. 2. Be sure that you are quite understand about map of Bali including the objects you will visit and hotel and restaurant you will take rest. 3. Plan your traveling some weeks and reserves the Inn before your tour coming. 4. Be sure you know the price of transportation in the area, it will avoid you on the higher price-makers or scam. But believe me Balinese people will not fake you or steal your property. Balinese are good to whoever to both local and international guests 5. Hire the transportation. It will help you to reach the vary of places easily and cheaply. 6. Be good to the local people. According to my experience for about years commuting to Bali. I always hire the inn in the 5 to 10 km from the main of object. The last a year I hired with my wife four nights. I asked to receptionist that the pay per night was $ 7.00. So, I just pay $ 28.00 four nights, ...
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