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Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool 29/10/2011

Never Again

Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool I really wish I had read the reviews of this hotel before I booked and stayed here. I visited the Norbreck 33 years ago when I was a child and remember it being amazing and all the photo's on their website made me think it was still an amazing place to stay, how wrong can you be!!!!!!! The outside of the hotel was old and in need of some extreme TLC and there was no parking spaces left so straight away disappointment was setting in. When we went into reception it looked a little better, as we stood waiting to check in there were 4 staff behind the counter 2 on the phone and the other 2 just walking around not one person acknowledged that we were there (how bad is that?). Eventually 1 of the staff got off the phone and started to check us in but left after a few seconds the next member of staff proceeded to tell me I still had £85 to pay. I explained I had paid in full on booking and gave her my paperwork and asked what heppens now, I was told unless I paid the £85 then she was not check us in (how rude). I attempted to contact my bank to confirm that I had infact paid in full and my receipt was correct when after about 15 minutes the original lady who started to check us in came back and asked if there was a problem I said yes and explained, she looked on the computer and said yes everything is fine you have paid in full and checked us in. Her explanation as to why the other lady could not do it was because her login did not give her the authority to check if we had paid ...
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