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Creative ZEN Stone Case MP3 Player (70AB219000016) 16/01/2010

Small Like A Stone

Creative ZEN Stone Case MP3 Player (70AB219000016) The creative Zen stone 2GB keeps around 500 songs, these songs could be WMA or MP3 format. You are more likely to fit more songs onto the MP3 player if you use the WMA format as it takes up less memory. Transferring the songs couldn't be easier or quicker, as all you do as drag and drop the songs into the mp3 player and off you go. The MP3 player can also be used as a memory stick, to save other files such as power points, word documents, pictures etc. The mp3 player is very small and light and possibly recommended for those who do sports or just want something small to fit in your pocket or handbag. The Mp3 player comes with a clear case, matching headphones, manual and a USB cable. The creative Zen stone is almost like an ipod shuffle, as it doesn't have an LCD display, suggesting that you can't see what you are playing. This didn't bother me though, as the LED that tells you whether it's on or off was good enough for me. The mp3 player might be extra small but it doesn't have a clip on it also though this could be bought extra. The instructions manual is clear and written in bold for first time users. The headphones produce good quality sounds and can handle songs with extra bass. However, they are not as good as in ear headphones, so you might want to upgrade like I did. The mp3 player does give you option of repeat, shuffle etc. The creative Zen stone also allows you to record live, the sound quality is not the best, but it's good enough. The battery life of ...

Capri-Sun 10/06/2009

Juicy and Refreshing

Capri-Sun I've beend rinking capri sun since whenever. Capri sun comes in different flavours including orange, blackcurrant, apple, summer berry and summer fruits. All the flavours do taste great I tend to go through at least three capri suns whenever I buy a pack of ten or five. However my favourite has got to be tropical fruits as its a blend of different fruits including pineapple, passion fruit, orange, cherry etc. The capri sun juice drinks taste better when they are cold and also help to get rid of the thirst better. So I suggest you out them in fridge first before consuming them if you want the maximum taste. The capri sun juice come in 200ml plastic containers with an orange straw attached to the back of the container. If it happens that the straw is missing you can just cut off one of the corners as directed on the package or you can just pierce one of the corners. Once opened the 200ml capri sun cannot be sealed back for a later consumption. However you can peal underneath them to unwrap the base so that the juice can sit upright without spilling anything. The drink is only 200ml so you should be able to consume it in one go. However, if you want to save the drink for later and put it in your handbag or something along those lines you can purchase 330ml capri sun which come with a lid. You don't really have a range of flavour selection with the 330ml capri sun as I have only seen the orange flavour. Moreover the 330ml capri sun tend to cost more at 85p in major ...

New Look (Shop) 09/06/2009

I Got The Best Look.

New Look (Shop) New look has been around since whenever. Their shops are mainly found in the high streets of many towns and cities. New look shops do vary in sizes, the smaller new looks only tend to have women's clothing and the bigger new looks which have two floors tend to stock most of their items thus including mens, women's, teens and kids wear. I started shopping in new look when I started work at the age of 16, as I was earning my own I had the choice of shopping anywhere I want, and new look was among the lucky shops to catch my eye. New look also offer student discounts but this vary from season to season, at time they offer 20% or 15% off to those people with students card but most the time they offer 10% off through out the year. However you don't get student discount on sale items. This is one of the disadvantages, as many other shops such as mk one, miss Selfridge offer student discount even on sale items. Mens wear, Teens Fashion & Kids wear Mens wear is mainly a selection of all the trendy fashion out there. This inlcudes jeans, beach wear, underwear, shirts, accessories, shoes, night wear etc. Their t-shirts sizes goes up to XL and their jeans up to 38R. They have two selection of mens shoes (casual and smart wear). Their teens selection start from the age of 9 to the age of 15 and their kids wear start from the age of 2 to the age of 10. Their teen fashion selection are for girls only but the kids has a selction of boys wear too. The selection differs from ...

Mentos Fruit 08/06/2009

Tasty Chewy Sweets...

Mentos Fruit Mentos are chewy fruity sweets which have been around since whenever. Each pack of mentos comes with 14 individual sweets. The sweets come in three colours (yellow, orange and pink). I prefer the pink ones as they have a better and unique taste compared to the other two colours. The sweets are easy to chew on thought they are crispy on the outside. Once you dig your teeth into them, the chewiness will begin. It takes me less than two minutes to finish one little sweet. Overall, the mentos sweets do taste great although they leave you feeling thirsty. I normally buy a packet of 5 from my local market for only a £1 which i think is very cheap, not sure how much they cost in the big supermakerts, but it will be around that price. You can also buy individual packs possibly from corner shops if you don;t fancy buying a pack of five (but buying a pack of five is going to be cheaper. The sweets are well packaged and very easy to open, you wouldn't miss em on the store shelf as they have mentos written on them in big bold words. The disadvantages of these sweets are that they don't actually mention the calories of the sweets on the package. Therefore, you don't actually know how much you should eat a day. But whenever I buy a pack of five I always scoff them within two days. I know it's bad for my teeth, as mentos are chewy sweets therefore are likely to stick onto my teeth when chewed (Which does happen a lot). The only way to avoid the sweets from sticking onto your ...

Low Fat and Diet Recipes 07/04/2009

Tandoori Potatoes & Creamy Mushroom Soup

Low Fat and Diet Recipes After hearing all these familiar statistics on how more than half of the U.K population is going to be fat, some say by 2020 some say 2030, whichever year it is I am very concerned. I did have a look at all the things I ate. I do have to admit that, I don't eat healthy my self. I mostly have one proper meal a day and the rest is just junky foods all the way. However, amongst my meals there is one of my favourites which is rather healthy and delicious. And yes! It has to be tandoori potatoes and creamy mushroom soup. The mush room soup mainly acts as a sauce of course rather than using ketchup and it also helps to make the meal balanced because potatoes are full of starch as we all know. Below you will find the preparations and ingredients of the dish, so go ahead and help you self and yes don't mind me at all. Tandoori Potatoes: Ingredients & Preparation 2tspn cumin seeds I garlic clove. Crushed. 700g potatoes, scrubbed and cut in wedges 1tbsp sunflower oil 3tbsp tandoori curry paste. Salt and black pepper Parsley leaf (to garnish) 1. Of course you definitely have to wash your hands before you start and turn on the oven to 200 degrees and close the oven. Take a large baking sheet and grease it up with some of the sunflower oil or low fat butter/margarine evenly. Rinse the potato wedges under a cold running water, dry them in any way you can, but I always dry mine using an absorbent kitchen paper. 2. Put the tandoori paste, garlic. Oil, ...

Sony Ericsson K850i Cyber-shot 20/03/2009

A Sony with a Difference

Sony Ericsson K850i Cyber-shot Oooh yes, I've just upgraded from my K770I to a Sony k850i. The mobile phone is rather chunky, but I have learned to love the phone. The mobile is available in silver-black, blue and green and I own the blue coloured one. This mobile is rather unique; the buttons on the mobile are designed differently. Some people might complain that the buttons are too small, I do agree but people like me do have small hands so it does not bother me at all. Unlike the K770i the letters on the mobile are written on the phone itself rather than the buttons, therefore if you that kind of person who texts a lot like I do, you shouldn't really worry about the letters fading away. The k850i has three touch buttons, which I have no problem with and actually enjoy using. However, now that I am used in having touch buttons just below the screen, when I use other mobiles I always forget and find myself pressing the screen of the non-touch button mobile. Music & memory & sound The mobile phone has the 'now popular' TRACK ID. This basically means if you are listening on a track whether its on the radio, in a pub or any place where you can here the music loud and you can't remember or don't know what the track or artist of the song is track ID is there to help you. Track ID will sample the song and send it to the internet, then it will bring back the result e.g. the artist of the song and the name of the track and sometime the album. I know I shouldn't say this but Track ID has helped me ...

Trident Soft Tropical Twist 25/02/2009

The Flavour that Goes a Long Way !

Trident Soft Tropical Twist Trident tropical twist flavour is among my favourite types of gum. Each pack comes with 14gums which are individually wrapped with a thin paper and packaged nicely in a rather thick little box which has a shape of a wallet. The box can be easily closed to keep your gum safe. Moreover, if you eat half of the gum you can easily rip the box and seal the other half (it’s optional). Unlike other gum, trident tropical twist flavour tends to last for a long time, which is the main thing I love about this gum. The tropical twist flavour has sweeteners rather than sugar therefore, it won’t decay your teeth. The sweeteners gives the gum a very sweet flavour, and the tropical twist flavour will definitely water your mouth. This is an effect that will always happen every time you consume the gum. The gum is easy to consume, you may find that some gum such as ‘extra’ tends to have a hard coating on the outside of the gum. This is a different story with trident tropical twist gum as they are very soft all the way. The gum tastes very good that its hard not to consume the whole pack in one day. The gum is orange in colour and no matter how long you chew the gum for, it will always stay the same colour and the tropical twist smell will never go away. The smell of the gum is rather nice and strong that someone who is a metre away from me could smell it as if they were right next to me. I sometime use the gum as a way of getting rid of my hunger when I am too busy to get food, this ...

Johnson's Baby Oil 23/01/2009

Everyone's Oil

Johnson's Baby Oil Johnson's baby oil has been around for many years and I am sure it was probably used on me as well when I was a baby. It has been manufactured mainly concentrating on babies although it can be used by anyone. I have a one year old little brother and we have always used Johnson Johnson baby oil on him. When it is time to bath him we just let loose a few drops of the baby oil in his bath and we wash him as normal. His skin always looks soft after the bath, to get his skin extra soft we also use it as lotion on his body by applying more onto his skin after the bath. You might think that it's oil so therefore his skin is going to be greasy afterwards, but this wasn't the result, the baby oil just evaporated leaving his skin looking extra soft to the eye and touch. My little brother's skin would stay soft the whole day, therefore Johnson'S baby oil does work in keeping a babies skin softer for a long time. The baby oil is colourless and comes in a thick plastic container which is also colourless. This is helpful as you can easily see when the baby oil is about to finish. The container has a pink cap which can be easily opened and clicks when you close it. I just recently changed my hair style into curls and I find it hard to maintain curls. My sister recommended that I buy Johnson Johnson baby oil, and yes I was gob smacked. I thought she was having a laugh, but she wasn't. So I rushed to the nearby Superdrug store and bought a 300ml bottle of Johnson's baby oil for ...

Nails Inc A & E Base Coat 20/01/2009

I'm Soo Hard

Nails Inc A & E Base Coat I got fed up of my nails breaking up and chipping away after they had grown. My prayer got answered when I came across the nails inc A & E base coat which is manufactured in the U.K. I bought mine from Superdrug for only 49p. This was actually the sale price and the base coat is normally priced at £2 or maybe more depending were you buy it from, so it was a right bargain. The base coat is creamish in colour therefore it does blend in with my nails when applied. It comes in a thick 8ml colourless bottle and has a silver lid made of thick plastic and is all nicely packaged in a dark pink and black box. The base coat is meant to be applied to all your nails including toe nails. Its job is to harden your nails so that they don't break easily and helps you nail polish to stick for a long time. Applying the base coat is very easy or you have to do is unscrew the lid and use the little brush attached to it. I recommend that you don't put excess because it will chip away quicker, which is wastage. One touch of the brush is enough when you see yourselves brushing away more than three times, you are just wasting the base coat. I was really impressed by the base coat results. The base coat did not take long to dry at all and after it dried up I couldn't bend my nails. My nails stay hard for at least a week before I have to change the base coat. Because I use my hand nails more than my toe nails I have not yet taken off the base coat off my toe nails, suggesting that it ...

Nair Moisturising Hair Removal cream 24/12/2008

Deffinitely Yair !

Nair Moisturising Hair Removal cream I bought nair for the first time just when I started University. This is because as a University student I am on a tight budget and this hair removal cream was going for 99p in Wilknson, I thought it wasn't going to work for me because for 99p that was exceptionally cheap. I had not really heard about the brand that much, so wasn't to sure about purchasing the product. There were other nair products on the shelf but my eyes were just drawn to this specific hair remover. Nair moisturising hair removal cream is manufactured in the U.K. For 99p you get a 100ml tube, the removal cream I actually bought was offering 10% extra, so it was bigger than the normal tube. Unlike other hair removals this cream can actually be used to remove hairs from bikini lines, armpits, legs etc. It is supposed to take a maximum of ten minutes to remove the hair and a minimum of five minutes (depends on how thick your hair is). You can either keep thecream in the box or you can chuck the box as the cream can stand on its own. Nair can be used on all hair types, which I thought was great. It has baby oil to help leave you skin feeling soft and its floral fragrance leaves you smelling nice. The hair removal cream comes well packaged in a thin box and the cream itself is in a smooth tube. Opening the hair removal cream container is rather easy as it has the screw on lid, which can be un-screwed easily. The cream is white in colour and is rather thick when it comes to texture. The ...

Versace Blue Jeans Eau de Toilette 23/12/2008

Smell Soo Strong

Versace Blue Jeans Eau de Toilette It was my friends 18th birthday and I thought I would buy him a present as it was a special birthday. I went shopping and came across Versace blue jeans cologne in the factory shop. I decided to smell it before I spent my £10 on the 75ml bottle, at first I did thought that it was too good to be true to get a 75ml Versace cologne for only £10, which is rather cheap when comparing to other Versace products which tend to be very expensive. The lady on the counter gave me the tester bottle which looked very stylish. I sprayed the cologne on my wrist and smelt it. The smell was very masculine and strong noting that the cologne is a mixture of freesia, sandalwood, lime, cedar, citrus, oak and patchouli. The smell, had an after bath smell, which I liked, because if you are too busy to have a bath you can just spray the cologne and get away with it. Moreover, to my knowledge guys have a habit of skipping one day without a bath or shower, so this really looked like a good idea for a present. I immediately fell in love with the cologne and knew my friend was going to love his birthday present. Of course just like many versace items, this cologne was manufactured in Italy. It however, came to pass that I had to move to University, I therefore, did not get the chance to give my friend the birthday present. I therefore, decided to use the cologne on my self, as I loved the smell. I opened the tin which the cologne comes in and the first thing that hit me was the lovely strong ...

Johnson & Johnson KY Jelly 22/12/2008

Don't be shy, Try K.Y

Johnson & Johnson KY Jelly The KY jelly is manufactured by Johnson's Johnson's. I actually saw it for the first time in shops when I went to buy durex play heat. The durex lube was out of stock and the KY was the only lube left on the shelf so I just though I would try it out. The KY jelly comes in different sizes including an 82g tube but I buy a 42g tube for £1.79 from Wilkinson's which I think is rather cheap. Therefore, if you are going to buy the bigger tubes it may cost you more. The jelly is colourless in colour and is rather thick, therefore does not run down your fingers when you try to apply it. The jelly also does not smell of anything, this is possibly because it is water based, thus giving it no smell at all. Applying the jelly is rather easy all you have to do is open the tube and squeeze it onto your finger tips or the area you want it applied. A good thing about the jelly is that it can be used for a few things including inserting tampons, which I have not really tried as I don't want a cold tampon. The jelly can also be used on condoms and insertion of rectal thermometers. This is a good advantage as it can be used for many things. If you lose the box for the jelly, i wouldn't be so worried on how you are going to store it as it cany stand by itself (on the cap side). A downside to this jelly is that it's rather stiff to open the lid, which I got over easily. Another downside is that the jelly is really cold when I apply it on myself, I therefore never look forward in ... 18/12/2008

Boost Your Sex Life! I came across love honey website when I was browsing for Large condoms. It was the first option on my google search so I thought I would check it out. This is when I realized the site is actually an adult sex site whereby you can buy lots of adult items. There was a variety of condoms on the website and I must say there were the cheapest I had seen comparing to major stores such as boots, superdrug and even supermakerts whom are quiet expensive selling a 12pack for about £7 or more. I was spoilt for choice on the variety of condoms I could chose, there were different types such as sensitive, delay, non-letax, ribbed, Trojan, extra strong and flavoured condoms etc. They also had female condoms which I had not seen since my sex education lesson in year 9, which is a couple of years ago. also sells lubricant which starts from £3.99 going all the way upto £19.99. Most of the lubricants they sell are mainly durex, so for all those durex lube fans you might want to visit the website. Among their items are sex toys, for those saucy adults you may want to check the Some of the toys are on special offer at times, so if you are in luck you may find a good bargain. The sex toys are for both men and women and there is different types. There are also toys for both sexes or partners to boost their sex life from as little as 79p. Among the toys are sex games which differs. There is also a section for gifts, which they give an option of wrapping ...

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 17/12/2008

I Got Rid !

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB I owned the I-phone 3G for a month before I sold it on as I couldn't get along with it. My cousin got it on contract from O and even he couldn't handle it, so he sold it to me. However, as we all know to use the 3G I-phone you need a special I-phone sim card from O2.Instead of me buying the O2 contract sim, I just took the shortcut of unlocking the I-phone 3G, which surprisingly only cost me £10. Therefore, I could use any simcard in the I-phone 3G. I however used my O2 Simplicity contract simcard, which was cheaper than getting an I-phone contract simcard. The I-phone 3G is only available on O2 and has only just started to be sold as pay as you go, suggesting that you don't have to own up to a contract to own one. Which I thought was a good idea, but the I-phone is very expensive prices starting from £200 all the way up to £500 depending where you buy it from. When I sold my I-phone as a second hand, I sold it for £350, if it was brand new it could have gone for more. Packaging When I got my I-phone from my cousin, it came fully packaged as he had hardly used it, due to the annoyance. The box is black in colour and rather thick, opening the box is easy as you take the top lid off and the first thing you see is the glamorous I-phone. In the Box was the popular apple headphones. I don't really find the headphone comfortable and they tend to hurt my ear, so I never used them. The headphone can't be used as hand free as they don't have a mic, I heard that the ...

Pro Plus Stimulant 17/12/2008

Forget About Red Bull.

Pro Plus Stimulant Pro plus are caffeine pills which are meant to boost your energy and keep you awake. They are manufactured by Pharmapac UK ltd. I have just recently started using pro plus as I thought they would save me money. Previously when I was tired or sleepy I used to drink two cans of red bull, sometimes relentless or other types of energy drinks. This prove to be costly as I spend from £1-£2 a day. But a pack of 24 pro plus caffeine pills only cost me £1.99 from boots. I normally take two pills in one go as I don't feel different if I consume one pill. The effects are meant to start 30 minutes after you have consumed the pills. I am glad to say these pills work for me, I do feel rather awake and energised, than I would have been 30 minutes before. I only take two pills a day maximum although you are allowed to consume up to eight pills and another thing is I am the sort of person who eats random things without looking if they already have caffeine or not (so I don't wanna take the chance of over dosing on the caffeine pills). I just didn't want to encounter any of the side effects that comes with these pills which includes insomania, headache, tremor, stomach ache etc. Since I have started using the pills I have never got any of the side effects. I only take the pills in the morning, when I have to wake up early after a late night. With only two pills I can stay I can stay awake for a couple of hours until the daylight wakes me up properly. There is only 24 tablets in ...
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