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JML Fresh Air Globe 30/08/2008

The Breath of Fresh Air You Didn't Know You Needed

JML Fresh Air Globe JML Fresh Air Globe- Dehumidifying, Air Freshening, Light Show Providing, Working Reasonably Well, Slightly Noisy, Spaceship Looking thing. **INITIAL THOUGHTS** Opening the Fresh Air Globe on Christmas day settled an internal debate for me. Once you hit adulthood, Christmas day really isn't what it used to be. It wasn't so much the appliance as the fact that I have reached an age where someone (incidentally someone younger than me) can buy me a gift of this kind without a hint of irony. What was worse, was that I was thrilled to receive it. I'd just moved into a flat where the previous occupant had had two housebound cats and a partner who smoked heavily. No amount of open windows was going to clear this smell nor the air freshener they had tried to cover it with. This would be a true test for the JML Fresh Air Globe. **MAIN JML CLAIM 1 of 2: Neutralises nuisance odours by up to 80% - great for tackling tobacco and cooking odours** aka: It sloshes around and sucks air in while pumping out a nice smell. Clearly I have no way of challenging the percentage of 80% here however I would agree to some extent with the claim. When the Globe is on, you can smell your chosen perfume floating around the room. If someone (me) happens to be smoking, it does seem to absorb a substantial amount of the smoke also and as for absorbing cooking odours, I wouldn't try this as I don't consider my cooking odorous. On this topic however I have left the Globe on whilst eating once or ...
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