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Microsoft Xbox 360 02/06/2011

The Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 The Microsoft Xbox 360 is Microsoft's all new beast of a console. I must say Microsoft have done a great job in engineering such a masterpiece. It has the capabilities of playing HD 1080p games, movies, music and much more. When played on a HD tv the graphics on some games may look outstanding. Also, the online gaming on this baby is just fantastic but it does not come free. Playing online will cost you some money. Which I believe is a great downfall, due to the PSN network being available for FREE!!! However, yet again in my opinion, paying money to play online is highly worth it. Unlike the PS3 the online gameplay has no lags at all. All in all, the Xbox 360 proves to be a great competitor to the PS3. Microsoft have done a good job in mastering there device. However, I could not say which console is better but I if I had a choice I would say the Xbox 360. Great job Microsoft!!!
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