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Hi I like to write about all stuff to do with computer games and gadgets, and a few other bits! Thanks for all r/r/c!

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Fruit Ninja HD (iPad) 28/05/2012

Happy Slicing!

Fruit Ninja HD (iPad) Introduction: Fruit Ninja is a game designed for use on the Ipad or Iphone (or Ipad touch). It is also available to download on Android phones. I own both an Ipad and Iphone, and this game has been one of my favourite apps I have ever purchased! The app was designed by HalfBrick and since its release it has become a huge hit with app users and has consequently expanded on to other platforms such as facebook and Xbox and there have also been different versions created as a result of the successful nature of the original game. Concept: Essentially the whole point of this game is to slice as much fruit as you can as quickly as possible. Now I know that sounds rather stupid and pointless, you can easily do that in your own kitchen! Well it turns out that the game is actually very addictive, and of course they have stretched this concept to cover a variety of different modes and there are several achievements for you to focus on and many unlockables to work towards gaining! In practice if we were to try and act this game out in our kitchen it would be rather costly and messy… imagine just throwing around a few hundred peaches, apples and bananas (as well as the odd pineapple now and again) and slicing them to bits…firstly waving that knife around is certainly dangerous, and the mess would take a while to clean up, as well as making the floor very slippery. So, there you have it, the only way to safely slice up fruit is by buying this game! Oh and of course, you get to pretend ...

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi 32 GB 26/05/2012

The iPad - everyone needs one!

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi 32 GB Ipad Review: Introduction: The Ipad is one of many products on offer by the giant consumer electronics firm: Apple. Before having purchased my Ipad, I was already an owner of a Macbook Pro and an Iphone. Now initially I wasn’t really keen on the concept of the Ipad, I saw it as being quite gimmicky and rather pointless. I saw it as exploiting a gap in the market: between a phone and a laptop, that didn’t really need to be exploited. Last year, whilst at university, I broke my wrist in an American football game and was thus unable to make any notes in my lectures, but wasn’t keen on having to lug my Macbook around everywhere (not that it’s that heavy!). As a result, and with my 21st birthday looming, I decided it would be worthwhile to have an Ipad for use in my lectures…this proved to be a great purchase and was extremely useful in allowing me to have lecture notes on my Ipad, annotate them on screen, and even play some games when the lecture became a bit dull! I have now owned my Ipad for a good 6 months now and in this time I have truly been able to put it to so many great uses and in this review I will be talking about the many great functions and uses it has. Looks: Of course the most important thing about any product is its looks and whether or not the product is attractive and sticks out in your memory. For me, I am a strong fan of Apple products and in particular am a fan of their sleek, neat look. The Ipad itself comes in two colours around the screen: black and ...

Crackdown (Xbox 360) 28/09/2008

Crackdown and start roaming now!

Crackdown (Xbox 360) Introduction: Crackdown was released in early 2007 and published by Relatime Worlds. It was created with by the Grand Theft Auto creator, David Jones. GTA is seen as being one of the best games on any console and has amazing free roam capability and great stories with loads to do. As a result this game had a lot to live up to. Another reason for a lot of the popularity at first for this game was the fact that it included the Halo 3 Beta, which ended up being one of the greatest games ever. Well back to this game, Crackdown and how in my view it has certainly lived up and beyond the hopes and was definitely more than a simple game to stick the Halo beta on to encourage sales. The Idea: This game is an open world or free roam, third person shooter game which is exclusive to the Xbox 360. The game is not slightly cartoon - like in style and quite colourful making it more enjoyable to play. The game is set in Pacific City with there being 4 main islands controlled by several different gangs. At first you start in the central, smallest island where the Agency Tower is located. The idea of the game is that you are working with the agency peacekeepers, the police in other words and have to help rid the city of crime and the gangs. The other three islands are controlled by the three different gangs: Los Muertos, The Volk and Shai-Gen. You have to with the help of the peacekeepers kill all the gangs and you play the character of an agency super person who has enhanced ...

Apple iPod shuffle MB518ZO/A 2 GB Second Generation 20/09/2008

Ipod Shuffle!

Apple iPod shuffle MB518ZO/A 2 GB Second Generation Introduction: Apple originally released the Ipod in 2001 and it was designed to be another mp3 player to rival all the others. It proved to be hugely successful and easily out witted all its opponents. It was designed to be small and sleek compared to all the then bulky music players you had to carry around. Since the launch in 2001 Apple has sold millions of Ipods across the world and it is recognised as the ultimate in music players and is seen as somewhat of a fashion icon - there is no way you could mistake an Ipod for anything else. Apple has also released a variety of different Ipods and products to meet the needs of such a wide and diverse customer base. The range includes: Ipod Classic, the touch screen ipod Touch, the video-capable ipod Nano, the screenless ipod Shuffle and the iPhone. With there also being several older versions such as the Ipod mini. In my family we have owned the majority of these different versions, and if we haven't personally owned one then a friend or someone has had one which I have been able to look at and use. The most recent addition to our collection has therefore been the new Ipod Shuffle and has proved to be a super small, lightweight and very simplistic music player. At first I felt it would be inferior to its sister products such as the Ipod video which has so much to offer including having videos and games. However I have been pleasantly surprised at this little gadget and it has so many advantages and it is certainly a ...

Microsoft Official Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Gold Membership Card 07/09/2008

Xbox Live is all Gold!

Microsoft Official Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Gold Membership Card On purchasing an xbox 360 console you are given a free months xbox live gold membership which can be used once for each xbox live account that is created. However this of course only lasts for a month and after that initial month I was hooked and since then have bought and year's membership and love to play online with my friends over xbox live all the time! What is Gold Membership?: When you create an xbox live account on your xbox 360 there are several different things you have to do. You at first have to input your email address and password in order to verify the account. You then get to choose a gamertag to have - this is your special unique gaming name that you will be recognised as while playing on xbox live - mine is magicman142. The final section on signing up is to choose the type of membership you want: - Silver membership - You can have a friends list and manages this. You can also download things from the marketplace including demos, arcade games, pictures, etc (I will talk about this in more detail later). You can also send and receive text and voice messages. This level is free! - Gold Membership - This is the premium account level which is the same as silver and also allows you to play all xbox games online with friends and players across the world. You also have a much more enhanced friends list and features including member feedback etc. This of course comes at a price which I will discuss later. Why connect to xbox live?: Xbox live in my ...

GAME GAMEware Xbox 360 Network Link Cable (10 Metres) 06/09/2008

Wire and connect up now!

GAME GAMEware Xbox 360 Network Link Cable (10 Metres) I have now owned my xbox console for over a year now and have had absolutely loads of use out of it. However my enjoyment from the xbox would certainly never have been anywhere near as good as it is if it had not been for this superb cable! With this cable I have been able to attach my xbox 360 console to my wireless router and been able to play online on my xbox. This has greatly enhanced my online enjoyment being able to fulfill the potential of the console by downloading stuff, playing with my friends and playing most of my games online against the world! So, what is it?: This is simply a long black cable which allows you to connect your xbox console into a network router and ultimately connect to the internet and your computer if you so wish. It is 10 metres long and can therefore be used to connect the xbox a long distance from the router. For example for me this is perfect as my console is upstairs in my room whilst the router is downstairs, but the length is great and I simply connect the wire up when I want to play online and connect to xbox live. The wire is great and is the same at either end so there is no confusion as to how it works. One end needs to be connected into the back of the xbox, whilst the other into the network router. It simply pushes into the socket and once in will stay in by some small plastic clip. To remove it you simply push the clip bit up and the wire will be released. The wire is completely plastic and of a substantial thickness so ...

Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 - Queen 01/09/2008

Queen are the champions!

Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 - Queen Introduction: I was never really a Queen fan until a few years ago now. I of course knew loads of their songs and in particular We Will Rock You and We are The Champions which are forever being played at all sorts of places. I knew of them for a while and liked them but had never once bought one of their CDs. However as I said first of all this all changed a few years ago now and since that point I loved Queen and now own this CD as in my opinion it is certainly the best one to buy with all the best Queen hits put onto two of the best CDs you will ever encounter! Becoming a Fan: A few years ago now for my Birthday my Mum bought two tickets for the show in London We Will Rock You and she took me there a few weeks after my birthday as a special present. I wasn't really aware of what it was about, but guessed it may have been something to do with Queen from the title. We watched the show at this theatre in London and I thought it was absolutely awesome by using all the Greatest Hits from Queen (most if not all appear on this CD) and making a story out of it. I won't go into details about the show as that is not really relevant to the CD. But all I will say is that once the show had finished I left the theatre as a real Queen fan and I couldn't wait to get the CD! I was actually rather fortunate as my Birthday wasn't too far away from Christmas and lo and behold I was given this CD that Christmas from one of my Aunts. It was the perfect present and I have listened ...

Men Of Honour (DVD) 31/08/2008

Men Of Honour

Men Of Honour (DVD) I was given this DVD as a gift several months ago and before that had never even heard of it. I have been very busy over most of the holidays being away quite so have not had time to watch it until today and at first all I'm going to say is that it is a superb film with a great story and great acting. Initial Expectations: Having not seen nor heard of this film before I wasn't too sure what it was about, but having been pestered for quite a while from the guy who gave me the DVD and waiting I while before I watched it I had loads of time in which my imagination began to guess what this film was going to be about. I thought it was to do with something about war (which was assumed from the title and front cover) and that being a 15 it would probably involve fighting and stuff like that. I was however completely wrong and it turned out to be quite different but certainly no less of a great film. The film: The film is actually based on a true story about Carl Brashear, a black boy who is told by his father "never to quite, and be the best" and he certainly took these words on. He is the son of a sharecropper and watching his father he wants more and is determined to succeed and then joins the US navy. He then sees Billy Sunday doing heroics as a deep sea diver for the Navy and he decides he wants to do that and become the first ever African American diver for the Navy. And that's not as far as he sees, he also wants to be a Master Chief, something that few people ...

AGA Series 42 30/08/2008

Aga - the best choice!

AGA Series 42 Last year, during the summer, we had a large extension built onto our house and this added some extra rooms as well as largely extending our kitchen transforming it from a small square room into a large room with a dining area at one end and then the main kitchen along with an island in the middle of the room. We got all new shelving units and cupboards and everything from fridges to a dishwasher. But the centre piece of our new kitchen is now the new Aga. What is Aga: Aga is a company which makes one of the world's most known and finest cookers. It is thought to be a very much British company but actually originated from Sweden and their cookers are now present in thousands of homes across the country. The actual Aga was invented by the blind Dr Gustav Dalen. It was originally designed to be a modern cooker for his home and is now a style icon which is present in loads of homes and is seen as the top of the range in cookers. Aga as well as producing their fine cookers also make fridges and cook books and other cookware. Why get an Aga: If you are fed up with your old cooker that looks dull and rather tasteless in the corner of your kitchen, why not make your kitchen the place to be and enjoy being there with a great cooker that not only looks great but is also extremely useful and easy to use. They even come in a range of colours from creams to black, blue or red. Shop and Service: The first time I went into an Aga shop I was amazed at how great it ...

GAME GAMEware Xbox 360 Cooling Fan 28/08/2008

Cool your box!

GAME GAMEware Xbox 360 Cooling Fan The xbox 360 is one of the best next generation consoles and certainly has an upper hand to its competitor the Playstation 3 due to it being much cheaper. I have now owned an xbox 360 for over a year now and am currently on my second console after the first one broke. One of the main reasons as I am told for this breaking was partly due to the system being over used and consequently over heated. As any gamer knows this can lead to serious problems causing the console to begin to become damged as core components may melt or go wrong, and the console may also make a lot more noise. As a result I decided to purchase a cooler fan for my 360 in order to have some extra protection and to stop my second console from breaking like the first one. I have now had this console for almost 6 months and have not had a single problem, and although I have no real proof, I have to say that I think the cooler has certainly had a big influence on the console remaining in great condition. The looks: The cooler fan can be purchased in black or white to fit in with both normal consoles and the newer elite version. It is exactly the same colour as the console and in the same style and therefore fits perfectly with it and just sticks out the back a bit. Although it may at first seem very bulky, once it has been put onto the console it is hidden at the back and you wouldn't even know it was there. I personally think it looks quite cool and am not bothered at all about having it there - its a ...

Everything that starts with A ... 25/08/2008

American Dream - still accessible to everyone?

Everything that starts with A ... The 'American Dream' is said to be a belief that any person who can put in hard work and use initiative can achieve anything they want. The United States offers boundless possibilities and opportunities and many other rewards, and people can achieve their 'dream' regardless of their past and previous circumstances; anyone through enough commitment is able to unlock their potential. In this essay I will be discussing the relevance of the dream in today's society and whether it is still achievable by anyone. I will also compare the status of the dream in the past to what it is like today. On the other hand one could say that the dream is merely an idea and many people would never have a chance of achieving it. However the fact that it exists gives people something to aim and strive for and as a result they believe that they will become successful in life. This optimism would then result in people, in theory, leading better lives, and the idea of the 'American Dream' has been extremely successful in achieving its purpose - to improve people's lives in America. The American Dream was very different in the past, particularly in the 1920s. Up to the Wall Street crash in 1929, many people were able to make money on the stock market and many wealthy people were created in this period. People could achieve their dreams and buy many material goods including cars, fridges and radios. This massive boom led to many people becoming able to achieve their 'American Dream'. Despite the ...

Jubilee Sailing Trust 21/08/2008

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Jubilee Sailing Trust I first found out about the Jubilee Sailing Trust in the Southampton Boat Show. My Mum knew about it and was rather keen on me going on one of the trips so we took a brochure and a few weeks later I was booked aboard Tenacious for this summer to sail from Southampton to London. Before going on the trip I wasn't too keen or excited about the trip as I had never sailed before and it didn't particularly appeal to me. I will say now that I am extremely glad that my Mum pushed for me to take up this opportunity as I have leant so much from the trip as well as making loads of new friends and encountering new experiences. I now can't wait to go on another trip next summer - and hopefully an even longer one! Day 1: Monday I arrived at the port in Southampton around 2 o'clock and the first thing that hit me was just how amazing and beautiful the ship looked. We were sailing on Tenacious, a large tall ship which looked superb amongst all the other boats with its large masts and sails. As soon as I stepped aboard I felt instantly better as everyone was so welcoming and I was shown straight to my watch leader and then to my cabin. I was to be sleeping on the top of a bunk bed in a room with about 10 beds with most of the boys and men. I did have a nice window to look out of though! Once I had put my bag on my bunk I had to go to the lower mess (large downstairs sitting and eating area) where we were each given a name sticker, our wet gear (which I felt would not be needed as it ...

GAME GAMEware DS Stylus Twin Pack 20/08/2008

Stylus has style!

GAME GAMEware DS Stylus Twin Pack The Nintendo DS stylus is one of the most important components of the DS console as without it you cannot use the amazing touchscreen - or you can at least try with your fingers but will probably end up hitting about 4 buttons at once rather than that desired one. Most DS games also use the touchscreen as a main feature during the games for example in accessing certain functions or even in some games the whole idea is based on the use of the touchscreen. For example in Nintendogs you take the dog for a walk by dragging the lead across the screen, or in Brain Academy you write your answers in the screen. It is in fact this very touchscreen which makes the Nintendo Ds so unique and desirable. And the stylus is what makes it work - like a key for your car - you wouldn't be able to get anywhere without the key. So why would you need another stylus? - I guess you may be asking this question. The answer is quite simple as the stylus is rather small and acts as an important part it is vital that you always have one. But due to it being so small it can easily get lost or you may want to get some spares just for extra safety. Without this stylus you would be stuck and unable to play your games. The touchscreen is not only important for games but on the main menu in selecting options and going onto chat mode where you can send your friends messages and draw pictures. Without the Stylus your DS just turns back into the old Gameboy advance with very much to make it seem ...

Sony MSXM2GSX 18/08/2008

Very useful Memory Stick

Sony MSXM2GSX This product is the 2gb memory stick which can be used in the Sony PSP console. I currently have a PSP and have changed memory sticks several times. At first I had the 32 mb version which came with the console, I then bought the 512mb version. However I have found the 512mb version to still be too small and I needed a much bigger memory stick in order to store all that I wanted on my PSP. The actual stick: The memory stick is a very small plastic card, just larger than the size of your thumb and slots into the side of the PSP. It is potentially hard to lose but you should not need to take it out of your PSP that much. It is very strong and will not break easily and of course is black to fit in with the typical PSP colour. Althoug this isn't that important as it goes inside the console. It can also hold up to 2gb worth of memory which is absolutely perfect for anyone who owns a PSP and wants to optimise their use of it! So, what can you store in this and PSP?: There is so much you can do on the PSP and this really helps you do everything you could want. - Music: You can store loads of songs on your PSP as well as sorting them into groups just like an Ipod - so no longer a need for that. You can store hundreds of songs with 2gb of space! - Videos You can put downloaded videos of game trailers and other stuff for the PSP which can be downloaded of the PSP website along with other short videos and programmes. You can also even put films onto the PSP and this will ...

Fawlty Towers - Complete Fawlty Towers (DVD) 17/08/2008

Fawlty Towers!

Fawlty Towers - Complete Fawlty Towers (DVD) Fawlty Towers is my favourite comedy and one of favourites in our home and also with most of my friends and family. It originally aired on BBC 1 in the 1970s It is a comedy made at the height of comedy in the 70s and is about a hotel - "Fawlty Towers" in Torquay. It is probably one of the best known and most loved British comedy and although there were only ever two series they are forever being shown on channels such as UKTV gold - and with there being this boxset available you will never forget this great programme. I am forever watching the episodes over and over again despite knowing most of the words - they are just so funny and enjoyable to watch. How it all started: The series was written partly by John Cleese who came up with the idea when he was staying at a hotel in Torquay named the Gleneagles. He was there along with the rest of the Monty Python team and the owner of the hotel called Donald was extremely stressful and they encountered many rather shall we say amusing moments for example with a bus time table being thrown at the guests. The idea of the Fawlty Towers series just spawned from that hotel visit! What's it all about: The series is simply about the day to day life of the Fawlty Towers Hotel in Torquay on the English Riviera. There is Basil Fawlty (played by John Cleese who is perfectly suited for this part) as the owner and manager of the hotel. He spends most of his time just getting angry at the guests and throttling or hitting Manuel with ...
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