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since 24/05/2007


Dexter - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 27/09/2008

All killer, no filler

Premier Travel Inn Stevenage - Central, Stevenage 25/09/2008

Better side of average

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (DVD) 25/09/2008

Dracula Musical made my day

Eastern Promises (DVD) 24/09/2008

Russian Mafia In London

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (DVD) 22/09/2008

Silly but amusing fare

1408 DVD 22/09/2008

I won't stay in 1408

Sri Lanka 19/08/2008

Weird science, Great tea

Halloween (25th Anniversary Edition) (DVD) 12/08/2008

The quintessential 'Slasher'

Billy Madison (DVD) 11/08/2008

Billy Madison - My appraisal

Fever Pitch (DVD) 08/08/2008

For all the footy fans and footy widows alike

Taxi Driver (DVD) 07/08/2008

Still Powerful 32 years on 04/08/2008

Straight bat this

Hostel Part 2 (DVD) 03/08/2008

Carbon Copy

Session 9 (DVD) 01/08/2008

Mental Session

Bull Durham (DVD) 31/07/2008

This is definitely not minor league film-making!

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