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I am 18, i enjoy make up, fashion, rock music/metal and horror movies PS, thank you all so much for the support. Its much appreciated.

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The Visit (DVD) 10/07/2016


The Visit (DVD) About the visit Becca who is 15 and her younger brother Tyler go to visit their grandmother while their mother goes on a cruise with her new boyfriend. The brother and sister have never met their grandmother so they plan to film the whole trip. Their mother reviles that she has not spoken to her parents in 15 years as, they where not happy about her marring her high school teacher. When Becca and Tyler finally meet their grandparents they are happy to see their beautiful farm house home. The grandparents warn the siblings to never go in the the basement as there is toxic mold down there. But is this really the case? One there first night they are told that they should go to bed at 9:30 but, Becca goes downstairs to have something to eat and to her surprise she sees her grandmother heavily vomiting. Through out their trip Becca and Tyler begin to notice that the grandparent have very strange behaviors because, of this Tyler secretly films what is happening downstairs in the night. What the brother and sister see on from the recordings make then contact their mother their mother panics and tells her children that they are not actually staying with her parents. Becca goes down in to the basement and what she finds is shocking and will defiantly scar poor Becca forever. The cast -Olivia DeJonge as Becca -Peter McRobbie as Frederick Spencer ( Granddad ) - Ed Oxenbould as Tyler - Kathryn Hahn as Loretta Jamison ( the mother ) -Deanna Dunagan as Maria Bella ( Grandmother ) ...

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint 05/07/2016

Just perfect

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint Product description The nail paint comes in a 10 ml bottle. I brought three for £10.00 from super drug as, they where on a deal. You can by the product of amazon for about 3-6 pound depending on what shade you want. How I use the product After taking off my previous nail polish I will apply one thin layer of the nail paint and, about 60 seconds later I will apply a second thin layer. You really dont need lots to get a good affect. I find that the polish lasts just over a week before it starts to cheep. I have used the nail paint several times and, every time I end up with a flawless result. What shades I have - Blackberry - Plum -Black Cherry You can also get these shades; -Sugar Plum - Satsuma -Key Lime -Watermelon -Green berry -Dragon Fruit -Prickley Pear -Papaya -Guava -Grapefruit -Pomegrante -Blood Orange -Chilli -Cocoa -Chai -Persian My experience with the product All the shades I have tried are lush and I feel the brand has such a wide selection that you are bond to find something for every occasion. On the bottle it recommends using a base coat to really make your shade stand out. Overall, I am in love with this nail vanish when ever I wear it I have lots of complements and, I have been asked multiple times if I had them done professionally. For me a nail vanish that lasts just over a week is rare to find but, this dose the job. Defiantly recommend to everyone. Why I love it The nail polish has such a nice shiny finish, the bottle looks so nice with a ...

E.L.F. E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set 04/07/2016

Not as good as people think

E.L.F. E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set Product description The bottle I have has 60ml in it and I brought it from super drug for £6.00. The product has aloe, green tea and cucumber as well as, vitamins A, C and E. How I use it After applying all my make up I hold the bottle a arms length away and spray the product once. I find that the product takes about 2 minutes to dry so, I wait awhile before doing my hair. My experience with the product The product is value for money in what you get and, is a reasonable size. I use the product for two things one is to set my make up and the other is to refresh my face one the days I dont wear any make up. It is okay for setting my make up but, I have used better ones sure as L.A. GIRL Pro Setting Spray - Matte Finish and L'Oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist Setting Spray. Some times I find that this leaves my face patchy even though I am applying it the same way every time. I hate the small to this I find that it just smells like a bunch of chemicals and not the nice aloe, green tea and cucumber smell I was hoping for. I still use this product as sometimes it will keep my make up on all day but other times my make up would last longer if I avoided it. I am not sure why this is happening maybe it is just something I am doing. Overall, I dont think i will be buying this setting spray again. Why I like it Some times it will keep my make up on all day and its a descant price for what you get. Why I dont like the product The smell is so off putting and some days it ...

Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub 03/07/2016


Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub Product description The exfoliating scrub comes in a 150ml tube. I brought it for £3.50 from super drug. The product has vitamin E. How I use it As I have sensitive skin I use this once a week to avoid irritation so far, I have noticed if i use to much of the product or use it more often then it will irritate my skin rather bad. I have been using this exfoliating scrub for 5 weeks, so five times. First, I wash my face with warm water then I use a very small amount of the product and rub in to my skin using circle motions to avoid irritation. I wait 30 seconds to give the product time to do its magic before, washing it off using cold water. My experience with the product In some ways I love it but on the other hand I dont. On one hand if I use it the way I explained it dose the job and leaves my skin feeling relatively smooth. But, I do find it harsh for my skin type so maybe this is not the product for me. I feel that a exfoliating scrub that is designed to treat acne would be more suitable for my skin type. Why I like it It appears to remove the dead skin cells leaving my skin feeling smooth. Why I dont like it I dont think it is the right scrub for my skin type meaning that it is way to harsh and dose not appear to help with my acne. ...

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer 30/06/2016

what imperfections?

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Product description The concealer comes in a 6.8ml bottle with a sponge applicator . I have the light shade, I purchased it from superdrug for £7.00. I have extremely light skin and find that the light shade suits my skin shade well. How I use it After washing my face and applying a green concealer I apply a small amount of this under my eyes and on my spots, by turning the top until a tinny bit comes out. You will find that a little bit goes a long way.Along with green concealer this product work well and, hide imperfections. I blend the concealer out with my hands gently patting the product into my skin as I find this works best. I use this product all most every day, I have been using it for about 6 weeks and still have so much left. My experience with the product The product is just right, not to thick and not to watery. It is rather effective at covering my my dark circles and red spots. I have had no problems with the sponge applicator but, at first it took some time to get the hang of using it. Everything consider I am happy with the product and I will probably buy it again. Why I love this concealer It stays on all day and it hides my dark circles and red spots rather well. What I would change I would give the concealer 5 stars if it did not have the sponge applicator as, I find using it to be a challenge and I normally end up with to much product meaning there is more product wast. ...

American Horror Story Season 4: Freak Show (DVD) 29/06/2016

Truly freaky.

American Horror Story Season 4: Freak Show (DVD) About season 4 of American Horror story The 4th season is set in Florida in 1952 and follows the lives of some truly amazing people that take part in the freak show ran by Elsa Mars. Elsas most resent discovery is Bette and Dot who where found at there farm house after the murder of their mother. But, these twin aren't like any other as they are joined together. After lots of murders take place a detective turns up to the circus to arrest Bette and Dot. But are they murderers? A few episodes in we meet Dell and his wife Desiree. Elsa allows Dell to be the shows bodyguard but she will soon come to regret her choices. We then meet Stanley and Maggie Esmerelda who have set their eyes on the people that take part in her freak show. They are hoping to make some money off of the freaks. But what are they planning? The cast of American Horror story season 4 -Sarah Paulson as Bette and Dot Tattler -Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars -Evan Peters as Jimmy Darling -Kathy Bates as Ethel Darling -Michael Chiklis as Dell Toledo -Angela Bassett as Desiree Dupree -Frances Conroy as Gloria Mott -Emma Roberts as Maggie Esmerelda -Denis O'Hare as Stanley Purchasing this item I brought season 4 in HMV for £10.00. You can get a box set of seasons 1-4 on Amazon for £35.00. My overall opinion on American Horror story season 4. Since day one I have been a massive fan of this show, my favorite season has to be murder house but, season 4 is defiantly my second favorite.I love how weird this show ...

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Light Porcelain 28/06/2016

flawless coverage

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Light Porcelain Product description This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a red top.You get 30ml of foundation in the tube. I buy this foundation from superdrug for £6.00 and I buy the lightest shade Light Porcelain. For someone with very white skin I find this foundation to be the perfect match and trust me its so hard to find a foundation that suits my skin shade. How I use it After wasting my face and applying moisturizer/ concealer I apply three pumps into my hand as I like full coverage to hide MY acne. I use my fingers to apply the foundation into my skin, as I feel this gives the best finish and avoids product wast. I use the foundation all most every day and find a 30ml bottle lasts me 4 weeks but I do wear rather a lot. I have been using this foundation for 2 years now and it has never let me down. Shades you can get - 010 Light Porcelain -071 Porcelain -081 Fair Ivory -091 Light Ivory -200 Soft Beige -201 Classic Beige - 400 Natural Beige -Classic Beige -Ivory -Natural Beige -Soft Beige -True Ivory -True Nude My experience with the product I have oily acne prone skin and I feel this foundation a long with a green concealer hides spots perfectly. I find the foundation has a natural dewy look.I wear my make up for about 8 hours a day on average and my foundation never comes off. Also, the foundation dose not go crusty around my spots as some other foundations do. I hope they always make this foundation as I LOVE IT! Why I love the foundation I love that the ...

Dove Advanced Hair Oxygen Moisture Shampoo 25/06/2016

A good hair day

Dove Advanced Hair Oxygen Moisture Shampoo Product description The dove advanced hair oxygen moisture shampoo comes in a very nice bottle, I really like the way it fades from white to blue. The bottle I have is 250ml and I brought it from Tescos just the other day for £5.00. How i use it I began using this product last week as my hair was very dry, from reading the back of the bottle I picked it up as I thought it would help. ( and, it did so far so good ) I have washed my hair with this twice now. First, I wet my hair using warm water I then squirt a small apple sized blob into my hands.I find this is more then enough to cover my long hair that goes down to my hips. Next I rub the shampoo into my hair starting from the top and ending at the bottom. Once I am sure that my whole head is covered I wait 7-8 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Finally, I repeat this process with Dove volume boost conditioner. My experience with the product Even though I have only used this product twice I feel that I has changed the condition of my hair and made it noticeable less dry and damaged. I am really hoping that this product continues to improve the stat of my heat damaged hair. The shampoo has a nice light summer smell to it leaving the hair smelling fresh. To gain the best results I leave it in for a little longer then it says on the bottle as, I feel the longer I leave it the moisturizer will be absorbed into my hair. Why i love the product? The shampoo has changed the condition of my hair in just two ...

Evil Dead (DVD) 24/06/2016

pretty disappointing 'horror'

Evil Dead (DVD) About the Evil dead This film is the remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 version. In the beginning several men are seen with a young girl that is possessed by the devil. We then see the young girls father set her on fire and shoot her in the head. years later David and his girlfriend take his younger sister Mia to stay in this cabin. There friends Oliver and Eric also tag along. They plan to stay in this cabin until Mia overcomes her drug addiction by going cold turkey. The group then discover a cellar that has rotting animals and a book Naturom Demonto.Eric has a look at the book and despite its warning signs he continues to study the book in great detail. Mia they begins to see strange things and begs the group to leave but of course they don't as they think that she is suffering withdrawal symptoms. ( What a cleshay ) Mia steals the car keys and leaves, little dose she know that a unknown girl is following her. Mia then crashes the car but Eric and Oliver find her and take her back to the cabin. Once they retainer Mia is accused of killing Erics dog ( as we know she did not) he later finds her burning her self in the shower. We then begin to see Mia throwing up blood on Olivia and warning the group that they will all die. Mia then cuts her self using a broken mirror and Eric catches her, after a tinny fight Eric appears to have killed Mia. ( But as we all know she isn't dead) Later we see Mia being locked in the caller but she convenes Natalie that she is crying and lowers her ...

Alberto Balsam Shampoo - Green Apple 23/06/2016

such a lovely fruity smell

Alberto Balsam Shampoo - Green Apple Product description The shampoo comes in a 400ml bottle with a push down lid. I like the lid as I feel I have less west when I use the product. I buy this shampoo from pound land and you guessed it i brought it for £1.00. I feel like this product is such good value for money. How i use it I use this product three times a week to wash my hair I have really long hair down to my hips and this shampoo last 2 weeks for me this is how often i have to replace any shampoo. When washing my hair I first wet my hair using warm water I then pure a small apple sized blob into my hands and work the product into my hair starting from the top and ending at the bottom. Once I am happy the product has covered all my hair I wait 2-3 minutes before washing it off. Once the water runs clear i repeat this process using the Alberto Balsam conditioned. My experience with the product I have used this brand of shampoo for many years now when ever I see it in the shops it is my first choice as its cheap and leaves my hair feeling soft, looking smooth and my hair will have a great smell to it for about 2 days after use.Even though the small remains for a good two days the smell isn't overpowering. The consistences of the shampoo isn't to runny so I feel it is easier to apply to the hair. Out of all the Alberto Balsam Conditioned the green apple is my favorite as I love the smell, It reminds me of summer. What other shampoos are in the Alberto Balsam range? -Mandarin and Papaya. -Coconut and ...

Me Before You (DVD) 22/06/2016

Not a dry eye in the house.

Me Before You (DVD) About me before you Louisa Clark lives with her 'average' family but feels like her younger sister is out doing her. After going to the job center Louisa is offered a job opportunity that will change her life. Her job is to look after Will Traynor, a rich man that was sadly paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Wills mother gives Louisa the job even with her lack of knowledge. Wills and Louisa's relationship starts of to a negative start as Will cant handle his disability. Things worsen after Will ex-girlfriend and best friend reveal that they are getting married. Over time, Will opens up to Louisa and they begin to share secrets and story's. Louisa is shocked to find out that Will appears to have self-harmed in the attempt to end his life. But will Louisa help show Will how to live again? Can Louisa help his come to terms with his disability in these short six months? Louisa then starts to take Will on outings that straighten their relationship and bring these to closer. Louisa then tells Will a tragic story that resulted in her being scared to leave her home town. Louisa and her boyfriend Patrick break up because of her relationship with Will. Louisa and Will attend the wedding between his ex and best friend where the too flirt dance and Will tells Louisa that she is the only 'reason that he gets up in the morning.' However, despite Louisa best efforts Will confesses that he still wants to end his life as he just cant live a life in a wheelchair. But dose he end his life? ...

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (DVD) 21/06/2016

what a heart gripping tale

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (DVD) About the perks of being a wallflower The movie was first a book which was written by John Green. The movie has passion, love and enters some dark areas. A true whirlwind of emotions. The movie follows a high school student Charlie on his path of trying to fit in and make positive relationships. Charlie writes latter's to a unknown source through out the movie about his struggles and feelings but, we soon see things change for Charlie when he meets senior Patrick in his woodwork class. Soon after this Charlie meets Patrick's step sister Sam the bond these to share soon strengthens when the relies that they both share the same alternative music test. The brother and sister introduce Charlie into their friendship circle as we know with all friendships there can be lies, heartbreak and wonderful memories that we will remember forever. The movie is set in the early 90's and there are many classic 90's songs that are played in the movie as its clear that music is a massive part of all these young adults lives.The movie shows the struggles that teenagers face in finding their selves from the miserable lows but those all important memorable highs. The perks of being a wallflower characters -Charlie Kelmeckis, He is the main character in this movie. Charlie, is a very shy and caring person that is overwhelmed with guilt. His emotions lead him to positive and negative situations. Charlies ant used to live in Charlies household until she got in to a tragic accident. Charlie used to ...

Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream 20/06/2016

life saving cream

Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream Product description I brought this cream for £5.00 from Tesco, it comes in a 250g tub. However, I have also seen it in a tube. I have been using this cream all my life for the eczema on my hands. How I use it In the winter my hands become very dry, red and sore so I apply this cream to them about three times a day through the winter season. I wash my hands with warm water and soap before touching the cream to avoid spreading infection. I then scoop out a large amount about the size of the middle of the palm of my hand and gentle rub in all over until the product has absorbed into my skin. My experience with the product I have been using this cream all my life, it’s the first thing I grade when it gets cold. I always have the product in my bag so I can use it whenever it's needed. In my opinion this product does so much for the money you pay for it. After using it may hands feel less sore and over a period of time they become smoother and less red. As well as using this product for eczema I use it for acne breakouts. The product releases the pain from big red spots and I find that the product brings the spot down in size and in redness overnight. There is also no funny small to the product. Why I keep using it This product is a life saver in winter when my eczema flares up and we all know that whenever we have a breakout it is at the most inconvenient times but putting sudocrem on the spot really helps bring it down and makes it less painful. Overall, I would ...

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel 20/06/2016

simple to use and simple for washing the face

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel Product description The product comes in a 150ml tube. I brought this for £2.00 from boots I have been using it for about 6 months and in this time i have purchased it twice. From looking at the simple website I can see that they state they do not test on animals. How I use the facial wash First I remove all makeup using a baby wipe, I then wet my has with warm water. After this i put a rather big amount of simple refreshing facial wash gel in my hands ( about the size of the middle of the palm of my hand ). Next i rub the product into my skin until it turns into a lather, I wait 2-3 minutes before washing it off with cold water. I repeat this every night. My expanse with the product The product cleanses and cleans very well and dose not irritate my sensitive skin.After washing the wash off it leaves my skin feeling super fresh and soft. The product hasn't made my skin to break out however, it has not made my acne any better. Also, as far as i know the product dose not have any nasty chemicals. Why i love the facial wash The product leaves my skin soft and it dose not have any nasty chemicals that will irritate my sensitive/ acne prone skin. ( Please not that I am trying lots of new products on my skin over the years to see what one works best for me, so even if I am loving the product i can not be 100% sure that its just this product alone that has helped my skin. ) ...

L'Oréal Garnier Pure Active Cleansing Gel 19/06/2016

leaves skin feeling healthy and clean

L'Oréal Garnier Pure Active Cleansing Gel product description The product comes in a 200ml bottle with a pump that i find helpful. I brought this product at super drug for £4. However, from reading other reviews i have seen that you can buy it cheaper. How i use the cleansing gel As i have sensitive skin i use this every night as part of my skin care routine i have been using it for 8 ish weeks now. I use a minimal amount as a little goes a long way. I find the gel easy to use and rub into the skin. The product is clear and smooth. After removing make up i wash my face with warm then cold water to open up the pores, i then squirt two pumps in to my hand. Next i rub the cleanser in to my skin until it turns into a lather. Once this has happen i will was the product off using cold water. My experience with the product The cleanser leaves my skin feeling healthy and smooth. I have acne prone skin and this product hasn't broken me out i have also read that the zinc helps control oily skin. After 8 ish weeks of using this i am almost out and thinking of buying another bottle. Why i love this cleanser It really help make my skin look less oily ( But the product hasn't improved my acne) and i love the little pump i feel that this makes it so much easier to use and its more hygienic as you dont have to put your fingers directly into the product. But why have i only given the L'oreal garnier pure active cleanser 4 stars? The reason for this is that i find the consistency of the product a little runny i dont like ...
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