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Grand Hotel Opera, Gothenburg 29/01/2008

Plush settings at an affordable price!!

Grand Hotel Opera, Gothenburg We decided to visit Gothenburg as we were getting really great flights with Ryanair. The only problem we had now was finding somewhere to stay…and we had heard that Gothenburg was really expensive. We found the hotel through the Ryanair hotels site but the hotel has its own website with great pictures on it for you to see what its like. The Hotel Opera seemed to be the one in our price range that kept coming up. After checking out some reviews and having a look at the photos - we were convinced. ~*~*~Location~*~*~ We took the bus from the airport to the centre of Gothenburg and were dropped on Norra Hamngatan, which is the street that the hotel was on. After a 5 minute walk, we found our hotel with no problems at all. The hotel is located on Norra Hamngatan, which is at the heart of the city and in an ideal location for getting to all attractions. The airport bus terminal is a short walk and the two other main forms of transport - the tram and the train are extremely close as well, with a tram stop close to the hotel ~*~*~The Hotel~*~*~ When you walk in to the hotel you are struck by how plush it looks, I think we actually thought that we had walked into the wrong place at first! It's decorated in deep reds and dark woods and we could see a small sitting area in the reception and could also see through to the breakfast room. The check in was fast and painless and the staff spoke wonderful English. The receptionist told us where everything was and ...

Wetherspoons 26/09/2007

Wetherspoons pubs

Wetherspoons I've now had a drink and/or eaten in a great many Wetherspoons around Britain and I feel that I am justified in reviewing them. As I start writing this I'm unsure how it is going to turn out as I've had varying degrees of service ranging from a couple of instances of truly awful to excellent. However, the good outweighs the bad - but is it enough to get a glowing report?….read on. I'm going to focus on the main Wetherspoons pubs and touch very briefly on the Lloyds Bar brand. ~~~History and Background~~~ JD Wetherspoons was established in 1979 by a law student named Tim Martin. Tim bought the pub that he drank in and decided to name it Wetherspoons after one of his lecturers from university who told him he would never amount to anything - how wrong he was. Apparently, the JD was added later and this was taken from a character in the Dukes of Hazzard that Tim Martin was fond of. As the pub was successful more were opened - initially these were centred in and around the north of London, but as they've became more popular they were opened in other areas of England. When the company was floated on the stock market in 1992 they started to open branches nationwide. There are now over 670 Wetherspoons pubs throughout the UK, employing over 16000 people, and the company plans to continue opening them, although at a much more decreased rate than in recent years. I've recently heard that there are plans to open one in my town which im looking forward to as I will ...

Ibis Portland Street Manchester, Manchester 21/08/2007

Cheap and Very Cheerful!

Ibis Portland Street Manchester, Manchester First Impressions Our first impressions were great. The hotel is located on a busy street in the heart of Chinatown. The reception was clean and tidy and the hotel certainly came across as a quality place to stay. An absolute bargain!! The reception was modern with a bar area to the left. It was very welcoming. Rooms The hotel has 127 rooms, 7 of which are accessible. I believe that the rooms in Ibis hotels are very standard and all look the same. The walls are cream with the exception of the curved bathroom wall which is green. The furniture is a light beech coloured wood and is all built into the far corner of the wall. There are two side cabinets on either side of the beds and there is also a desk/dressing table which is white. There is a wardrobe and stand for the television with shelves underneath it – these shelves hold the coffee and tea making facilities. The bathroom was fantastic – odd but fantastic!! It looked like it had all been moulded out of one bit of plastic and manufactured outside of the hotel room, which I assume it had! It had then been slotted into the room and a wall plastered around it. The shower was powerful and there was always hot water, there was a huge mirror on the wall as well for all your beauty needs! Facilities Inside the room there is tea and coffee making facilities, soapy goods in the bathroom and a television. There was also broadband available in the hotel reception. We tried to get onto this at one point and were ...

DVD Photo Slideshow 08/06/2007

DVD Photo Slideshow

DVD Photo Slideshow I’m a serious camera/photo nut so when I got my first laptop last year I decided to do a digital photography course at my local college. Among many other things I learned the art of taking and manipulating digital pictures and then displaying them on websites and creating other exciting features – the most exciting of which, for me, was DVD slideshows. At college we used Nero for this purpose, however I wanted something a little more user friendly and a more simplistic interface. I found this programme among others using a straight forward Google search. I done some research and downloaded a few trial editions. Ease of use was my main priority and I felt that this programme was, by far, the most easy to use. The programme cost me around £27. I downloaded the programme and installed it onto my computer and I was then emailed a license key which I keyed in. The process was straightforward and completed in fifteen minutes. My first project was a slideshow DVD of my partners last three birthdays and I completed this very quickly – with hindsight and further practice I could have spent more time perfecting various areas of it but it certainly done the job! I then had a think of what I wanted to do next and decided to do a project spanning the full year and including various albums from nights out and events with my closest friends and partner– which was to be given to my three best friends as part of their Christmas. At the very top left is the logo and name of the ...

Pomorie Hotel 09/05/2007

Pomorie Hotel, Bulgaria

Pomorie Hotel My partner and I stayed in hotel Pomorie, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria for a fortnight during a summer holiday. Having originally booked for a lower standard hotel, we found it a pleasant surprise to be upgraded to this large three star hotel with 287 twin rooms, 31 family rooms & 23 single rooms. *~*~*Check in and First Impressions*~*~* As it was dark we couldn’t completely see the hotel when we arrived, it looked large and nice enough – although it wasn’t the most attractive of hotels – a bit of a concrete block. I believe that a great many of the hotels in Sunny Beach were built in the late 50’s. However, there is now a large amount of development taking place around the resort. The hotel reception, although dark, is clean and large with a couple of bars and couches dotted about. We had to wait in a queue to check in, which isn't ideal for 4am but this could happen anywhere and there were plenty of staff on the desk to deal with us, thankfully the check in was quick and painless and over and done with in about half an hour. The reception is mostly brown and cream and although the colours look old fashioned, the reception is still pleasant enough to sit in. *~*~*Rooms*~*~* Part of the hotel was completely refurbished in 2004 and we were lucky enough to be placed in this new section - Pomorie 2. We spoke to other guests who were in Pomorie 1 and they found the rooms rather cramped. Our room was far bigger than we would have ever needed with plenty of storage for our ...

Best Western The Links Hotel, Montrose 15/04/2007

Best Western, The Links Hotel, Montrose

Best Western The Links Hotel, Montrose ~~~~First Impressions~~~~ When driving up to the hotel you are immediately struck by how lovely this Edwardian building is. The building has been extended to include more bedrooms and a business/conference centre. And we were more then pleased when we seen it. From the driveway, we could see lovely rooms with balconies and we could see into the restaurant and a conservatory style coffee area. Facing the hotel was a park which had a playground and pitch within it, a pleasant enough view. There was plenty of parking in the car park and parking was free during our stay. The hotel reception was small but beautiful, very in-keeping with the Edwardian building it was housed in. We could see into the bar, which faces the reception, and at the end of the hall there was a set of stairs leading up to the rooms. At the top of the first flight; facing the main entrance was a lovely stained glass window, I've included a picture of this at the bottom of the review. I had phoned ahead to the hotel as we needed directions coming in through Montrose - they were more than helpful and pleasant and gave us the information that we required. Upon arriving at the hotel, the girl on the reception chatted away with us and we all had a chuckle together. She must have taken a shine to us because when she handed us the room key she told us she had given us a "special room" - Intriguing! ~~~~Rooms~~~~ There are twenty five rooms within The Links, all with different themes, names and ...

Wombats Hostel - The Lounge, Vienna 25/03/2007

A swift about turn on my opinion about hostels!

Wombats Hostel - The Lounge, Vienna We stayed in this Wombats as part of a summer holiday, travelling around Austria & Germany. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I left the travel arrangements to my other half, as the trip was part of my 30th birthday present. You can imagine my "surprise" when informed that, as well as the lovely hotels we would frequent; we would also kip in two hostels. Actually - surprise doesn't even come close to my reaction. While somewhat concerned about staying in a hostel, I was willing to do it to save him money - but there was a whole lot of apprehension on my part. Like most people my idea of a hostel is 25 people in a room listening to each other snoring - fighting over a communal bathroom and having absolutely no privacy whatsoever! This couldn't be further from the truth at Wombats. As a couple we booked one of the private double rooms with en suite bathroom and free linen, which apparently is great for a hostel! Opened in May 2006, Wombats (The Lounge) already has a wonderful reputation as does its sister hostels in Munich and Berlin - and also another in Vienna. Wombats won the cleanest hostel worldwide award in 2003 and I soon seen why. Ideally suited to young travellers or even an ideal base for a city break, this hostel checks all the boxes - bed with breakfast available, bar, dorm or private double rooms all with en suite shower room and toilet, excellent cleanliness and the location is ideal. We were greeted (like long lost friends) at the reception by an ...

Superman Returns (HD-DVD) 21/03/2007

Superman Returns

Superman Returns (HD-DVD) This review won't give the main plotlines and ending away, I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Having been a huge Superman fan for most of my 30 years, I can't begin to explain how excited I was when I found out that there was to be a new film. There have been many rumours over the years and some projects that never quite got off the ground. Warner Bros had been working on adding to the Superman franchise for over a decade and finally it's here and it's well worth the wait. Directed by Bryan Singer, also a huge Superman fan, the cast includes Brandon Routh as Superman, Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, Kevin Spacey as the ever-evil Lex Luthor and Sam Huntingdon as Jimmy Olsen. Other characters include James Marsden as Richard White and Frank Langella as Perry White. Brandon Routh, who was a relative newcomer (essential to the director) compared to some of the cast, was found to be perfect by the part by Brian Singer - at 6ft 3", an impressive frame and resemblance to the comic book character he is great for the part. I was wary when first seeing the film as I'm a huge Chris Reeve fan and anyone stepping into his red boots would really have to work hard earn a place in the superman hall of fame for me. Brandon Routh delivers! His Clark Kent, for me, is near on perfect (I base this on Chris Reeves portrayal). He has the look, speech and mannerisms down to a T. In various interviews, he speaks of how he studied Chris Reeves in the earlier films as he was aware of what he was ...

Akbars Restaurant, York 08/03/2007

Akbars restaurant, York

Akbars Restaurant, York On the first night of our recent visit to York we ventured out to find somewhere to eat as the hotel was a tad expensive for us commoners! When we entered the city walls we asked the first people we met where the best area/restaurant was to eat. Both of them immediately answered Akbars, an Asian restaurant, which luckily was just around the corner on George Hudson Street. They also gave us options for Chinese and Mexican food but both of them were adamant that Akbars was the best. We walked round to the restaurant and had a look at the menu outside the front door. As I'm a vegetarian I need to ensure that any restaurant I visit is going to have a good selection of meals for me to choose from and not just one or two veggie options. There was a very large amount of meals for me to choose from and we happily went inside. The restaurant inside is modern, very chic and not, I wouldn't say, the traditional décor of an Asian restaurant. The floors were tiled with large cream ceramic tiles. Some of the walls are painted in a deep aubergine colour and some of them are painted cream. There are modern lights hanging from the ceiling and framed modern pictures hanging on the walls. Overall the colour scheme throughout is aubergine, cream, and brown which sounds strange but works really well and gives a comfortable but contemporary feel to the surroundings. At the sides of the ceiling are lights which emit different colour lights, adding to the funky feel of the restaurant. On ...

The Royal York, York 03/03/2007

Royal York Hotel, York

The Royal York, York My partner and I stayed in this hotel for two nights very recently. We had originally booked into the York Ibis but I decided to book this hotel as a surprise for him and cancel the Ibis - and I'm glad I did. I researched quite a few hotels in York but this one seemed to have the grandeur, facilities and central location I was looking for - and it had a spa! Originally named the Royal Station Hotel, the hotel was opened in the 1878 and was owned by the Northeastern Railway Company, the purpose of the hotel being to disguise the train station which is behind it. Although named the Royal Hotel, no member of royalty has actually stayed here. The hotel is built on an old Roman cemetery and there have been excavations, uncovering roman remains. ~~~First Impressions~~~ Upon driving into the car park of this beautiful Victorian building you are immediately struck by the size and splendour of the hotel. We arrived when it was dark and the hotel was all lit up and looked really striking. We were able to find a parking space no problem but by the looks of the full sign the next morning, other people might not have been so lucky - there had been a barrier put over the car park entrance stating that the car park was full. There are plenty of park and ride schemes closeby if you were to get caught short, the closest of which was at the station. There is a red carpet leading up to the rotating door and leading into a lovely corridor. The reception isn't immediately noticeable ...

Swarovski Phuket Watch 13/02/2007

My beautiful "Phuket" watch

Swarovski Phuket Watch I've always had a bit of a fascination with jewellery and have always loved Swarovski jewellery, among others brands. I bought this watch last September and I love it so much I think everyone should have one! On my recent visit to Austria I had the good fortune to visit the Swarovski Crystal world. I've been to my local stores and to concessions in local department stores but nothing could have prepared me for the size of the shop in the Crystalworld. I fell in love with the "Phuket" watch and developed a slight obsession with owning it! I finally got the watch a couple of months later with vouchers and monetary presents I gratefully received for my 30th birthday. This watch isn't a "practical" watch, in the sense that it has many functions on it as, for example, diving watches would have. It is definitely what you would call a fashion watch. Apart from telling the time, it is there to look good and make you feel good which most ladies watches do. It tells the time and that is good enough for me. The watch has a stainless steel cased black face which is quite small but it's not difficult to be able to tell the time. The face has two silver hands and no number markers - but, again, it's not difficult to be able to tell the time. The watch has quartz movement. I've found that most fashion watches don't have numbers or markers on the face. On the face is the Swarovski name and the famous swan mark. The rhodium plated bracelet of the watch is made up of three strands ...

Iris Aparthotel, Psalidi Beach, Kos Town 12/02/2007

Iris Aparthotel, Kos

Iris Aparthotel, Psalidi Beach, Kos Town Myself and my better half stayed in this hotel a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were booked in on a self catering basis to the apartment area of the aparthotel. The apartments side of the aparthotel were only built a year or so before we stayed and as such I shall assume that all remains the same. The hotel is approximately 10-15 minutes beautiful stroll alongside the sea into the heart of Kos town. We arrived at approximately 4am after a 3.5 hour plane journey from Glasgow. Not being the best traveller at the time (I'm a thousand times worse now - simply wont get on a plane) all I wanted to do was get to bed (after unpacking of course, I'm still a female and like to organise my room). Our transfer to the hotel was plane odd! We spent the entire journey worrying because we couldn't see anything outside and it seemed as though we were getting further and further away from civilisation. Thinking back it was just a case that we went to all other resorts first before Kos Town. There was only us and two other couples left on the bus and we were absolutely bricking it! We had visions of ending up at a building site of a hotel about 15 miles outside the main areas. We needn't have worried. We were checked into the hotel by a chap we assumed, rightly, to be the owner. He was slightly grumpy but we didn't let this put us off. it was 4am. He then showed us to our rooms. We were led past the swimming pool which had lights round it to mark it out in ...

Kos (Greece) 12/02/2007

My all time favourite holiday destination

Kos (Greece) Kos is a Greek island in the Dodecanese, next to the Gulf of Kos which with a population of roughly 22,000. The island was once ruled by the Venetian and this is evident in many of the Kos Town buildings. Kos Town is a marvelous mix of history, nightlife and culture and is an excellent location for a bit of island hopping. It really does have it all! Some of the best service I have ever had in restaurants has been in Kos, it's the only place I have ever had a tip refused because I tipped the night before (we made sure we left it anyway!) The people are really friendly and welcoming, which is a surprise since they have a bar street which would rival San Antonio's west end! The main bar street starts from the main road, in front of the sea and stretches up towards the old town. There are plenty of bars to choose from and if you don't feel like running the gauntlet of PR people trying to get you into their bar, fear not there are many quiet and beautiful bars along the beach front which house us more mature people and couples. To be honest, the bar street didn't bother me, it's more of a well behaved bar street than other places have. It doesn't cause a problem for those of us wanting a quieter holiday. The town is easy to get around and is wonderful for a stroll, particularly in front of the water. We were lucky to be staying in Psalidi which is about a ten minute walk - but what a walk! You walk down the water all the way, past the marina and some gorgeous little ...

Best Western Plaza, Frankfurt am Main 10/02/2007

Best Western Plaza Hotel, Frankfurt

Best Western Plaza, Frankfurt am Main We stayed in The Best Western Frankfurt Plaza in July 2006 as part of our fabulous summer holiday in Austria and Germany. Not having booked any of the trip I was pleasantly surprised at this hotel in Frankfurt. I was even more pleased due to the rather grotty hostel we had just frequented in Innsbruck, Austria. Anything would have been better than that! Review coming soon. The hotel is a three star and has forty five rooms all easily accessible by a lift in the main reception. *~*~Location*~*~ The plaza is located on Esslinger Strasse which is about a ten minute walk from hauptbanhof - the main train station in Frankfurt. There is a tourist information kiosk in the station where you can get a map of the city and locate the hotel. I have added picture below of a map of the city centre with the hotels location on it. The hotel is ideally located on a quiet street which is just a 3 minute stroll from the Maine River - this is definitely a stroll I would recommend for during the day as it is lovely. It's only a stroll to get into the city centre but as I had badly hurt my ankle in Austria we decided to treat ourselves to a taxi which was only 7 euros. The hotel kindly called the cab and we asked the driver to take us to the best area for restaurants and a drink afterwards - we were dropped at the Römerplatz, where the summer festival was in full swing! This taxi journey only took five minutes. As the river is so close it's easy enough to walk along the river ...

All About Me 06/02/2007

me, all me!

All About Me For some reason I love doing these question reviews! Once im settled in a little more, I plan to do a proper "about me" introduction. But for now, I shall continue to enjoy these great questions °°° 1. What time is it? °°° its now 20:53 - I should really be having my bath and sorting out clothes and lunch for tomorrow - but for some reason,,,,,cant…..seem………to………log……….out!!!! °°° 2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate? °°° Would you believe me if I said Supergirl?? °°° 3. Parent's Names? °°° Jor-el and Lara °°° 4. Number of candles on my last birthday cake? °°° On my last birthday there were 10 candles on my cake. However, it was my 30th birthday - I just don't think anyone could fit than many on. °°° 5. Hair Colour? °°° Mousy, boring Brown!! (With one grey pulled out) °°° 6. Tattoos? °°° A small daisy tattoo on my rib cage - for my favorite band James °°° 7. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5? °°° At the risk of sounding negative 0. I'm sure there are others in my boat…..aren't there?? Its a really unpleasant place to be at the moment, but I'm keeping the positivity going. °°° 8. Favourite Colour? °°° Blue - it's the colour of the sea, which is my favourite thing!! °°° 9. Hometown? °°° Cumbernauld, just outside Glasgow °°° 10. Current Relationship Status? °°° getting married next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! So, engaged °°° 11. Favourite food? °°° Pasta, with ...
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