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since 13/01/2007


Grand Hotel Opera, Gothenburg 29/01/2008

Plush settings at an affordable price!!

Wetherspoons 26/09/2007

Wetherspoons pubs

Ibis Portland Street Manchester, Manchester 21/08/2007

Cheap and Very Cheerful!

DVD Photo Slideshow 08/06/2007

DVD Photo Slideshow

Pomorie Hotel 09/05/2007

Pomorie Hotel, Bulgaria

Best Western The Links Hotel, Montrose 15/04/2007

Best Western, The Links Hotel, Montrose

Wombats Hostel - The Lounge, Vienna 25/03/2007

A swift about turn on my opinion about hostels!

Superman Returns (HD-DVD) 21/03/2007

Superman Returns

Akbars Restaurant, York 08/03/2007

Akbars restaurant, York

The Royal York, York 03/03/2007

Royal York Hotel, York

Swarovski Phuket Watch 13/02/2007

My beautiful "Phuket" watch

Iris Aparthotel, Psalidi Beach, Kos Town 12/02/2007

Iris Aparthotel, Kos

Kos (Greece) 12/02/2007

My all time favourite holiday destination

Best Western Plaza, Frankfurt am Main 10/02/2007

Best Western Plaza Hotel, Frankfurt

All About Me 06/02/2007

me, all me!

All About Me For some reason I love doing these question reviews! Once im settled in a little more, I plan to do a proper "about me" introduction. But for now, I shall continue to enjoy these great questions °°° 1. What time is it? °°° its now 20:53 - I should really be having my bath and sorting out clothes and lunch for tomorrow - but for some reason,,,,,cant…..seem………to………log……….out!!!! °°° 2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate? °°° Would you believe me if I said Supergirl?? °°° 3. Parent's Names? °°° Jor-el and Lara °°° 4. Number of candles on my last birthday cake? °°° On my last birthday there were 10 candles on my cake. However, it was my 30th birthday - I just don't think anyone could fit than many on. °°° 5. Hair Colour? °°° Mousy, boring Brown!! (With one grey pulled out) °°° 6. Tattoos? °°° A small daisy tattoo on my rib cage - for my favorite band James °°° 7. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5? °°° At the risk of sounding negative 0. I'm sure there are others in my boat…..aren't there?? Its a really unpleasant place to be at the moment, but I'm keeping the positivity going. °°° 8. Favourite Colour? °°° Blue - it's the colour of the sea, which is my favourite thing!! °°° 9. Hometown? °°° Cumbernauld, just outside Glasgow °°° 10. Current Relationship Status? °°° getting married next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! So, engaged °°° 11. Favourite food? °°° Pasta, with ...
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