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Sky Sports 1 - Soccer AM 14/04/2011

Rise and shine footbal fans!

Sky Sports 1 - Soccer AM Where do I begin? This show is literally bursting with new exciting things to watch such as the wembly shoot out to the soccerettes to the tubes question. Although this show is relatively early for a saturday morning when most people would enjoy a lie in, it is definitely worth waking up for. The later part of show I believe to be more interesting as it contains tubes, skill skool and showboat etc. But the first half is still very enjoyable. They always have an extensive range of guests appearing on the show which keeps me watching. Some of the stuff which they do can sometimes be a bit bizarre but it never fails to make me and my family laugh. They involve a lot of comedy in the shows which is very good. This show is perfect for the dedicated football fans which love football and are willing to maybe wake up a little earlier than normal. I would definitely recommend this to everyone! 06/04/2011

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Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360) 06/04/2011

i just s*** my pant

Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360) The most chilling game I have ever played. I have never been more scared in my life, let me begin by telling you if your a known lightweight then this game is not for you. Mind blowing visuals and graphics expand the dark universe which is already top notch. Spooky silence descends upon isaac as he embraces the necromorphs and laughs at the face of death. Apart from the normal scary nature of the game, i would regard it as one of the best games ever played by man. The story engaged me till my eyes hurt. Isaac has to battle his way through a space station to destroy the marker in the first section of the story. But he has to fight a second battle during all this, he is losing his mind after he saw things that should never have been witnessed. including his girlfriend taking her life in dead space 1. The developers used every trick in the horror canon – monsters playing possum, jack-in-the-box scares. The improvements don't stop there. Dead Space 2 works harder to engage the player more than its predecessor by providing them with better story and more well-rounded characters. Dead Space 2's gameplay keeps everything that worked from the first instalment and then builds upon it. Combat is a bloody, brutal affair which involves tactically dismembering opponents and always checking over one's shoulder. There's a healthy collection of weapons (or repurposed tools) to collect and players are advised to forage thoroughly for ammunition and health-packs, and to use what they have ...

Apple iPod touch MC540FD/A 8 GB 4th Generation 06/04/2011

touch for the win

Apple iPod touch MC540FD/A 8 GB 4th Generation The iPod touch 4th generation, is the best iPod for the kind of person who likes games, photography, and listening to music. There is literally a app for anything in the huge app store. Anywhere from music apps, to action, comedy, and entertaining apps and games. Also, you can expierience the wonderful 1080hp megapixel camera to take wonderful pictures and videos. There are plenty of apps in the photography world just for you. Lastly, it is the significant music player, now i will admit now that i wasnt expecting anything too great but this extroadinary!. The quality of the speakers is phenomenal and it takes the music listening to the new level. One thing I CAUTION YOU ABOUT IS the sensitive screen. Be very careful and buy a case the day you get it. This is a great product by Apple and I suggest you should buy it.

Rolling Papers (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Wiz Khalifa 06/04/2011

just keep rolling

Rolling Papers (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Wiz Khalifa The new inspirational lyrics that Khalifa has managed to produce is subliminal. He has included top tracks, for example 'Black and Yellow' and 'On My Level'. No other artist has come close the standard of these two tracks. Although he does include some under average and slightly disappointing songs.Too $hort, Curren$y and Chevy Woods are the only three featured artists on the whole album. As it was announced before there were due to be many more guests on the album such as Rick Ross, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, and newcomer and Eminem employee, YelaWolf, but for unknown reasons these guests never made it on to the album. In my opinion this is a must buy for anyone who loves this style of music. Pick up your copy now which is an amazing value for money and chill to the amazing lyrics of Wiz Khalifa! Staying true to his origins by naming the album Rolling Papers, Khalifa again explores the very lengths of the partying, tree blowing days and nights he experiences. ‘When I’m Gone’ is probably the closest you’ll get to Wiz admitting his rap topics are limited, as he suggests in the chorus he can’t take his fortunes with him – hence the frivolous expenditures. Yet this is probably the reason for Wiz Khalifa’s popularity; a hedonistic, carefree mentality all set to some heavy beats.The ‘king of the city’ feel to ‘Black and Yellow’ ensures it will be the spring and summer anthem throughout many cities worldwide, whilst for the O.G appreciators, Too Short’s appearance on ‘On ...

Hugo Boss Boss In Motion Eau de Toilette 06/04/2011

best a man can buy

Hugo Boss Boss In Motion Eau de Toilette There is a wide range of fragrances out there and sometimes it can be quite confusing which one to buy. This fragrance which is in a rather unusual shape out smells all other fragrances. This unique bottle has a rather different spraying technique compared to other bottles. Pushing the bottom upwards to be precise. Although this design has a flaw being it can take a few more seconds for the spray to come out. For me the smell has to be one of the best on the market at this current time, there is hints of a lot of different things combined into one lovely smell. It is a sensual fragrance that can be used in many different occasions especially for night and evening wear. Wear this infront of special ones and they will be extremely impressed. The fragrance has very good staying power. The typical price for a bottle is anywhere between £20 and £50, but do compare prices before purchasing. You can also can a range of items to match the fragrance like shower gel etc. Overall i am very impressed with this and it is on the check list for my birthday which is very soon. I highly recommend this for any male out there.
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