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Can i get some more rates on my Lancome Hydra Zen Day Cream pretty please! Hopefully lots of skin care reviews as i am able, lots of freebies to try out! :0

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Clarins Eye Contour Balm 26/03/2017

Clarins Eye Contour Balm

Clarins Eye Contour Balm I am still looking for a good eye cream that I particularly want to purchase again, having not found that yet really, I recently tried the Clarins Eye Contour Balm as a free sample with another purchase. *****CLARINS***** Clarins is a worldwide company that has built up a trusted fan base of purchasers. What I like about Clarins is there commitment to the environment and community that they take there plants and flowers (which is a basis for a lot of there products) from. For instance they believe in fair trade and always aim to replace what they are picking to do the least about of damage possible to the flora and fauna in the area and don’t take this that are endangered. They contribute to local communities from where they are collecting plants and work towards keeping their own environmental footprint lower. They have apparently placed three beehives on top of their new headquarters in France. (Taken from the Clarins website). *****THE PACAKAGE**** The product comes in a small white tube with red writing. It is quite classic of Clarins and is somewhat understated in comparison with other companies. It does the job though and the tube is recyclable and easy to use and the writing clear to read. With this it states on the tube what it is, when to apply and contact details in the form of address. If you require more information like the main ingredients and how to apply, look inside the box, there is a large leaflet, which says it all in several different languages. The ...

Pixi Glow Tonic 19/03/2017

Pixi Glow Tonic - Toner

Pixi Glow Tonic I was bought Pixi Glow Tonic as part of a Christmas gift and so have been using it for a few months now. ****WHERE DID PIXI COME FROM?**** The brand was first launched over 10 years ago apparently; I have to admit I had never heard of the brand until I was given this gift. The brand “Pixi” is the creation of Petra Strand a make-up artist and has designed the brand for women who want to have the look of a healthy glow without much effort and not wanting to be made up particularly. According to the website they do have a store in London, however I have seen the brand most often in Marks and Spencer stores. ****THE DESIGN**** =THE BOX= The bottle I received was in a lovely pale green box with holly on it but I suspect this to be a Christmas edition. On the box you receive all the relevant information, ingredients, what the product is and contact details in the form of website. They also inform you that it: - - Contains no parabens - Is not tested on animals and has the bunny logo - Plus a caution not that it contains AHA, which apparently may increase you skins sensitivity to the sun - Alcohol free All written in a silver font which is nice a quite easy to read. =THE BOTTLE= The bottle is standard clear plastic with an orange tint to it and a green screw top lid, all recyclable. The bottle has a green label that replicates the same information as on the box. Quite useful really as most of us discard the box on opening. It is a very simple design, ...

Fitbit Blaze 11/03/2017

Blazing my way to a healthier lifestyle with FitBit

Fitbit Blaze My FitBIt Blaze, keeping me up together. As you may have read in my previous reviews I did have a FitBit Charge. When this was no more I felt an urgent need to purchase something to replace it to maintain my steps count! Bring in the FitBit Blaze ☺ ****SETTING UP**** The product as many similar items these days comes with no really instructions on how to set up. They provide you with the website you plug in and go to set up and follow the instructions. Yes this seems simple however, may I recommend that you first charge your Blaze and least a little as it comes virtually uncharged and so it is easier to do the set up I found. Now this did slightly irritate me only because I could figure out how to get the screen out to charge it! I resorted to You Tube in the end for a quick fix – where would we be without You Tube! The Blaze is different from the other FiBits in that the screen comes out and sits in a small case then charges via a USB cable, unlike others where there is a charge point attached to the FitBIt. This has pros and cons for me. Much easier to charge and less likely to break or damage the connection, but the taking it in and out does make me wonder if it will keep sturdy in the long run, lets hope so. ****CHARGING**** Firstly, ok maybe I’m a bit dopey but I couldn’t figure out how to get the screen out. I resorted to You Tube and was pleased to find out it was very simple. You just firmly push the screen out of the surrounding watch face. This did make me ...

Do you see your garden as a haven, a labour of love or a chore to keep on top of? 05/03/2017

Fresh air, flowers, veggies and wildlife

Do you see your garden as a haven, a labour of love or a chore to keep on top of? ****Do you see your garden as a haven, a labour of love or a chore to keep on top of?**** --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---- Both of my parents love/loved gardening, my mum is into the flower version and my dad was into the vegetable kind whilst both enjoy/enjoyed the wildlife. Therefore I guess it was somewhat inevitable that I, having grown up amongst it and living in the countryside am a lover of one and all gardening and wildlife. As I say I live in the countryside in a mid terrace and so have a smallish garden. So let me take you on a tour. ****HEDGES**** My garden is enclosed by two hedges on each side one a fir tree variety and the other a large bush of some variety I am not sure what. Now these are a labour of love I guess. They divide my garden nicely from the neighbours; I do have wire fencing up through the middle due to myself having two dogs. The regular hedge cutting I find a bit of a chore, especially the top that I find difficult to reach and it usually takes me a good few hours to cut them. However once it is done several times a year I find great satisfaction in seeing it neat and tidy. Some may ask why keep them if they are a chore to cut? Well they keep my garden enclosed from the neighbours but primarily, the birds. The birds love them, especially the bushy one which the thrushes nest in every year, whilst the starlings prefer to nest in the fir hedge. I love this and ...

Lancome Belle de Teint Sheer Blurring Powder 25/02/2017

Lancome Powder Blending into my Makeup perfectly

Lancome Belle de Teint Sheer Blurring Powder I always use a face powder to finish off my make up, this review is of Lancome Belle De Teint Sheer Blurring Powder. ****LANCOME**** Lancôme a French higher end brand of the cosmetic companies, which has in later years been purchased by L’Oreal. Lancôme tends to be one of the companies that I lean towards when purchasing make up. ****PRETTY PACKAGE**** Lancôme always tend to come good when they design their product packaging in my opinion. They appear to put a fair amount of effort into the little details and their customers like me note it. First of all you get the box. A shiny silver box with black Lancôme in big letters across the front, the product name and detail plus colour number (which is also on the opening end of the box), complete with gold Lancôme rose logo. To the back is the product detail in different languages and use by info, one side has the ingredients whilst the other has address details and website. The inside of the box is black but also has Lancôme printed on the inside. Everything that you require to know is on the box. I do like this because you can pick up a box and discover what you want to know without having to open anything or ask people if you don’t want to. Once you delve into the box there is a square compact which is bottom half black and top half clear plastic with a silver undertone, which gives a mirrored effect, complete with Lancôme rose imprint. The only writing is one the base that is sticker version with product name and ...

Lancome Hydra Zen Night Cream 12/02/2017

Hoping for a Zen night

Lancome Hydra Zen Night Cream Lancôme Hydra Zen Anti Stress Nuit is part of the range that I am trying currently from Lancôme. ****LANCOME**** As I have said before Lancôme are a higher end make up and skin care company which started out in France in the 1930’s and have become a worldwide package. In later years they have be incorporated into the L’Oreal company. ****THE PACKAGE**** The Cream comes in a sort of matching set if you buy from the range of Lancôme Hydra Zen. A glass pink tinted pot with a silver screw top lid. Which has the same lovely grey writing on the pot and white on the lid and the insignia Lancôme rose. I like that the all match and look similar it makes everything look pretty and neat on the side. *****IS MY NIGHT GOING TO MAKE FOR A ZEN MORNING? **** The Lancôme night cream is designed, obviously to be used as a cream at night before you go to bed. Firstly I remove my makeup using a cleanser and then apply a layer of the night cream to my face in small circular motions. The cream is a baby pink colour, slightly pinker than the day cream that I have purchased from the range. It is a lovely soft and soothing colour, very girly. The scent is like this too. Very rose and peonies in smell and slightly stronger I would say in smell than the day cream but of the same fragrance. I like the fact that they are the same scent as it all seems to match nicely and the scent is very relaxing. The fact that it is stronger for night is actually quite nice, as you still can smell the scent ...

Lancome Moisturisers Hydra Zen Neurocalm Day Cream (Dry Skin) 12/02/2017

Lancome perfect Anti-stress Zen for my face

Lancome Moisturisers Hydra Zen Neurocalm Day Cream (Dry Skin) I am a fan of a lot of Lancôme products so when they do there gift deals I tend to buy something I like. With one of my deals I had the Hydra Zen Anti Stress Crème. ****LANCOME**** Lancôme are a big brand beauty company, which sells all over the world and originally from Paris starting up in the 1930’s, however in the 1960’s was obtained by the L’Oreal umbrella company. ****THE PACKAGE**** Lancôme does make their products appealing to the eye. The Hydra Zen moisturiser comes firstly in a white box covered with tamper evident cellophane. The box itself is covered with grey written information of everything you could want to know and in various languages. They also portray the gold rose logo standing alone on the top of the box and underneath the Lancôme name. Inside you box you find a lovely round heavy glass pot with a pink inside taint. The name is written in grey on the front with the company information on the opposite side. The silver and pink tinged mirror screw on lid has Lancôme written in white with a silver rose on the top. It all looks very pretty, girly and elegant. You get the feeling that they have made an effort to make it look good for their customers. Unscrewing the lid the cream is protected by a white plastic lift off seal (also having the rose logo). A nice touch with it all matching and stops the cream falling into the lid should it have been upside down for a while for some reason. ****IS THE HYDRA ZEN ANTI STRESS? **** The Hydra Zen cream is ...

L'Oreal Magic Retouch Root Concealer 03/02/2017

Spray painting my hair

L'Oreal Magic Retouch Root Concealer Unfortunately I am now at the stage of life where the grey hairs are starting to appear. I have always dyed my hair in one shape or form from my teens so don’t have an issue with it, but the consistency of having to cover grey is tedious. I saw the L’Oreal Magic Retouch advertised on television and thought it might be worth a shot, anything to save dyeing my roots more often. ****SO WHAT IS IT? **** The Magic Re Touch is a spray on colour, which covers grey in a few seconds and lasts until you wash it out. ****THE DESIGN**** The product comes in an aqua coloured spray can of 75mls. On the front it is easy to see what it is as it states it is an instant root concealer spray along with the name and colour. The colour is also portrayed in colour format for easy spotting and is on the lid also. ****SPRAY PAINTING MY HAIR**** So after purchase I go home to give it a go. The instructions say to shake the can well and spray about 10-15cms away from the hairline. I think I am closer than that if I am honest. It also says to use on dry hair. The main other don’ts it states are – don’t use in a confirmed space, don’t inhale the spray; keep away from heat and sparks or ignition as it is combustible. No smoking, keep away from children, don’t spray in your eyes and don’t use on irritated skin. I brush my hair and neatly part my hair along the line where the grey is most prominent. Give the can a good shake and spray. At first I just gave a quick squirt as I wasn’t sure how ...

Prada Candy Kiss Eau de Parfum 01/02/2017

Go on Prada give me a Candy Kiss

Prada Candy Kiss Eau de Parfum Seeing as its valentines day soon, I thought I would review a recent purchase of mine which maybe suitable for a female valentine gift. Prada Candy Kiss Perfume. ****SO WHY PRADA?**** I do tend to like Prada perfumes I have to admit. I first bought one in the sale a few years ago and it seems to be a brand I keep edging back too. Prada is a designer company starting out in 1913 Italy. It is a multi national and multi billion dollar company these days and includes such items as clothes, shoes, accessories and of course perfume. The perfume is probably the only thing that I will ever be able to afford from Prada. Prada Candy range entails four currently which began in 2011 with this one being released around 2015 I think. ****APPARENTLY THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA**** I saw an advert for the perfume and as I said have liked their fragrances before so when I saw the bottle it kind of said, “come and take a sniff”. The box caught my eye as much as the bottle if not a little bit more. A white box with gold top and bottom with a black band with gold written Prada Candy Kiss on it, but the bright pink lips scattered over it made it stand out. The bottle itself is clear with a pink base that resonates through the glass. The top has a white band with gold Prada and candy written on it, a gold rim with a mushroom top of white with gold rim. The top is good I like the design; great to catch hold of and pushes back on very securely, so that it fits seamlessly with the bottle. My only ...

Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum 31/01/2017

Is this perfume a Killer Queen?

Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum I tend to buy either body sprays or cheaper perfumes for at work. Mainly because I can throw them in my bag and give a quick squirt at break times, they also prove sometimes useful for unwanted aromas in the work area (I work in a hospital so I will leave that to your imagination); therefore I don’t want to use my best perfumes. On a trip to looking around I noticed an unusual shaped bottle and asked to see it. It was Katy Perry’s – Killer Queen perfume. ****BACKGROUND**** You may know Katy Perry is a singer, not really my kind of music but that’s not going to stop me purchasing if it smells nice. The fragrance was orchastraighted by herself and the perfume company Coty, first brought out in 2013 (ok so I’m a few years behind!). ****BOTTLE**** The bottle design was what first drew me to the perfume in the first place. On the display stands it stood out loud and proud, a deep dark red bottle, wider at the top where it is also darker, then conforming to a point where the red shade is slightly lighter. On the top is a funky gold lid, which is produced in the shape of a crown. The lid has Katy Perry and Killer Queen etched around it. I do like the look of the bottle it is certainly distinctive, however it does not stand up. It is not too much of an issue for me as it’s a work perfume and gets thrown in my bag anyway, but if I use it at home it has to lie down. It doesn’t go anywhere as the shape of the bottle has the circular form made up with lots ...

FlipBelt Zipper 23/01/2017

I'm Flipping pleased with my FlipBelt

FlipBelt Zipper I am trying to increase my exercise; with this aside from walking the dogs, I try go to the gym and jog. I have always found that it can be quite cumbersome to take some items with you such as a phone, keys, cash and cards, especially in the summer months when I don’t want to wear a coat. I have bought a FlipBelt. I have to say I never heard of the Flip Belt before and only spotted it as an advertisement whilst troweling through my Facebook feed. ****SO WHAT IS A FLIPBELT?**** It is kind of like a skinny upgrade version of the bum bag or fanny pack as some call it. Fitting snuggly around your waist it has pouches to carry your items. ****THE DESIGN AND FUNCTIONABILITY**** =WHAT AM I MADE OF= The belt is made from polyester and lycra, it is much the same as your workout leggings. This makes it durable, slightly stretchy and easy to wash. You can wash your belt on a cool wash and either hang dry or tumble dry on a low heat. So having said that this is not waterproof, this does need to be considered in mind if exercising outside if its potentially going to rain. It is quite thick material again much like the waistband of exercise leggings. =COLOUR= Mine is black with an edging of dark grey but it comes in other colours such as grey, pink and blue. There is just two simple name branding one on the front which is highlighted when dark, the other on the inside of the garment also stating the size. Another nice little touch is the zipper tag is grey and white with a small ...

Fitbit Charge HR 16/01/2017

Stepping up to my FitBIt challenges

Fitbit Charge HR I am not the fittest person in the word by any means, however I am undoubtbly fitter than in my teens and 20’s and in fact surprisingly to me my fitness has improved the older I have got. Last year my chap bought me a FitBit Charge HR. He purchased me this as a birthday gift as I was trying to get apps to work on my phone to show how far I had walked with the dogs and generally through the day. ****FITBIT THE COMPANY**** An American company set up in 2007 which provides wireless activity trackers. ****WHY THE CHARGE HR**** With the FitBit you can choose different colour straps /watches and can also purchase these afterwards and interchange them. For me this was a gift but I had been looking at the range online before and is why it was given to me. The Charge HR is more of a watch style which I wanted as I didn’t really have a watch apart from a going out one. This was really the main factor for me and that I could sync it to my phone. The Charge provided more than some of the other FitBits at the time and so I felt it was more suited to my exercise needs. ****DESIGN**** The general design is basic retro watch I would say. It is a plastic/rubber strap with a thin digital screen. The strap is 2cm wide with the screen being 1cm in depth. Mine is purple but you can purchase various colours and I suspect black is the predominant colour chosen. Not particularly girly or manly it is very unisex. As it is rubber type material it is easier to keep clean with a simple wipe ...

The Rotters' Club - Jonathan Coe 14/01/2017

The Rotters Club by Jonathan Coe

The Rotters' Club - Jonathan Coe I was given The Rotter’s Club by Jonathan Coe to read as part of with work. I have to admit this is not my usual sort of book and not one I would have chosen of the shelf, but have on previous reads found that I do enjoy other reads than my normal at times. ****THE STORY SET**** The story is set in Birmingham 1970’s and is based around Benjamin Trotter and the lives of his friends. Benjamin – slightly romantized musician who finds god Doug – writer and music critic Claire – friend to the boys Philip – into music Cecily – the pretty girl all the boys want ****MY THOUGHTS**** Benjamin and his friends are all at school coming up to there last year and so it goes through the trials and tribulations of school life and relationship dramas. The book does provide quite an insight into the politic and social issues of the 1970’s, discussing things such as the IRA bombings, union strikes, class and colour. Although the main focus of the story is not on one particular area of these, it does help give a good backdrop into the times and you can get a feel for the emotiveness of the strikes for example that affected many day to day lives. Prejudice and racial stigmas are also reared by the author, with altercations regarding Black pupil Richards. I like the fact that the author doesn’t concentrate on just on person but flips between different people and families. For example you discover one of Benjamin’s friends parents turns out to be having an affair ...

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream 08/01/2017

Good Morning Moringa hand cream

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream I have numerous hand creams and several on the go at the same time. For the purposes of work I like to take a good quality hand cream that provides good moisturisation as I am forever washing my hands in sometimes quite harsh soap. ****THE BODY SHOP**** The Body Shop has been around for years now the 1970’s actually and has been a staple on British streets. First set up by the late Anita Roddick the shop emphasis has been on using sustainable produce and ethically resourced ingredients to make the products, which are also vegetarian and cruelty free. The Body Shop does have the leaping bunny logo to show they are considered cruelty free. Since 2006 The Body Shop has been bought out by L’Oreal which although states they don’t test on animals, hasn’t achieved the leaping bunny logo currently. They have apparently spent lots of money in research to alternatives to animal testing etc. but as far as I can make out L’Oreal sell to China who insist on testing still, whilst Body Shop products are not sold in China due to this fact. ****MORNING, MORINGA**** So when I visited my local Body Shop whilst trawling for Xmas prezzies, I decided to get my self a few hand creams as they were on offer. Moringa – is apparently a lovely sweet scented white flower of a plant of the same name found in India and Pakistan. It has wide medicinal properties apparently too and is often used in medicinal teas for ailments. Known to rich in various vitamins and minerals also (acknowledgments as ...

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balm 05/01/2017

Estee Lauder gold or gold plated eye balm

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balm With a purchase of Estee Lauder products I received a free gift. This included a few little treats and this eye cream was one of them. Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Ageing Eye Balm. ****ESTEE LAUDER**** For the want of repeating myself to previous readers….. Estee Lauder is a makeup company, which has been around since the 1940-50s starting up in the USA by a lady called Estee Lauder. The company has grown significantly over the years into a global icon and now incorporates other makeup companies under its umberella. It is one of the more luxury makeup companies I guess but still within the reach of many Joe public, especially if you can get a bargain or deal! ****MY LITTLE POT OF GOLD**** The eye balm comes in a little clear pot with a screw top gold lid. This matches the range of Revitilizing Supreme and so would be excellent to look at when all sat on the shelf, if you are a must match person. I am not however the little gold bit of bling does look very nice and adds a little luxury to my shelf. The writing is simple in dark grey and only says the name really, whilst the use by, address and website are on the bottom. ****PURE GOLD? OR GOLD PLATED?**** I have to say I have never yet found an eye balm that has absolutely delivered on all of mine and their expectations a few have come close but none that have shone. I was very keen to try this as I have had good experiances with Estee Lauder. I have used this eye balm along with the face cream (which ...
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