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L'Oreal Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion 28/11/2017

Revive your tattoo ink

L'Oreal Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion I have a couple of tattoos but my chap has to many to count now. When you first get your tattoo you look after it with precise instructions nowadays with how to wash it, protect it and don’t pick it etc., but what happens later when its all healed? I general women tend to be a little better I think at least, about moisturizing their skin, men not so much. Tattoos like to be moisturized just like any skin does really and moisturisation brings out the best in them and can emphasis the colouration of the skin ink. With this in mind L’Oreal have made a product designed specifically for men. L’Oreal hydra energetic moisturizing body lotion – tattooed skin reviver. *****THE PACKAGE***** L’Oreal have designed the product package quite well in that it is for men and that shows. The squeeze tube is a silver colour with black writing aside from the bright orange hydra energetic block in the middle and a black tattoo type style pattern to the front. It states on it that it is from the men expert, hydra energetic range and is in the men’s toiletries section. This does not mean that a woman could not use it of course but you would have to go search it out. *****PROMISES***** The lotion is quite thick and creamy but is a lotion. L’Oreal say that it has creatine in it to enhance the moisturisation and give a 24 hour hydration to the skin, along with protecting the skin from harsher environmental conditions. The lotion has got a very “mans” lotion smell. It is nice and fairly ...

Pantene pro V Full and Thick Lightweight Conditioning Foam 26/11/2017

Pantene foam conditioner - is it a gimmick?

Pantene pro V Full and Thick Lightweight Conditioning Foam ****This review is for the Cleanse and nourish version of the Pantene micellar foam conditioner***** Having recently tried and liked the Pantene micellar water shampoo and conditioner, I was keen to try out the new foam mousse conditioner. I have never tried a conditioner in this form and so was eager to see if it was any better than the original creamy lotion type. Pantene have brought out many variations of their products and have different ones for different hair types and conditions. The foam conditioner I have is Pantene pro-v micellar cleanse and nourish foam conditioner for hair prone to greasiness. *****STYLE***** The conditioner is a foam product and comes in the form of an aerosol type pressurized can, just like normal hair mousse does. The top is a push down top with a small slit opening, encased in a clear plastic lid. The style is like I say the same as a hair mousse. It does serve the purpose of the foam conditioner but my only concern is that I might get it mixed up with normal hair mousse if in a rush. I would have to clearly separate them. The can is white with the details on the front to explain that it is an in the shower product and that it’s a foam hair conditioner. On the back is the ingredients, danger warnings of the fact that it is very flammable and a solvent abuse sign. At the top is a bit more about the product and how to use it, which is nicely put into picture format too. I like this idea as not every one reads English therefore you could ...

Tipp-Ex 802298 Shake n Squeeze Correction Fluid Pen Fine Point 25/11/2017

Correcting my mistakes

Tipp-Ex 802298 Shake n Squeeze Correction Fluid Pen Fine Point Tipp-ex has been around for many years now and traditionally came in a white bottle with a screw top lid that encompassed a brush. This often quickly goes off and becomes gloppy even after vigorous shaking. Tipp-ex then came up with a few different ideas, one of which was a pen type. *****COVERING UP MY MISTAKES***** The tipp-ex pen has the style of a pen, a white plastic tube with the name tipp-ex emblased down the side and a metal nib point enclosed by a clear plastic lid. The pen itself is very comfortable to handle, as the plastic is soft so that you can squeeze it easily. It is a simple yet effective design as you simply shake the pen and then after removing the lid, gently squeeze the tube whilst gently pushing the nib to the paper. This allows a small amount of tipp-ex fluid to be dispersed onto the paper. You then continue to move the pen across the written error until it is covered with the white tippex. It is fairly simple to use and with the fine pen nib it is much easier to direct the fluid where you want it. You can even write over the written error as you have written it, which you are unable to do with the brush type. This allows for a much neater cover up. The fluid dries fairly quickly, it is best to leave it for a minute or two so that it is completely dry before trying to write over it, otherwise you run the risk of the pen pulling the tipp-ex off and you have to start again. To write on the tipp-ex is easy enough if 1, it is dry and 2, you write on it ...

Tesco Seasonal Washing Up Liquid 21/11/2017

Tesco Frosted Cranberry washing up liquid

Tesco Seasonal Washing Up Liquid As it's coming up to Christmas many companies seem to bring out Christmas editions of their products. Tesco washing up liquid is no different with one of their limited edition festive ranges in frosted cranberry. I normally stick to Fairy but on occasion I am tempted by other brands especially if they seem like a good deal at the time. I can't say this was a deal exactly however at the normal retail price of just 50p it does seem a bargain. *****FUNCTINALITY***** The washing up liquid comes in a standard clear plastic bottle that is easy to squeeze. The lid is again standard flip top plastic in this case red, but it changes with the fragrance. The squirts hole is slightly bigger than that of some other makes which does mean you need to be a bit more careful when squirting into the water. *****WASHING THE DISHES***** The liquid is a bright deep red colour which is similar to the cranberry itself and so is visually appealing. It brightens up the skin counters on a dreary winters day at least. The liquid is a bit thinner than some other makes, not that this particularly matters but I do feel that I use slightly more, especially as the squirt hole is bigger. Just squirt a small amount into the washing up bowel and add warm water onto it. I do like however that Tesco put on the back that if you wash non-greasy items in colder water you would save energy. The liquid does provide a very good amount of bubbles and the more liquid you use the more bubbles you get. I find that ...

Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream 15/11/2017

Clarins Restorative Day cream with a Super price!

Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream I buy certain products from Clarins and with that you get free samples to try. One of the samples was their Super Restorative Day cream. *****THE CLARINS***** My sample is in a deep red tube with a screw top lid but the full price version comes in a deep red pot with a gold screw top lid (unless you buy the tinted one which is in a tube). The creams come in four different variations a tinted one with sun factor 20 and four shades, a all types day cream, a very dry skin and a all types one with sun factor 20. Mine is the standard all types day cream. I do like that they offer a few different types for differing skins but not sure why you would want one without sun factor in it if there is one with it in available, especially as they are the same price. None of them are specific for oily skins or combination all types matches that need. *****CLARINS MOMENTS***** I do like receiving my Clarins products as although more expensive than some other ranges, they do make the customer feel that little bit special with their attention to detail and more herbal and flower ingredients. Shea, cabbage rose and harungana are ingredients inside which apparently according to the Clarins website have a soothing and moisturizing effect along with the potential of the harungana trees regeneration properties. What’s not to like about that! The cream is just that a thick white cream which oozes rehydration and protection for you skin. You can scoop a bit out with your finger and so it is ...

Radox Nourish Shower Cream 10/11/2017

Radox shea butter and ginger shower cream

Radox Nourish Shower Cream I have no particular preference when it comes to shower gels to be honest and I tend to look what is on offer or just what I fancy at the time. On a recent shopping trip I spotted Radox nourish, shea butter and ginger version *****PACKAGE***** The shower cream comes in a clear plastic bottle in a sort of teardrop shape that sits on a pinky orange flip top lid. The package is fine, clear means you can see how much is left and the fact it stands on its lid is helpful as you don’t need to try and squish it to the end. I did find the flip top a little flimsy, it didn’t always click into place and so I had to make sure I had done it properly. Not a big issue more annoying but the cream doesn’t fall out, as there is a cross section at the dispensing hole preventing that. The front sticker is nice pretty pink and green. On the back is the product information with a full list of ingredients, company information, how to use and recycling information. *****DO I FEEL NOURISHED? ***** The cream is an off white colour and fairly runny. If you use a sponge or flannel etc. this is fine to lather up the cream, however if you use in your hands I find I tend to use much more of the product itself. The cream does lather up very well into good foam. The scent is quite sweet and slightly powdery smelling to me. I can smell the shea butter side but the ginger, no to be honest. It is not particularly long lasting either; once I have showered that’s it I can’t really smell it anymore. Do I ...

Pantene Pro-V Repair&Protect Conditioner 09/11/2017

Pantene Prov micellar cleanse & nourish conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Repair&Protect Conditioner *****Review of Pantene Pro cleanse & nourish conditioner placed here as Ciao currently won't accept a new product and in my opinion this one does repair and protect***** I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive some samples of the Pantene ProV Micellar Water Conditioner as part of Savvy Circle member. *****PANTENE***** Pantene have been around for a while now as a product under the Proctor and Gamble Company. They sell a variety of different Pantene products for hair care and one of their newer versions is the Micellar Water range. *****WHAT IS MICELLAR WATER AND IS IT A FAD? **** Micellar water products seem to be the in thing at the moment whether it is in the form of hair products or make up removers etc. The idea is that the micellar water attracts the dirt and grime and pulls it away from the hair so that it provides a better deeper clean. ******GOING FOR A DEEP CONDITION***** The Pantene bottle is no different from the rest of the make really. Tall, fairly thick set and stands on its flip top lid. Opposite to the shampoo, handy so you don’t get the two mixed up. It is also not clear like the shampoo bottle in this range. The conditioner is a thick white creamy texture, which has the same slightly orangey scent as the shampoo in the same range. This helps to enhance the smell from the shampoo already on your hair, therefore making the scent last longer in theory. I do think it does this the gentle smell is still noticeable hours later. I think the scent is ...

Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect Shampoo 08/11/2017

Pantene Prov Micellar cleanse & nourish shampoo

Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect Shampoo **Review for Pantene Pro-v micellar cleanse & nourish shampoo - put here as Ciao won't do another Pantene product currently and this does repair and protect** I received some full size samples of the new Pantene Pro-V Micellar Shampoo to try. *****THE BOTTLE***** The shampoo comes in the standard Pantene shampoo shaped bottle tall, flat back and curve to the front which stands on its base and has a flip top lid at the other end, gold colour in this case. What is different about this one is that the bottle is clear. I do like that as you can easily see how much is left without playing a guessing game as to when you need to purchase more. There is something a bit mesmerizing also about using the shampoo then watching the bubbles flow to the top again, bit like an old lava lamp! On the back sticker is a full list of ingredients; this shampoo is silicone free. There is another small section about how to use and the pros of using it. On the front is the Pantene advert sticker with the fact that it is silicone free, micellar and for prone to greasy hair. I like the bottle easy to use and easy to squeeze, no issues. *****THE SCENT***** The scent of this shampoo is not overtly strong; it does not waft out of the bottle when you open it. On sniffing it is a clean smell of an orangey scent to me. The smell is actually emphasized by when washing your hair that I really like and because it becomes a little stronger it lasts longer too. I can still smell the scent later in the ...

Treacle Moon Vanilla Moment Body Scrub 30/10/2017

Im in a vanilla moon moment

Treacle Moon Vanilla Moment Body Scrub Treacle Moon is a company that I use a fair bit of in terms of their shower gel/ bath wash. I spotted the vanilla scrub before but never purchased it, not particular reason but I don't use them a lot. Tesco had this scrub on sale and so I thought I would buy one to try it. *****SCRUBBING AWAY THE DAY***** The scrub comes in a clear plastic tube, which stands, on its black flip top lid. Easy to use and the tube is super easy to squeeze and as it is clear you can see what is left inside. Treacle Moon always have little sayings on the front of their bottle or tubes and this one is no different the vanilla scrub gives a lovely little message about carefree abandonment. The scrub is vanilla and through the tube you get that sense as the scrub itself is a creamy slightly yellow colour with lots of little black bits inside which are the scrub particles. It is very predicative of the scent. The scent itself is quite strong of vanilla when you first use it but quickly fades over the using; it would be nice if the smell lasted a little longer to be honest. Using the scrub is much like any other. Squeeze a small amount either onto your hands or onto a flannel or sponge etc. and use over your body. The scrub I find reasonable in strength it is not overly rough on the skin but you do feel like you have used a scrub. There are quite a lot of the scrub particles in it so that helps to give a good overall scrub effect with each squeeze of the tube. My skin does feel softer after using ...

Stand By Me - Sheila O'Flanagan 14/10/2017

Stand by Me by Sheila O'Flanagan

Stand By Me - Sheila O'Flanagan Stand by Me by Sheila O’Flanagan *****WHY THIS BOOK? ***** I am once again doing the six-book challenge with the work library again. Basically you sign up for free and the library chooses six books for you to read from different categories over a six-month period. I do this each year with the aim to get me reading more and widen my book reading horizons. It is now part of the website. As someone who tends to go for thriller, murder type books this is not one that I would have picked off the shelf, as the cover is also quite girly. *****THE STORY AND CHARACTERS***** The way the story starts I quite like. It tells you Dominique is about to have a party, for what you reason you don’t know. It quickly becomes apparent that Dominique was quite a high flyer in the business / entertainment world but that something went wrong. The story then takes you back to when Dominique was a child in Ireland growing up with overtly strict catholic parents and living in the shadows of her soon to be a priest brother. Through the story you discover how Dominique met her man and started a family who all now call her Domino. Moving along her lifeline the story takes you through the good times and bad, not only of the central characters but of the others too which is nice as they often get forgotten. Domino is the central character and I like her from the start, she has a little edge to her that just keeps going no matter what is going on in her life. I do think the ...

Katy Perry Mad Potion Eau de Parfum 13/10/2017

Was I mad to buy Mad Potion?

Katy Perry Mad Potion Eau de Parfum I like to try out new perfumes and have had a Katy Perry perfume before and liked it, so when I saw another of hers on offer I asked for a test spray and subsequently bought it. The perfume is a Coty perfume which makes a lot of perfume and make up brands, I was actually surprised to see the list of 77 on their website of which Marc Jacobs and Opi are such brands. *****THE POTION PACKAGE***** The perfume comes in a fabulous box, black with circles all over it and the name Mad Potion on it in sparkly pink. It is fun and stands out as a younger perfume I think; I guess teenagers would like it. The bottle itself is a semi opaque thickset clear glass, in the shape of an old-fashioned potion bottle. It only has a couple of black lines around the neck with the name on the front also. The lid is a sparkly pink, which I was hoping for it to be in the same thick glass but it is plastic. I do like the design and it goes well with the name of the perfume but I cant help being a little disappointed it does seem like they have again aimed for the teenagers and therefore not made it very special. The liquid is a bright but dark pink which does look good in the bottle, but does not have the colour effect on your skin thankfully. *****MAD POTION***** The scent I only tried a quick smell test in the shop on a card. Usually I spray test on myself and wander off to do shopping then come back if I like it. You can then see if the scent is going to last and how it reacts on your skin. ...

L'Occitane Verbena Daily Use Shampoo 07/10/2017

L'Occitane verbena shampoo - no vampires around me!

L'Occitane Verbena Daily Use Shampoo Washing my hair with L'Occitane Verbena shampoo. *****L’OCCITANE***** L’Occitane is a French company that produces high-end boutique products, with excellent customer service in my experience. *****THE BOTTLE***** The shampoo comes in a clear plastic bottle, which is unusual as it is rectangular in shape rather than the normal rounded bottles. Detail is simple and elegant with a window type effect and a leaf pattern embossed onto it along with the name verbena. I really like it; it is a bit different from the rest and stands out in the bathroom in a discreet way. There are also a couple of yellow/fawn stickers with the product ingredients and information on them. Being a clear bottle it is easy to see how much is left and allows you to see the lovely yellow colour of the product. The lid is a sliver plastic flip top affair, which is actually very good. It is secure enough to keep the shampoo inside whilst easy enough to use with one hand if needed. Easy to squeeze a small amount out with no issues. *****SHAMPOOING AWAY THE DAY***** As with all shampoo wet your hair and then apply a small amount to your hands and lather into your hair, massaging the scalp as you go. I find that the shampoo provides a good amount of lather from a reasonably small amount of product. It cleans very well and my hair at the end does feel squeaky clean and fresh. It is quite a gentle shampoo which considering the strong scent I was somewhat surprised. I don’t have a particularly sensitive ...

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil 30/09/2017

Bathing in sweet Almond Oil

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil Once in a while I indulge myself into the land of L’Occitane. I recently purchased a gift for someone in there and was lucky enough to receive a free gift with goodies inside. Part of that was L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil. *****L’OCCITANE***** A French company which although uses the website marketing, remains a very luxury feel company. Preferring small boutique shops and high customer service. They also have a few select spas in 5 star hotels and odd ones connected to stores. *****PRODUCT DESIGN****** My product was a 35ml plastic bottle with small silver plastic flip top lid. Although this was a gift version you can actually buy this size on the website indicated as a travel size. The bigger bottle is 250ml but comes in much the same design. The bottles have the ingredients on the back with the instructions for use. On the front is a simple designed sticker that tells you that it is a shower gel in both English and French. I like the simplicity of it but somehow it manages to give an elite feel for some reason. Being plastic it is all recyclable too. *****ALMOND OIL BATHS***** The almond scent is divine, very rich and strong but as it is dispersed amongst the water, very relaxing in use as the scent As a shower oil you simply pour a tiny amount onto you hands or onto a cloth etc., but be careful as it is an oil and so very liquid and may run away. Then simply add water and gently lather to create slight foam and the oil turns to a whiter colour. Apply to the body ...

Clarins Multi Active Day Cream All Skin Types 29/09/2017

Clarins Multi-active day cream

Clarins Multi Active Day Cream All Skin Types Clarins Multi-active day cream SPF20 is a cream that Clarins say is a kind of jack of all trades, a good cream with the ability to hydrate, aid fine lines and protect against the sun. What’s not to love about that? The cream is a fairly thick cream and feels like a quality one from the moment you try it. It has a slight sheen to it when applied but nothing that stays on the skin. To use just apply a small amount to a clean face and blend into the skin until disappeared. The scent is fresh and clean but no particular scent that I can identify. Clarins do have a way of making their products smell divine. The cream usually comes in a thick glass jar of high quality and typical Clarins style of simplicity. My picture is of one of the sample s I received. Suitable for all skin types. *****WRINKLES AND CRINKLES***** The cream is for fine lines and wrinkles and sets its sights on the first signs of them as a marketing tool. They tend to give an age bracket of around 30-40 on the website, which is quite wide however, I think wrinkles appear when they feel like it and it has a lot to do with your DNA and lifestyle, rather than a set age particularly. If I had to put an age on it I would recommend it to early 30 ear olds. In the respect of my face I am not convinced it made a great difference to be honest, but the hydration helped around the eyes and so from that point it does somewhat. *****HYDRATED***** The cream I can say hydrated my skin well with out it being to oily or ...

The 1000 Mile Sock 26/09/2017

Just keep walking and walking and walking

The 1000 Mile Sock I do a fair bit of walking with my two dogs and generally wear walking boots with a good pair of thick socks. However, a friend and I decided that we were going to tackle a 21.5 mile charity walk across the countryside. With this in mind it was suggested that I purchase the 1000-mile all terrain socks. *****WHY ARE THEY DIFFERENT? ***** So you may ask yourself as I did, why are these socks so different to any other sock? These socks have a variety of different things that make them a little bit different form the rest. For the purposes of the review I am going to review each bit individually. My picture shows the socks inside and out. DOUBLE LAYER The outer sock is made from merino wool, cotton, nylon and elastane lycra. The sock feels very soft to the touch and not at all itchy as with some types of wool. I was quite surprised at how light they felt too, wool can be quite heavy and as they are thick I thought they would be heavier so pleasantly pleased. Another thing about the wool is that I was concerned that my feet would be very hot. The walk was on a sunny day around 19 degrees at some points and although my feet were warm, they were not overly hot. TACTEL INNER LAYER The inner layer of the sock is white and 100% Tactel, a versatile nylon fabric that is breathable. Very comfortable. I can say I only had to readjust one of my socks during the whole walk. Very pleased no slipping of the inner sock or rucking up inside the boots. The idea is that these breathable ...
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