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Garnier Synergie Deep Pore Wash 20/01/2005

'Pure'ly excellent

Garnier Synergie Deep Pore Wash I'm in my mid twenties and have quite oily skin. I often get outbreaks of stops around my chin and shiny patches on my nose and forehead. I'd tried a few facewashes before and this one was the next on my list. The Packaging The tube is quite large and easy to handle. The plastic is sturdy but easy to manipulate to get the gel out. There is a screw on top, which I think is the only downfall of the packaging. I sometimes find that the facewash runs off my hands as I am trying to screw the top back on. A flip top may be a better option. The text on the front of the package is in a clear font and large enough to read clearly. On the back the font is smaller to allow for the amount of information. It answers questions as to whether it's the right product for you and how it works, as well as giving details of how to use it. A list of ingredients is also provided. The tube is recyclable. The Facewash The facewash itself is very light blue in colour with tiny 'micro-particles', and smells clean and fresh. It runs out of the tube very easily and lathers up reasonably well. The Micro particles get to work straight away, and you can really feel them exfoliating your skin as you wash. As the lather builds up the particles still work, but i tend to concentrate on oily or blenished areas first to get the best from the little scrubbers! I find the wash rinses away with a few handfulls of water and my skin feels refreshed and smooth. Availability and Price This ...

L'Oreal Pure Zone Deep Purifying Gel Wash 12/09/2004

Pure Zone, Pure Skin

L'Oreal Pure Zone Deep Purifying Gel Wash I have combination skin and have recently been using a simple gel facewash, but often found that by the end of the morning my skin was becoming greasy again and I had shiny patches on my forehead and nose. When flicking through a magazine I found a trial sachet of L'Oreal Pure Zone gel wash so I though I'd give it a go and see how it left my skin. The advert in the magazine says it's the first step of their programme for non-stop purity, and there's a little line at the bottom which says 'from age 15, non-stop purity'. Well... I'm 26 and still have combination skin so if it works... I'll use it! The active ingredients are - Salicylic acid - for it's exfoliating and purifying powers Sebo-Calmyl - advanced technology to control excess sebum and soothe the skin. The packaging is blue in colour - signifying the water i guess, and it's quite simple and plain. The gel itself is a pale blue colour with tiny dark blue particles. They don't look big enough to do the exfoliating mentioned on the pack but are very effective. The gel smells fresh and pleasant and lathers up easily with a little warm water. The micro beads can be felt instantly... exfoliating the skin and leaving it smooth to the touch. The lather is easily rinsed away with water. My skin felt instantly better.. less greasy and smoother. The effect lasted too... which I was pleased with and even after a whole day my skin wasn't greasy like with my old facewash. I will definately be buying this ...

Still Thinking Of You - Adele Parks 22/08/2004

Still thinking...

Still Thinking Of You - Adele Parks Over the summer I've had a chance to catch up with some reading. This was one of the books that I'd seen in Glamour magazine and liked the look of so I bought it. :o) The main characters in the story are Tash and Rich. Tash is in her mid twenties, full of fun and excitement as she is about to marry Rich after only being together for 9 months. Rich is rich, and is totally in love with Tash. They plan to get married on the slopes in France as both are skiing and snowboarding fans. They plan for a private wedding with witnesses pulled from the slopes, but then Rich mentions it to his close friends who invite themselves along. None of Tash's friends can make it as it's such short notice, so she has to make do with Rich's group and feels a little of an outsider. Rich's freinds include Ted and Kate - a wealthy couple with three children, Mia - single and sexy, but wants to settle down, Jason - Single Sexy, wants to go on the holiday as an excuse to pull lots of fit young women, and Lloyd - who's just split from his wife and now has a new girlfriend. Just before the group0 set of for the slopes along comes Jayne, Ted's little sister who claims she needs cheering up after a split from her boyfriend. Tash is not happy, but soon makes friends with the bubbly Jayne and things seem to be going OK. As the story unfolds the past is brought up, a past which Tash wasn't a part of, leaving her feeling left out and lonely. Rich does his best to include her in things, but often ...

A Kept Woman - Louise Bagshawe 12/08/2004

Is it worth the money?

A Kept Woman - Louise Bagshawe Meet Diana Foxton. British, beautiful and extremely rich. She is married to business man Ernie Foxton. A hotshot in the publishing world with a reputation for ruthlessly firing and hiring in companies to increase their profits... whatever the cost in personal feelings. Ernie has one thing on his mind... making money and lots of it. It's what he's good at after all. Ernie had done what he could in England, married Diana then moved out to the USA to do it all again over there. Diana was happy to be a perfect wife, organising exquisite dinner parties, furnishing and decorating their home in the best possible taste and fitting in with the other 'wives' as they went shopping, had manicures and facials in all the top salons. Everything is going well... untill Ernie has an affair and is found out. Diana goes out and gets herself a job, with a very handsome, young, boss and after the initial shock of no longer being 'kept' she finds herself enjoying her new world. I won't reveal too much more of what happens in the book, but I will say that i enjoyed reading it and would read it again. It wasn't too heavy going and the story was easy to get into. Having not read a lot of Louise Bagshaw's work I will definately try out some of her other novels. At £6.99 it's the average price for a novel of this type, but it's currently 20% off at Amazon.

Catsan Hygiene Litter 11/08/2004

Catsan - cats on cloud 9

Catsan Hygiene Litter Well... about a year ago I got my first ever kittens. Although my partner had had cats before, this was my first experience at owning them and I was really looking forward to it. The kittens.... two cute, black, balls of fluff!, were already quite used to going in a litter tray when we picked them up so there weren't too many accidents around the house. The Catsan seemed to do everything it said it would on the packet. There is very little odour and it seems to absorb a lot of mess. The packaging is a cleverly designed strong paper bag with easy opening instructions and a sturdy handle. If you open it as you should, the pack forms a spout to pour the litter through. I though this was usefull as i would not like to get dusty cat litter on my hands and all over the floor! My cats seem perfectly satisfied with their Catsan, and I'm happy that it does it's job and keeps smells to a minimum. :o) ...

Guess How Much I Love You - Sam McBratney 10/08/2004

Loving Nutbrown Hares! :o)

Guess How Much I Love You - Sam McBratney As a primary school teacher with a young class I often get the chance to read many picture books to the children. It's great to see their little faces looking up at you and the book, totally enthralled in the story... and this book was something special. I'll start with the front cover. The colours used on the cover and throughout the book are pastel shades.Very calming. The picture shows the 2 characters in the book. Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare. The blurb on the back cover explains that Little Nutbron Hare is trying to tell Big Nutbrown Hare how much he loves him... but he finds it very difficult... The story goes that Little Nutbrown Hare is going to bed and tells Big Nutbrown Hare that he loves him this much... by stretching his arms out. Of course, Big Nutbrown Hare, being bigger, stretches further, so the little one tries to find another way to express his love.... This continues until Little Nutbrown Hare is falling asleep, only managing a whisper to tell Big Nutbrown Hare he loves him to the moon... and as for Big Nutbrown Hare's reply... I'll let you read it yourself to find out! Throughout the book the illustrations are fantastic. They make you want to reach into the page and cuddle the Hares. Backgrounds and scenery are done in what looks like a watercolour effect. Not only is this book good for the classroom, bringing plenty of opportunities for a wide range of writing, measuring and a thoughtful discussion about love and what it ...

Toilet Duck Ultra Gel with micro-scrubs 10/08/2004

Quacking cleaning

Toilet Duck Ultra Gel with micro-scrubs I often just use bleach in the loo but sometimes the smell is a bit harsh so on my next visit to the supermarket I looked for something different to try. I was faced with a number of options, all in similar shaped bottles, with the 'duck' neck to reach easily under the rim. After a little while deliberating which one to choose I made up my mind and chose the Toilet Duck with Micro Scrubs. I liked the sound of micro scrubs... made it sound as though there'd be less work for me. And let's face it... the less time I had to spend scrubbing the loo the better! How did I make my choice? 1. The Micro Scrubs... as I said above... I didn't want to spend a long time scrubbing myself, so anything in the product that did it was better for me. You can see the scrubs in the gel. 2. The Bottle... it has an easy to hold shape and the plastic is not too thick so it's easy to squeeze out. The neck was thinner than other brands so I thought this would reach right round the loo. 3. The Colour... both loos in my house are blue and the one I chose was a bright aqua blue colour. This way it didn't matter so much if it was on view. 4. The Safety Top... Even though there are no children living here it's always good to know that cleaning products are safe. 5. The Price... Less than a pound... even if I never bought it again I felt like I hadn't lost anything... what can you buy with a pound these days! Anyway... home I went all ready to try it out the next time the loo needed ...

Articulate 10/08/2004

Articulate this!

Articulate Board games - bored games! NOT THIS ONE! It's hilarious! We got this game when I moved in with my partner. It looked like fun. We both enjoyed playing games and this one looked a bit different so we gave it a go... Opened the box.. read instructions... needed more people!... Good excuse for a Party! OK... so we have a party!... split the group up into a few teams and away we go. To move round the board you have to guess what your team member is trying to describe. It's like pictionary but without the pictures. Sounds easier than it is! Some of the clues are really hard to describe without being obvious or saying words you shouldn't! There are 6 topics that you could be describing... People, World, Object, Action, Nature and Random. Some are easier.. I liked getting the nature or object ones to describe, but hated people pr world... However many you get right... that's how many spaces you move forwards. The winners are the first team to circle the board. This game is brilliant fun, especially when you get tongue tied and shout out random answers! A MUST for a party or family gathering. :o)

Zoo Tycoon Marine World (PC) 10/08/2004

The perfect marine park

Zoo Tycoon Marine World (PC) After playing Zoo tycoon the Marine addition really appealed to me. I'd always enjoyed visiting marine parks in real life and watching the various shows put on in them... now I had a chance to create my own. The controls are the same as Zoo tycoon so no new basic skills to learn. You now have to built tanks for the exhibits... again deciding how big and deep you want your tank to be, which animals to put in it and which foliage they enjoy. I sometimes found it hard to place rocks and plants at the bottom of deep tanks as I could not seem to place them correctly due to the perspective and layout of my screen! If you choose to have show animals like dolphins or killer whales you must build a show tank next to the exhibit tank. I'd recommend quite a large show tank as this allows space for advanced tricks. I enjoyed making up the routine for the shows, choosing which tricks to include and the order. It was good to see the guests stand up and applaud at the and of the show! The usual things apply when thinking about your guests... give them somewhere to eat, rest , buy souveniers and they'll be happy. Also try to keep your animals as happy as possible as the guests don't like to see grumpy exhibits! The graphics are quite detailed and look good. Sound effects are also quite good, adding that extra bit of atmosphere to your park. A very enjoyable game for all levels of play!

Zoo Tycoon (PC) 10/08/2004

The Perfect Zoo

Zoo Tycoon (PC) After playing Rollercoaster Tycoon I fancied something different but along the same lines. After looking in the local Games shop I came across Zoo Tycoon, read the back of the box and thought I'd give it a go. It looked fairly similar to it's amusement part buddy, so I thought it would be similar to play. I was right. The basic functions of setting out the park are the same. You decide where and how big you want your exhibits to be, where the paths, toilets and shops are going to be for your guests, and of course... which animals you are going to include. The list of animals is fairly extensive, but builds up over time. You start with the most common zoo animals and as you continue to play the number of animals increases. You exhibits must be of a suitable size for the number of animals and you also have to think about the sex of the anumals you choose as they will reproduce. Information is given as to what terrain each animal likes and the foliage it enjoys in it's habitat. It's not only the animals you have to think about in the game. There are your guests to the park. They get hungry, so give them a variety of places and styles to eat. They get tired, so make sure your zoo has seats and benches dotted around . They like to find out about the animals so you can add information points. They throw litter so place rubbish bins carefully. It is a good idea to keep your gueasts happy as they are the ones who will pay entry fees and buy souveniers to keep ...

Yager (Xbox) 09/08/2004

Yager Shmager!

Yager (Xbox) I bought this game after seeing adverts for it on TV. It looked really cool... something a bit different to what I'd played before on the XBox (as a reasonably new player!) I was disappointed! I tried the game a few times and couldn't get the hang of the controls... Don't know if it was me being stupid or if it was generally hard to control. I even found the training sessions hard and it took me a couple of times to complete them successfully. The graphics were good, from what I could see... (my boyfriend got further into the game than I did) with lots of attention to detail. As a relatively new XBox user... still getting used to the controller maybe it was a bad choice of game for me. It looked better than it was. Maybe I'd be better off going back to it when i'm more confident with the controller.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (Xbox) 09/08/2004

Can you beat Tiger?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (Xbox) I can! I'm better than Tiger Woods in the game. Could never be in real life... but in the game yes! OK... i first played this game on my brother's PS2 and really enjoyed it, so much so that i had to get it for my xbox when I returned home! I spent hours playing with the 'attributes' feature, wchich allows you to personalise your playing character from the face shape, to body shape, and even the make up of female characters! I tried to get my character to look realisticly like me, which I managed in the end. Half of the fun was changing the image before even playing the game! There is a short tutorial round before you get stuck into the main game. This allows you to practice the controls and get a basic idea of how it all works, putting spin on the ball and making it swerve round corners and the like. Once you've finished the tutorial it's up to you where and what you want to do. There are numerous options. Pro season - play your way through the golfing season on all the best courses. You don't actually play against anyone as such, but your scores are put into the leader board for each event. If you make it into the top 70 after 2 rounds you go through to the final. The Pro season is continual and you can play several years worth of tournaments. World tour - I like the world tour because you actually play against an opponent, one of the pro golfers in the game. Each continent has 3 stages. Scenarios - Shorter games that enhance specific skills that are ...

Ps I Love You - Cecelia Ahern 09/08/2004

PS I Love your book!

Ps I Love You - Cecelia Ahern I had made a promise to myself at the beginning of the school holidays (I'm a teacher) that i would make more time for myself to do some reading. I needed some inspiration as to what to read other than my usual magazines and newspapers. I wanted something I could get lost in. And that's exactly what I found. I saw a this book in Glamour magazine as one of their must reads then i found it in a local bookstore and read the blurb on the back. I just had to buy it. It sounded different to the usual 'single in late 20's, meets man, makes friends, falls out, falls in love, happily ever after' type popular female fiction, so I gave it a go. The story is of Holly... very happily married to Gerry, with a loyal group of friends who they've both known for years. They have a great time together always haveing fun and laughs. That is until Gerry dies leaving Holly a widow and lost in a world she once knew so well. Her friends are there for her of course... but that's not all. Gerry sent a package to Holly's mother before he died, the contents of which give Holly a reason to get on with her life. The story takes you through the highs and lows of Holly's new life without her husband, how she is supported by family and friends, and Gerry's package. At the end of the story we see a Holly who is ready and able to continue her life, but also remember the good times she had with a loving husband. Usually when i read a book, it's a couple of chapters here and there... but this one ...
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