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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 (Xbox 360) 04/11/2009

SVR10 - Slobberknocker?

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 (Xbox 360) Every Smackdown vs Raw is enjoyable. There is no doubt that this one was going to match. Yet, THQ have been getting very lazy with the product as of late so questioning the level of addictiveness will be appropiate! The greatest supplement for this years version originates from the television show itself – the storylines. Arguably, the fundamental aspect of professional wrestling has never been the eye-catching moment for consumers. This was always a monumental downside. It is great then to say that the storyline mode is fantastic. With other 100 cut animations and the ability to type out your very own chosen script, it provides the players with a unique opportunity to become a writer themselves. The ability to post and view stories online simply furthers this spectacular concept. Of course, the gameplay itself remains spot-on from 2009 with various tweaks to present a smoother experience. The HUD, displaying your health, is now placed as a ring following the superstar you control. Not only does this allow greater room but it also really emphasises the brilliant graphics which are simply superb today. The 67 wrestlers look life-like (apart from William Regal who I have to say is made to seem too conniving) and the arenas mimic the events perfectly. With Undertaker as the highest-rated star, there is also huge competition online. There are a few glitch predicaments that many fans actually enjoy nowadays because of its routine in the franchise but nothing too bothering. ...

Monty Python - The Movies (Box Set) (DVD) 19/08/2008


Monty Python - The Movies (Box Set) (DVD) The classic's of british comedies and is still as enjoyable and funny as today's classics. The three movies are very well known (Holy Grail, The Meaning Of Life and The Life Of Brian) tell different stories but have the same witty, stupid, crazy comedy of monty python's brain. Each movie revolves mainly around the same group of famous british actors and are now very well known to the public and to everyobody really. There are extras in the movies as well which is very good, such as cuts, behind the scenes and more. The movie is also digitally enhanced abit so the movie is more bearable visually for people who cannot stand older films. Very good film! Must get now! ...

The Usual Suspects (DVD) 19/08/2008

The Usual Suspects *****

The Usual Suspects (DVD) What can i say about this film! It will truly go down as a classic and is no doubt one of the best films of all time! Award winning actors, dircetor, storyline; it really is the perfect film. The story tells of a crime gang of how they were put together and one by one killed leaving only one person, played by Kevin Spacey who is truly remarkable. Now, if you are a guessing type of person and like to think ahead of the film (like me) then you are going to be in for a ride. Everything i thought was going to happen, did happen but to different people. Singer really knew what he was doing. RENT THIS NOW!!!! THIS IS A MUST WATCH FOR EVERYONE.

Superman Returns (DVD) 19/08/2008

Superman Returns with a bang?

Superman Returns (DVD) The director of The Usual Suspects seems quite strange being appointed with the best hero figure but he seems to pull it off without being too cheesy, enough action and romance. Lex Luther tries to take over the world after being release from prison with a plan which would seem undefeatable. However, Superman has other ideas... I think the great aspect of this movie is that although he is immortal physically, emotionally he is actually quite unstable and cannot stay away from Louis Lane. Also, playing his other side is Clark Kent which is also nice to see, he seems very geeky and average and the suspicion of him being Superman is just laughed off. Overall, it is defianetly worth watching at the very least.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 (Xbox 360) 17/03/2008

Smackdown vs Raw 08 - 3 Count!

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 (Xbox 360) Smackdown vs Raw 2008 returns with its newest installment; including up to date 2008 rosters, updated rings, lots of unlockables and more. The new roster includes all ECW roster plus the much awaited return of high flyer Jeff Hardy. The game controls has yet again been enhanced abit which may be quite annoying for some players as yet again, they must get used to the newest controls. Some of the functions included is the new struggle system; personally it is horrible and a poor addition for the game. Furthermore, ECW extreme rules match has been entered into this years game and you can use the environment as much more to show. Quick Conclusion : it is a game worth getting for a couple of days, then returning it.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Audio Book) - J.K. Rowling, Stephen Fry (Narrator) 17/03/2008

Hayy Potter Audio Review

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Audio Book) - J.K. Rowling, Stephen Fry (Narrator) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is the third book in the Harry Potter series (as if I had to tell you that). I've read the first book and seen the second movie, but I decided that I wanted to see what this phenomenon was all about for myself. As with the first book, I found Prisoner to be a thoroughly charming tale, filled with wonder, suspense, interesting writing and fun characters. It was a fitting sequel to the first two stories. First of all, Prisoner is the last of the "short" Harry Potter books (with the next two books weighing very hefty on the page scale), but its story doesn't seem to suffer at all. Rowling packs a lot of story into so few pages. The pace is fairly relentless. I think it does suffer a little bit, though, from the beginning. As with the first two stories, the Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia scenes seem a little pointless and tacked on. The sequence doesn't seem to have a lot of purpose other than to get the ball rolling. While they aren't bad scenes and I did enjoy them a little bit, I kept waiting for the action to start. I hope that they start getting development beyond the typical "snarky family who hates Harry for what he is and wants to keep him down" portrayal we've seen so far. But this book doesn't do it. Once things get started, though, the tale becomes much more interesting as Rowling adds to the rich background of the universe she's created. She keeps adding new things and characters to her world, and each one of them is ...

Sandisk Sansa E 260 4GB 11/11/2007

Personal Sansa e260 Review

Sandisk Sansa E 260 4GB The very sexy looking San Disk Sansa e260 is a delight to use and is so very easy and simple to use, that it is arguably a serious competitor for the Ipod and the Creative's that dominate the market. Design of the Sansa is very attractive and sleek. I don't think there is a slimmer MP3 out on the market as i type! Sandisk gloat about their screen and how it has 1.8 TFT color screen. They also boast about how easy their interface is. Honestly, at first i didn't really approve of it but after i got used to it i didn't want to stop pressing buttons. Also, you can add a SD card onto the MP3 so the capactiy of music can be your choice. It origially comes in 2GB,4GB,6GB or 8GB. Overall 9/10 If you are against the Ipod or Creative Zen this is undoubtedly the MP3 to get! ...

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) 11/11/2007

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Review.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) The long awaited first person shooter is finally out and it is being played by millions around the world. Firstly, the graphics must be mentioned, they are truly amazing and a pat on the back for the design team. As well as that, Cal of Duty 4 is not based in WW11 and it is actually set in the modern area(in the name really) so expect advanced based weapons which will be entertaining. One down side is that COD4's campaign lacks length as it can be finished very quickly. A huge down side but it can be equaled out by it's enjoyability and online play. Many people are playing online right now and it is very fun to play. However, all the achievements are single player based. Overall 9/10 Could've improved the campaign by miles but overall ...

FIFA 08 (Xbox 360) 11/11/2007

Fifa 08 Review. Is it worth it?

FIFA 08 (Xbox 360) Fifa 08 is the newest version of the official soccer game for all consoles. Since last year, Fifa 07 was an "average" and very below par to its rival competitors. It lacked realism and was very easy. This year, it is completely different, Fifa have gone back to basics with the tackling, dribbling, sprinting, shooting and everything. The buttons aren't to simple or to complex to master. Mostly everything seems to run so smoothly with the game. As well as that, last year's version the A.I difficulty was too easy to beat and the computer always seemed to do the same thing. This year, it is completely different, Fifa boasts about having more than 50 different A.I settings and the computer actually reacts to how well you are playing. Online is very enjoyable and it doesn't lag + achievemnts are quite challenging. Overall 8/10 Great improvement to last years fifa game, and a must get for all soccer fans. ...

BioShock (Xbox 360) 09/09/2007

Bioshock Review!

BioShock (Xbox 360) Bioshock is generally a cool and fun game to play. The storyline is compelling and the game is suitable for everyone. The first person shooter narrative game is a must get. GRAPHICS When i first played Bioshock, i was amazed with the game graphics and the design of it. I hadn't seen something like in quite a while. I guess the only problem is that the bad guys always look the same.. theres no variation. GAMEPLAY One huge problem for me was that this game didn't have multilayer, as a multilayer person i love playing on xbox live. This bought down the game quite a bit but still has a great first player. OVERALL This game really needed multi player to make it into a remember able game but i guess the one player mode makes up for that. Overall 8/10 ...

Cibox C2201 22 in 03/09/2007

The Cibox C2201 Review

Cibox C2201 22 in ..i for one was gutted to hear its his last martial arts film..but..Jet Li's Fearless maybe his best movie since Hero for many reasons. Based on a true story of martial arts master Huo Yianjia, who became famous for winning fights that made china believe in him. As a child he wants to learn wushu but his father dissaproves because he wants him to do calligraphy and not fight to the death. He goes against it and becomes a wushu master. However his cocky attitude and disrespect for other competitiors leads to his family being murdered by a grandson of Master Chin, a rival master who was killed unfortunately by Huo. Huo leaves Tianjin and goes to other land and works in fields to see what real fighting is about. Because he ignored the principles his dad made as a wushu master he made this decision and swears to change his life by respecting others and fighting gracefully for china. A change of pace for Li as it is a martial arts movie but a serious movie. A must for Jet Li fans.Fearless is a fitting swan song for Jet Li's martial arts screen career. His dramatic performance here is an optimistic sign that he's capable of doing more than just action fare. Hopefully, there will be a broader array of career opportunities ahead for him..... VIDEO~Fearless is an epic and engaging martial arts extravaganza, and the cinematography reflects that. The film moves quickly between extreme close-ups and wide shots, and presents a variety of intense ...

Apple iPod 30GB Fifth Generation 03/09/2007

Is it Worth It?

Apple iPod 30GB Fifth Generation The Ipod offers everything that a person wants with a gadget. Music, Video, Games and much more. The famous brand Apple Ipod release the black version of the 30GB ipod and is amazing. As always Apple offer great sound quality, just like all their MP3's, also the video is truly breathe taking (quality and sound). Also Ipod offers the unique Click Wheel that attracts many consumers and so it should. The 30GB ipod have made the wheel as smooth and as easy to use as ever. However it does scratch quite easily so it is advisable to buy a protective screen to cover the Ipod Sceen. Overall, this is an Ipod for everyone. It's looks are sleek and sexy and this product is a must buy. 5/5

Sennheiser CX 300 03/09/2007

The Best Headphones At Present.

Sennheiser CX 300 The CX 300 offers everything a listener wants. Comfort and quality. Although a bit pricey compared to other headphones the in ear Sennheiser offers a great music expierence which can only be heard from this head phone. The length of the wires are perfect, not too long and not too short. Also the in ear headphones allow a greater bass to pump through your ears and gives your ears exictement. The comfort of the Sennheiser are amazing and are so soft. The CX 300 also come with 3 diffrent ear buds to suit your ears perfectly. The sleek, stylish CX 300 shows a futurstic and advance look on headphones and will definatley inspire more headphone makers. Overall, this is a must get but only if you have spare change. 5/5

The Godfather (Xbox 360) 03/09/2007

Worth it or Not?

The Godfather (Xbox 360) The official game from one of the most famous films in history. The Godfather enters you into the life of crime and the life of a mafia family. You play as a a mob who works his way up from the bottom to become the Godfather. You play alongside many famous characters including the Don himself. As you progress further in the game your rank slowly rises and rises making you more popular. Also the game has rival gangs from the film that want you sleeping with the fishes. So you get to take over all the gangs. Overall, this is a good game, not great. It's quite short and it is very repetitive. Also the graphics have been improved alot since the PS2 version. Rating : 7/10

Virtua Tennis 3 (Xbox 360) 03/08/2007

Virtua Tennis Serves Another Great Sequel

Virtua Tennis 3 (Xbox 360) The classic series "Virtua Tennis" is back and it hits a strong serve. Virtua Tennis 3 simulates life like tennis and adds a bit more spice into the competitiveness of one of the greatest sports in the world. Lets first look at the menu and layout, its a classic arcade style and many gamers who have played the prequels will be familiar with this layout. As for the career mode, for the first time ever, you get to create your own character and venture through a 20 year course to become number 1 of the world and fight through some of the most famous players such as Nadal and Sharapova. Although the world tour seems great it gets quite repetitive and its simple until you get into the higher ranks. Also the music played in the background is very retro and is very annoying. However, i can't complain how great the graphics are and how enjoyable the game is. Also the xbox 360 version is the only one that allows it to go online with millions of people around the world and is very challenging. Overall, this is a must get game for tennis fans but also it is aimed at everyone and is a very enjoyable, simple game. Score: 8/10
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