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Writing a CV 22/08/2006

Selling Yourself is Important

Just For Men Shampoo-in-Haircolour 22/08/2006

JFM is not La Femme

Everything that starts with T ... 21/08/2006

Training Providers For New Deal Customers

Everything that starts with T ... I have worked at a well known training provder for some years now and what I have seen and heard would shock you, Tutors who think that because you are unemployed they can look down on you, shout at you, threaten you with loss of entitlement to benefits if you do not do as you are told, swear at you and make fun of the unemployed behind their backs. The worst case of all is what is known in the industry as Bums on Seats, this simply means that the more people we have on the programme the more money we can squeeze out of the Government and also other funding bodies such as the European Social Fund. The ESF invests Hundreds of Millions of pounds every year for companies to help people to raise their standards of living. In my opinion and experience these funds are being squandered on paying Training Provider staff at management level and above big fat wages whilst the staff below this level are paid Peanuts. For every person on the programme there is a considerable weekly fee and if they get a job then is a bonus that is even more considerable and thirteen weeks later if they have kept the job there is another big bonus, and the truth of the matter is that these training providers seldom get people jobs as the majority of people secure their own jobs. on my appointment to this compnay I was told that I would be placed on a progressive training programme and will gain certain qualifications in order to help me up the ladder, this was just a big fat Carrot dangled in front of ...

Everything that starts with J ... 21/08/2006

Jigsaw Blade Makes DIY Life Easy

Everything that starts with J ... My wife and I are coming to the end of our DIY project, a total overhaul of our house. Paper, paint, woodwork, plumbing, electrics and tiles for both the walls and floors. have you ever had to cut specific angles out of tiles, if the answer is no then believe me if it is your first time then it is enough to make you cry, if the answer is yes then you know what I am talking about. first I tried a flat bed tile cutter and kept breaking my tiles, then I tried a hacksaw with the tile blade and felt like I had been to the gym and the blades kept on snapping, after that I tried an angle grinder and ended up with even more tiles that where fit only for a mosaic, all good and well for Ancient Rome but not the effect I required. and after great expense Finally I came accross a Jigsaw blade that was designed to do the job and I was very skeptical as they did not look like much, and the price for this item made me decide against it. I struggled on and on until one day I was about half way through doing the tiles in the kitchen and I counted 15 angled cuts that could not be done any other way, so I went for it and made the investment. I arrived home from my local DIY centre and equiped with Jigsaw and blades I put the two together and with my trusty eye protectors and tile in hand but still skeptical I went to my work bench, plugged the Jigsaw in, put my tile in place ready for the cut, donned my safety goggles and braced myself for yet another mosaic. I lined up the saw with the cutting ...

Recipes for Main Courses 21/08/2006

A True Flavour Of The East

Everything that starts with C ... 09/08/2006

Caving in North Yorkshire

Everything that starts with C ... A group of friends and I decided to buy an ordinance survey map and look for caves that we could explore, and we found one. Sheeps Fold Cave was the name on the map, it is aprox 5 Miles from Buckden on a hillside at the back of Beckermonds farm. Through the farm, over the wooden bridge and follow the treeline until you come to a break in the trees, head up the hill following the little stream until you come to a dip in the land. Once there you will see a small opening in the floor and I mean small just enough to climb through, follow the passage of Limestone as it winds its way through the hillside. Ho don't forget your caving gear, lights, ropes ETC. you will come to a small underground waterfall about a 9ft drop, scale the waterfall yes you will get wet, at the bottom you will see a large rock and at the left hand side of the rock there is a drop of about 30ft so be carefull. With the rock on your right hand side look for a split in the cave wall and squeeze through until you come to a small round hole, using your rope climb down into the hole which will lead you into what I would describe as a Cathederal sized cave with four different tunnels leading you to other parts of this cave system, on the floor of the cave there ia a rock that has fallen from the ceiling of the cave and it is the size of a 7.5 tonne vehicle and it seem small in comparison to the overall scale and vastness of the inner chamber, at the other side of the cave there is a much larger waterfall that ...

Everything that starts with S ... 09/08/2006

Deep Down in the Dark and Cold

Glastonbury, England 04/08/2006

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