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The Imitation Game (DVD) 28/03/2015

The Imitation Game, wonderfully realized important story

The Imitation Game (DVD) With wonderfully developed characters, technically excellent execution, emotional investment, clever dialogue, important real-life story and a terrific performance from both Benedict Cumberbatch and surprisingly Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game is an unexpectedly great biopic and a stupendous film by all means. The jumping in time is not done particularly well and the last act could have been more cinematic, but it is an amazing film mostly thanks to its approach which gives plenty of time for solving the code as well as Turing's personal life without one storyline overshadowing the other at any point which is certainly very impressive. It is also worth noting that this movie is very engaging for its genre and that the first half of the film is unexpectedly very comedic in tone and while it somehow does not fit within the story, it is nevertheless a welcome inclusion because it is such a strong and pleasant humor with many very funny lines and scenes. It is a must see film for everyone because of its wonderfully realized important story which everyone should know and it is definitely one of the most entertaining and involving biopics. ...

Gigi (DVD) 28/03/2015

Gigi, sweet and charming

Gigi (DVD) Gigi is one of the most difficult films to rate and review today due to a number of reasons. First of all, its notorious connotation is creepy to think about today. Also, Gigi's classes seem very dated because of the evident hatred towards poor people. But, having in mind that it is a film from the fifties with its story set at the turn of the century, it is natural to somehow forgive those elements and besides them, the film has a lot to offer including its excellent art direction and cinematography, superb acting and, most importantly, sweet and charming sense of humor that brings smile to your face. At the end of the day, it is a good film, but still notorious for its dated elements and connotations and also for beating a classic 'The Defiant Ones' in the race for Best Picture (that little flick called 'Vertigo', by the way, was not even nominated in the respected category, how crazy is that?!).

Sleeping Beauty (DVD) 27/03/2015

Sleeping Beauty, one of the very best Disney films ever made

Sleeping Beauty (DVD) After a couple of lesser classics, Disney in 1959 releases a film that is going to be their best 1950s effort as well as one of the best animated films of all time, Sleeping Beauty. First, the animation. It is absolutely gorgeous to behold with many painting like, artistic quality to it and a style that is truly original and distinguishes itself from their other animations. The character design, the style, the movements, everything is polished, fits the time period and feels like a work of art. Major compliments should go to animators who give us possibly the best looking film since Pinocchio or even Snow White. Such a fantastic looking film filled so many wonderful details that evoke the feeling you have when you're watching Disney's earlier classics and it is definitely one of the most artistic films ever to come from Walt Disney Animation Studios. As for the characters, many argue that Aurora is a weak character, but as a princess who is only in a movie for only about 18 minutes, I can't blame them. Yes, she is somewhat bland, but she is beautiful, wonderfully animated and, for such a short time she is in the film, you manage to see why everybody would love her so much. But Phillip is without a doubt the best of the early princes, not only he is given most to do, but he also has a distinct, present personality and is much much better than previous princes. The fairies are comic relief here, the only comic providers along with King Stefan and Hubert. But while the kings are ...

Life Itself (DVD) 27/03/2015

Life Itself, documentary film about Roger Ebert

Life Itself (DVD) Life Itself is a 2014 documentary film directed by Steve James and it tells the story of one of the most famous, probably the famous, film critic of all time Roger Ebert. This film is so masterfully well crafted and directed and that is evident throughout the whole movie, right from the beginning. It combines the personal life of Roger Ebert with his work along with his relationships and friendship with Gene Siskel. Speaking of Gene, that is the aspect I liked most in the whole movie, their troubled relationship. When it started, it was quite troubled and they honestly did not get along well which was somewhat evident in they work together. But, it became very beautiful and sad when Gene died and when Ebert talked about him when you see how much of a friend he was to him and how much he cared for him. That was the film's most beautiful moment in my humble opinion. Although there is less of the criticism parts in this film, those are also terrific. Every movie they chose was excellent and every point others and himself made really made you think. There are some really thought-provoking lines and thoughts here about the filmmaking and movie reviews. The interviews are also great and there is just enough amount of them in the film along with pictures and footage which really makes you realize how perfectly edited the movie is. I honestly had a couple of problems with the documentary, two to be exact. First is that there is not enough footage, pictures or talk about his earlier ...

The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger 27/03/2015

The Catcher in the Rye, poetic, thought-provoking, inspiring book

The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger The Catcher in the Rye was written by J. D. Salinger and it is one of the most famous novels about teenagers and one of the best and often acclaimed American books of all time. After reading it, I totally agree with its status. It really is a masterpiece. First, the characters. There is a plethora of interesting characters here: from his school roommates to his girlfriends to his young sister. Jane is only referred to so we don't know much about her, but Stradlater and Ackley are the stereotypical teens and both of them are wonderfully described and their interaction with the protagonist is amusing. Sally is also somewhat annoying and quite typical, not that that's a flaw, while Mr. Antolini has an interesting plot point with Holden. But his little sister Phoebe is wonderfully realized as a character and the passages between the two are fascinating and really warm. They are such a great duo because she seems like the only person who gets him and is very funny in being so serious and advanced for her age. And then, there is of course the protagonist Holden Caulfield who is along with Scarlett O'Hara one of the most fascinating and extremely well developed characters in literature history. He is a clich in some regards, but quite authentic in other ways. He became a symbol for countless people and it is easy to see why. His speech and grammar may seem childish, but he sees things in people and life others do not and that is always fascinating to read. He is also very ...
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